Colby Lets Sam Pick His Girlfriend: Sam & Colby | Bestie Picks Bae

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Sam Golbach and Colby Brock are expert ghost hunters, as we all know from their channel Sam & Colby, but how are they at BAE hunting? We put their friendship to the test to see if Sam could find Colby a girlfriend. Sam probably knows Colby better than anyone, but will he pick the right girl for his bestie? And if he doesn't, Colby could leave Sam and Colby forever.
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Seventeen - преди месец
Is Sam a better ghost hunter or bae hunter?
Lonely Bean
Lonely Bean - преди ден
Seventeen let’s face it, Sam doesn’t hunt ghosts, they hunt him.
Billie Eilish fan Channel
Billie Eilish fan Channel - преди 5 дни
Ghost hunter....for surre
3llîé Çūpçâk3
3llîé Çūpçâk3 - преди 6 дни
Beth Connolly
Beth Connolly - преди 6 дни
Seventeen ghost
Luminescence -_-
Luminescence -_- - преди 7 дни
4. am.
4. am. - преди 6 часа
Colby is hot and their videos lowkey funny asf
Tania Pizarro
Tania Pizarro - преди 10 часа
No izzy she was a good one
Jason Ghirci
Jason Ghirci - преди 11 часа
did anyone else search up zombie road to see if she was telling the truth
Jason Ghirci
Jason Ghirci - преди 11 часа
Colby is a cute boy
omar pliego
omar pliego - преди 11 часа
Cayate way
Hope is Useless
Hope is Useless - преди 12 часа
-Oop- _Oh my god_
Caxeiia - преди 13 часа
Laney was so pretty tho.
Dylann T27
Dylann T27 - преди 13 часа
Nathan drakes from uncharted the game
brittney leverton
brittney leverton - преди 15 часа
And where do
brittney leverton
brittney leverton - преди 15 часа
Hey Colby i love your YouTube are you sigle
Luisa Maji
Luisa Maji - преди 22 часа
His picking game is down there
Ariana Botanic
Ariana Botanic - преди ден
Omg I have a HUGE Crush on Colby bc he is SUPER Handsome and my actual real life name is Colbie and ima girl so :3 😘 love ya Colby
Kamron K
Kamron K - преди ден
Who else wanted Juliana to be the chosen one like if you did 😭
tateona ward
tateona ward - преди ден
Wtf she da Least cutest one ew😭🤢
dizastr - преди ден
i did n o t like the girl w the whole dead body thing
Teenz_hurt - преди ден
I hate horoscopes to
Teenz_hurt - преди ден
Can someone tell me why he’s obviously the hottest and the last one in the trap house or whatever to get a gf
Teenz_hurt - преди ден
I never expected them to be on this
Jessica white
Jessica white - преди ден
I'm a Capricorn just like Colby
χκςɸττɸƞ ΒαllκX
χκςɸττɸƞ ΒαllκX - преди ден
I like colby from a long time!
χκςɸττɸƞ ΒαllκX
χκςɸττɸƞ ΒαllκX - преди ден
Bro about the black man in snap it happend in me in the streets
Dioselina Hernandez
Dioselina Hernandez - преди ден
On the island thing why didn’t anyone say boat
LaureneFarm3902 - преди ден
Dude laney is so pretty tho!!
Isabelle - преди ден
For the girl who said she likes pink stylist, I was in one of his videos. He said like two words on Omegle then skipped me and I swear to god I cried
Izzy Saks
Izzy Saks - преди ден
That’s so cool! Do you know which one?
Lissy Lulu
Lissy Lulu - преди ден
If I was 21 I would date one of them ;-; Im only 12. Reee
kitty cats
kitty cats - преди ден
29:25 sam is thirdwheeling so hard
EMMA HOFFMANN - преди ден
tomb raider girl....


Laura Croft???
Adriana Rodriguez
Adriana Rodriguez - преди ден
Mannnnn I was rooting for laney :-(
Who are U
Who are U - преди ден
19:10 anyone else notice that camels toe in the background
lulu - преди ден
Sam and Colby are literally angels they’re the softest buddies
Sophie Parkinson
Sophie Parkinson - преди ден
are they dating rn.?!
I wanna know.?
Sophie Parkinson
Sophie Parkinson - преди ден
did anyone els see him role his eyes.

Just me ok.?
bakugou katsuki
bakugou katsuki - преди ден
i like the " i can hide a dead body " girl
kimberly Ruiz
kimberly Ruiz - преди 2 дни
I wanted it to be Izzy ahh why
Daisy - преди 2 дни
colby looking for a bae but his bae is the one choosing his bae😞

the bromance in this video be strong
Plen - преди 19 часа
That's the gayest shit I heard
Rachel Collins
Rachel Collins - преди 2 дни
I wanted Juliana to win
UGLY RAT - преди 2 дни
he better be talkin to her still, I love her.
-Kaitlyn Illi-
-Kaitlyn Illi- - преди 2 дни
I dont have Name
I dont have Name - преди 2 дни
He got Egirls