The Scariest Dream I Ever Had

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This is the most terrifying dream I ever had. Mama seeks...
Thanks to my brother for playing himself:
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Nikki Charfauros
Nikki Charfauros - преди 4 минути
I really hate nightmares
Fir As
Fir As - преди 13 минути
4:20 good i was see my bro😂
Pixalated Smichel
Pixalated Smichel - преди час
Yeah I'm playing with a friend online"
Adam *Double taps the TV*
maufius - преди 4 часа
4:16 fuck you
LHV Corp-NO SOUND EFFECTS - преди 5 часа
When he jumpscared me
I was laughing so i didnt get scared
bruhh _95
bruhh _95 - преди 6 часа
4:13 wtf😡
Hatred of Mann YT channel
Hatred of Mann YT channel - преди 6 часа
1:38 holy crap. I had a dream like that except I was tied to a wall with shadowy figures that were looking at me, waiting for me to die. Nightmares man.
Wolfy Girl
Wolfy Girl - преди 9 часа
Ok this is my first video iv watched of u except I’m something ells and guess what?

Subscribed HIS ART STYLE IS SO COOL. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) also his video if really funny XD
bœœfıý hąıř
bœœfıý hąıř - преди 12 часа
4:55 *When Adam Realised He Fucked Up*
Erika Vigil
Erika Vigil - преди 16 часа
Jumpscare come
Me: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh *faints*
Pigeon Whisperer
Pigeon Whisperer - преди 17 часа
This does feel like your typical horror movie nowadays so props to... your brain? For being good at being scary?
Pigeon Whisperer
Pigeon Whisperer - преди 17 часа
Idk y jump scares r the only thing that scare me, like even if my cat sneezes I borderline piss myself
Mrwafflz - преди 18 часа
Oh crap is this real FU...
Josecito Guevara
Josecito Guevara - преди 18 часа
Aw come on the jump scare
Shadow Gwen •_• ÙwÚ
Shadow Gwen •_• ÙwÚ - преди 19 часа
One of my weirdest dream was when i was like 6, um I was the girl from croods and I was threatening the purple lizard from monster ink.... I was screaming “your so mean!”

Dang I was a weird kid
Aidan Coyle
Aidan Coyle - преди 19 часа
my sister jumped as hard as she could on the floor above me. Still dunno how i didn`t have a nightmare
Aidan Coyle
Aidan Coyle - преди 19 часа
I meant heart attack how did i screw that up ;-;
uni corn
uni corn - преди 19 часа
What if you tap mama
Mr.turtle - преди 19 часа
Fuck you for that jumpscare
Catherine :P
Catherine :P - преди 19 часа
Is this why men pat each other on the back twice every time they hug........?
Exotic_ Dummy
Exotic_ Dummy - преди 20 часа
I thought I had the balls to watch scary movies.
Then the jumpscare happened

Then I realized I’m a girl. I ain’t got balls.
Water melon Head
Water melon Head - преди 20 часа
A night I had was I was down stairs in my house and the shades from the backyard doors was open and I couldn’t move I was forced to face forwards and what I saw was horrifying it was Mario cutting off luigis head and putting it on the the top of the fence. And I have never forgot that dream since then after I woke up in my bed and downstairs and watched papa pig.
Sarah E
Sarah E - преди 21 час
Right as the jumpscare happened my dog was barking at nothing—
Little blep snake
Little blep snake - преди 21 час
"and the ability to count to 10"
Hamilton fans: *inhales*
Cutie-foxie Videos and more
Cutie-foxie Videos and more - преди 21 час
One time I had a nightmare and I lost my color and any way. So I’m in bed and then my dad comes in and grabs me and grabs a gun and shoots but my brother gets me and runs we get to the police but than every thing is black and my dad is basically purple guy from FNAF ( Five Nights At Freddy’s ) and we die and next thing I know puppet is infont of me and my brother and she/he idk puts me into mangle and him into foxy. Then toy Freddy comes in like “ WUT UP YALL “ and I’m like “... boi wtf is wrong with you? “ then purple guy is in SpringTrap and then he has a axe and before he can chop me I wake up screaming bloody murder.
Cutie-foxie Videos and more
Cutie-foxie Videos and more - преди 22 часа
I cried dude during the jump scare YOUR A B***H
Cutie-foxie Videos and more
Cutie-foxie Videos and more - преди 22 часа
Okay not rlly
Courtney von der Heyde
Courtney von der Heyde - преди 22 часа
Hey Adam I was wondering how do u know that mama is hunting u
Nathan Hunt
Nathan Hunt - преди 22 часа
When I’m in a nightmare I just close my eyes and say it’s a dream and wake up or I punch my nightmare
David Robertson
David Robertson - преди 22 часа
Your going to jail again for scaring me 😶 I poop
captainpro - преди 22 часа
That really creeped me out
bryolin also known as bryan and colin
You spelt brain wrong
Marlee the Dinosaur
Marlee the Dinosaur - преди ден
Jump scares at 4:13 incase anyone wanted to prepare themselves lol
JJ VLOGS - преди ден
Jump scare..
That did not scare me
Gabe Ginorio
Gabe Ginorio - преди ден
I'm Gabes daughter.
Gabe Ginorio
Gabe Ginorio - преди ден
So if you have friends do they have to have valuble items to?
Stacy - преди ден
F*** you you scare me
Glorious Sprout
Glorious Sprout - преди ден
4:13 this is toootaly hilarious
M.S sinner
M.S sinner - преди ден
Ahhhh you’re so mean !! I got so scared my heart is still pounding QAQ
giliw Bringas
giliw Bringas - преди ден
Ok ok wait......
Jaiden has no pants
Adam has no shoes
James has no clothes
Rebecca has no mouth
All of them has no nose
Aria Pung
Aria Pung - преди ден
You scared the f*** out of me
Animallover608 AJ
Animallover608 AJ - преди ден
Viewer: if you have 2 mamas and you double tap do mama fight to the death
Szczytek - преди ден
Just duble tap a mama :)
Jenna Flowers
Jenna Flowers - преди ден
Once I had a dream I was dressed in all pink and my hair was dyed pink I was so scared when I woke up lol
King Sans
King Sans - преди ден
Adam forever
Danica Alexander
Danica Alexander - преди ден
Lol left brain right brain
Cole Minner
Cole Minner - преди ден
F you jump scare ass
MADDKING77 lol - преди ден
Fuck u for the jump scare man
Josielyn Meza
Josielyn Meza - преди ден
Dude i watch alot of scary movies u think u scary mehhh?!?!?!?!?!??!
Aria Pung
Aria Pung - преди ден
What the hell
Aria Pung
Aria Pung - преди ден
But not you I like watching these videos my mom says not to wash them
Aria Pung
Aria Pung - преди ден
Okay let me tell you something that's the worst dream cuz it treats me like s***
Aria Pung
Aria Pung - преди ден
What the freak
Aria Pung
Aria Pung - преди ден
But I finally killed mama Sikhs can I call my dog back
Aria Pung
Aria Pung - преди ден
What the hell what the f*** Mama seeks is scary game I actually played it before my doggy died what the f***
sgcoolguy 28 Hernandez
sgcoolguy 28 Hernandez - преди ден
Jumpscare what the fuck😠
Aria Pung
Aria Pung - преди ден
Probably scared the f*** out of me
Rainy Day
Rainy Day - преди ден
Jim Franklin
Jim Franklin - преди ден
Jim Franklin
Jim Franklin - преди ден
RandomFan286 - преди ден
What happens if you double tap mama?
Arie Smith
Arie Smith - преди ден
I had a bad dream right after watching this.