We had a Strikezone report and an ejection in Detroit with some hot mics, a breakdown

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Jomboy Media
Jomboy Media - преди 5 месеца
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Jordan Hardy
Jordan Hardy - преди 5 месеца
@Vincent Vega wow
Vincent Vega
Vincent Vega - преди 5 месеца
*Must spend minimum 50$
David Anber Criminal Lawyer
David Anber Criminal Lawyer - преди 3 дни
RIP umpire - he died at 52 last fall
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay - преди 5 дни
Lol a 1950's ump in a movie made by Disney.
The Critic
The Critic - преди 10 дни
Umps are the perfect example of abuse of power
Danielle Nelsen
Danielle Nelsen - преди 18 дни
That is interesting, I've never seen that.
UMPIRE VA - преди 20 дни
That pitch was a strike
Dylan Schultz
Dylan Schultz - преди 21 ден
Sadly the umpire passed away late 2019
Ilikebeaversandeaglesupyourass - преди 22 дни
There aren’t enough hot mics in sports. More hot mics please. Send the kids to bed and let the adults listen
Noggin Fodder
Noggin Fodder - преди 26 дни
"It sounds like he's from the 50's!"
He says about the *older gentleman*
Daniel Berretta
Daniel Berretta - преди 27 дни
He didn’t even have an accent
jr132 - преди месец
RIP Eric Cooper :(
Alex Lavezzari
Alex Lavezzari - преди месец
These umps have a power trip anytime someone calls out their garbage calls
Mister Rhodes
Mister Rhodes - преди месец
Johnny Petraglia
Johnny Petraglia - преди месец
We all found out the umpire was a walking heart attack.
Matthew Maccaro
Matthew Maccaro - преди 2 месеца
Who do you think you are ? I am!!!
John Dough
John Dough - преди 2 месеца
William Klueg
William Klueg - преди 2 месеца
That ump is trash. At least the hitting coach is still good enough to train players instead of sitting behind the plate asking for the players advise on the strike zone.
dumbzombie24 - преди месец
William Klueg he’s actually dead so that is no longer a problem...
Yellow Rice
Yellow Rice - преди 2 месеца
“Do ya wanna get popped?”
-Starts loading gunpowder into barrel.
Clint Davis
Clint Davis - преди месец
Mr.freedom-nance30 - преди 2 месеца
Over weight over weight over weight ....
Tristan Winchester
Tristan Winchester - преди 2 месеца
Mr.freedom-nance30 umpire is dead bro
Victory Arceus
Victory Arceus - преди 2 месеца
RIP Eric Cooper :(
pudge boyardee
pudge boyardee - преди 3 месеца
In the age of instant replay I'd get in his face with a tablet with the last pitch on it, playing on loop
Who Jones
Who Jones - преди 3 месеца
Telly tubby
Johnny Asel
Johnny Asel - преди 3 месеца
*you're done
Gavin Douglas
Gavin Douglas - преди 3 месеца
Iowa accent, bruh
Jonathan White
Jonathan White - преди 3 месеца
“..1950s ump would sound in a movie.....made by Disney” 💀💀💀💀😆😭😆😭
slimydick23 - преди 3 месеца
I'm so glad this umpire is dead. He died at 52 which is about 17 years younger than the average white man but that's clearly because he's so stupid that God was disappointed in him.
Tyler Reddick
Tyler Reddick - преди 3 месеца
What the hell is wrong with you???
Alex Galston
Alex Galston - преди 3 месеца
Good job jomboy... now that umpire is dead
S3RG1 - преди 4 месеца
I love you Coop. RIP
L0st_ Prophet
L0st_ Prophet - преди 4 месеца
Such a big man ejecting people lol wtf
Jackson King
Jackson King - преди 4 месеца
he just died dude
JAK3 clav3r
JAK3 clav3r - преди 4 месеца
I think that umpire just died today RIP
ThatOneMidg Eli
ThatOneMidg Eli - преди 4 месеца
R.I.P Eric Cooper😪🙏🙏🙏
wombo combo
wombo combo - преди 4 месеца
Rip Eric cooper
i Antidote
i Antidote - преди 4 месеца
rip to the home plate ump😔
Kevin Cole
Kevin Cole - преди 4 месеца
RIP Eric Cooper
Kevin Hirtle
Kevin Hirtle - преди 4 месеца
Is this the Ump that died yesterday if so then Rest in Peace Eric Cooper
J-Dawg - преди 4 месеца
Just read that this ump Eric Cooper passed away on Sunday. RIP
Enrique Rodriguez
Enrique Rodriguez - преди 4 месеца
Who here after Eric Cooper passed away? R.I.P.
John Griffin
John Griffin - преди 4 месеца
Enrique Rodriguez It’s too bad. Because of a knee surgery as well... damn shame.
Mike Garcia
Mike Garcia - преди 4 месеца
Garrett Ramsey
Garrett Ramsey - преди 4 месеца
Rest easy Eric Cooper!!
sMitB_Lemonade - преди 4 месеца
Sadly this umpire In this video passed away recently
R.I.P Eric Cooper
Massey Forbusiness
Massey Forbusiness - преди 4 месеца
"Do you wanna get popped?" Lmao!
Enrique Rodriguez
Enrique Rodriguez - преди 4 месеца
That umpire just passed away
manifestgtr - преди 4 месеца
For real, though. That “strike zone report” is confusing. I can’t come to an explanation that doesn’t involve the catcher breaking balls.
expiate87 - преди 5 месеца
I can't wait until the homeplate umpire is watching the game from a tablet making calls behind plexiglass. If we have the chance to remove one of the most subjective, gamechanging aspect of the game, that frequently gets things wrong, and has emotions that come into play every game, why not do it?
Jeffrey Miller
Jeffrey Miller - преди 5 месеца
Strike Two good eye ump, everyone is wrong but you LOL
Jordan Hardy
Jordan Hardy - преди 5 месеца
David Theisen
David Theisen - преди 5 месеца
where do you find the hot mic games???
Michael Lubin
Michael Lubin - преди 5 месеца
Dat ump don't put up with much.
Dave S.
Dave S. - преди 5 месеца
WhAt'S tHeeeeeeeeYaT?!
mark p
mark p - преди 5 месеца
If they had any fitness standards at all for umps, he would fail. That guy couldn't walk around the base path no matter the time limit. He'd have a heart attack rounding 2nd.
Chris B Nazgul
Chris B Nazgul - преди 5 месеца
You forget that the home plate umpires are effectively wearing full catcher's gear under their uniforms. Without that gear, they appear how they really are - in generally good shape.
P-Hoss The Boss
P-Hoss The Boss - преди 5 месеца
You're doing the lord's work, my dude
Beerus The Destroyer
Beerus The Destroyer - преди 5 месеца
Umps are such crybabies
DILLIGAF - преди 5 месеца
Freaking umpires are becomming shit more often
Ty Lito
Ty Lito - преди 5 месеца
Bro you are amazing. Just gotta let you know. Keep being you
Ty Lito
Ty Lito - преди 5 месеца
Bitch ass unp. These mfs need to end their life
Straight Shooter
Straight Shooter - преди 5 месеца
The reason an umpire asked that question, “What’s that?” Typically, if the coach responds he’ll get thrown also. It’s kind of his way of giving him a chance to bow out gracefully. Just saying. I watched a few ump school vids on here and that trick was in every one of them.
bamapounds - преди 5 месеца
Is anybody gonna comment on the mascot in the seats?
JM M - преди 5 месеца
Cranky Ump just pissed off cuz he can't control his Cheeto habit
Baked - преди 5 месеца
Matthew Conway
Matthew Conway - преди 5 месеца
What's that?!
Ken Connelly
Ken Connelly - преди 6 месеца
“You want to get popped?” I would be suspended if I was the person the ump was talking to. I’d come out of the dugout and verbally provoke him as much as possible to try and receive that pop (some colorful conversations are going through my head as I think of how to charge out of the dugout).
Bubble King's Videos
Bubble King's Videos - преди 6 месеца
The commentary on the umpire's "accent" is some of the stupidest stuff I've ever heard on YouTube, which is saying quite a lot. The man's name is Eric Cooper, and he was born and raised in the Des Moines, Iowa area. He likely does not have a Southern accent, and, at the very least, none can be discerned from this clip. Jomboy may be due for a hearing check. Further still, even if he did have a Southern accent, who gives a shit? It's probable that a sizable percentage of the American-born players, coaches and umpires are from the South. If this is supposed to be some sort of negative judgment, I would challenge Jomboy to check his own grammar, pronunciations and accent. The first of those is often horrible. The second has some issues. The third lends itself to his sardonic narrations, but it definitely comes with its own variety of imperfections, and, like a Southern accent, gives away clues of his geographical origin.
TL;DR: I like this dude's videos, but he certainly does say some stupid shit sometimes.