I Let My Best Friend Pick My Girlfriend: Marcelo | Bestie Picks Bae

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You might remember Marcelo from a previous episode of Bestie Picks Bae. He was the winning bae but things...didn't work out. Now, he's back for round two. He brought his bestie Antonio to help pick his new bae. Marcelo wants a girl who has a good sense of humor and loves horror movies. He and Antonio don't have the same taste in girls, but he's still trusting his bestie to pick his date. Will Marcelo finally find his match, or will it be another rejection?
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Seventeen - преди 4 месеца
Did Marcelo redeem himself? Did he get the ending he deserved?
Paulina Contreras
Paulina Contreras - преди 3 месеца
I think all the girls just wanted Antonio 😂
Coconut Head
Coconut Head - преди 4 месеца
Deissy looked a bit disappointed at the end 😂
Beanz is here
Beanz is here - преди 4 месеца
Seventeen nah
Raissa Di Caterina
Raissa Di Caterina - преди 4 месеца
@Hailey K yeah he's my brother! hahaha
DIY Lounge
DIY Lounge - преди ден
When Marcelo sees this video imagine how bad he would feel when almost all the girls wanted Antonio.😔
Caitlin - преди 2 дни
“I’m graduating with my BS in Speech Language Pathology, so I WILL PURSUING that.” huh???
Anamika Ganguly
Anamika Ganguly - преди 5 дни
Idk abt yall but I want Antonio 💖
Cinnamon Vibez
Cinnamon Vibez - преди 8 дни
4:03 ok Cardi B
yazminn - преди 15 дни
Lmaoo alexa said she was 20 and then she said she was 19 in spanish tf lolol
Karen Edith
Karen Edith - преди 23 дни
Who likes anime and K-POP 🤣🤣🤣(me no)
tessa rachelle allen
tessa rachelle allen - преди 24 дни
we all saw ave leaving first
SoManyCluckias - преди 25 дни
I really liked this one if only because a lot of the time the skinniest/ most fit person tends to be picked over the others... Not that she was fat but I feel like she broke the mold more idk
Alice Smith
Alice Smith - преди 26 дни
y'all do realize that RM changed his name in November 2017 and he's not 'Rap Monster' anymore .... educate urselves
Alanah Lapointe
Alanah Lapointe - преди 28 дни
Public service announcement Antonio has a whole entire Gf :(
Keniiciia Lake
Keniiciia Lake - преди 28 дни
Everyone wants Antonio lmaoo he's hot but they have no personality
Polon Guadarrama
Polon Guadarrama - преди 29 дни
The girl said I’m 18 and it said 19
Aj Jim
Aj Jim - преди месец
2:46 she said she was 18 but then it says 19 hmmm
annpeec - преди месец
yo lemme me that bestie cause all the potential baes be hitting on them
Michelle AV
Michelle AV - преди месец
So Alexa said she was 20 in English but she said she was 19 in Spanish?
Kenzaa 123
Kenzaa 123 - преди месец
8:15 «  and that s on the period «  if you know you know
Bleta Martinaj
Bleta Martinaj - преди месец
the girls like antonio more😂😂
Tp Varte
Tp Varte - преди месец
They all really there because of Antonio ngl
Tp Varte
Tp Varte - преди месец
And I thought about Sarah and Marcelo could actually end up together🤣
michael reader
michael reader - преди месец
Does anyone wanna let her know that everyone has abs, and her's aren't visible
lmao lul
lmao lul - преди месец
the picky girl‘s kinda dumb isn‘t she?😂
2001paws - преди месец
macelo seems boring as fuck
Eden George
Eden George - преди месец
girl i agree romance movies are where its at
Sooo Sarah
Sooo Sarah - преди месец
I was thinking about Antonio too
Juana Tamagnone
Juana Tamagnone - преди месец
All of the baes were into antonio lmao
Kyvon McLane
Kyvon McLane - преди месец
She mentioned her abs twice...y'all need to chill 💀
Juliana D
Juliana D - преди месец
This the blandest dude
Jerah Ascano
Jerah Ascano - преди месец
Yo tell me more about Antonio
Anna R
Anna R - преди месец
is no one going to talk about how Marcello was boring af jesus christ. Both him and his friend had zero energy
Mia Borkowski
Mia Borkowski - преди месец
2:45 said she was 18 but it showed 19
youngkid396 - преди месец
NOOOO, i wanted Catherine to be chosen
Etch a World
Etch a World - преди месец
They got rid of the girl that likes poetry and not he one who plays xbox
Megan Grande
Megan Grande - преди месец
Marcelo aint cute at all, id be down to be on the show for antonio tho ;))
Any Rodcar
Any Rodcar - преди месец
I love how Alexa has 20 in English but 19 in Spanish :o
multibirdy - преди месец
am i the only person that thinks marcelo was really attractive orrrr
trash can
trash can - преди месец
When half the contestants are more interested in the bestfriend then the actual " bae " 💀💀
joint - преди месец
joint - преди месец
i would bully ave’ omgjxkc😭
joint - преди месец
i would eliminate ave immediately