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Kimberly Botta
Kimberly Botta - преди 7 часа
I love them together. They compliment each other so well
Sam Schmaal
Sam Schmaal - преди 8 часа
You are too cute ❤️ I like difference... « normality » is sooooo boring 💋
Angela Quiterio
Angela Quiterio - преди 9 часа
I live for this relationship
Kera Roberson
Kera Roberson - преди 15 часа
Nathan said "you know" a lot😂
Pe Damaso
Pe Damaso - преди ден
My favorite part" the family that sets together stays together " the look so cute whike spraying hahaha
katherine ortiz
katherine ortiz - преди ден
He does better makeup than a lot of beauty gurus
Leah Veprinsky
Leah Veprinsky - преди 2 дни
Thats the wrong spy kids lol
Lil_kay •sweet•
Lil_kay •sweet• - преди 2 дни
Nate seems so shy
Megan Garnhart
Megan Garnhart - преди 2 дни
Get you a man that looks at you the way that Nate looks at Jeffree.
hail.whit.dancer - преди 2 дни
Nate has become so much more comfortable on camera and I love it so much. He's really goofy and awesome even though he's more of an introvert. You're doing great Nate👍
Alana Hylton
Alana Hylton - преди 2 дни
They’re so damn beautiful.
whoisyoungk - преди 2 дни
Bro I love Nate. He's hands down the best person to have ever come across Jeffree's life. Seeing them together and how they look at eachother makes ME happy.
Makayla Vanlieshout
Makayla Vanlieshout - преди 2 дни
I love your hair Jeffrey! You are my idle and always will be! You made me want to dye my hair pink from all of your pics! ❤️😜😋😘🤪
Kirtisha Samant
Kirtisha Samant - преди 2 дни
Kirtisha Samant
Kirtisha Samant - преди 2 дни
11:48 lol
Brenda Vasquez
Brenda Vasquez - преди 3 дни
Y’all are sooo sweet together
Bella Starsweld
Bella Starsweld - преди 3 дни
Shitaki mushrooms got me....
Tanya Roberts
Tanya Roberts - преди 3 дни
What’s Nate’s sc
Lyndsey N
Lyndsey N - преди 3 дни
boyfriend on a boys trip for his birthday, without me? Can't relate.
twiiistedroses - преди 3 дни
Luv that jeffree! lol
2 be
2 be - преди 3 дни
you're so cute guys
My sweet world
My sweet world - преди 3 дни
The way Nathan looks at Jafree is simply awesome.. He is so cute..such a soft n sweet them both...
Rina Yani
Rina Yani - преди 3 дни
I ' m s o c o n f u s e d r i g h t n o w . . .
Edit: why does SOME gay or lesbian people is the one who is the most handsome, beautiful or PERFECT!?
( n o o f f e n s e )
President Kharter
President Kharter - преди 4 дни
Jeffree "maybe we should get molds of our DICK'S and holes"
Me "👀👀"
President Kharter
President Kharter - преди 4 дни
Nate : "it's a little dark"
Jeffree : "you James Charles'd me"
Susie Otto
Susie Otto - преди 4 дни
Y’all give me life... adorable.
Elisabeth Brown
Elisabeth Brown - преди 4 дни
as soon as nate started extending the s in shit I said shitaki mushrooms because i fukcing love spy kids ahhhhhhh
Brae Harrell
Brae Harrell - преди 4 дни
God loves us all God bless
Brittany Holley
Brittany Holley - преди 4 дни
You two are sooo adorable! I need this in my life!
Nyah Wormley
Nyah Wormley - преди 5 дни
Love you jefree babe ♥️
Nyah Wormley
Nyah Wormley - преди 5 дни
Jefree using anything under $50 is like a baby talking ....never could imagine
Jen Androes
Jen Androes - преди 5 дни
g*ddamn you two are so fucking cute. i love u together
Hannah Faske
Hannah Faske - преди 5 дни
I feel like I’m watching porn
Amy Howell
Amy Howell - преди 5 дни
U to r so cute together
Riah Saulsberry
Riah Saulsberry - преди 5 дни
He should do a full face on Nate's tattoo.
Asha Halverson
Asha Halverson - преди 5 дни
Let’s be real Nate could make Fedoras cool
Mary McNellis
Mary McNellis - преди 6 дни
When will a wedding happen, I want to see them get married.
Katalina S
Katalina S - преди 6 дни
Nathan is gorgeous. Js.
HøñgJøøñg's Ŵífëŷ
HøñgJøøñg's Ŵífëŷ - преди 6 дни
bil eilish
bil eilish - преди 6 дни
jeffree star being loved by nate for 31 minutes straight
mimi michelle
mimi michelle - преди 6 дни
bil eilish ... by Nate for 31 minutes gay 😂😂😂*
Dana Tucker
Dana Tucker - преди 6 дни
He did a great job on your eyes! Love the look!
H. C.
H. C. - преди 6 дни
Nathan looks damn hot🔥🔥🔥
Emma LaRue
Emma LaRue - преди 6 дни
“James Charles is doing just fine” 😂
Allison - преди 6 дни
"Just kidding James Charles is just fine" lol the forshadowing
nicole mzfreakinbarbie
nicole mzfreakinbarbie - преди 7 дни
Jeffree you and Nate are Fabu Go Michigan!!! I would love to see Nate do a full line of skincare for men
Andreea - преди 7 дни
Jeffree looks so good barefaced
Leah Leyva
Leah Leyva - преди 7 дни
This video was posted one day before my birthday
Komal Khan
Komal Khan - преди 7 дни
Jefree i love ya !
No bf no tension for me watching u is love
Cecilia Charqueño
Cecilia Charqueño - преди 7 дни
Ghostemane sin maquillaje
Take A Taco
Take A Taco - преди 7 дни
James is doing JUST fine.

2019: Tell that to his website shishtar.
MrsJSchroeder - преди 7 дни
I love the way they look at each other! 🥰💞
Shenee Sigler
Shenee Sigler - преди 7 дни
Serious couple goals! 💜 thanks for being you, you’re so so amazing!
Mrs. Careless
Mrs. Careless - преди 7 дни
Is he gay???😨
Katie Emil
Katie Emil - преди 7 дни
jeffree really do be supportive of his mans, that's a yes
jimin and jungkook
jimin and jungkook - преди 7 дни
Roll with the mafia 6
Jung Taekwoon
Jung Taekwoon - преди 8 дни
why is Nate so sweet and soft im jealous !
Charina Farr
Charina Farr - преди 8 дни
They're so cute
Gwyn Lingcon
Gwyn Lingcon - преди 8 дни
"A family that sets together,stays together"😂😍
Doggyfroggy2001 - преди 8 дни
"My holes don't get fucked with"- Nate
Hervana imvu
Hervana imvu - преди 8 дни
Ilove theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee under eye paintinggggggg ♥
Ava Bamboo
Ava Bamboo - преди 8 дни
“just kidding, james is doing just fine” i—
madison skelton
madison skelton - преди 8 дни
Do it plz
yen aponte
yen aponte - преди 8 дни
Nate looks so young beautiful and fresh. Jeffrey looks so old, skinny and sickly. Like he has cancer or something. Not a good match. Nate should be with someone younger and better looking. Just saying.
Bree Pearce
Bree Pearce - преди 8 дни
Tabasum Mohammadi
Tabasum Mohammadi - преди 8 дни
Jeffree, Teaching Nate how to do make up for 10 minutes straight
Me,more like
Mel Buske
Mel Buske - преди 9 дни
Yas to more Nathan! You two are couple goals x 1,000,000
nikki rodriguez
nikki rodriguez - преди 9 дни
Emma Nalén
Emma Nalén - преди 9 дни
I'm always using the makeup revolution concealer cuz I'm a cheap bitch and then I heard Jeffree loved it and I'm like "YAAAS GIRL"
고신 린:3
고신 린:3 - преди 9 дни
Hannah Vernon
Hannah Vernon - преди 9 дни
Nate looking at jeffree reminds me of how i look at bacon
That1Fangirl [Dean]
That1Fangirl [Dean] - преди 10 дни
Can they just adopt me? 😭😭
Michael Davis
Michael Davis - преди 10 дни
Jeffree you and Nate are a perfect couple and I wish I could find someone like Nate
Rara Rogers
Rara Rogers - преди 10 дни
Idk why I just love 😫when he say “hi how are ya” and the magical sound comes on 😍😍♥️
Misty Lawrence
Misty Lawrence - преди 10 дни
I think it would be pretty cool for a give away instead of a gift if you would give away a makeover to one lucky fan like fly to visit some big fan and spend like an hour with them getting to know each other and doing make up
Gabriella Santos
Gabriella Santos - преди 10 дни
They’re so cutie together ❤️😊
Danielle Jenkins
Danielle Jenkins - преди 10 дни
I want a video of u doning nats makeup
Team 3
Team 3 - преди 10 дни
Lipstick Nate lmao
Jessica Howard
Jessica Howard - преди 10 дни
With Nate doing jeffrees makeup I now need to see a video of jefree skatboarding
my_fedora_is_emo ;-;
my_fedora_is_emo ;-; - преди 9 дни
They need to go to the Braille house
Vampy Wampy
Vampy Wampy - преди 10 дни
Bro that kiss, the surprise, this was such a cute video.
LilMoma Queen Wueen
LilMoma Queen Wueen - преди 10 дни
I’m jelly af as usual lol
Samantha - преди 10 дни
11:22 Nate: 'I love you for you'
Jeffree: 'So Imma shave my head dude' aw lmao
Kimberley Miller
Kimberley Miller - преди 10 дни
Champion playlist
Champion playlist - преди 11 дни
Next chapter marriage and kids bitches...❤❤ or more cute lil puppies...
J L - преди 11 дни
Ohhhh Jeez. I just died watching these two darlings interact with one another in this video.
They're SO IN LOVE...and it's so beautiful xoxo
I watch all of these videos, but Nate and Jeffree are quite special. xoxoxo
Noelle Chapman
Noelle Chapman - преди 11 дни
I definitely caught that Zombie Land reference. "one and done, I said that once" 😁
Lily- Chan
Lily- Chan - преди 11 дни
"James is doing just fine."
Well ya see, what had happened was-
that one hoe
that one hoe - преди 12 дни
Nate is fucking HOT
Arin Smith
Arin Smith - преди 12 дни
That background music made me think someone was lurking outside my apartment.
Maleaha Grimm
Maleaha Grimm - преди 12 дни
I can relate with Nate. Actually I think alot of Michigan kids can relate 😅 I find it amazing that Jeffree is with a small town guy like Nate. Shows that love is love 😍😍
Carmen Wolf
Carmen Wolf - преди 12 дни
11:49 Nate’s face had me dead!
mrs. lumi
mrs. lumi - преди 12 дни
At place 29.22 Nathan's smile looks so cute!
a beauty junkie
a beauty junkie - преди 12 дни
i love seeing Jeffree so happy :,)
Daniella Alexandra
Daniella Alexandra - преди 12 дни
He’s so sweet to you! Love this 😁
aurelia x
aurelia x - преди 13 дни
morgan hendley
morgan hendley - преди 13 дни
Let’s get a video of Jeffree doing Nate’s makeup !!!
Cindy Cahalan
Cindy Cahalan - преди 13 дни
when jeffree was doing the final look, and nate smiled wondering if he was going to like it was sooooo cute
lyda_Goat - преди 13 дни
Anyone 2019?
katy sue
katy sue - преди 13 дни
I'm so happy you guys met Shane and are friends. He has been on YouTube for years and year. Like over 13 years and has always stayed true to himself so you know your never gonna get any type of B.S from him. I'd love to meet you guys. It would be such a freaking blast. Lol :-D
Amanda Kucsera
Amanda Kucsera - преди 13 дни
"My boyfriend dresses me up for date night" GOOD IDEA
Kita Tronic
Kita Tronic - преди 13 дни
HE EVEN WEARS YOUR MERCH OMG!!! I’m so fucking jealous, if y’all break up I’m gonna die.