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Being in a relationship is not an easy job but also it’s a great source of happiness. Relationships has more benefits like confidance, you have shared interests and love to spend time together, you have a person with whom you can share your secrets and who is ready to help you. Besides, relationships may cause funny and awkward moments because living together have a lot of surprises. You may think that all the humans have only slight differences but when you start living together you understand that boys and girls are from different planets. Check out a very funny compilation of differences between girls and boys. To tell the truth, there are huge differences like morning routine, the number of clothes, attitude to life, how we react to different situations. How many clothes usually boys have? Guys usually have two pairs of pants and several t-shirts. And what about girls? Girls usually spend at least an hour for beauty routine in the morning and boys only clean their teeth.
Relationships tend to differ through time and we prepared a video with hilarious scenes that describe the difference between the first year of living together and forty years after. First-year is full of drama and! Scandals and jealousy! After years and years of hard work, everything changes. In the beginning of relationships you spend a lot of time going out. Few years later you will prefer to spend time at home watching your favorite show. Remember that even after years of marriage, you can be perfectly happy with your partner and still be attracted to others.
00:09 Relationships: the first year and forty years later
05:56 Living together: boys vs. girls
06:26 Girls vs. boys: wardrobe
10:02 Girls vs. boys: morning routine
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Ava vlogs
Ava vlogs - преди 5 дни
That guy that has a bun looks like post Malone
Cuz And me
Cuz And me - преди 5 дни
Why do they make it seem like after 40 years you won’t love each other anymore to be honest if you were together for 40 years that means that you love each other very much
Ivan Tobias
Ivan Tobias - преди 5 дни
Ziad Aaron Duran
Ziad Aaron Duran - преди 6 дни
I like the old people they are so cute together
Karen Karen
Karen Karen - преди 6 дни
old couple so sweet and active!
Amberly Miller
Amberly Miller - преди 7 дни
40 years is not like that most of 40 year old people don’t have grey hair and 40 year olds do not do that stuff
Ava vlogs
Ava vlogs - преди 5 дни
It said they've been together for 40 years, there not 40 year's old. There probably 60 or 70
Golden Paws
Golden Paws - преди 9 дни
3:05 those facces tho XDA
JC! A - преди 10 дни
Not going to lie but the 1 year girl is kinda a B**h
Porter Chavontae
Porter Chavontae - преди 14 дни
3:34 isn’t those the girls from 123 go
CinderMango_ Animations920
CinderMango_ Animations920 - преди 15 дни
For the people who eat burgers with a fork and knife, I hate u dearly...
armando pettinaroli
armando pettinaroli - преди 16 дни
3:06 that face... is the face i make when i eat ramen
literal doo doo water 834
literal doo doo water 834 - преди 17 дни
3:05 yellow teeth lol
A young girl, With big imagination
A young girl, With big imagination - преди 17 дни
Who eats a burger with a knife and fork?
Fox channel gal
Fox channel gal - преди 19 дни
9:24 igy kell szortírozni
snow the husky
snow the husky - преди 20 дни
Who uses a fork and a knife to eat a a hamburger
Nicole Serrano
Nicole Serrano - преди 21 ден
𝓣𝓱𝓪𝓽'𝓼 𝓶𝓮 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓶𝔂 𝓼𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓻 😒𝔂𝓮𝓹🥵
Despoina Kollia
Despoina Kollia - преди 25 дни
I ' m happy today !
Shajir Mp
Shajir Mp - преди 25 дни
This very funny
Selma Ben Tahar
Selma Ben Tahar - преди 25 дни
OMG! Did he eat a Hamburger With a fork?!? (5:15)
Hakeem Davey
Hakeem Davey - преди 26 дни
fortune family
fortune family - преди 26 дни
The 40 year olds age beautifully☺☺
Amal Mahgoub
Amal Mahgoub - преди 28 дни
In 5:15 the dude was eating the burger with a knife and a fork😫😧
Clever Devil
Clever Devil - преди 28 дни
5:16 Puase it. HES EATING A BuRGEr WITh A KnIFE
gum dr0pp
gum dr0pp - преди 29 дни
Sugarcookie Studios
Sugarcookie Studios - преди 29 дни
The young couple look like siblings
《PhantomPup》 - преди месец
Why do you eat your burger with a fork???? 5:15
Nyla's World
Nyla's World - преди месец
8:30 is literally the way my mom packs to go to my grandma's house which is around the corner!
Paro Bhatt
Paro Bhatt - преди месец
Men will be men
Women takes over Men .
LeahLovesGacha - преди месец
Okay, can someone tell me WHO the FRICK EATS A BURGER WITH A KNIFE AND FORK?? 5:14
Nymphadora Tonks
Nymphadora Tonks - преди месец

Is it just me or why does he look so much like Kylo Ren?
Quiara Armstead
Quiara Armstead - преди месец
Did he really just eat a burger with a fork and knife?!?!?!?!?!?!🤦😑🤨
DuckyThe Boss
DuckyThe Boss - преди месец
How dare you eat a burger with a FORK!?!?
Alma Pacheco
Alma Pacheco - преди месец
LOVE YOU😗😗😗😗❤💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💗💗💗💗💗💗👍👍👍💙
Harmony Armstrong
Harmony Armstrong - преди месец
That girl when she put her feet in the man shirt she look like Henry Danger
Nicole Dabrowska
Nicole Dabrowska - преди месец
5:14 who eats a hamburger with fork and knife??? tf
Let’s Be Creative
Let’s Be Creative - преди месец
3:06 ewwwww
Aysha Bilgin
Aysha Bilgin - преди месец
The girls face when she put her feet in her husbands shirt
Hayden Lutes
Hayden Lutes - преди месец
Girl u need help if u make that face while sticking ur feet up your bf's shirt
dija gandom
dija gandom - преди месец
If you are an 8 year old
⬇️ hit dis den
Firingmylazaryt - преди месец
1:46 yoda
Nayeli Rivera
Nayeli Rivera - преди месец
OMG, 3:06 is my mood
Micco Zaratan
Micco Zaratan - преди месец
shaving cream
dish soap
whipped cream???
Mitchell S.
Mitchell S. - преди месец
3:03 when my younger brother walks in and then me
Jimins Jams
Jimins Jams - преди месец
The old couple part was so sweet 😊
amandy elevazo
amandy elevazo - преди месец
9:07 it be like that sometimes 😢😢
Arkie Barkie
Arkie Barkie - преди месец
Husband: **Leaves toilet seat up**
Wife: *So you have chosen, death*
Dark Panda1009
Dark Panda1009 - преди месец
Even without being in a relationship the girl stuff is all true
Meredith Disque
Meredith Disque - преди месец
I feel bad when an old person is sad, but I like it when there happy ♡
Jade Lopez
Jade Lopez - преди месец
The old couple is so cute
Infiresman !!
Infiresman !! - преди месец
3:05 killed me
Megan Lovley
Megan Lovley - преди месец
More like 5-hour crafts
Masa Kosovic
Masa Kosovic - преди месец
Like ko misli da je ovo wow ili kul
Uzxer - преди месец
3:06 When there’s a substitute
MiniBigs - преди месец
Fudge you dude
MarieJoanne Bandola
MarieJoanne Bandola - преди месец
*definitely me*
All around Alexis
All around Alexis - преди месец
on the one year sharing a blanket why is it so small cant u do it bigger
sherry lindsay
sherry lindsay - преди месец
Who has a time that is 19:09?
sophia likes tea
sophia likes tea - преди месец
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Ελενη Παπαδοπουλου
Ελενη Παπαδοπουλου - преди месец
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Karli Thaxton
Karli Thaxton - преди месец
7:43 literally me👍
(Edit:) like if u agree