Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Official Reveal Trailer

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EA Star Wars
EA Star Wars - преди 4 месеца
Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.
The BattleRoyaler
The BattleRoyaler - преди месец
Can’t wait for the game. By the way I already pre ordered
Dan Vill
Dan Vill - преди месец
The players of Force Unleashed will decide the fate of this game
J 97
J 97 - преди месец
No Thanks. We learned with SW Battlefront 2, your company ruinned that for us, ruinned Iden Version and the entire campgain. You can stay with your game and i can stay with my wallet locked ;)
Loken - преди 2 месеца
I want to be a Sith and I want to be a Female Sith at that.
QCPOWER - преди 20 часа
EA is like Hyundai... You like the car but not the logo.
Sinrelm - преди 20 часа
Fucking YEAH.
Fanatiiq Geekstop
Fanatiiq Geekstop - преди 21 час
There can never be enough Star Wars games
Nazri Buang
Nazri Buang - преди ден
HalfEyeProducts - преди ден
Did i see a cheeky Respawn entertainment? Even though I shouldn’t trust you EA but you have me interested only because I like and trust the people over at Respawn and the fact that they won’t allow you to fuck this up just like they didn’t allow you with Apex Legends. Good luck with this it looks good so far!
Dooby - преди ден
shvili_ko_111 - преди ден
So this is what the Gallaghers are up to these days
Ian Li
Ian Li - преди 2 дни
Just to let everyone know Apex Legends now has loot boxes, so... seems even Respawn can keep them away.
CosP0 !
CosP0 ! - преди 2 дни
He's a fine looking twink :3
Tamim Aziz
Tamim Aziz - преди 2 дни
Did my own version of the trailer’s voiceover on my channel. Any thoughts?
Jeandc139 Mugiwara_uchiwa8
Jeandc139 Mugiwara_uchiwa8 - преди 2 дни
Boutique de jeux en ligne
Zachary Oliver
Zachary Oliver - преди 2 дни
This looks way cooler then any of the damn new movies have
I hate google so much
I hate google so much - преди 3 дни
Search your feelings. The dark side surrounds EA.
HAC Morris
HAC Morris - преди 3 дни
If he doesn't steal that jedi Starfighter and use it frequently I'll be pissed
GramiTube - преди 3 дни
Trailer: promising, but not better than The Force Unleashed II.. and I will fakk the Lady Inquisitor so badly, that she will come to the lightside! :V
211of211 - преди 4 дни
This game looks amazing, but EA has a reputation that makes me doubt in their ability to deliver. I want to get excited, because this looks like a Star Wars game that I would absolutely love, but EA man. I loved the Force Unleashed games and aspects of the footage remind me of parts of those games, but EA. This game looks like it was made for me, and I want to get it, but if I buy it it will be only after I hear what other people think of it. If the reviews are promising I'll bite, if not it'll be a pass for me.
Nikita The Human
Nikita The Human - преди 4 дни
100/100 👍👍👍👍👍
saturn 虞沿
saturn 虞沿 - преди 4 дни
I thought this was a movie
Jacob Glaser
Jacob Glaser - преди 4 дни
THIS is what we got instead of Star Wars 1313 and Ragtag? EA really does suck.
ne0tic - преди 5 дни
This game is going to be so good!
Rod Champ
Rod Champ - преди 5 дни
Jees, these fan made films are getting better and better - well done
SeFu2006 - преди 5 дни
The beginning of this trailer is very tense
500 Subs With No Video
500 Subs With No Video - преди 5 дни
EA is worse than Galaxy’s Edge at disney land, milking your money
Dominicus1000 - преди 6 дни
Lol bangalore
FellowBlader 1235
FellowBlader 1235 - преди 6 дни
Great, EA ruined Titanfall 2, now this? By possible Respawn will get a refund by EA and use it on Titanfall 3 and Apex Legends
Khairulll - преди 7 дни
you damn right EA
Paul Ewing
Paul Ewing - преди 7 дни
That game looks dope as hell
Hey Dude!
Hey Dude! - преди 7 дни
another pay to win?
GoldenKiller84_PSN-Live - преди 7 дни
I hate blue lightsabers
Saad Amrani Marrakchi
Saad Amrani Marrakchi - преди 8 дни
Niquez vos mères on veut du GAMEPLAY
Red_eye _black_cat
Red_eye _black_cat - преди 8 дни
1:08 the inquisitior known as the seventh sister
CYB3RL1F3_C0NN0R - преди 8 дни
EA: its totally all free!
Me: *looks at price of the game then the DLC's to actually play it* *Looks in wallet and a fly flies out and dust poofs*
also the price is 100 small payments of $999.99
Caelan Parker
Caelan Parker - преди 8 дни
I hope EA doesn’t ruin this game as well
ITzDudZz xx
ITzDudZz xx - преди 8 дни
Apenas digo uma coisa: fudeu é a ea
Liam Mead
Liam Mead - преди 8 дни
Wait I just realized, is that Sister Inquisitor???!?!? From Rebels?
TS Tributes
TS Tributes - преди 7 дни
Liam Mead no it’s a different one, forgot the name of this one but the one from rebels is called the 7th sister.
Dylan Morgan
Dylan Morgan - преди 9 дни
Such a great time period of Star Wars to explore... just after order 66 and pre original trilogy
Yaqub - преди 9 дни
Lego Star Wars is looking good.
Promethean - преди 10 дни
New movies killed it for me. I can't take any star wars seriously anymore lol
A complete parody of itself.
Mozar v
Mozar v - преди 11 дни
It's being made by respawn. Darn. Now i have to kill the director.
Mozar v
Mozar v - преди 11 дни
This game has to fail, i wont buy this game and hope it will fail.
GI Jon
GI Jon - преди 11 дни
Knights of the Old Republic remastered with graphics like this would be pretty dope
ne0tic - преди 5 дни
Yup, but if that is going to happen this game needs to sell really good! Because EA have said that they think singe-player games are dying and that they probably are not going to make more single player only games... But if this games sells over 7 million copies, like EA want (which is a lot and don’t think it will sell that well), then we may see EA reconsidering their stance on single player games and they might make more of them as well with remastering some of their old single player games!🙏🙏🙏
Lisa Dupain
Lisa Dupain - преди 12 дни
Haha maybe it sounds dumb but is this a game ? Or what I am confused
John - преди 11 дни
Yes, it's a game :)
Ayo_ Ocho
Ayo_ Ocho - преди 12 дни
Never thought Ian was such a badass
Wojciech Dudek
Wojciech Dudek - преди 13 дни
I heard there gonna be difficulty levels like this:
Easy - available soon
Normal - available soon
Hard - available soon
Pay To Win
Joe Fat
Joe Fat - преди 13 дни
Кажется я описался))
charles gavin
charles gavin - преди 13 дни
Will it have ultimate teams? Asking for a friend.
Jacob Nilsson
Jacob Nilsson - преди 13 дни
The orchestra itself gives me chills
battleguy 402
battleguy 402 - преди 14 дни
PLEASE EA, DONT FUCK IT UP. U cant fuck this one up, its a single player game, no one can fuck this one up. Pls EA, just dont turn this into a single player BF2 and this will turn out well (i hope).
John Shaw
John Shaw - преди 14 дни
They copied the Jedi academy cover
Galaxy Hunter
Galaxy Hunter - преди 15 дни
1:00 The gaming community to EA: Whatever you do... don't reach within.
leo mini
leo mini - преди 15 дни
good is good, but if it detailed about clone war and especially for the rise of the emperor pal patine would be enjoyable and remarkable.
D AlexB
D AlexB - преди 15 дни
Let’s just hope EA isn’t holding Respawn in a corner with a gun to their heads forcing them to shove loot boxes for a non completed game down our throats and then make us pay for the rest of the game. Please let Respawn do what they have been wanting to for the Star Wars fans. You dont need a season pass and loot boxes to make money off of a game. Just make the story fun, enjoyable, and replay-able and then people will buy your game.
Ben Randall
Ben Randall - преди 15 дни
Out of all the amazing possibilities for main characters in the star wars universe, this is what you came up with??? Wow. Not buying this.
UthinkUknowme26 - преди 14 дни
Mean either. When will I get my Transgender Droid toaster as protagonist??? Not buying until proud faggits like you and me are satisfied. Glad to see proud brothers here
Oboy Phan
Oboy Phan - преди 16 дни
OMG X3 - преди 16 дни
... Блин!... Я хочу мой персонаж сделай человек!... БЛИН...
Akagami Shank
Akagami Shank - преди 16 дни
Trust everything:Free
Trust No One:$99.99
Journey with lightsaber:$999.99
Journey with the Force:$9999.99
Start from scratch but takes forever to loot:Free
Genetic Spore
Genetic Spore - преди 16 дни
Ha, yeah, wonder if EA is going to pull an Activi$$$ion. Make it a selling point "NO MICRO TRANSACTIONS" (which damn well shouldn't be a friggin selling point what the fuck), then to add them in at a later date, after all the reviews have come in, and the bulk of people have bought it. Honestly, my advice to any streamers, content creators, or potential buyers is this. Do what I'm going to do, wait about 3 or 4 months. Make these mother fuckers sweat. REMEMBER THIS ONE WORD...ANTHEM
Ernest Diase5jjam1z
Ernest Diase5jjam1z - преди 17 дни
that moment when your enjoying the trailer and look down and see that is is on ea's youtube channel and be like yell noo! im fucking out of here before i see how awsome this game is and want to buy it
Magic Trash can
Magic Trash can - преди 17 дни
There done doing insane in app purchases
Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle - преди 17 дни
EA: Makes this trailer
Me: Where is Darth Revan? Is he safe is he alright?
Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle - преди 12 дни
@MrShadow yeah me too man me too
MrShadow - преди 12 дни
Still waiting on KOTOR 3.
Jason Ortiz
Jason Ortiz - преди 18 дни
The suspense begins to build up and my favorite part of the video
Jason Ortiz
Jason Ortiz - преди 18 дни
I love the Jedi
There is no emotion, there is peace
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge
There is no passion, there is serenity
There is no chaos, there is harmony
There is no death, there is the Force
Trent Crane
Trent Crane - преди 18 дни
God I really hope this comes to switch if not I'm using my 400 dollers on a PS4 pro
Mark Temple
Mark Temple - преди 18 дни
A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one
robo tube
robo tube - преди 18 дни
Don't mess this one up ea
Darth Maul
Darth Maul - преди 19 дни
Next episode must be about me.
Martyn - преди 19 дни
You'll need a Bethesda account to unlock pre ordering to pay for ea access to get 10% off and pay £62.99 entrance fee to access the microtransactions for a single player episodic pay to play game 🤪
NKWTI - преди 19 дни
EA: $59.99 to buy game, $30.00 to play.
mattafacku - преди 20 дни
you better not fuck this up EA...
nealster1972 - преди 22 дни
A little of pee just leaked from my divk after watching this. My God, could you imagine what a film this would make?
Simge Kartal
Simge Kartal - преди 22 дни
jedi master ian gallagher???
sampath dewanarayana
sampath dewanarayana - преди 22 дни
patta elakiri game eka!!! Best single player games to play in 2019...
Garcia Piñero
Garcia Piñero - преди 22 дни
star wars forever
deathslice60 - преди 22 дни
I love how so many people are ripping on EA with extra costs 😂 because it so true
deathslice60 - преди 22 дни
Yeah as much of a huge Star Wars fan I am, I'm gonna wait, EA you have a reputation and those who has a brain knows how much you screwed with our wallets, If it good then awesome finally showing a competent company, If bad then at least we didn't buy it
Nayops 18
Nayops 18 - преди 22 дни
That mission was the best on PS2❗️👏🏼
DJ 04
DJ 04 - преди 22 дни
Would be cool of its like an assassin kinda game :)
The Foxter
The Foxter - преди 24 дни
And I was wondering why Cal looks like Jerome Valeska from Gotham :D
Jesse Scego
Jesse Scego - преди 25 дни
These comments about EA are so epic...I can't breathe over here.
Logan Cupp
Logan Cupp - преди 16 дни
$9.99 for a breathing machine