Trying Dollar Tree Makeup For The First Time

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lux Sammy
lux Sammy - преди 3 часа
“Look at this rainbow thing”😭😭😭
Bianca Bianca
Bianca Bianca - преди 5 часа
Dollar tree is my favorite store 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lucy McLoughlin
Lucy McLoughlin - преди 5 часа
i love how one of his bookmarked websites is called dog cloning
Skyanne Hamilton
Skyanne Hamilton - преди 5 часа
when Dollar Tree makeup is better quality than Jaclyn Hill
ツツ ツ ツ
ツツ ツ ツ - преди 6 часа
Is that a guy or a girl I actually don’t know 😭🤔
Ano Ny
Ano Ny - преди 7 часа
love love love love Jefree!!! Literally the most humble and i frigging love that!!!!
Stormey McMaster
Stormey McMaster - преди 7 часа
The cashier reminded me of Nancy from The Craft
Kaitlyn Anderson
Kaitlyn Anderson - преди 8 часа
*Walks Into dollar tree wearing Gucci*
Sammy and Johnny tv
Sammy and Johnny tv - преди 8 часа
Jeffree star do a five below make up to Torio
Genevieve Taylor
Genevieve Taylor - преди 8 часа
not a single soul:
Jeffree star liking dollor store products more then Kyles face care
Vinne Vlogs
Vinne Vlogs - преди 10 часа
3:32 4/20/2019
Skinnymini emmaaa
Skinnymini emmaaa - преди 10 часа
10:08 is that Shane in the back😂😂😂
Rain Isaac
Rain Isaac - преди 11 часа
Goes to a dollar store with a TESLA
Joy Villa
Joy Villa - преди 13 часа
ysesmas - преди 14 часа
Classist affff
Emily grace 1019
Emily grace 1019 - преди 16 часа
Boo can rock anything !!!! ❤️like if u agree🥰luv ya boo
Tanya Artiaga
Tanya Artiaga - преди 17 часа
Dam the cashier keeping it real . 😂. “ you’re gonna need it after you put that shit in you’re face” 😂
ursaltydog - преди 18 часа
Were the products okay.. or.. Jeffree is just so good at applying makeup? :)
Tammra - преди 18 часа
I'm new to your Channel and I love you so much already.
Melody Rojas
Melody Rojas - преди 18 часа
She loves her fans soooo much👑♥️
briana Mack
briana Mack - преди 19 часа
The first makeup I ever got was from dollar tree😂 the memories
Yandere- Doge
Yandere- Doge - преди 19 часа
10:09 did u see Shane Dawson walk by
trin bell
trin bell - преди 20 часа
jeffree: "okay that's already broken so we're not gonna use that one
**picks out another**
**throws into basket**
Jaxon Berry
Jaxon Berry - преди 21 час
I think you look so cute with the Dollar Tree make up!
Erik Horan
Erik Horan - преди 21 час
OMG I was just looking at Nate the entire time! HE’S SUPER CUTE!!!! 😍
iiRøseii Lovett
iiRøseii Lovett - преди 21 час
*The drug test hunn huu
Margit Ouma
Margit Ouma - преди 23 часа
Jeffre Starr's boyfriend is so cute!
Margit Ouma
Margit Ouma - преди 23 часа
They never have more than one cashier. It's annoying.
Jordan B
Jordan B - преди ден
Wear gucci to the Dollar Tree. I'm living! I have a new makeup page on Instagram where I share all the fails and successes of my makeup experience. Would love it if you could check me out @just_makeup_dayz!
Tamara Berchuk
Tamara Berchuk - преди ден
Let's get eyeshadows that are not broken — SLAMS them in the cart
Jaquelin Gonzalez
Jaquelin Gonzalez - преди ден
I love you Jeffree Star
NanaB - преди ден
I can finally say i used a "Jeffree star approved" make up. Some Dollal Tree stores have make up brushes ans sponges.. Them bathrooms would haunt me too.
Chelsea Chin
Chelsea Chin - преди ден
even I wouldn’t use dollar tree products..... lol jk
Fam Laurie K
Fam Laurie K - преди ден
I’ve actually used Dollar Tree foundation out of curiosity and it’s not bad! Crazy yes but true!😄
Kendall Morris
Kendall Morris - преди ден
i’m eating ramen noodles right now 😂
lisa - преди ден
“This one’s broken, uh let’s get one that’s not broken” *throws and slams every single makeup product into his cart* lmaoooo
Remedi Rose
Remedi Rose - преди ден
Jeffery: go take a drug test
Nate: *smoking a bowl* ok
Nicole Shindel
Nicole Shindel - преди ден
Pick m save is not big lots. It's a grocery store that's been around for 40 yrs in Wisconsin. the logo u put up is the grocery store one. Maybe there is something else named that by yall but that's not the right one.
Andrea Moreno
Andrea Moreno - преди ден
The way he looks at you 😍😍 such a cute couple.
Ilikechicken NUGGETS
Ilikechicken NUGGETS - преди ден
You should go to a 1 star rated Makeup salon I need to see that
Maya Ennouni
Maya Ennouni - преди ден
wait yo doesnt he have a dick so why would he get an ovulation test?

*i actually need an answer i even went on mf google*
Ashley Hernandez
Ashley Hernandez - преди ден
Jeffree *lets not get that one it’s broken*

Also jeffree * throws it in the cart *
unknown author
unknown author - преди ден
Sheila is probably the manager
Bev Butler
Bev Butler - преди ден
Heey, I'm new to the jeffreestar fan base. ✌ 😙😊
As bad as it is, I started stealing my makeup when I was 11 from where ever I could, whenever I could (usually wal-mart, or the drug store). An would always save change, and use the left overs from state side school shopping to go to the dollar tree for makeup (buying some candy or chips and a drink to cover for the makeup). Some brands of cheap makeup actually, decently do the job it is suppose to do, and sometimes better than a more expensive product. I never really wore much makeup, just the basics (eyeliner, mascara, foundation), because I didn't know much about doing makeup. An now I don't wear makeup at all. Although after watching some videos, I think I just might get back into it. The straight forward honesty, and humor is what I love most about this channel, but I also love that I've learned a lot about how to apply makeup, what products are best suited for certain skin types, or even price range, and etc.
MegaRuru123 - преди ден
when they squeezed out the rainbow lipgloss it looked like slime 😍 so satisfying
Isobel Palk
Isobel Palk - преди ден
I literally support you in everything you do, except the fact that on every/almost every video , you promote the use of drugs. Especially when there are so many children, yes, CHILDREN. Watching your videos. Who will probable grow up as pot heads who treat everyone like shit . People in my family are on drugs and it makes them not nice to be around. Please think about the message you send, is all I ask💛💛💛 with fame comes great responsibility to those around you xo - Izzy
Deborah Atluru
Deborah Atluru - преди ден
I have that exploitating brush
Yvette Perea
Yvette Perea - преди ден
Should try make up brand believe from dollar general.
bianca s
bianca s - преди ден
it’s 2019 and my dad still calls big lots pick n save lol
Roberto Colon
Roberto Colon - преди ден
I was THE SPOKEST when i saw the shadow of a man in between them... then noticed he was the one recording them.
Zacky Boi
Zacky Boi - преди ден
I saw Jeffree review Elf and I went to Big W THERE WERE LOADS OF ELF PRODUCTS (I'm in Australia so it's rare to see stuff like this)
cj222100 - преди 8 часа
Is Big W sort of like Australia's version of Walmart or Target?
Courtney Proctor
Courtney Proctor - преди ден
I had that same rainbow lipgloss when I was younger😂
Skylar Lewis
Skylar Lewis - преди ден
my mom drug tested me with those and i failed , they are 100% accurate
Autumn - преди ден
“Lets park here next to a rusty shopping cart I fell at home” ~ Jeffery
Casually pulls up in a pink Tesla
Dominique Ochoa-Gomez
Dominique Ochoa-Gomez - преди ден
*broken eye shadow*
Jeffree: mmm let's get one not broken
Also Jeffree: *throws it in the cart*
Dominique Ochoa-Gomez
Dominique Ochoa-Gomez - преди ден
wow dollar store quality is still better than jaclyn cosmetics
Nicole & Sean’s Channel
Nicole & Sean’s Channel - преди ден
Love your attitude! Your awesome!!
Dasiy D
Dasiy D - преди ден
That plastic straw at the begging thoo
Abby Burke
Abby Burke - преди ден
Jeffree: I havent used this in forever *holds up eyeshadow applicator*
Cristine: oh but thats *my* kind of product sir thats what I use for everthing
Anoniem - преди ден
Can we please just acknowledge that the cashier's mug is BEAT!!!
Bryn R
Bryn R - преди ден
God they are the cutest couple alive lol
Tammie Ingram
Tammie Ingram - преди ден
I was in the dollar tree today. I wanted to buy some of the make up. ?
Mxchelle1 Tread
Mxchelle1 Tread - преди ден
Jeffree should a UK version of this with poundland make up 💋
Becca Y
Becca Y - преди ден
real talk though, i got an eyeshadow palette from the dollar tree that’s lowkey amazing
iva rozan
iva rozan - преди ден
Whenever I’m in the bathroom and someone knocks on the door I get so much anxiety omg
cj222100 - преди 7 часа
Same. I get 'stage fright' & can't pee because I feel bad that someone else is waiting.
Connie - преди ден
Who’s top
ThatKidNamedJace Videos Daily
ThatKidNamedJace Videos Daily - преди ден
Please me cosmo and Wanda for Halloween it would be so funny
Lily Nguyen
Lily Nguyen - преди ден
jeffree star you can rock any kind of make up
Klaim 28
Klaim 28 - преди ден
Leaves the broken eyeshadow.. proceeds to throw the intact one in the cart 😂😊
camille j
camille j - преди 2 дни
I’m literally making ramen noodles rn
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo - преди 2 дни
Jeffrey so rich she Can live in Disneyland Damn she could own the place
Ashleigh Davis-Chavez
Ashleigh Davis-Chavez - преди 2 дни
I love that instead of saying “period” Jeffrey said “the bleeding.” That’s what I’m calling it now.
Ss Xxx
Ss Xxx - преди 2 дни
Ahhhhhgg ilyyyy
Jessica Elana
Jessica Elana - преди 2 дни
10:08... what’s @shanedawson doing there?!
im a cat meow
im a cat meow - преди 2 дни
Cristine (simplynailogical) where you at with your fucking applicators sorry holo queen
King slot fun Barnette
King slot fun Barnette - преди 2 дни
Love your videos baby doll but what color is your hair
J Smith
J Smith - преди 2 дни
pause at 15:50
millie - преди 2 дни
hunny, the pole is so people dont steal the carts
Kara Carmichael
Kara Carmichael - преди 2 дни
When Jeffree said "oK... We dont need another scandal.." when he put the foundation on lol
Chåntellexø - преди 2 дни
Collab with Vereena Sayd please ty
PANGET NI KC SUSTAL - преди 2 дни
What is this?
Carol Bastidas
Carol Bastidas - преди 2 дни
There’s milk that doesn’t need to be refrigerated, in mexico we have a milk called Lala it doesn’t need to be refrigerated until after it’s opened.
Lyka Delis Santos
Lyka Delis Santos - преди 2 дни
Nate truly is in love.. I love how they look at each other... I love how true their kisses are 😊
XimodGames - преди 2 дни
Oh jeffree i love your videos nad i love you ❤️ You are amaizing💕
Beth Torrens
Beth Torrens - преди 2 дни
Youre in a really good mood.
Me Aswell
Me Aswell - преди 2 дни
I love your honesty. Your brown eyes!!! No contacts needed.
salty_popsicle - преди 2 дни
someone got stabbed at my local dollar tree. you can still see the pool of blood.
XxChloe FlowerxX
XxChloe FlowerxX - преди 2 дни
Buying dollar tree for the first time!
Erica love
Erica love - преди 2 дни
Your whole lot more adventurous then I am lol I would never wear makeup from Dollar tree but I admire how you didn't downgrade their makeup and just went with the flow.😋😋
Trinity Savant
Trinity Savant - преди 2 дни
I used to have that rainbow lip gloss and i did the same thing with it sksksk
Abbey Kuester
Abbey Kuester - преди 2 дни
The reason they only had three shades is because that’s all they could afford.
Studio Zoey
Studio Zoey - преди 2 дни
Wait wait wait a second did Jeffree just say that he likes the dollar store make up
Shayla Miller
Shayla Miller - преди 2 дни
I love how Jeffree can make $30 worth of makeup look good 🤩
Zoe Nicole
Zoe Nicole - преди 2 дни
Kat Pizano
Kat Pizano - преди 2 дни
Someday I wish I can be so financially stable I can buy whatever I want at the dollar tree
Sharahi Lopez
Sharahi Lopez - преди 2 дни
the lipgloss part almost made me cry...
DatGurlGracie - преди 2 дни
Israel Bruneau
Israel Bruneau - преди 2 дни
10:32 *iM A LiTtlE ShOOk*
Di Calvache
Di Calvache - преди 2 дни
When I travel to the US I go to Ross 🙈🙈🙈🙈 sorry Im poor
Beautiful Mess
Beautiful Mess - преди 2 дни
I honestly base the foundation coverage on how well it covers the face tattoo😂