Talking to Strangers

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spicy shark123
spicy shark123 - преди 3 минути
But what if they kidnapp us huh they could kill us that is why we don't talk to strangers duh and an adult dosent ask a kid for help because there someone they don't know and its really true i knowit is.
Logan Harris
Logan Harris - преди 5 минути
Hey James I quadruple dog dare you to ask Jaiden on a date
Hunter Blankenship
Hunter Blankenship - преди 11 минути
please be my math teacher in West Virginia series
Henri Hera
Henri Hera - преди 15 минути
Hol' up 6:33
Hedge 1897
Hedge 1897 - преди 21 минута
Roses are red Violets are blue I got a like! wait why is it blue?
Kostina Animates
Kostina Animates - преди 24 минути
Dear James,
I am a small animator and I want to be just like you. I would love if you added me on discord at KostinaVlogs#4467 so u could give me tips or even read lines. That would be awesome. Also u should check out my animations, they are not good but they're not bad
Its Ahmed bensaleh
Its Ahmed bensaleh - преди 25 минути
Fallingsnow46 - преди 27 минути
James I saw your book in Target and I was like 'What James made a book?!' (but I didn't buy it tho 😢)
Galaxy Person
Galaxy Person - преди 29 минути
And whoever did the English captions kept calling James mean throughout it XD
Galaxy Person
Galaxy Person - преди 30 минути
“And yes, I’m telling you to judge people based on their appearance.”
Well, that goes against what I learned during school, can’t say I disagree tho
Josh Bell
Josh Bell - преди 33 минути
As long as it ain't furry bs
Zigzang84 - преди 34 минути
7:13 James is a flat earther...
Zaiden Peterson
Zaiden Peterson - преди 34 минути
Hi James I want to start digital art and if you know of a drawing tablet that doesn’t require a computer send me the name pls
adam levett
adam levett - преди 40 минути
james i found out there uncut epsodes of yugioh up to epsode 4 in english on dvd just fault need to know
Raven Clan Leader
Raven Clan Leader - преди 40 минути
James I’m going to start making cartoons like you Thanks for inspiring me
d wood
d wood - преди 42 минути
If you jumped out of the window and died how are you still alive
Froot Flakes
Froot Flakes - преди 43 минути
This one time I was on the bus and while I was getting off I realized I left my wallet on my seat but I didn’t want to go back and possibly miss my stop or for people to think I’m weird so I just walked off the bus. Without my wallet,,
Jenna Elisabeth
Jenna Elisabeth - преди 48 минути
I understand this struggle lol. If there is ever like a glass door and I'm about to go through it, but I see another person is about to go through it too, I usually end up freezing up all awkwardly for about 10 seconds
d wood
d wood - преди 49 минути
#never subscribing this chanle if he really MEANS that
Rolando Juarez
Rolando Juarez - преди 50 минути
Dear James,
Hello, I am a subscriber of your channel and every now and then notice you say that your favorite game is tetris. Tetris happens to also be my favorite game. I challenge you to face me and tetris to see who is better cause I lowkey wanna know. Uh I highly doubt that u will but it be cool if u did oaml
d wood
d wood - преди 51 минута
Lucas Butler
Lucas Butler - преди 53 минути
Did anyone else have captions turned on and if so did you see the secret messages?
the gamer boy Arevalo
the gamer boy Arevalo - преди 58 минути
Did you jump out of a window?!!!!
Junpei Draws / Gacha
Junpei Draws / Gacha - преди час
You can't change the world alone - you will need some help - and to truly get from your starting point to your destination takes friends, colleagues, the good will of strangers and a strong coxswain to guide them.
sonic wins
sonic wins - преди час
They're making a game out of the dark crystal
Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk
Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk - преди час
2:28 OOF
I burp alot
I burp alot - преди час
Hey i look good in my anime shirt!
Emily Hankin
Emily Hankin - преди час
This is how many people made a "this is how many" comment
A.W.N Video Network
A.W.N Video Network - преди час
James: 2:59
Jimmy Ayers
Jimmy Ayers - преди час
My birthday is in may ( 4 days after) , and my Name is James, Perfect
anonymous xxx
anonymous xxx - преди час
0:54 when you find a troll sitting right next to you on the bus
russpongfilms - преди час
James do you like any youtubers my friend asked
Eulalia Herrera
Eulalia Herrera - преди час
Hey James I challenge you to a chess boxing match but Tag team
Jetkingknight q
Jetkingknight q - преди час
I want one of those signed books
A.W.N Video Network
A.W.N Video Network - преди час
James: 1:51
Ernesto Parrado
Ernesto Parrado - преди час
En los urinarios yo me pongo al lado de las personas. ;⟩
the IDK network -_- HI LOL
the IDK network -_- HI LOL - преди час
Hi :D
DeusDoku - преди час
idk why but I lost it at "how"
Tony - Agario
Tony - Agario - преди час
why do schools not teach us things like that
TheNotSo GoodGamingDude
TheNotSo GoodGamingDude - преди час
May is also my birthday month.
The Dancing Crow
The Dancing Crow - преди час
Is that my dad?
king creeper
king creeper - преди час
When my dad says go ask the worker I'm like ... NO!
MothDude - преди час
Truth or Dare
Truth or Dare - преди час
3:10 JaidenAnimations
Krkfkfkrlwelfkrn Kgkfkekgnrnrk
Krkfkfkrlwelfkrn Kgkfkekgnrnrk - преди час
You’re videos are awesome and sooooo funny
Jesus Avalos
Jesus Avalos - преди 2 часа
You should make a video on your thoughts on rubix cubes
Andres Razo
Andres Razo - преди 2 часа
Hello how was your day........HoW
Alexi Wolfie
Alexi Wolfie - преди 2 часа
3:55 *I KNEW IT*
Jonathan Sng
Jonathan Sng - преди 2 часа
Have you noticed in James drawings he's naked most of the time
Tyler Morgan
Tyler Morgan - преди 2 часа
What's wrong with wearing anime shirts
KingsWorth and company
KingsWorth and company - преди 2 часа
6:34. .......wait a minute
Allie Burns
Allie Burns - преди 2 часа
happy birthday month!!! Also, I do the combining thing too sometimes *facepalm*
FanGirl 363
FanGirl 363 - преди 2 часа
11M subscribers...

11M sprinkles
Manuel Olmeda
Manuel Olmeda - преди 2 часа
3:45 jojo reference
Hey Solider
Hey Solider - преди 2 часа
I thought you were talking about strangers .-.
SlyGamer 136
SlyGamer 136 - преди 2 часа
*sometimes i feel like james doesnt animate actually*
*oh wait he doesnt cause he depends on others to make the majority of his content so technically the only thing hes in charge of is voice acting and editing*
*oh also wait, he never focuses on his OWN channel, and lets others use him for views and popularity*
*and being an INTROVERT, pretty sure james is not an introvert since millions of ppl watch him, he loves collaborating and meeting ppl*
*so This is is why the storytime community is dieing down, an unoriginal person inspiring kids to make dramatized stories and cameos showcasing theodd1sout and thats it. Nothing new or original.*
ThiccSugar - преди 2 часа
3:30 My teacher
Justin Di Paolo
Justin Di Paolo - преди 2 часа
Everything you say in this video is true and very relatable to many people! You’re not the only one who has this opinion.
ThestRANGer Ones
ThestRANGer Ones - преди 2 часа
Hey James can you help me animate my videos please
Ash reactions plays
Ash reactions plays - преди 2 часа
6:20 is the best part XD
yasminGacha love
yasminGacha love - преди 2 часа
Well so I'm really like ur vid but what app U use l
Fernando Dacanal Guirão
Fernando Dacanal Guirão - преди 2 часа
Hey James, do you saw? the Nintendo maked a anunciment in the E3 it goes make a game inspired in Dark Crystal (that movie when you watched when you was a child and you had nightmares) and go make a version of this game to the Netflix (Sorry of all the errors, I'm a brazilian, and english isn't my party )
Cpt Dinosaur
Cpt Dinosaur - преди 2 часа
That goes both ways ya know. Potential friends but also potential axe murderers. Just sayin.
Kory the dog
Kory the dog - преди 2 часа
I just realized that James is like the only one not wearing clothes.🤣🤣🤣
👇 if you want James to wear clothes.
Devoleena Meera Modi
Devoleena Meera Modi - преди 2 часа
Mint the Wolf
Mint the Wolf - преди 2 часа

C'est pas ça mère mais c'est drôle
C'est pas ça mère mais c'est drôle - преди 2 часа
Hey James just if you see that can you say Jaden to look in the comments from her weird trip to the UK coming from me plz just do it this very important
MommaBear - преди 2 часа
What animating, soft ware do you use
Lucas Servantez
Lucas Servantez - преди 2 часа
May my birthday month to
john c
john c - преди 3 часа
I was having a bad day. I'm the type that doesn't like to vent (especially to strangers). I got on the train and sat on the last available seat near the door. It's less physical contact because I'm in between a person and the metal poles. Guy next to me read my facial expression or body language and asked "yo bro, you alright?".
I quickly said "yeah".
He persisted "yo you sure?".
I said "yeah man".
Again "nah man, I'm just sayin' you look upset about something".
My mind: [is he fucking serious? why won't he just lay off?] Now my anger is directed at him
"bro, I'm fine, could you stop asking me that?".
He goes "hey easy man, I'm just askin' you a question. You definitely mad about something".
I said "yeah and it's none of your business".
He then said "why you gotta be like that? I was tryin' to be nice but you gotta take it there".
I said "take it where?".
He says "you know what? Forget I asked, damn".
*Everyone is staring at us now and the silence was deafening*
Fire Boy
Fire Boy - преди 3 часа
Im lefty and my birthday is in 11May
AJVC03 VILLALOBOS - преди 3 часа
Hahaha uncomfortable
Roberto Muratalla Díaz
Roberto Muratalla Díaz - преди 3 часа
I wasn’t pacient at all

I forgot u exist...
Mitchell B
Mitchell B - преди 3 часа
Do you think you can do live reactions to Nintendo Directs? That would be neat
Hot Potato
Hot Potato - преди 3 часа
You have 3 seat buses?
Stephanie Drawdy
Stephanie Drawdy - преди 3 часа
True dat
Hawk3yee - преди 3 часа
is that a motherfuckin jojo reference
GDH2 - преди 3 часа
Stop touching my shoulders
Ally TheFallenAngel
Ally TheFallenAngel - преди 3 часа
I just realized that theodd1sout has NO videos that DOESN'T has less than million views!

Congratulations James! :D
DNGaming - преди 3 часа
Hamid Raza
Hamid Raza - преди 3 часа
James if you did a dare video your dare will be to make a video showing
Your are kissing a girl and then you have to show us that video
Ruben Lujan
Ruben Lujan - преди 3 часа
5:12 Old Town Road origin
_Alterra_ - преди 3 часа
6:35 Every day you get closer and closer to conformation you might be a furry
Frank List
Frank List - преди 3 часа
The person you called a poor person has a 40 dollar shirt
poot poot
poot poot - преди 3 часа
I have a solution for the bus scenario, just ask if the other person wants you to move.
Old Bird Gaming
Old Bird Gaming - преди 3 часа
Flat earth? AIDS 1000
Kiddy Cat Adventure
Kiddy Cat Adventure - преди 3 часа
Boys bathroom are danger
Kiddy Cat Adventure
Kiddy Cat Adventure - преди 3 часа
They have poop everywhere
Keyaan Matthews
Keyaan Matthews - преди 3 часа
I think that strangers ar just friends u haven’t met
I’m blasting monsters and I never break a sweat
I’m really thinking I can call this place home
fredrick gamer
fredrick gamer - преди 3 часа
I wish we could know the parts he animates and the parts the other people animate. I guess I'll have to go look at the other people's styles and then see what they did in his video.
person guy
person guy - преди 3 часа
today I went to sooubway today and i got a sub idk how thats intresting but I LOVE SOOUBWAY!!!
Leo - преди 3 часа
Hey, there is an Italian dubbing channel that really wants to Dub your videos. This channel is Orion web dubbing. Please, if you can give them the permission to Dub your videos they'll be really happy because they don't have much now to sub. Thank you a lot.
3lments0fTh3D4rk. _Atxerz
3lments0fTh3D4rk. _Atxerz - преди 3 часа
James, that lemonade. Looks nice, I’d like to try some.
Mirikro - преди 4 часа
My friend met you at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con and I screamed in jealousy
Cecilia Long
Cecilia Long - преди 4 часа
My favourite character

The stranger in the coat
Adrian Kang
Adrian Kang - преди 4 часа
He can do can I. Two can play the same game maybe this can be the one for me
Twf 22
Twf 22 - преди 4 часа
The key is to always be the window guy
Nagee LetsplayXD
Nagee LetsplayXD - преди 4 часа
Social Anxiety has token over my life😨
tigztr yeet
tigztr yeet - преди 4 часа
Ilda Lerys
Ilda Lerys - преди 4 часа