The World War of the Ants - The Army Ant

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell - преди 10 дни
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dot - преди 12 часа
-Matter didn’t create anti matter -Anti matter didn’t create matter (Both of them were present at the time of big bang) -Both of them didn’t create themselves. -Both of them came from an unimaginable source, that unimaginable source created matter and antimatter (everything) thats why it is known as “the creator” of everything. -- -and that unimaginable creator created all prophets (approx 124,000 from Prophet Adam to Prophet Mohammad pbuh) who introduced God/Allah (an unimaginable creator) as well as they came to us with the complete and beautiful guidance of mankind from the creator of mankind. Thank u :)
E Dab
E Dab - преди 22 часа
Make a video about rabies
bernette Nuwusab
bernette Nuwusab - преди ден
Would legalizing all drugs lower world population
Steve - преди 2 дни
>20K comments! People really love this vid.
Yeti MindTricks
Yeti MindTricks - преди 2 дни
"War is something humans decided not to do anymore." Sure
Keith Kok
Keith Kok - преди 7 часа
Sadly not really informative, rather watch ants Canada
Pizza - преди 7 часа
So many compositions :o
Need you now
Need you now - преди 7 часа
Cant wait for when kurtzgesagt reaches 10 million subs
fire - преди 7 часа
Am I the only one who moves my eyes side to side during this 0:21
shane chatchavalkawinkul
shane chatchavalkawinkul - преди 8 часа
can you do one about fungi plz
Need you now
Need you now - преди 7 часа
20 PERCENT. Holy.
Hyrule Legend
Hyrule Legend - преди 9 часа
Thank God these fuckers are just barely more intelligent than a walnut
NotMason1 - преди 9 часа
More ant videos please.
Sultan Alanazi
Sultan Alanazi - преди 9 часа
Ants are savage bitches
Charlie Forster
Charlie Forster - преди 10 часа
Make that video
Henry Portway
Henry Portway - преди 10 часа
Who else is feeling itchy
Dodgeball 3069
Dodgeball 3069 - преди 10 часа
This somehow reminds me of piper the perri meme
Beep Neep the Sheep
Beep Neep the Sheep - преди 10 часа
Army ants: fighting to the death
me with water gun: *when I pull this trigger, half of all ants will disappear.*
Mark N
Mark N - преди 10 часа
Ever thought about doing a video on Quantum Immortality or Supersymmetry?
Maël Duchesneau
Maël Duchesneau - преди 10 часа
World war A... Can't wait for that movie
Allan Barbosa
Allan Barbosa - преди 10 часа
helterskelter416 - преди 10 часа
with ants being on average a few milligrams, ranging from 1-5 normally, and outnumbering humans 1,250,000 to one approximately, and the average weight of a human being about 140 lbs, aaaand with humans by mass averaging about 6-7 million times that of an ant, ants cannot possibly make up 20% of the total biomass for the animal kingdom unless humans make up a staggeringly large percentage. assuming that your numbers are correct, then there is very little, if any, of the biomass being made up by other members of the animal kingdom, which we know is false since we know they exist.
degenerous animations
degenerous animations - преди 11 часа
are army ants rlly that strong me: help the other Ants fight the army ants also me:I THINK WE KNOW WHOS FINISHING THIS WAR!
helterskelter416 - преди 11 часа
ten thousand trillion? you mean 10 quadrillion? whats next? one hundred ten thousand for 1 million? eight two and a half for 20? X'D
Oyun böyük yegenim
Oyun böyük yegenim - преди 11 часа
Jinette baveddennim
Wubba lubba dub dub
Wubba lubba dub dub - преди 11 часа
I love your videos and very thanks for tukish subtitle
Austin Bunkelman
Austin Bunkelman - преди 11 часа
20 PERCENT. Holy.
Jonny Anderson
Jonny Anderson - преди 11 часа
Cant wait for when kurtzgesagt reaches 10 million subs
Franklinpa :3
Franklinpa :3 - преди 12 часа
Hello, i enjoy watching the videos but i want to ask you sometime, please try to translate to spanish, beacause i know all the videos are with subtitles but it would be better if we could listening and watching the animation, i love this channel but im from Ecuador and i have to read and i cant watch the animation, i know, it is ridiculous but please try to do it :3
SilverTongue - преди 12 часа
Okay so... The army ants are basically The Dothraki??!
Heon Khondokar
Heon Khondokar - преди 13 часа
wow i wanna seee that super war
Notaval - преди 13 часа
You really should make a video recognizing the mice and lab rats that helped so much to develop science.
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith - преди 13 часа
Imagine if they had guns.....
Soumyajyoti Sarkar
Soumyajyoti Sarkar - преди 14 часа
Here joins Ant-Man
DeyberGamerYT - преди 14 часа
Maksymilian Starczewski
Maksymilian Starczewski - преди 15 часа
I love ur vids so much, and as you said we're learbing accidentally becouse your videos are so interesting, if i had some more money i would donate it for you and your crew and patreons to keep up not good BUT THE BEST work you are very inspiring but the fact that i draw like a frickin chicken is stopping me from doing things like that, lv u and all the ppl that like his vids
Magnus Chamberlain
Magnus Chamberlain - преди 15 часа
Can we get a video game where you choose an ant faction and have to fight other factions? That sounds really cool
Magnus Chamberlain
Magnus Chamberlain - преди 14 часа
Ask to seduce Miss antz
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - преди 14 часа
We need a film on this. Wait, there already is.
AdaM R
AdaM R - преди 15 часа
Fascinating video! Thank you!
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - преди 14 часа
Ants can invade the human species by it self since there’s 10 trillion ants on this planet but they dont.
Cheesy Nachos
Cheesy Nachos - преди 15 часа
I once saw ants fighting each other
Mïdńïght_Plâyš 107
Mïdńïght_Plâyš 107 - преди 16 часа
The dude made me excited about fighting ants😂
Jared Nyman
Jared Nyman - преди 17 часа
Do they kill bees?
ArMeD217 - преди 17 часа
Please give us more!
Nicola Pelos
Nicola Pelos - преди 18 часа
hahaha "humans have decided that war is not a thing they want to do a lot any more"
You made my day i love this kind of humor.
Yenzet Gaming
Yenzet Gaming - преди 18 часа
For some reason this video made me super hyped 😂
Golden Zerow
Golden Zerow - преди 19 часа
War...war never changes...
Oğuzhan Mercangöz
Oğuzhan Mercangöz - преди 19 часа
İ always support you kurzgesagt
eShrimp - преди 19 часа
THis was awesome!
CharmaxGG XD
CharmaxGG XD - преди 20 часа
Pensé que era un juego xD
Lesedi Raphoto
Lesedi Raphoto - преди 20 часа
Kurgesagt is the greatest channel ever!!! They've inspired me to pursue science in my future careers. Thank u
Lucas Yu
Lucas Yu - преди 20 часа
Pls cheack my channel it is not very good cuz I gust started but pls give me a chance
Abdullah Ar Rafi
Abdullah Ar Rafi - преди 20 часа
Impressive, but can they survive a human stomp or at least a swat of a sandal?
Alessandro Puggia
Alessandro Puggia - преди 20 часа
Puoi mettere i sottotitoli in italiano
Shyam Golfar
Shyam Golfar - преди 21 час
Ants can invade the human species by it self since there’s 10 trillion ants on this planet but they dont.
Shreerang Vaidya
Shreerang Vaidya - преди 22 часа
We need a film on this.
Wait, there already is.
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide - преди 22 часа
One of the best episode ever !
Алексей Михайлюк
Алексей Михайлюк - преди 23 часа
Jack Rush
Jack Rush - преди 23 часа
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide - преди 22 часа
날라리땜에 온 사람???
Jimmy UMA
Jimmy UMA - преди ден
Wait, how can you get those purple shadows subtitles ?!?
the dark nations // roblox & more
the dark nations // roblox & more - преди ден
Ants: *wages war*
Donald ant: Videogames
Gil Dela Cruz
Gil Dela Cruz - преди ден
Where's part 2?
Pepecapasappa Alt
Pepecapasappa Alt - преди ден
Ants live in middle age
Constant raids, Forts, ETC.
Dawn Quade
Dawn Quade - преди ден
When media finds out that war was before humans
Muhammad Ichlas
Muhammad Ichlas - преди ден
help it up with likes!
Elias Will
Elias Will - преди ден
Kurzgesagt, ihr solltet Handyspiele machen, wirklich.
highlighted comment
highlighted comment - преди ден
One more
Mother: what are you watching son

Me: nothing much just a war between same species of living being
Federico Jimbo Smithson
Federico Jimbo Smithson - преди ден
Game companies should make a game out of this
highlighted comment
highlighted comment - преди ден
Hooman dr: Our job is the toughest in the world

Ant dr: (っ◔◡◔)っ _ᴴᵒˡᵈ ᵐʸ antennae_
X gaming
X gaming - преди 6 часа
@highlighted comment no the atenna are weaker than the legs but nice try though
highlighted comment
highlighted comment - преди 7 часа
@X gaming well they both are sensitive leg like things 🙃
X gaming
X gaming - преди 7 часа
@highlighted comment i am really suprised that you dont know what antennas are
highlighted comment
highlighted comment - преди 7 часа
@X gaming yeah 😂😂 I just searched it 😅
X gaming
X gaming - преди 7 часа
@highlighted comment you just answered your own question its called antenna i Not trynna be offensive but did you pay attetion in school?
Ace Spacey
Ace Spacey - преди ден
My sister: kill that army ant
Me: no a great warrior like that is needed on the battlefield
Also me: gives a salute
Pointing Out
Pointing Out - преди ден
When are you doing one on Climate change?
I am THE ZUCC - преди ден
This felt like reliving my childhood and experiencing the good days of NatGeo and Discovery channel
JOSEPH SWOLIN - преди ден
Josh son ofZeus
Josh son ofZeus - преди ден
why is the CC purple?
tv정몰랑 - преди ден
날라리땜에 온 사람???
Charles Dt
Charles Dt - преди ден
One of the best episode ever !
Mark Someone
Mark Someone - преди ден
6:58 Trump: let’s start a trade war with China
patriot wardana
patriot wardana - преди ден
who else got weird itchyness watching this video??
ダベストジェイク - преди ден
*laugh in flamethrower*
Fuck You
Fuck You - преди ден
I need part 2
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - преди ден
Cuanto drama y suspenso con esas hormigas😂
Eduardo Zepeda
Eduardo Zepeda - преди ден
Hi everyone, great video!
I got a question:
How would the universe be if the vaccum of space doesn't exists?
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - преди ден
This is pretty similar to my school Class vrs class. The winners get plus 5 respect, while the others lose their dignity
Reverse Lucario
Reverse Lucario - преди ден
I have a suggestion for the next video:
Do a video about morality (Why we consider certain things right or wrong)
You don't have to do it if you don't want to, it was just a suggestion
Fabrizio Bogado
Fabrizio Bogado - преди ден
Amazing animations! Thanks!!!
S & G
S & G - преди ден
Every ant gangster

Till the army ants start flying
patrick stern
patrick stern - преди ден
Anyone else got a Warhammer 40K vibe from this?
Regular Ants: Forms their own civilizations to properly survive and manage to thrive due to cooperation.
A - преди ден
Im itchy from watching this