Miley Cyrus - Mother's Daughter (Official Video)

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“Mother’s Daughter”

I’m a freak, I’m a freak
Every day of the week
I’mma do yeah like I want, ah
I’mma Nile Crocodile
A piranha

Oh my gosh
She got the power
Wow, look at her
She got the power

Don’t fuck with my freedom
I came up to get me some
I’m nasty, I’m evil
Must be something in the water
Or that I’m my Mother’s daughter

Back up
Back up
Back up
Boy, uuu

I’mma witch, I’mma witch
Swish, swish, I’mma three-point shooter
I blow thru ya
Like a hot wind out in the Bayou, yeah

Oh my god
She got the power
Wow, look at her
She got the power


My Mama always told me
That I’d make it
That I’d make it
So I made it

I put back into it, my heart in it
So I did it
Yeah I did it


Don’t fuck with my freedom
Swish, swish, motherfucker
Продължителност: 3:41


MileyCyrusVEVO - преди 3 месеца
Jackie L.
Jackie L. - преди 4 дни
I love you, Miley
sektor sektor
sektor sektor - преди 6 дни
500'th reply YaY ! :))
Fernanda Azucena Bejarano Sailema
Fernanda Azucena Bejarano Sailema - преди 6 дни
I love you Miley ...
hepsibeniunutdu `
hepsibeniunutdu ` - преди 8 дни
500th comentt:)
Jericho - преди 12 дни
Te amo
Avon for Beginners UK
Avon for Beginners UK - преди час
First time watching and I’m crying
- the words
- the images
- the meaning
Just everything about this is powerful
Tacitus Mastodon
Tacitus Mastodon - преди час
Marilyn Manson 20 years ago
Tacitus Mastodon
Tacitus Mastodon - преди час
What a joke.
Jorge alcaraz
Jorge alcaraz - преди 2 часа
Te amooooo Miley😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
jhomar Cadiente
jhomar Cadiente - преди 2 часа
Virginia Nunez RD
Virginia Nunez RD - преди 3 часа
badass ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Fernando Luna
Fernando Luna - преди 3 часа
This video and the comments below show just how backwards the world has become.
Agus Ksjs
Agus Ksjs - преди 3 часа
Si tan solo le hubiese puesto publicidad ads a este video. Miley siempre deja morir sus singles 😭😭
Nadhory 98
Nadhory 98 - преди 3 часа
😕 Is she serious
Ioana A
Ioana A - преди 4 часа
This song gives me the confindece I always needed
Off Players
Off Players - преди 4 часа
177 mil deslike ❤️💛💚
Nikita HRONIN - преди 4 часа
Ok, I back up.
Kristi 29
Kristi 29 - преди 5 часа
Wreaking Ball who? 🌚
DMX - преди 5 часа
Отвратительное видео
Joey Tyler
Joey Tyler - преди 6 часа
Anyone else notice the tear or?
Got to give this girl credit. For someone going through personal things, she can still blend that, with other personal messages in film clips like this.
And, they're way under rated than what they deserve or should be credited for.
#aussiefan #loveyamiley
Leonara Vitoria
Leonara Vitoria - преди 7 часа
Manuel Torkler
Manuel Torkler - преди 8 часа
Du hast so recht.
You are so right
Ghizlane Ben
Ghizlane Ben - преди 8 часа
Said Abdel Ahad
Said Abdel Ahad - преди 9 часа
Very devil related and guiding teenagers and youngs to sins! God is our creator and his power is the greatest forever.
Vladimir Markov
Vladimir Markov - преди 10 часа
So many hoes...
Shaz Ann
Shaz Ann - преди 11 часа
Yareli.N Martinez
Yareli.N Martinez - преди 16 часа
Love the Period Theme
Marbora - преди 17 часа
Felicia Alwin
Felicia Alwin - преди 17 часа
The Joker
The Joker - преди 3 часа
Amber Cruz
Amber Cruz - преди 19 часа
The Joker
The Joker - преди 3 часа
Cecilia Sabrina Mancini
Cecilia Sabrina Mancini - преди 20 часа
🎤🙄 i'mma a Nile crocodile, a piranha... (...) Don't Fuck With my freedom!
Myra Bae
Myra Bae - преди 20 часа
F****** stupid
Jessica Holmes
Jessica Holmes - преди 21 час
mom pick me up im scared
Sara of Isla
Sara of Isla - преди 21 час
*man i love this song so much*
i made a cover of it, pls check it out and tell me what you think! :)
Fernanda Almeida
Fernanda Almeida - преди 21 час
Miley saving my life again!
Павел Пискун
Павел Пискун - преди 21 час
Не злите женщину. Тем более никогда не обижайте её. В ярости своей ей нет равных.
Petar Radovic
Petar Radovic - преди 21 час
66 milion views feels so little for a song like this
Владимир - преди 21 час
lowered to the level of primitive animals, to the level of dull cattle. Grubbing, fucking, dope and emptiness.
Lokum FTW!
Lokum FTW! - преди 21 час
All of yo bitches need Jeezus in your lives!
Mirabel Powrie
Mirabel Powrie - преди 23 часа
Love this video💪🏻
Motivation Empires
Motivation Empires - преди 23 часа
Women are smarter. Look at Egypt women ruled lol 😊 women have power dont matter what color you are, remember your power 😘❤
Jesus Servent
Jesus Servent - преди ден
Whats the point in using so much Gods name in this song? Dont you realise that if you start singing this song youre risking to use Gods name in vain? Probably many thinks that this video like many others have some "deep" messages but why there is using so much things from the Bible? Remeber "The best place to keep a secret is right in front somebody.. ". God loves you people and i urge you to consider this message! Peace...
지탱이 - преди ден
It's really good.😘😘
Steve Stalker
Steve Stalker - преди ден
I hate all her songs but this one sounds good
Steve Stalker
Steve Stalker - преди ден
Got it from iTunes already lol
Letipost Malone
Letipost Malone - преди ден
VICIADA... estou
Corina Wood
Corina Wood - преди ден
Lady Moriarty
Lady Moriarty - преди ден
Then: Liberty Walk
Now: Mother’s Daughter.
Mrs. Baker
Mrs. Baker - преди ден
Snowman374th - преди ден
It's hard telling what was being conveyed here. I don't think POP music has any ideal either. Just empty hearts screaming out for attention. LOOK AT ME!.. Look what I can do. Or say... It's sad. This sound and all the other sounds now have destroyed the older music. Radio doesn't play em very much now. Some, but not many will. Save our country...
Roman Zingone
Roman Zingone - преди ден
Before 100M 🖐🏼
Alessandra Sansoni
Alessandra Sansoni - преди ден
the feminism will destroy the world
Николай Бондаренко
Блеать, что курят создатели этого клипа, я тоже хочу, что бы меня так штырило 😂😂
Andrey Blinov
Andrey Blinov - преди ден
Miley's mother is a very sexy!
MVRecordz - преди ден
Jose Cleiton
Jose Cleiton - преди ден
Maravilhosa chegou do outro lado do planeta rio grande do sul
Hahahah amoo
Cathy Sears
Cathy Sears - преди ден
Lower, lower boring................
Marius Petrauskas
Marius Petrauskas - преди ден
Mother of god..... This video... Creepy.
Michael Williams
Michael Williams - преди ден
Lesbian thot
Pouya meisamifard
Pouya meisamifard - преди ден
In USA WOMEN are free , in beach in the club in the street , behind the scene , and etc ,your culture humiliate women ,even in this damn video . . .
Pouya meisamifard
Pouya meisamifard - преди ден
@The Amazing Chuck & Peppa Pig Music because she gave birth to you as as a first bastard . . .
The Amazing Chuck & Peppa Pig Music
What makes you think you have the right to compare queen miley to urself.
Pouya meisamifard
Pouya meisamifard - преди ден
you're wrong .
M Fredi
M Fredi - преди ден
The ugliest fucking cunt ever lived!!!
JustBeingHonest - преди ден
Trish Cyrus and Miley collab coming
JustBeingHonest - преди ден
Trish Cyrus and Miley collab coming
Mae Bernardo
Mae Bernardo - преди ден
The Amazing Chuck & Peppa Pig Music