Teyana Taylor Asks Iman Shumpert 30 Questions | GQ

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It’s the GQ Couples Quiz! Teyana Taylor grills her husband, NBA star Iman Shumpert, all about herself and all the little details that he should already know. Can Iman get all 30 of Teyana's questions right?

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Teyana Taylor Asks Iman Shumpert 30 Questions | GQ
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Tissa W
Tissa W - преди 30 минути
Super cute! Love them
Marsha Jacinthe
Marsha Jacinthe - преди 22 часа
Real Antagonist
Real Antagonist - преди ден
If he and desiigner showed up at the same place I would be very confused.
Rhochae - преди 2 дни
Slusshy YT
Slusshy YT - преди 2 дни
Tried my hardest to read bra lips at 4:00-4:04
Gerald Walker
Gerald Walker - преди 2 дни
I like how hype she is when he get the ansewer rite
Quran.Corleone - преди 3 дни
Give me double I know how many tats u got baby !!
Лида Варигина
Лида Варигина - преди 3 дни
What's the song on 4:19?
T dan
T dan - преди 3 дни
He deserves a shot when they finished the first set of cards he should have got to ask her some questions
Rating Sisters
Rating Sisters - преди 4 дни
Brushcake - преди 4 дни
The best relationships are when you both are friends ❤
Alisha Mahoney
Alisha Mahoney - преди 4 дни
Queen Chrissy
Queen Chrissy - преди 4 дни
They so cute😭
Taylor Yasmine
Taylor Yasmine - преди 4 дни
They’re beautiful god bless them❤️
J B - преди 4 дни
Lmao the episode where he tried to get her to practice swimming with the baby was hilarious.
Shae McCoy
Shae McCoy - преди 4 дни
Watching Kylie and Travis then this is like... SUCH A BIG DIFFERENCE
CRYSTAL JOHNSON - преди 5 дни
True expression of Black Llove.....we gotta be homies first I wouldn't have it any other way.
Menandro Plan
Menandro Plan - преди 5 дни
this is everything the travis and kylie one aint. a couple asking questions
aliza mckinnon
aliza mckinnon - преди 5 дни
Awwwwwwww .....I loved this so much
nkechi85 - преди 6 дни
I love their chemistry if ANYONE said goals?! This is it
Paloma Callo
Paloma Callo - преди 6 дни
masc 4 masc lmao
Jordiin C
Jordiin C - преди 7 дни
They remind me of me and my husband . 🥰🥰 so happy there are other good relationships out there
Tequilla Young
Tequilla Young - преди 7 дни
omg i love them they match each other so much
Janyll - преди 7 дни
I love their love!!
Yoncé Knowles
Yoncé Knowles - преди 7 дни
Black love be so beautiful and lit ❤️
020ctmarie - преди 7 дни
I loved this so much!!
Somethin Else
Somethin Else - преди 8 дни
They are so cute together 😍
Danette Shumpert
Danette Shumpert - преди 8 дни
This is what a happy marriage looks like.
Ibotda Rongbook
Ibotda Rongbook - преди 8 дни
He only missed 3
Deborah L
Deborah L - преди 8 дни
Wait so dudes don’t call women by their full name
Deborah L
Deborah L - преди 8 дни
1:25 impressive
rough nights
rough nights - преди 9 дни
Funny when the shook eachother up😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
rough nights
rough nights - преди 9 дни
Funny when the shook eachother up😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
rough nights
rough nights - преди 9 дни
Man desiigner is a funny dude
Taylor Paramo
Taylor Paramo - преди 9 дни
kylie & travis only had 23 questions cause GQ didn’t have faith in them 💀
Robomonkey101 - преди 9 дни
These are the details that make a girl fall for you.
Brad A
Brad A - преди 9 дни
I need a show of them
88BeEazy - преди 9 дни
I loved this too much!!! Lovers and friends. God bless them💚
brazyy bratt
brazyy bratt - преди 10 дни
Lord, please send me a man like this!!!! I'm going to be patient, but pleeeeeease!
Tajahney Espinosa
Tajahney Espinosa - преди 10 дни
“All I wanted was a bike” 😂
Shabana Hardyal
Shabana Hardyal - преди 10 дни
Lol 😀😀😀
Sky 1100
Sky 1100 - преди 10 дни
What lil uzi vert song is she humming?
Jenifer Bara
Jenifer Bara - преди 10 дни
What shoes is she wearing
TheBrownskinBarbie - преди 11 дни
This video made me smile for a whole 12 minutes ❤️
abigail bailey
abigail bailey - преди 12 дни
Why are there only 3 of these ???? Find more couples & do this quiz with please!!!
ShaelynAaliyah - преди 13 дни
I love their relationship 😩
Raniababe 34
Raniababe 34 - преди 13 дни
Imani King-Mason
Imani King-Mason - преди 14 дни
Could they get Ryan destiny and Keith powers to do this next
Manuel Doh
Manuel Doh - преди 14 дни
Beautiful couple. Hope to fine one like her
Manuel Doh
Manuel Doh - преди 14 дни
Y’all are fire together. Hope to find a woman like that. Mad vibes.
Manuel Doh
Manuel Doh - преди 14 дни
Y’all are fire together. Hope to find a woman like that. Mad vibes.
Cecethedancer_ - преди 14 дни
ayyye harlem in da building 🤟🏽
MusiqIsMaLiphe - преди 15 дни
Their were 40 questions. And they should've given him brown for her eye color
Basil Dabbah
Basil Dabbah - преди 15 дни
This man loves her so much
Lizzy Greene
Lizzy Greene - преди 16 дни
7:50 😍😍
Zekyrah Brewer
Zekyrah Brewer - преди 16 дни
T-"Ok, what color are my eyes?"
Everyday Perry’s
Everyday Perry’s - преди 17 дни
They make a beautiful couple❤️❤️
Tays P
Tays P - преди 17 дни
I need to find me love like that
JeNique Thomas
JeNique Thomas - преди 18 дни
Jamie Thomas
Jamie Thomas - преди 18 дни
Pictures and videos really don’t do Teyana Taylor justice. In person she is absolutely stunning like take your breath away gorgeous 😩