Here's Why the 2020 Toyota Supra Could Be Better

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James Webb
James Webb - преди 39 минути
It kinda looks like a 350z
Wael Turbo
Wael Turbo - преди 50 минути
Hear it !
VS Cars
VS Cars - преди час
Good lord the amount of shitting on it just because it's "made by BMW" is just stupid, as if BMW doesn't know how to make an inline 6.
Zayeed Hakim
Zayeed Hakim - преди час
Time for a ‘tuning company’ drinking game!
Sweat404 - преди час
BMW making the Supra is like Burger King making a Big Mac. It just shouldn’t be done.
TheUberdoppelganger - преди час
I don’t get why Toyota couldn’t just make this themselves ....
Thermal Citi
Thermal Citi - преди час
I wonder if they will compete one class above the Miata
Marco Esteban
Marco Esteban - преди час
Looks like a miata with a body kit..
Jason Crawford
Jason Crawford - преди час
No thanks.
Steve Wyeth
Steve Wyeth - преди 2 часа
Should be the new Celica and the Supra badge should have been saved for something that would compete with the GT-R.
Grzesiek - преди 2 часа
WOW 7:52 SUPRA is the JDM austrian BMW from POLAND.
Randy Willcox
Randy Willcox - преди 2 часа
If you hear gunfire behind me, it's because I'm filming this video in West Virginia..." 😂
onnie p
onnie p - преди 2 часа
Toyota supra? GR oZ ;>(
s t e v e
s t e v e - преди 3 часа
People: Make a better Supra
Toyota: No u
W00H00T - преди 4 часа
Toyota completely missed the point with this car. The MKVI Supra gained its reputation because of how solid the block was to handle over 1000HP (moreso than the GTR). They are dyno monsters. This should have been released as a MR2 with a front engine setup.
EternalSilence - преди 4 часа
It looks like a redesigned MR2 in fact. This seems like a waste of 100 grand. What have you done Toyota?
Typhoon Steam Cleaning
Typhoon Steam Cleaning - преди 4 часа
Honestly Its not a bad car BUT that doesnt change the fact that I still hate it...If I wanted a Z4... Id buy a Z4...We wanted a Supra not a rebadged BMW. Toyota you really shit the bed!
Abhi Bains
Abhi Bains - преди 4 часа
BMW build mclaren f1 engine best thing in world ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
PorkFreeGaming - преди 5 часа
the reason why people are mad Doug is when you hear you getting a new supra, we are expecting a new supra, not a revised BMW with a toyota badge, don't get me wrong BMW's are good, but why would I buy the new supra for more money if it's just a revised Z4 I could probably get for cheaper and has more HP.
Broken Motor Wagen
Broken Motor Wagen - преди 5 часа
It is not supposed to be an equivalent to the old Supra. Toyota know what they are doing, just a big Lego car for fanbois, it already has too much power for them. Even if Toyota came out with a street legal racecar it wouldn't sell.
JCAchannel100 - преди 6 часа
People complaining about it being a bmw isn’t due to the fact of it being a bad preforming car, it’s very capable. But, It’s the fact that Toyota didn’t build it themselves and stick to the supra roots. That’s why people are upset. Myself included
Jacob Meyers
Jacob Meyers - преди 6 часа
Not that they couldn't, but they've already told you the aftermarket will make up for the shortcomings minus a manual. NSX compared with McLaren but people hate it. Cars don't become legends because they were the best from the start.
Chen Yu
Chen Yu - преди 6 часа
So many opportuningties
Jamus Khan
Jamus Khan - преди 6 часа
It's junk that's the problem. It's underpowered and the shit will break because BMW makes shitty car parts.
Keith Rosenkranz
Keith Rosenkranz - преди 6 часа
The reason BMW's involvement is seen as a bad thing is that, despite them having created many great sports cars...they're all terribly unreliable. The BMW problem is purely one of reliability, which is the complete opposite of Toyota's reputation. Everybody knows BMW can make great sports cars, but their reliability simply isn't up to Japanese standards. Toyota actually did extreme reliability testing of BMW's parts during this car's development and forced BMW to redesign many parts and manufacturing processes to suit Toyota's demands.
Chasing a dream
Chasing a dream - преди 6 часа
This could be the worse Supra ever....a sports car sould never be a automatic.....that's just my opinion
ethan miraflor
ethan miraflor - преди 7 часа
Doug, the type of guy to sweat when excited
gravityhammer25 - преди 7 часа
A.K.B. - преди 7 часа
Plot twist: Toyota will own all tuning companies world wide by 2021.
Moun Bakko
Moun Bakko - преди 7 часа
... these are not deficiencies... intentionally done... built specifically to supply the tuning industry and cash-in on a trend, hence the disregard for a pure Japanese thing.
Jackson Fortune
Jackson Fortune - преди 7 часа
I can't believe it doesn't have a manual transmission option.
Shenzie - преди 7 часа
Y'all act like BMW doesn't make amazing cars
tom conner
tom conner - преди 7 часа
The latch handle is a way to access the car if you lock the key in it while its running on the lift, in gear, pop the knockout loose use a broom handle to move the carpet, reach up with a long booger picker, and tug!
Robert Ortiz
Robert Ortiz - преди 7 часа
This car makes me sad! BMW making this car is a huge disappointment! I am a BMW fan! BUT! If i want a bmw i buy a bmw...
funny that the new lexus fc carbon has more power... and looks badass and it’s Toyota...
tom conner
tom conner - преди 7 часа
I called it, i said it looks more like a z4 beamer than a Supra, go figure!
myfastgti07 - преди 7 часа
Remember the BMW Supra ?
HW2800 - преди 7 часа
Sound like Dodge Challenger Hellcat! Do not like the looks!
tom conner
tom conner - преди 7 часа
Japan is the tuner capital of the automotive world, this is their Iconic fantasy car, like a 409 impala is to the guys in my father’s generation, this predicted aftermarket add-on modification reinforcement is a way to cater to this massive demographic, its suggestive market targeting
Chris Arp
Chris Arp - преди 7 часа
Doug, the type of guy who never forgets to bring his knee rag.
Carson Thomas
Carson Thomas - преди 7 часа
What a joke😂😂😂
Ian Alonso
Ian Alonso - преди 8 часа
There's no way I would rate this car higher than the lexus RCF.
bimmersavvy - преди 8 часа
its just a commercial project from stagnated Toyota conglomerate that 20 years later decides to cash out on Supra name taking an easy piggyback ride on champion’s b58 back. But this deal wasn’t easy. Looks like BMW had played Toyota in every possible position, down to buttons and knobs. Great job BMW, bravo!
Bishop M
Bishop M - преди 8 часа
13:19 yeah I completely forgot that existed
ajm312 - преди 8 часа
My best guess is that in 6 months or so TRD can sell you exorbitantly expensive (but well made) "aftermarket" parts. From what I can see, especially with the space for the front brace and the nonexistent diff cooler, there are parts already designed to fit the spaces provided.
Brandon Ford
Brandon Ford - преди 8 часа
Not a Toyota
Michael Montero
Michael Montero - преди 8 часа
TuNinG ComPaNIEs
DDD - преди 8 часа
Trash 🤢 🤮
Joseph Passafiume
Joseph Passafiume - преди 8 часа
I really like this new Supra, and at $50k it's not something that is ridiculous to think I could someday justify buying. Where as I don't see me buying a GT-R or NSX. I heard one of the developers say that this was kind of Toyota's answer to all those begging for a FR-S with more power, and as a very satisfied FR-S owner I think this really nails it. I can't wait to drive one. I do agree they really need a manual option though. P.S. - I love the styling!
JayBe - преди 8 часа
Is it me or does the car look gigantic with Doug standing behind it?
VS Cars
VS Cars - преди 55 минути
I feel like it is actually a much bigger car than it seems in the pictures, seen a new Z4 recently and it really is quite large.
Yuzhiro Kokonoe
Yuzhiro Kokonoe - преди 8 часа
It's not bad but it's not have much as like the old mk4 supra and the engine also from BMW not original(JZ engine) i hope we could see the 3JZ engine
Avinesh Chand
Avinesh Chand - преди 8 часа
Toyota supra gt
Kilvoctu - преди 8 часа
Supra fans: Couldn't you make a better Supra? This looks half-assed.

Toyota: A tuning company can finish the rest.
-- - преди 9 часа
What a disgrace to one of the most iconic cars in the world.
Reiiz - преди 9 часа
Is a supra but at the same time its not a supra but still supra but it is not.
AudiophoriA Music
AudiophoriA Music - преди 9 часа
Did it have paddles? Did you use them? You don't seem to be feeding her any gas.
The Brown Guy
The Brown Guy - преди 9 часа
Toyota didn't make a sports car. All they did was take a BMW Z4 and changed some cosmetics and tuned the suspension and called it a different car. Everything is BMW, you can change the name of something, that doesn't change what it is. It's sad Toyota disgraced the Supra name
convergist - преди 9 часа
I dunno, some scoff, but perhaps Toyota actually TOTALLY understands the frivolous, noisy, microphallic ricer demographic.
I'd frankly be happy if Toyota did nothing but manufacture 100% practical automobiles, and skipped sports cars completely. Leave those to companies (OEM, non-tuner) that specialize in that category, for the remainder of that category's existence, or the remainder of the existence of private ownership of human-driven automobiles, whichever fades into history first.
Oliver - преди 9 часа
They left out all the options to make manufacturing costs down while being able to charge the same amount
MikeD20 - преди 9 часа
Lol 95k for base entry and 105k for top trim
George Markopoulos
George Markopoulos - преди 10 часа
Ethan Williams
Ethan Williams - преди 10 часа
Toyota made this?... yea u cant fool me EA
_npickle - преди 10 часа
0:50 what about Initial d a anime ware a Japanese boi drifts a ae86 then a man racing a supra tries to beat him
TheNacropolice - преди 10 часа
ITT: people who can't afford the new or the old Supra nor have they ever driven one
Adam S
Adam S - преди 10 часа
Why do I get the suspicion that Toyota will be the ones selling a lot of these missing tuner parts.
Kevin - преди 10 часа
Someone should do a 2jz swap on one in the future...
pawn3d167 - преди 10 часа
the nsx might have mclaren performance but no one wants to pay mclaren prices for an acura which is why they dont sell well at all. the supra in its current configuration makes it muuuuuch more affordable yet still being a competent daily driver track car with plenty of potential.
Doc Doom
Doc Doom - преди 10 часа
Doug , I'll tell you exactly why its a problem that bmw built the car . Yes bmw made the m1 m3 m5 etc etc but bmw never built a Supra ...
TesusTv - преди 10 часа
That shit cheeks aesthetically
Anthony Tucker
Anthony Tucker - преди 10 часа
"I'll kneel but Im not putting my knee on this disgusting ground"
Raffini - преди 10 часа
What's the point of tuning when the upgrades are predesigned by the factory? This car was designed by businessmen and marketing morons. Thinking they're in touch with the culture makes this even more embarrassing.
The Tech Monkey
The Tech Monkey - преди 10 часа
Why do I feel like a TRD Model will fix all of these shortcomings...
Kodi Wyatt
Kodi Wyatt - преди 10 часа
Can’t wait to see someone swap a 2jz into a BMW Z4
Marie Dime
Marie Dime - преди 10 часа
For a guy that reviews car, he sure is lacking in a lot of information. 1) The MK4 went out of production in 2002 not 1998. It just stopped being exported in 1998. 2) The dual bonnet/hood latch was also in the MK4, most likely because it's aluminium. 3) The closed off vents are for racing. Just removing the covers won't work as ducting are needed as well. 4). The 8-spd auto is most likely quicker than a 6-spd manual due to the turbo. And yes, only people who buy cars new get a vote. The fact is most cars sold in the USA have autos including sports cars. Want to change that? Then go buy a manual on a brand new car. Some have but not enough. 5). This car was not based on the Z4. The Z4 was out of production. So the Z4 and the Supra were co-developed and not one based from the other. 6). Comparing this to the GTR and NSX is foolish as they are much more expensive. Toyota knows price is a factor and is the reason why the MK4 didn't sell well. Just look at the current NSX and GTR sales. 7). The prediction that this won't be a classic is way too early. The MK4 wasn't seen that way until tuners were able to get a lot of power from car. Does anyone know how much can be pushed on this one?
m t
m t - преди 11 часа
New supra too short! Looks like z4. I was excited to buy a new one until i saw how short it is! i want the 2020 Chevy corvette blows this car away
M95U - преди 11 часа
Tuning companies
keishan singh
keishan singh - преди 11 часа
its like the ford with its set of fake air vents
Alumnikiid - преди 11 часа
Which tuning company though🧐..DINAN or ALPINA
Polar Bear K
Polar Bear K - преди 11 часа
Just like bmw owners the new Supra owners will never use the turn signals
Dmitri Bovski
Dmitri Bovski - преди 12 часа
They do understand but if they did what the engine can do BMW wouldn't work with them as it would hurt BMW's business. That engine will do 1200hp obviously without that box.
Maximus Augustus
Maximus Augustus - преди 12 часа
I can't drive automatic.
chulo flow
chulo flow - преди 12 часа
Wouldn’t be surprised to see one of these out on the streets debagged with a BMW emblem
Amos Keeto
Amos Keeto - преди 12 часа
Just buy a BMW instead.
Elune - преди 12 часа
2020 Toyota supra? No, 2020 Toyota z4...
George C
George C - преди 12 часа
Service problem Nightmare
Mac's Motovlog
Mac's Motovlog - преди 12 часа
So in other words....the old one just went up in value even more.
Hiluxtaco - преди 13 часа
Doug should invest in a $1 Microfiber Cloth to wipe all of the dust off of the dash/center console/etc., before filming these videos....
Drunken_Monkey360 - преди 13 часа
People have the Supra built up so much in there head, but have never even been inside one. Supras are ok at best. They have junk interiors and run the same exact parts as lower models. This Supra seems like it's exactly on par with what it was
Aaron Watts
Aaron Watts - преди 13 часа
Major let down by Toyota... WAY TO GO!!!💪
Aaron Watts
Aaron Watts - преди 4 часа
Lol yes it’s coming from a wrx owner! and yes I would take my wrx any day over that euro trash garbage... fuck outta here
BigJB21 - преди 10 часа
Coming from a WRX owner
sickb2200 - преди 13 часа
You lost me at BMW.
Andrew Walding
Andrew Walding - преди 13 часа
So I have a really dumb question...since all Lexuses are really Toyota’s, why wouldn’t the Supra be based on one of the hot Lexus coupes?
Kaye Dough
Kaye Dough - преди 14 часа
Doug: I like my girls just the way I like my cars: Quirky
ROBERT CLOE - преди 14 часа
Thank God for honda......
ROBERT CLOE - преди 14 часа
If I wanted a BMW I would go to BMW. This supra sucks. Pretty lame Toyota....
BodyCount - преди 14 часа
It sucks .
Juan Arellano
Juan Arellano - преди 14 часа
So basically Toyota was the DJ Khaled of cars with this one.
T K - преди 14 часа
Remove all the badges you can't tell the difference
Shen - преди 14 часа
Automatic and a fucking electronic hand brake ? I can’t believe it...
gfsdgfabfsdafjsavbdfs - преди 15 часа
More views than the McLaren F1 vid??
MrDoucheChill - преди 15 часа
At 21:54 Was that a drop of water inside the cockpit that fell between the camera and your face?
Matthew Violette
Matthew Violette - преди 15 часа
Dont care... still going to buy one.
MCK Rides
MCK Rides - преди 15 часа
Doug is at it again 🚗