David Dobrik's Blind Date With a Superfan | Celeb Blind Date

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I'm pretty sure everyone on BGzone has a crush on David Dobrik. We set him up on a blind date with a vlog squad superfan to see if sparks fly IRL. The catch? His date has no idea THE David Dobrik is behind the curtain! Will she guess he's her favorite member of the vlog squad before the end of the date? Watch and see. BTW, he also reveals whether or not he'd date a fan, and I am SCREAMING at his answer!!!
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Seventeen - преди 4 дни
Would you take a canoe ride in the ocean with David Dobrik?
mario lutas
mario lutas - преди 3 часа
Yup can’t swim and hate the damn ocean but 100% would
Lulu Bell
Lulu Bell - преди 3 часа
Obviously 🙄
XxKazxX xoxo
XxKazxX xoxo - преди 5 часа
Seventeen canoe no but huge yawt then maybe... It has to be huge cause I don't want it to break down also sharks... I seen too many Jaw movies and sharks movies to not be wary of them... Cause I'm not dying in the ocean, my worst fear is drowning so nope... Huge boat
Meike Heijmans
Meike Heijmans - преди 8 часа
Anonymous Python
Anonymous Python - преди 3 минути
This accent omfg
Ricky Rick
Ricky Rick - преди 43 минути
She would definitely suck you off for a McDouble
Pj Kim
Pj Kim - преди час
“I love [the vlog squad] bc they are themselves. They dont pretend to be someone else.”
-David pretending to be Steve
Nigga Geykume
Nigga Geykume - преди час
Do this with Tom Holland!
jmsolano0516 - преди час
"Who didnt have a platform" as if Zane and Heath weren't more successful than David 😂
Chantellia.56 - преди 2 часа
She knew it was him you can tell
Pastel Pink123
Pastel Pink123 - преди 2 часа
14:00 I love how she's more chill than him
Paige Jordan
Paige Jordan - преди 2 часа
what if they did natalie and david instead and they would end up really liking each other
maddy jaenicke
maddy jaenicke - преди 2 часа
do me with finn wolfhard
Sgt. Forgotten
Sgt. Forgotten - преди 3 часа
i ship it
Gracie Norair
Gracie Norair - преди 3 часа
This made me so uncomfortable
nia robertson
nia robertson - преди 4 часа
Bruhhh im dyingggg😂😂💀💀💀
Tania Rivera
Tania Rivera - преди 4 часа
He described Natalie😛
Berenice Garcia
Berenice Garcia - преди 5 часа
Her reaction is so annoying. I think I'm just so sad this wasn't me lol
Lukáš Szucs
Lukáš Szucs - преди 5 часа
And from that day, David Dobrik was no longer single. :DD
Daan - преди 6 часа
This girl just seems like a random girl from the office that they gave some lines to to repeat on camera
jennifer va
jennifer va - преди 6 часа
If it was me i would have realized it was him by the voice, if not by the story of him peeing himself LOL
YourBoy Danky
YourBoy Danky - преди 6 часа
i ship it ;-;
jordan jordan
jordan jordan - преди 6 часа
they should do one of these with david and natalie and just wait until they realize 😂
Madelyn Miller
Madelyn Miller - преди 6 часа
I never noticed until now, he has the same lisp as Jimmy Jr. on "Bob Burgers"... who woulda thunk it
Manuel Pariboni
Manuel Pariboni - преди 6 часа
He should really date her
huttio srreu
huttio srreu - преди 7 часа
When she was talking about the science experiment she wasn’t talking about the one with fire she was talking about the puffy read liquid one
itstatilol - преди 8 часа
David Dobrik, a 23 year old: “I don’t think I’ve been on a proper date in, like, 17 years” 🤔
huttio srreu
huttio srreu - преди 7 часа
Natalie gone beat his ass
Joselun Ray
Joselun Ray - преди 8 часа
I’m sorry but they’re actually kinda cute lmao
ethan jancowski
ethan jancowski - преди 8 часа
Omg I’m 12 and I’m taller than David
frederik becic
frederik becic - преди 9 часа
go on a second date
Samuel Lee
Samuel Lee - преди 9 часа
when David's describing his fav traits girl, all I hear in my head is NATALIE NATALIE NATALIE LOL
frederik becic
frederik becic - преди 9 часа
such a good looking couple actually
Kierny Gittins
Kierny Gittins - преди 9 часа
Nathaniel Diaz
Nathaniel Diaz - преди 9 часа
This video was so funny!!
Elias Cuba
Elias Cuba - преди 10 часа
Bro they should go on a real date
cassie w
cassie w - преди 12 часа
at 11:52 she states she has 'probably' seen over 100 videos but she also says earlier shes only been watching for 6 months. if my calculations are correct that would mean shes only seen just over 50. hA superfan? more like super fraud
Vivaly - преди 12 часа
She is kind of annoying
kream - преди 13 часа
if we didn't know who David was this would be super awkward and boring.
Dylan Furlong
Dylan Furlong - преди 15 часа
can i please do thus
Zeneth Dumangcas
Zeneth Dumangcas - преди 15 часа
Ben S
Ben S - преди 15 часа
she’s way too nice
Anthony - преди 16 часа
He lowkey checking out her body to see what hes getting into lmaooo
OnlyOneShaud - преди 17 часа
Natalie gone beat his ass
alex kinsler
alex kinsler - преди 18 часа
i would've known that it was him the SECOND he spoke 😂
Catherine 480
Catherine 480 - преди 19 часа
I don’t mean to be unkind to this girl ... but people who are truly funny, don’t need to tell you they’re funny. Even when asked. 😬
bssni touir
bssni touir - преди 19 часа
I was so waiting for "my name Jeff" when he started with the accent
Christiana - преди 19 часа
Scotty breaks into the set “OHHH YEAH”
FrankieOnSBSIn144p! - преди 19 часа
i feel like she was told to watch 5 of his videos and pretend to be a fan
bssni touir
bssni touir - преди 19 часа
3:19 He literally said my name. I am Michal haha
BeanRice.38 - преди 19 часа
*David was 5 years old when he had a proper date*
Isabel - преди 19 часа
seventeen, hmu if you ever do another of these lmao
Bianca Torres
Bianca Torres - преди 19 часа
I’m crying. Some of the things David says to her is so cute, I was literally smiling the whole time like “I can’t wait to see you @ 9:13” :’)
sarah's style
sarah's style - преди 20 часа
I've literally watched every single one at least twice
Angela Chen
Angela Chen - преди 20 часа
what about natalie
Kacy Lo
Kacy Lo - преди 20 часа
how did she not realise that that is a fake accent...
he keeps losing it
Grace - преди 21 час
He dropped his accent and she could tell 😂
Bruna Rosa
Bruna Rosa - преди 21 час
david: “what am I looking for in a girl? sense of humor! which kinda means she have to laught at a lot of things I say even if it is not funny, thats what I mean by sense of humor, I mean, you know... charity work”
Fernando Abogado
Fernando Abogado - преди 21 час
5:42 i think he lost his accent
twin cherry
twin cherry - преди 21 час
Channel: What do you look for in a woman?
Him: Descripyion is Liza
John Dew
John Dew - преди 22 часа
God is he unattractive...money really makes wonders
Kaizen Je
Kaizen Je - преди 22 часа
What's her ig handle anyone?
val navarrete
val navarrete - преди 22 часа
thsfresh12 - преди 22 часа
You shit yourself david lol dont lie
Michal Cohen
Michal Cohen - преди 22 часа
3:19 He literally said my name. I am Michal haha