Footballers FAKED these Tricks, But I did them for REAL!!

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Stewart Johns
Stewart Johns - преди 14 минути
The last one from Messi wasn’t fake
Shadow. xg
Shadow. xg - преди 46 минути
Their vídeos are not fake
Carter Siuciak
Carter Siuciak - преди 52 минути
The water bottle hit his leg.
Kosta LeClerc
Kosta LeClerc - преди 52 минути
Guy be like :omg this best players on the world are shit and fake im better then them
Emma Couldwell
Emma Couldwell - преди час
They did it for real and so did he!
Genesis Eon
Genesis Eon - преди час
Messi can do this
Carlos Alvarado
Carlos Alvarado - преди час
You are bad Messi is a G.O.A.T.
Casper R.
Casper R. - преди час
Who says that your stunts isn’t fake aswell??
Typical kidd
Typical kidd - преди час
the footballers that you showed the tricks were real
Majestic sport S
Majestic sport S - преди 2 часа
His jealous that he ain’t famous and he ain’t a soccer player
Jelle Ynema
Jelle Ynema - преди 2 часа
Look at 3:40
Hi hi Oof
Hi hi Oof - преди 3 часа
Plot twist: they forgot to record
YOUAREDIMY - преди 3 часа
I call it soccer
Ari729 - преди 3 часа
If it’s fake how can you do it but not a professional soccer player??🤔
Adeeba Nisar
Adeeba Nisar - преди 3 часа
Any proof of messi faking bottle flip kick
Faez Alhasan
Faez Alhasan - преди 3 часа
He was faking that he was born, but I did it for real. Da, da, da... Man, you can't even play football, what are you talking about. I mean those are professionals. When Özil did that chewing gum trick he put it back in his mouth, when you did it we saw that you didn't put it back in your mouth.
Irtiza Arafat
Irtiza Arafat - преди 4 часа
It is great to see him get 17 million views in a week after all the hard work he put in this video
anonymous724 - преди 4 часа
It's actually laughable who think this is clickbait. If you believe the pros did those tricks without editing, you are a waste of oxygen
bgtkv4 - преди 5 часа
Damn. This video up for one week and is already Kieran’s most popular video.
Monkey d luffy
Monkey d luffy - преди 5 часа
I think there is a difference bitween luck and talent...and you were just lucky.
sania shaikh
sania shaikh - преди 5 часа
Haha who came from the latest video 😂
grishm patel
grishm patel - преди 5 часа
FAKE ,you faked all the tricks
Seth Cox
Seth Cox - преди 5 часа
😂😭so you have proof it's not fake I mean it's that or you used it as click bait :) I mean to say messi is fake is very bold of you considering the stuff he does on live tv:) but okay dude and 2ed dont act like you did something great when you did something on acident you clearly didnt mean to cap it so people who watch this video dont comment saying hes nice if he called it then okay cool he did it on purpose but he didnt call it soo:/ stop being cringy;)
Hsi Hdj
Hsi Hdj - преди 8 часа
How sad do you have to be to try a trick for 4 hours
BKsniperguy - преди 8 часа
Great video idea!
Sam Stunts
Sam Stunts - преди 9 часа
ritvik sasi
ritvik sasi - преди 9 часа
1:30 its a DP thing
Crystal Heart
Crystal Heart - преди 9 часа
I don't believe you cause you can say what you want but I believe footballers more you don't have that much prove
Dickens Dickens
Dickens Dickens - преди 9 часа
Life is too fucking short to watch that shit
Shajuti r Diwana
Shajuti r Diwana - преди 9 часа
U dump Messi Is real
GAMING TECHNIQUES - преди 10 часа
Fuck u
unicorn lover
unicorn lover - преди 10 часа
unicorn lover
unicorn lover - преди 10 часа
unicorn lover
unicorn lover - преди 10 часа
you said the football players where fake so how come you did them all FAKE FAKER
Obimma Amina
Obimma Amina - преди 10 часа
Frederik Brun
Frederik Brun - преди 10 часа
Jeg har lige fået to solo wins
Technical Gamer
Technical Gamer - преди 10 часа
Only making fake vedios
Technical Gamer
Technical Gamer - преди 10 часа
He is more greater than u fake guy
Technical Gamer
Technical Gamer - преди 10 часа
Technical Gamer
Technical Gamer - преди 10 часа
I will beat u if u will do fun of messi
Ashoikie Saunders
Ashoikie Saunders - преди 10 часа
That square on the wall was way bigger than the ring Messi kicked his ball trough though .
Ashoikie Saunders
Ashoikie Saunders - преди 10 часа
What proof do you have that their vids were fake ?
Vempalle NoorMahammad
Vempalle NoorMahammad - преди 10 часа
S PHUMIN - преди 11 часа
You are fake
Sami Muhammad
Sami Muhammad - преди 11 часа
U probably faked it ur self so don’t chat
Sami Muhammad
Sami Muhammad - преди 11 часа
Ur trash. Bruv
Wilko 314
Wilko 314 - преди 11 часа
Sorry, but how do you know these are faked? You didnt explain in your video
Fiza Zayan
Fiza Zayan - преди 11 часа
Your dp and rainbow is fake you will cannot do the skill
Fiza Zayan
Fiza Zayan - преди 12 часа
The messi did the trick is impossible i will do it but why did you say lie
Xtij - преди 12 часа
Haters will say this is fake...
GachaSeoulX - преди 12 часа
Damn messi bottle flipping! U suck messi! Keiran is more better! He kicked it and it stands using the cup! Idk what its called in enlish cuz im half filipino and canadian lel
nidhin pm
nidhin pm - преди 13 часа
This murderer faked his killings, but I did it for real
Demonhunter 123
Demonhunter 123 - преди 13 часа
Bro you still look at the ball i thought you have to ready the book
Shivam singh
Shivam singh - преди 14 часа
You have got 1 subscribers.....!
Tarmo gr
Tarmo gr - преди 14 часа
Provides no evidence the pro's faked it. Does a crappy job copying the tricks. I say typical narcisistic millenial.
The Noob Gaming
The Noob Gaming - преди 14 часа
How is it fake if u do it
Jethro Letoga
Jethro Letoga - преди 15 часа
Up next: Terrorists faked nine eleven but I did it for real.
Thomas Best
Thomas Best - преди 16 часа
The earth is flat
surya kiran
surya kiran - преди 16 часа
Fuck you
Zombie FN
Zombie FN - преди 16 часа
👇 how much pages did he flip
Salt Boi
Salt Boi - преди 16 часа
We should drink coke more than Pepsi coz t series..
Khám phá cuộc sống
Khám phá cuộc sống - преди 17 часа
good video!
Solomon Wheeler
Solomon Wheeler - преди 17 часа
He doesn’t ever prove they are fake what the fuck
B369 Aeri
B369 Aeri - преди 17 часа
Your Messi bottle trick was really cool.. 💓
joe price
joe price - преди 17 часа
When you can't do something say it's fake
Tim Paulson
Tim Paulson - преди 19 часа
US faked Hiroshima Bomb , I did it for real 😳
darkwolf alpha squad
darkwolf alpha squad - преди 19 часа
Well Messi is the real champion so his unstoppable
Guava Juice
Guava Juice - преди 19 часа
I’m 11 i did trick that was 2:10
Oakley Corum
Oakley Corum - преди 20 часа
That's not football's that's soccer
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith - преди 20 часа
North Korea fakes U.S nuke but I do it for real
ArjunPlayz - преди 21 час
You’re not bad. How come you don’t actually do football as a career? You seem like you can make it decent
nikeeweston - преди 21 час
You aren’t proving there’s are fake, you’re an idiot. I’m sure their adverts took hours too. Or many many attempts but they aren’t going to show it, you dickhead. Also they are pros for years and years and you’re a kid. Moron. This kid isn’t very clever is he.
los Gamers
los Gamers - преди 21 час
The dificulted Mak is you rfe Xix#
Timber Falls
Timber Falls - преди 22 часа
Who was here at 1Million
Marco DT
Marco DT - преди 23 часа
Hola puta
Muddassir Ali
Muddassir Ali - преди 23 часа
Footballers do it in real
Oliver Joseph
Oliver Joseph - преди 23 часа
Yours are fake because u don't do it like they do it
Ballistic_ EnVi
Ballistic_ EnVi - преди ден
Watch this be fake omegalol
Linda K Lape
Linda K Lape - преди ден
That is soccer I am from ohio
Si Daws
Si Daws - преди ден
5:00 me playing FIFA
Mum:what are you doing let me guess FIFA
Me:do you understand what FIFA is I crush my friends because they suck and also since you locked me in an asylum with my PS4 and games what else am I going to do
Si Daws
Si Daws - преди ден
Mum: but you suck
Mohamed Medhat
Mohamed Medhat - преди ден
I was waiting for beckham's trick lol
Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton - преди ден
Why is this guy so sure these things are fake? Where are you getting this fountain of knowledge that only you know.
Nick Cage
Nick Cage - преди ден
After u got the bottle flip with cover how come u got it again
Nick Cage
Nick Cage - преди ден
Why is it that when u get it the music always in chorus.u guy are fake
josie john
josie john - преди ден
How those it make those clips fake you just copied them
maandriop - преди ден
Wtf lol
maka albert
maka albert - преди ден
You are more better than Messi Cuz u did a cap flip
Danni Kalar
Danni Kalar - преди ден
Are u on a squash court at 3.13
Salar Khan
Salar Khan - преди ден
Or the ronaldinhio one
Salar Khan
Salar Khan - преди ден
Beckham one?
umutemirhan kıllıbacak
umutemirhan kıllıbacak - преди ден
Eliot LaRoche
Eliot LaRoche - преди ден
What the fuck
go oyunaa
go oyunaa - преди ден
You fake bitch messi real
Anita Faree
Anita Faree - преди ден
WTF? Amazing man 😍😍👌
Genesis - преди ден
I just clocked in 1 week he got 17m views. Imagine the pay check 💰 💰 keep it up man. 👍🏻
TFEXY - преди ден
I was expecting you to break down how theyre fake and then show how you do them
mineplex - преди ден
I have done this 3:17 in my first try
Padma P
Padma P - преди ден
Ok that was really nice
vishal zhaoyun
vishal zhaoyun - преди ден
You got real hate bro. But I appreciate you did this for real😂 but bro, those are real professionals. We r just common people playing football..... Whatever, we should appreciate everyone's effort in anything...
Krusty Fifa
Krusty Fifa - преди ден