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Daughter and mother combo fun time
You are such a bad mom image someone never wanted you how would you feel
User Auth
User Auth - преди 11 часа
John Dockert
John Dockert - преди ден
Miranda Rules!!!
Desiree Trammell
Desiree Trammell - преди 3 дни
Reianah Dueñas
Reianah Dueñas - преди 6 дни
I dont care your just a bad mom
Hannah Wilson
Hannah Wilson - преди 7 дни
You actually cut your hair
Tonya B
Tonya B - преди 7 дни
0:29 to 0:30 lol
Olesya's Life
Olesya's Life - преди 7 дни
If you throw it own child away I'll jump off a cliff
Gabriela Franco Becerra
Gabriela Franco Becerra - преди 7 дни
Moon Light
Moon Light - преди 9 дни
Austin Powers123
Austin Powers123 - преди 9 дни
you don't want your kid anymore still counts as a bad mom
Bardomiano Antunez
Bardomiano Antunez - преди 9 дни
I wonder if collen is going
David Sokolowski
David Sokolowski - преди 10 дни
You’re not serious, you are giving away your child!🤭😮 You are going to miss him
Zaw Oo
Zaw Oo - преди 10 дни
Nayela Cabrera
Nayela Cabrera - преди 11 дни
Your a bad mom stupid
Jade Barber
Jade Barber - преди 11 дни
No one every comes to Arkansas
Student Kylie Baugh
Student Kylie Baugh - преди 11 дни
Kayla Freeborn
Kayla Freeborn - преди 11 дни
Colleen: omg i love my baby so much, he is the most perfect child ever, he’s the cutest baby ever to exist ever on the whole plane-
Miranda: ew, baby. take it.
Kayla Freeborn
Kayla Freeborn - преди 11 дни
anyone else get the talk and translate app for their ad? i’m about to use that at the nail salon to see what they’re saying about me 🤣
Jonathan Yanez
Jonathan Yanez - преди 12 дни
peppa gamer crabs
peppa gamer crabs - преди 13 дни
You are mean
Beatrice Kime
Beatrice Kime - преди 13 дни
i am going i am its going to be soso fun
Ziha Parker
Ziha Parker - преди 14 дни
I love you miranda all for the best for your tour
Westley Turner
Westley Turner - преди 15 дни
Your a bad mom child abuse
Tanya Kiggundu
Tanya Kiggundu - преди 15 дни
Love 💗 your Voice
lilzee Games
lilzee Games - преди 15 дни
I’m actually # though
lilzee Games
lilzee Games - преди 15 дни
crazy gamer
crazy gamer - преди 15 дни
Love watching this
i love beethoven
i love beethoven - преди 16 дни
R u American
i love beethoven
i love beethoven - преди 16 дни
i love beethoven
i love beethoven - преди 16 дни
ewa baldyga
ewa baldyga - преди 16 дни
, author Ewloe cheeky Miranda singing Zizzi's
Noah Ellingburg
Noah Ellingburg - преди 16 дни
When did Janet from friends start singing on YouTube? 🤔
Nargis Bi
Nargis Bi - преди 16 дни
OMgosh she Burped really bad!!!!!!!!!!! //// U Must be a terrible mother to give Ur baby away to a stranger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ///// Miranda sings is the funniest tho!!!!
Magicorn Dove
Magicorn Dove - преди 16 дни
Please go to newfoundland please
Aaliyah Mcgrattan
Aaliyah Mcgrattan - преди 16 дни
ur ugly
Vespher Etallo
Vespher Etallo - преди 16 дни
wheres your child
DelAtTacoBell - преди 17 дни
Wtf is this
YT_soloriaxarry Solaris
YT_soloriaxarry Solaris - преди 17 дни
Wow...you are a bad mom
Skye Is-My-Name
Skye Is-My-Name - преди 17 дни
Find the 9
Ava Crossley
Ava Crossley - преди 17 дни
Omg Miranda is going on tour were I use to live
Kopydrishna - преди 17 дни
Аххахахахахах, господи, ничего не поняла, но очень смешно.
Pamela Brown
Pamela Brown - преди 17 дни
Miranda you are amazing👍
Annabella Sanchez
Annabella Sanchez - преди 18 дни
Horrible mom
vuxvux gamer
vuxvux gamer - преди 18 дни
She is trash bt🖕
vuxvux gamer
vuxvux gamer - преди 18 дни
Your channel is not good your name sack and you not cool you have big
AUBRI AJ - преди 18 дни
Maranda should get infinite subs like if I’m right
Jill Winters
Jill Winters - преди 18 дни
I’m so exited to see the show!!!!!
ramelep - преди 18 дни
Hahahahaha that burp was HILARIOUS
Hoi Tran
Hoi Tran - преди 19 дни
Miranda: Im giving away my baby

Other side of Mirandas brain : Adoption center??
Gfam vlogs
Gfam vlogs - преди 19 дни
mirinda.i'm not a bad mom I just don't want my kid me.so you are a bad mom
Brauna Kalunga
Brauna Kalunga - преди 19 дни
Hey peeps me IS laughing 😂🤣
Cuppycake Unicornzz
Cuppycake Unicornzz - преди 19 дни
I would roast you but my mom says I can’t burn trash
Elaine Guerra
Elaine Guerra - преди 20 дни
Yes Elaine 💗💗💗🌈😘 xoxoxo love to see you
El AMeriK4n0 C4N4ri0
El AMeriK4n0 C4N4ri0 - преди 20 дни
So annoying.....my son hates her and so do I....most annoying voice EVER¡
xAestheticTacos - преди 19 дни
I know right!
ken oriu
ken oriu - преди 20 дни
Man I know I'm just hating but your fake accent and thumbnails scare me
Toby P
Toby P - преди 20 дни
Dont watch then
Cheryl Ricci
Cheryl Ricci - преди 20 дни
That burp was perfect
Really Exotic
Really Exotic - преди 20 дни
lps kawaii queen cupqake
lps kawaii queen cupqake - преди 20 дни
Miranda all was makes me laugh i love it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
xAestheticTacos - преди 19 дни
Sushant Gaikwad
Sushant Gaikwad - преди 20 дни
miranda is a contorchonist too
weird person
weird person - преди 20 дни
By the way you are a bad mom so by