Homeopathy Explained - Gentle Healing or Reckless Fraud?

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SANTIAGO ARIAS - преди 22 дни
No se si pongas atención a este comentario pero me gustaría mucho que hagan un canal en español
weight lifting syril Sathyan
weight lifting syril Sathyan - преди месец
Please start a channel in malayalam
Salty Erica
Salty Erica - преди месец
I liked the DHMIS crossover
EuphorierMusic - преди месец
*Sees a DHMIS reference*
fardi 720
fardi 720 - преди месец
Do the chanel in Spanish please
T҉h҉e҉ ҉D҉a҉w҉n҉ ҉R҉i҉g҉h҉t҉ ҉B҉e҉f҉o҉r҉e҉ ҉ T҉h҉e҉ ҉S҉u҉n҉-҉R҉i҉s҉e҉ ҉I҉s҉ ҉T҉h҉e҉ ҉D҉a҉r҉k҉e҉s҉t҉
*Homeopathy = The dragon scroll from Kung Fu Panda*
*_The secret ingredient is, NOTHING. To make something special, you just have to BELIEVE it's special._*
Rick Yuan
Rick Yuan - преди 20 часа
Zombycow - преди 23 часа
Homeopathy: taking "less is more" waaaay too literally.
IC Ross
IC Ross - преди ден
Nobody can cure cancer. Even modern medicines can only cut it out or try to poison it out of your system. Then they can only watch and hope it doesn't return after that.
IC Ross
IC Ross - преди ден
Homeopathy is a hold over from when there were no doctors and humanity was self medicating on plants, etc. At that time we couldn't get a balanced diet and developed certain diseases because of it. In this age most of us can get a Balanced and Varied diet which would eliminate the need for Homeopathy and a lot of Pharmaceutical medicines also. We need to eat our way out of minor everyday illnesses not constantly take a pill for it. Our body is the best healer ever created. All it mostly needs is the right nutrients from what we eat.
Lena - преди ден
are the works of three Nobel Laureate scientists that have done studies on high dilutions( similar to Homeopathic) and have proven their effects included in this video? Looking at the comments, I doubt it was.

1. Hans Von Euler -
Nobel Laureate Chemistry 1929

2. Brian David Josephson -
Nobel Laureate Physics 1973

3. Luc Montagnier -
Nobel Laureate Physiology & Medicine 2009
Ronny Ronny
Ronny Ronny - преди ден
haven t read them, and i suppose you didn t either, but you said similar to homeopathy, not the same. Homeopathy is based on water remembering the structure of what you have diluited in it, if it still had some particles inside it may work at a lower level, but have my doubts that some "magic" water would cure something besides placedo
Pineapple Whatever
Pineapple Whatever - преди 2 дни
When I realized what 30C was I laughed like crazy
wazeem ahamed
wazeem ahamed - преди 2 дни
Homeopathy is pure bullshit !!dot ! And if they could sell all the homeopathic sugar balls as sugar balls it would be nice !!
Homeopathy medicine ingredients =sugar + water .
Nothing at all
Nothing at all - преди 2 дни
looks like you are making lean
DUC - преди 2 дни
Natural Selection if you choose not to Vaccinate & your child gets a Curable Disease & Ends up Dying, thats the Universe reminding you that you are an Idiot and the Weakest of our Species...
Kalla H
Kalla H - преди 3 дни
Kalla H
Kalla H - преди час
@Lena The FDA oversees homeopathic remedies. But it doesn’t check to see if they’re safe or effective. In general, most are so watered down that they don’t cause any side effects. But there are exceptions. Homeopathic medicines can contain a large amount of an active ingredient, like a heavy metal, that can be dangerous. I think it's called the placebo effect. 🙂
Lena - преди ден
tell it to three Nobel Laureate scientists that have done studies on high dilutions( similar to Homeopathic) and have proven their effects. 1. Hans Von Euler - Nobel Laureate Chemistry 1929 2. Brian David Josephson - Nobel Laureate Physics 1973 3. Luc Montagnier - Nobel Laureate Physiology & Medicine 2009
Edwin Dias
Edwin Dias - преди 3 дни
Homeopathy worked for me , when I was suffering from Variocel. No alopathic medicine and their antibiotics could cure me.
WTFBOOMDOOM - преди 6 часа
Your immune system worked for you.
Antonio Ávila
Antonio Ávila - преди 4 дни
SuuGaming - преди 5 дни
I just got don't hug me I'm scared ptsd
River Towner
River Towner - преди 5 дни
Psycological Healing...Palcebo Effect!! :))
Lincoln LaValle
Lincoln LaValle - преди 5 дни
7:12 Wagwan Piff Ting
Lincoln LaValle
Lincoln LaValle - преди 5 дни
For all we know, the homeopathic remedies could be cyanide pills because the FDA doesn't regulate these things and allows lying on the lables.
Param - преди 6 дни
Like James Randi says: "there was a guy who got overdose of Homoeopathic medicine. He forgot to take the drug" :D
Daniel Cabrera
Daniel Cabrera - преди 6 дни
My cat got better with homeopathy so.... how do you explain placebo effect there?
Silent33091 - преди 4 дни
@Daniel Cabrera That's what you gave your cat.
Daniel Cabrera
Daniel Cabrera - преди 4 дни
@Silent33091 sure because renal failure is cured like that. Roflmao.
Silent33091 - преди 4 дни
I guess all your cat needed was a few drops of water, or some sugar.
ysa :P
ysa :P - преди 7 дни
velvetolio - преди 7 дни
This is so strange. Every other year I develop tonsillitis. When I was little I had it every year and it always was severe. Now when I'm an adult, whenever I started feeling it coming, I would buy dozens of all kinds of non homeopathic medicine and only some had little affect, most of the time nothing. On few occasions I had tonsillitis that lasted weeks and I had to turn to antibiotics. Few years ago the pharmacist offered me these new homeopathic pills to treat tonsillitis. I heard about homeopathy before, but not enough to have my own opinion. I didn't look at it as good or bad, and didn't expected any kind of results. I just gave it a try like so many other medicines before. And just in one day or so, my tonsillitis was completely gone. Completely. Next year I had tonsillitis again and again I took the pills - boom! gone in overnight. This year I had it again, and again the pills worked. Why? Why so many others that I took before throughout my life had basically no effect, but suddenly these homeopathic ones work. Placebo? It's crazy.
Markus Kleber
Markus Kleber - преди 9 дни
But there is one thing I can not understand. How got this whole idea in the market? How got people convinced that it would work?
Silent33091 - преди 4 дни
Samuel Hahnemann
Tabish Rahman
Tabish Rahman - преди 9 дни
Raptor CC
Raptor CC - преди 10 дни
Bruh using homeopathy pills in a maracas to take care of a baby.
The Patayer
The Patayer - преди 10 дни
Putting out fire with fire 0:35
Kannan Ravinther
Kannan Ravinther - преди 10 дни
Homeopathy is good as it shows care to diseased ppl but it is wrong when it is
taken as a substitute for proven treatment which is modern medicine..
Paaasto - преди 10 дни
As a med student I really thank you guys for opening up the conversation about alternative medicine and taking down some miths. Our western medicine has proven to be really effective treating deseases but not that much at answering people's concerns abouth their health. And that's when Alternative medicine enters the game, they give people the calm and the security they need in order to keep going, in those kind of sistems people feel embraced they feel like they're important, like others care about what's going on with them.
We're failing at providing a full and integral treatment to those people, that's why other forms of medicine are so important because they cover up the blank spaces we leave. Of course, if you suffer an horrible accident and end up with several bleedings you'll go to an hospital but if you just need to cure a stressfull headache who says reiki is a bad idea?
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins - преди 10 дни
So homeopathy is a comfort and psychological health aid, while science and medicine can help with physical health.
Jeremy W. Norwood
Jeremy W. Norwood - преди 9 дни
I don't think it is actually going to help their minds though... They are still going to be imbiciles, that BS water isn't going to cure that... LoL.
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford - преди 11 дни
Did you hear about the person who overdosed on their homeopathic medicine? They forgot to take their pills.
HadleyWK Fozzie
HadleyWK Fozzie - преди 12 дни
Don’t hug me I’m scared
Alice Angl
Alice Angl - преди 12 дни
That clock...
Michael McCorquodale
Michael McCorquodale - преди 13 дни
"Placebo effect is real." No kidding, American ER: 3hrs waiting, +6hrs until seeing a physician, +6 more until blood work returns, +6 more until any diagnosis, +10 or more until discharge or admittance. Might as well just stay home and fool yourself with sugar water. That's the value proposition of homeopathy, which is sad.
n - преди 13 дни
Ima sell tap water and say it's 1000c cancer treatment
The_Admiral - преди 13 дни
Cocaine :D
Sahte ad SAHTE SOYAD - преди 10 дни
Bibiana Carmen
Bibiana Carmen - преди 14 дни
Homeopathy is full of sugary balls like a chocolate 🍫 nothing else waste sugar balls Don’t trust homeopathy
steve ng
steve ng - преди 14 дни
Is called the placibo...

Rick : *I DON'T CARE*
Proceeds to warn morty about it
Jiraiya - преди 14 дни
I prefer Placebo effect over side effects lol
Miguel Angel Hernández Solís
Miguel Angel Hernández Solís - преди 2 дни
@Starco 2312 if the patient is hypochondriac the placebo is a good option
Starco 2312
Starco 2312 - преди 2 дни
@Miguel Angel Hernández Solís i get it if you dont have medicine or cant access it, but what about in a modern country where you can easily get an actual medicine
Miguel Angel Hernández Solís
Miguel Angel Hernández Solís - преди 2 дни
@Starco 2312 because the pacientes is hipocondriac, you don't have medicine (war for example), etc
Starco 2312
Starco 2312 - преди 2 дни
@Miguel Angel Hernández Solís okay but why not just use actual medicine
Miguel Angel Hernández Solís
Miguel Angel Hernández Solís - преди 2 дни
@Starco 2312 a placebo still can work even if you know is a placebo
Tobias Serben
Tobias Serben - преди 14 дни
5:51 Don’t hug me i’m scared??
Alok Singh Rawat
Alok Singh Rawat - преди 15 дни
I am on a homeopathy medication. Thanks for shattering the placebo bubble.
G M P - преди 15 дни
Open Homeopathy store. Sell water. STONKS.
brandon miner
brandon miner - преди 15 дни
plot twist. Sugar water *DOES* cure cancer
Gaudium Felidae
Gaudium Felidae - преди 15 дни
5:39 is that the clock from don't hug me i'm scared?
Cyrosius - преди 15 дни
0:40 nice easter egg In. The house
GADGET Singh - преди 16 дни
I dont know much science but i hv seen a old homeopathic dr did cure my relative mouth cancer due to tobbaco use........... Believe it Or not but homeopathic has some science. I'm myself don't want to spread a lie but thats wat I hv seen
Starco 2312
Starco 2312 - преди 2 дни
Anecdotal evidence isn't that good
Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh - преди 16 дни
if faith can move mountains then why can't sugar water cure cancer..
faith is bigger than all the medicines put together
kimik1509 - преди 8 дни
"Faith can move mountains" isn't a literal statement. Of course a mountain won't start moving regardless of how hard you believe it should. What it means is if you believe in what you do, you can achieve anything.
The Russian Smurf
The Russian Smurf - преди 16 дни
What if homeopathy doesn't work bc we dont respect the rules its inventor dictated
Illuminati - преди 16 дни
When you see your language..

Silent33091 - преди 4 дни
@Illuminati Magyarországban árulják-e ezt a szart?
Illuminati - преди 16 дни
@Dragon Ritterstein Yes, I meant that they translate to other languages, and I saw my language in the outro. Thanks for the reply.
Dragon Ritterstein
Dragon Ritterstein - преди 16 дни
Illuminati Kurzgesagt is a German Word. This Language is not German.
CCR - преди 16 дни
There has been a couple of homeopathic salts that have and continue to work very well for me.
Lewis Wallin
Lewis Wallin - преди 8 дни
If placebo works for you then that's great, genuinely. Just remember to seek out professional medical help when you fall severely ill, placebo can only do so much.
bloodlinehunter - преди 16 дни
3:39 guy came in for a headache
colinmoriarty - преди 17 дни
Homeopathy is basically “have a glass of water”
DEMON XD - преди 17 дни
Me: **casually plays terraria**
**finds “sugar” item**
huh!? What’s this **looks recipe (craft along with water bottle)**
**obtains “literal sugar water”**
Also me: what’s this **misclicks**
Me yet gain: ... I’m sooooo very dead right now...
*[DEMON XD was slain...]*
Homoeopathy Rocks
Homoeopathy Rocks - преди 17 дни
This is very poor on medical side that medical professionals are pulling each others legs instead of holding hands together.
I am a Homoeopathic doctor and I had seen effective results in my cases.
Moreover,I had received all vaccinations in my childhood still I suffered from measles twice so do not criticize any medical science this way.Every science has its scopes and limitations.
Widen your horizon.
And by the way modern medicine pharma is far bigger than homeo pharma which is the reason they are creating misbelief and rumours for homoeopathic science and not allowing the science to spread.
Last thing,it's better to have placebo effect than to deteriote the health taking ruthlessly prescribed high dose antibiotics and suffering from its threatening side effects.
Dare to be wise.
Homoeopathy Rocks
Homoeopathy Rocks - преди 4 дни
@Silent33091 sorry but I dnt have comparative perspective and I know my limitations too..so I dnt put myself in place of MD what u perceived wrongly. I respect even a nurse.Better you try to respect Homoeopathic doctors.Thank you
Homoeopathy Rocks
Homoeopathy Rocks - преди 4 дни
@Silent33091 on a personal note ,2 months is a very short period you told.Because of thinkers like you,we have far more critical cases fed up by abuse of anti depressant pills or so...I would request you to just grow up and do not point out on someone's degree or training only to prove yourself higher. Thank you for responding.Get well soon.
Homoeopathy Rocks
Homoeopathy Rocks - преди 4 дни
@Silent33091 first of all calm yourself.U need help.dnt use these abusive words atleast not in this field.And I had never abused any field for your kind information nor I had blamed MD's for any reason. I am sorry if you could not understand the thing...being a medical professional no one should pull each others legs just on selfish side. And lastly let people decide what is wrong and right for them.all people are not dumb.If they will get the effect(which u will never understand at microscopic level)they will opt for homoeopathy otherwise not. I wish you all the best. You keep serving the patients with antibiotics and allow us to serve with our principles.
Silent33091 - преди 4 дни
"Homoeopathic doctor" did you spend at least 2 months at that diploma mill or did you just do it online? Don't try to put yourself on the same level as real MD's. The misbelief in homeopathy is due to there being no biochemical process by which it could work, no peer reviewed scientific studies published in relevant journals supporting it etc. When you reached the point of being prescribed a high dose of antibiotics you better take that shit because not taking it could result in you dying which is far worse than any potential side effect. "Dare to be wise." More like dare to be dumb you fucking huckster.
Abdul Qayyum
Abdul Qayyum - преди 18 дни
U r not conversant with homeopathy.need to study.
Klaas Vaak
Klaas Vaak - преди 19 дни
thanks for this video, as a researcher it is important to listen to things that sound unscientific, alot of things where uncientific at first and only proven true later. Listening doesn't mean believing but new knowledge should always be obtained not just cementing the older things. but honestly homeopathy i can't even, it is just too hard, i'll just try to not laugh straight in someones face out of respect for different opinions. wait but if people spend money on not working homeopathy then their money can't be spend on developing real medicine that could save future diseases.
Docile Soap
Docile Soap - преди 19 дни
My aunt had skin problem for years..... But after using homeopathy and yoga she is almost cured..... Sure it several months......for me doing yoga everyday for 20 min is nothing less a miracle..... It helps me stay focussed.....
ScrotNimation - преди 19 дни
I just thought of a joke of homeopathy so please don’t get mad:
Is homeopathy is a cure for psychopath and sociopaths?
Dragon Ritterstein
Dragon Ritterstein - преди 16 дни
Psychopathy and Sociopathy can‘t be cured. You can teach them to not Murder People but you can‘t do more than that.
akhil raj
akhil raj - преди 19 дни
According to a homeopath if you drink a bottle of alcohol you won't get booze...but if you dilute 10 or 100 or 1000 time of it to water use will get booze...what a nonsense.....\b
Marian R.02
Marian R.02 - преди 19 дни
It is basically just a myth.
Anees Ahmad
Anees Ahmad - преди 20 дни
Nice Work
Please add Subtitles