7 Recipes You Can Make In 5 Minutes

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Chocolatte • Cupckae
Chocolatte • Cupckae - преди 18 часа
Tbh that Mac n Cheese looked good-
Um m
Um m - преди 19 часа
So sad I don’t have the right ingredients plus I only know how to make eggs :/
TGW Studios
TGW Studios - преди ден
Ingredients unspecified, I used my foreskin instead.
Noel Truong
Noel Truong - преди ден
Bruh it takes me 5 minutes just to find these ingredients
roy kueny
roy kueny - преди ден
Yeah I just got a rotisserie chicken and pico de Gallo lying around
Sparky - преди ден
Five minutes crafts: *are you sure about that*
Aisha - преди 2 дни
all I have are sauces and ketchup in my fridge -.-
Albanian ROBLOX
Albanian ROBLOX - преди 2 дни
Im starving while watching this
Trinayana Kaushik
Trinayana Kaushik - преди 3 дни
Tasty obviously can make these recipes in 5 mins because they have all ingredients ready because that's what they do all the time... Cooking
Unfortunately at my home I don't already have shredded chicken or cut vegetables/fruits. I will have to do that and that's what takes the time.
-Iheart Candy-
-Iheart Candy- - преди 3 дни
FACK SO FACK when I put the water in the microwave it over flowed
Majestic Frog
Majestic Frog - преди 3 дни
Imagine throwing a single mozzarella stick into frying oil cause you're hungry at 3am
Deborah Elliott
Deborah Elliott - преди 4 дни
Ok, well, I know now I have a good stocked cupboard! I have EVERY ingredient to make stuff like this and more. THRIVE LIFE foods are so darn convenient now. I can even make other stuff with it, like SPAGHETTI and MEAT SAUCE! Its amazing what little noodles do for you once you watch this video. In fact, Its time for that breakfast mug of an omlet. Thanks for this video!
ibrahim pirzada
ibrahim pirzada - преди 5 дни
Ana TOssas
Ana TOssas - преди 5 дни
imagine eating that much radiation 😂😂
Ice cream
Ice cream - преди 6 дни
Should I tell you the definition of good food

More cheese in everything(savory)
More nutella or chocolate in everything(sweet)
Ice cream
Ice cream - преди 6 дни
Trust me,

The mac & cheese is

TheRealZipy - преди 2 дни
What Wattage did u use
Mary Baker
Mary Baker - преди 6 дни
I love how they put the same videos in a different order time and time again instead of actually making something new
I mean I don’t want to be rude or anything but I always click these hoping for something new and they are all things I’ve seen in other tasty videos
Pochemy By I Net
Pochemy By I Net - преди 6 дни
Ez recipes
Taylor’s Bloxburg Builds
Taylor’s Bloxburg Builds - преди 6 дни
Me: doesn’t own any of the ingredients
Alex Barragan
Alex Barragan - преди 7 дни
Yo this song is 🔥
Arie J
Arie J - преди 7 дни
0:46 I am definitely going to have a boiling bowl of grease sitting there
Todo Duck
Todo Duck - преди 7 дни
The Mac n cheese is actually low key good
Ghost Mayor
Ghost Mayor - преди 8 дни
Here’s the thing I don’t have ingredients or food or money😆
Angelique Vilardi
Angelique Vilardi - преди 8 дни
I cbf making anything 😭
Ivan - преди 8 дни
Why the fuck do Americans have to put cheese on every fucking thing? No wonder all of you are on mobility scooters.
abd alrafi3 gamer
abd alrafi3 gamer - преди 8 дни
I'm allergic to cheese 😞😔
Tasnia Ahmed
Tasnia Ahmed - преди 9 дни
Loving it.
Aanchal Kumar
Aanchal Kumar - преди 9 дни
I wonder how many people actually try to cook any of these
Oso Babso
Oso Babso - преди 9 дни
yall cappin
my noodles came out hard asf smh.....
dumb bitch
dumb bitch - преди 9 дни
heres an even quicker recipe:

Hulabaloom - преди 5 часа
...so true
Mario - преди 9 дни
I might try the mac and cheese one, it looks delicious
Suspension GameZ
Suspension GameZ - преди 10 дни
Yumm tryed the Mac and cheese one thank you for getting water all over my microwave and getting pasta stuck to my cup really awsome!
OreoPigger21 - преди 10 дни
New five minutes craft I'm guessing
Dakota Merrill
Dakota Merrill - преди 10 дни
Unless you like harder mac n cheese i reccomend not doing this -_- unless you want to just take forever out of your time and basically make it the same way when you boil water...
Frog Delicious Gamer
Frog Delicious Gamer - преди 10 дни
Most of them aren't that healthy.. :/
superman3825 - преди 12 дни
Recipes you can make in 5 Minutes:
Butter and bread
April Flowers
April Flowers - преди 12 дни
The feeling when you have almost none of the ingredients
Dani Dobbs
Dani Dobbs - преди 12 дни
But what if I don't have a microwave which I DON'T!
Tommi Kiljunen
Tommi Kiljunen - преди 12 дни
do u expect me to have all of these things at home..?

would be faster to just buy food from store
jm jm
jm jm - преди 13 дни
I tried the mug mac n cheese one and it took 10 minutes for the pasta to cook. It also flooded my microwave even tho I used a very tall mug. The cheese clumped together in one big melted lump.... awful....
Doggy - преди 13 дни
Doesn't the water spill from the cup when microwaved?
lemon li
lemon li - преди 14 дни
i don't own a microwave tho :(
the0master200 - преди 14 дни
I never liked microwaved eggs.
They feel weird. The texture is rubbish and feels like an artificial food.
Tremayne Jeffers
Tremayne Jeffers - преди 14 дни
i tried the cheesecake one and melted a container in the microwave...
Naomi Price
Naomi Price - преди 12 дни
Tremayne Jeffers
Tremayne Jeffers - преди 12 дни
Naomi Price IK THAT NOW 😂💀
Naomi Price
Naomi Price - преди 12 дни
Well, you're not supposed to use plastic... it's a ramekin...
Bullet with Nukes
Bullet with Nukes - преди 14 дни
How kitchen nightmare is made
chris bond
chris bond - преди 14 дни
How many of you feared for your heart, and felt hugely obese after watching this engorgement of grease and fat??
LixorMC 12
LixorMC 12 - преди 15 дни
Roses are red violets are blue how long did it take to click bait you
LixorMC 12
LixorMC 12 - преди 15 дни
My MaCaRoNi FiZzED uP
DARPAN ANEJA - преди 15 дни
CreamChan Gt
CreamChan Gt - преди 15 дни
I Have All The Ingredients
But i didn't have Microwave
Jan Gryta
Jan Gryta - преди 15 дни
Of course I have ready chicken strips in my fridge
Like everyone I think
Jack YYZ Planes
Jack YYZ Planes - преди 15 дни
That mac & cheese recipe at the beginning doesn’t work AT ALL! Just made an utter mess everywhere.
jared hagen
jared hagen - преди 15 дни
sooooo gooood
Natalie Angeles
Natalie Angeles - преди 16 дни
They didn’t even show the mozzarella sticks ingredients like what was that
Naomi Price
Naomi Price - преди 12 дни
That's the covering for spring rolls and egg rolls.
Bullet with Nukes
Bullet with Nukes - преди 14 дни
I think it is marinara
No U
No U - преди 17 дни
I don’t got the ingredients, who the hell else gonna go to the supermarket after watching this?
Bernice Scott
Bernice Scott - преди 18 дни
Mac and cheese was really good!
Ella April
Ella April - преди 18 дни
Rather than ingredients.. I don't even have the one thing i need the most.
A microwave.
MaxplaysMc Legend
MaxplaysMc Legend - преди 18 дни
Or you could just be like me and get some Doritos
Ali Butt
Ali Butt - преди 18 дни
i tried that pasta it is fake
Disco Rage
Disco Rage - преди 19 дни
Imma search up 'recipes for poor people' ....