i paid strangers to photoshop me "hotter"

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i posted a poll about doing this on Instagram and thousands of you voted yes. so here we are. today i am paying people on fiverr to photoshop me "hotter lol hope you enjoy x
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Jazmine Garcia
Jazmine Garcia - преди месец
for the love of heck why did i do this
G 59SESH - преди 11 дни
Jazmine Garcia right you’re already gorgeous
EseEedgar - преди 22 дни
Jazmine Garcia you’re already perfect.. don’t this again but it was fun to watch Haha
Karen Palmer
Karen Palmer - преди месец
Jazmine Garcia cause your crazy 😜 like that 😂
Susana Sunshine
Susana Sunshine - преди месец
Jazmine Garcia I don’t know. It’s super weird. Not interesting.
betoncoly - преди месец
Damn you looking good everyday. Wish I could get the chance just to have a conversation with you and be the reason why you smile.
mrshawn16 - преди 10 дни
You’re already hot...w/e
Kate Lesson
Kate Lesson - преди 12 дни
Chelsea Louise
Chelsea Louise - преди 14 дни
you know whats crazy? we all (well a lot of us) think we'll be a little hotter if we loose like ten pounds, but tbh you being thinner in these made absolutley no difference. like you're hot either way. that ten pounds doesnt even matter fr
Melissa Lopez
Melissa Lopez - преди 16 дни
Hmmm no captions?
daisy ruiz
daisy ruiz - преди 18 дни
Mameera18 - преди 18 дни
All body types exist this world. Don’t assume weather it’s natural or modified.
Justin Ryan
Justin Ryan - преди 18 дни
face and hair of the 5th mixed with the body of the 1st would be perfect 👌🏻
Only The Strong
Only The Strong - преди 19 дни
Ammber turned u into a white girl😬
Emiii Le
Emiii Le - преди 19 дни
i’m literally the only person in the planet that doesn’t know how to use facetune. lol
Hailey Link
Hailey Link - преди 21 ден
“tiny little twigs”... me... :/
Ing00reo RoPonto
Ing00reo RoPonto - преди 22 дни
Unnatural hips? That's everyone hips where I live 😭
123456 7890
123456 7890 - преди 10 дни
I don’t think she means the size so much as the shape. Very rare to have no distinction between the hip and thigh
dang0088 da
dang0088 da - преди 23 дни
I once dated a mexican girl she talk hell of a lot like you.
Bilma Bilma
Bilma Bilma - преди 27 дни
You look like olivia Munn Psylocke on the last photoshop pic.
Life Is Music
Life Is Music - преди 28 дни
How about putting the photos side by side on the screen?
abel gomez
abel gomez - преди месец
i was wearing my headphones and my ear drums started RINGING lmao. i love you but your room where you record needs some noise cancellation
abel gomez
abel gomez - преди месец
nvm it was my scarlette with the gain all the way up
Nurb 2Kea
Nurb 2Kea - преди месец
'Hotter' means to be hot in the first place...
Jazmine Garcia
Jazmine Garcia - преди месец
sizzle sizzle burn babe
Nikki Traver
Nikki Traver - преди месец
Probably really random but that coral color you’re wearing in the intro is gorgeous on you.
Jessica Gorash
Jessica Gorash - преди месец
Natalia Taylor did this!! These are interesting.
Arcelia Farias
Arcelia Farias - преди месец
this is so interesting because I liked the ones that you didn't like, and you liked the ones I didn't like LOL but yeah, the warping in the background was bad
MissFlorence - преди месец
VERY interesting... still found the original pic the best 👌🏾😊
Meagon Gabrielle
Meagon Gabrielle - преди месец
This was a super fun video lol
Sophie Cassell
Sophie Cassell - преди месец
interesting experiment, but the original photo is definitely the best
Frank navarrete
Frank navarrete - преди месец
Hustler get money
Clementine Wallis
Clementine Wallis - преди месец
Hips don’t naturally sit that way...... tell that to my genetics. Smh.
Ro - преди месец
This was fun.
Monique - преди месец
Should have submit a more zoomed in picture or different photos with various angles
Jazmine Garcia
Jazmine Garcia - преди месец
oooo good idea! but i didn’t want them to edit multiple. i thought one to compare would be good. will keep this in mind for next one!
Dena Rendall
Dena Rendall - преди месец
Your videos are so diverse and fun, YOU HAVE BEEN ONE OF MY FAVOURITE CHANNELS FOR YEARS!
Ari Malagon
Ari Malagon - преди месец
i love love the idea of this video! im obsessed with you!! 🥰
Maria Christina
Maria Christina - преди месец
You should have done a bkini picture!
Geekhead - преди месец
I was thinking at least one of these would refund you with a no changes possible response
Albert Morera
Albert Morera - преди месец
So we can all agree you should go purple
GCT10/31/1990 - преди месец
This is dangerous... Talk about destroying self confidence, worth and esteem... Ouch. Everyone your the perfect in this moment... Oh fuck it you all have Instagram with photo editors... Do you I guess
Jenni Liberty
Jenni Liberty - преди месец
Just do a face one. That would be interesting too.
bowtieboy805 - преди месец
Is it just me or wow!! You look more attractive each time you post a new video.
MadelRaddle - преди месец
YO the purple highlights actually look so cool!
C Fit
C Fit - преди месец
Love the last pic!! So cool!! And I thought the purple hair would look great on you if you ever did it instead of the blonde! Would look awesome on you!
GIOG - преди месец
Dude your already hotter
Anthony Proffitt
Anthony Proffitt - преди месец
Wow they don’t like hips a
Nd thighs over in South Asia. That sucks. Natural is the best by far.
MsAnya26 - преди месец
Very interesting!!
AdrianaJSC11 - преди месец
This is so fun! Would love to see one with transformations and different countries
IntrinsicSuave - преди месец
Victor Galvan
Victor Galvan - преди месец
You are gorgeous already girl! Self love is the best love!
Aloha Adri
Aloha Adri - преди месец
This was SO much fun to watch...and I would definitely watch another one...interesting to see what other people consider as “hot”
Sally Gee
Sally Gee - преди месец
Keep the original Picture👍. Love the hanging plant in the background
Reena Varghese
Reena Varghese - преди месец
Pakistan and India are not the same
Sunethra - преди месец
That is obvious? Lol...even though they are not the same the standard of beauty is very very similar.
no0dles130 - преди месец
underwear haul. They bring in views
Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez - преди месец
Lol @ you saying natural hips don’t sit that way. Uhh hmmm mine do naturally🙋🏻‍♀️ I feel attacked 😫
Alexa - преди месец
Natalia taylor started this!!
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez - преди месец
If I was one of the photoshop people i would’ve sent the original photo back 💀
Sunshinegirl - преди месец
I liked your original photo was the best one!
Seol Lee
Seol Lee - преди месец
Honestly you look the best in the original photo.
Juliana Yepez
Juliana Yepez - преди месец
This whole video was pointless in my opinion this was basically just for u to boost up ur own ego and shit and it’s just so stupid.
Jazmine Garcia
Jazmine Garcia - преди месец
LOL fuck wait if that was really the reason then ok fuck ya jaz GO OFF
pedrambayat700 - преди месец
Will you dye your hair purple like in the last picture? That was stunning! You look amazing no matter what :) that was a fun video
Victoria Morales
Victoria Morales - преди месец
sorry Jazmine, must be at peak hotness 🤷🏻‍♀️😁
Natalia Schulz
Natalia Schulz - преди месец
Where is your black tee from? Love it!!
Shyan Atkins
Shyan Atkins - преди месец
This was interesting to watch. You look way better than all of these edits though! Where did you get that hanger in the back that your plant is hanging from?!
kyra williams
kyra williams - преди месец
You’re being *reeeeeeally* generous with the ratings. 🥴
Jazmine Garcia
Jazmine Garcia - преди месец
LOL ehhh they didn’t do terrible!
Jay Lee
Jay Lee - преди месец
Do it again and have them transform you into something out of this world.
Ben Levine
Ben Levine - преди месец
Personally i dont agree with some of there ideas of beauty.