Jennifer Lopez "Medicine" ft. French Montana (Official Music Video)

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WyWfArU Games Channel
WyWfArU Games Channel - преди час
If you love jlo 2:31 for u
WyWfArU Games Channel
WyWfArU Games Channel - преди час
It's cool
Kezaa - преди час
Tsetsi - преди час
Nice crotch shot in the beginning
Romeo Baz
Romeo Baz - преди 2 часа
This really shit
Victoria Karry
Victoria Karry - преди 2 часа
Jlo awesome, but misic reminds Thrift Shop (2012)
it's out of date
Kortez Kor
Kortez Kor - преди 2 часа
That beat is 🔥
vettebecker1 - преди 2 часа
Jenny from the block!!!!
حیات جان
حیات جان - преди 2 часа
For the ppl that are reading i hope you lose and have a disgusting life💩💩💩
DIY Darrling
DIY Darrling - преди 3 часа
yaaaaaasss!!!!!!🙌🙌 i need tickets!!!!
Tatinitor Terminitor
Tatinitor Terminitor - преди 4 часа
Hamza El-jamiy
Hamza El-jamiy - преди 4 часа
Georgina Blackwell
Georgina Blackwell - преди 4 часа
Whimsical Marshmellow
Whimsical Marshmellow - преди 4 часа
Is she actually singing or is she just singing over someone else's voice and heavily auto tuned. We all know Jlo is a actor and not a singer. We should all thank Ashanti, Christian Milian, Sia and some other nameless souls that sing her songs. The best illusion the music industry gave us was that Jlo can sing.
Yusmary Rojas
Yusmary Rojas - преди 5 часа
hermosa 😚😉
RGM Spain
RGM Spain - преди 5 часа
This song is very 2014
Bria Dunbar
Bria Dunbar - преди 5 часа
mc star
mc star - преди 5 часа
When theres a pop star with a longer ponytail than ariana grande's one😂😂😂
Daniel Zimmerman
Daniel Zimmerman - преди 6 часа
Jennifer Lopez my dream girl 😍
F Aminpoor
F Aminpoor - преди 6 часа
This song is copy from Tohi song estabonita
Ozan Demirkaya
Ozan Demirkaya - преди 6 часа
#lovewins ❤️
Sebastian Vînătoru
Sebastian Vînătoru - преди 7 часа
Thr production design ia incredible
Tacita Morgan
Tacita Morgan - преди 9 часа
Tacita Morgan
Tacita Morgan - преди 9 часа
Annastasha Reid
Annastasha Reid - преди 9 часа
Hey girls!! I've done a try on haul video reviewing the entire jlo inspired pretty little thing collection. Click the link below to see the fit and quality of the collection
purzanes mendoza
purzanes mendoza - преди 9 часа
Bruk Z
Bruk Z - преди 9 часа
I think of both jlo and my school chemistry teacher ( she's also 50 ) and be amazed they are the same species
Alec Vo
Alec Vo - преди 10 часа
Có ai thấy cái áo đen chị đẹp mặc giống áo dài việt nam cách tân k 🤤🤤🤤
El Bright
El Bright - преди 10 часа
Enough is Enough
Enough is Enough - преди 11 часа
Before anyone else decides to invest in any more of J.Lo's corrupt music please watch this video exposing her decades-long corrupt music career:
-inFARno -
-inFARno - - преди 11 часа
ALEKSEI - преди 11 часа
Mason video.
AMIGO Music - преди 12 часа
New ❤❤
Luis Angèl
Luis Angèl - преди 13 часа
Well this fell off the face of the earth real quick 😂
Salma Khalid
Salma Khalid - преди 6 часа
Even with the no knickers 🙈🙉🙊
A Ariana Grande Fan
A Ariana Grande Fan - преди 13 часа
WOLF MAN - преди 14 часа
My favorite jlo
Debora Spence
Debora Spence - преди 14 часа
Love it ❤️
xXMr.e doodXx
xXMr.e doodXx - преди 15 часа
Reminds me of madonna in her cowgirl "I'm still sexy"outfit. Same exact cry for help lol
Just Me
Just Me - преди 17 часа
Best song yet
Yancah Maturska
Yancah Maturska - преди 18 часа
Zaahir Sun
Zaahir Sun - преди 18 часа
Please add us to your playlist !!! New music #ARTPHORUM
Erin Ava
Erin Ava - преди 19 часа
gorka Adkin
gorka Adkin - преди 19 часа
I love this song, this is good music.
juan camilo osorio sanchez
juan camilo osorio sanchez - преди 19 часа
eres la mejor nunca dejes de soñar
Colzie Tucker
Colzie Tucker - преди 20 часа
This sounds exactly like, Amerie “1 thing”
Gaby Y
Gaby Y - преди 20 часа
J.lo ya no es la misma lastima pudo hacer una coreografía muy explosiva con ese ritmo pero prefirió limitarse a mostrar su cuerpo te amaba J.LO ahora ya no 😢
Noski Badnews
Noski Badnews - преди 21 час
J lo sex tape
Roxana Yanns
Roxana Yanns - преди 21 час
Me encanta esta canción 😍😍 es tannn pegajosa!! Y el sonido es ufff! BRUTAL 😎👌👏👏👏
The Sounds
The Sounds - преди 21 час
Always some devil worshiping in the industry
lady khaleesi
lady khaleesi - преди 21 час
Siempre canta igual... a mi nunca me ha gustado jennifer lopez como canta
Forcer - преди 22 часа
What is the name of the move montana do on 3:16?
Virgo Melody
Virgo Melody - преди 23 часа
Here all the way for this.. I could be a lot, don't say I never warned ya.. 😍 Love jlo.....
Ahmed Abdirahman
Ahmed Abdirahman - преди 23 часа
Kim has left the chat 😂😁😁
alessandra cisneros
alessandra cisneros - преди 23 часа
El Jvic cisneros
El Jvic cisneros - преди 23 часа
بشرة خير
بشرة خير - преди ден
The best😍😍😍😍😍😍
gayfabulous69 - преди ден
I don't know her.
Miriam Hernandez
Miriam Hernandez - преди ден
I would have to say she’s got it all.
Brian Alexis Ivanoff Stoinovsky
Brian Alexis Ivanoff Stoinovsky - преди ден
Debes hacer los videos mas cortos JLo que rara mania la de JLo de hacer videos musicales largos. JLo hace videos mas cortos de menos de 3 minutos de duracion por favor
Saygın Ateş
Saygın Ateş - преди ден
I did not keep strarring at her boobs.Lol.
rabia Urooj
rabia Urooj - преди ден
sick lyrics😷👊... funny 😇
Rose Rose
Rose Rose - преди ден
Восхищаюсь этой женщиной красавица прекрасная танцовщица.
avifalco - преди ден
I didn't think the song would do well because ageism..but why hasn't this video have at least 40 50 million views by now....her views are so low....I still think she should have had a dance break
lucy heartufullia
lucy heartufullia - преди ден
Queen snapped so hard
lucy heartufullia
lucy heartufullia - преди ден
I- i'm the one who's 50 ok
lucy heartufullia
lucy heartufullia - преди ден
Frensh Montana is literally that legend who only works with legends.
Noura Ahmd
Noura Ahmd - преди ден
color ring
color ring - преди ден
Rachel Conradie
Rachel Conradie - преди ден
Love the bass man.Love this track
Jalil Bouhentals
Jalil Bouhentals - преди ден
L P - преди ден
*All talking how cool she looks,none about if she can or not sing*
Renan Cardoso
Renan Cardoso - преди ден
I love 🤩😍
Antonio Encarnacion
Antonio Encarnacion - преди ден
💟💟💟Off the Hook 💟💟💟
Rain Dance
Rain Dance - преди ден one has addressed the Illuminati symbolism.
Rain Dance
Rain Dance - преди ден
When Amarie meets Macklemore
Angela - преди ден
Jeferson Sousa
Jeferson Sousa - преди ден
Medicina só da Anitta!
Raviraj Singh
Raviraj Singh - преди ден
Bhagwate Vasudevaya Namo Vasudeva Kutumbakam.... Really like you
Fradish Mirza
Fradish Mirza - преди ден
Any one to India
kwstas d
kwstas d - преди ден
This song is soooo addictive!! listening right now to the gym
adrian patani
adrian patani - преди ден
jlo's smokey hotness is for eternity!
Sefikar K.S
Sefikar K.S - преди ден
koko bang
koko bang - преди ден
An unfading goddess. Always wanted.
VlaKuk - преди ден
I'd like to check on her personally, too.
KC Monroe93
KC Monroe93 - преди ден
Fake ass Cardi
Youtube Username 2019
Youtube Username 2019 - преди ден
I wonder if this song is stolen from another artist again..
Marilyn Beedie
Marilyn Beedie - преди ден
I also love I aint your MAMA by J LO...
Marilyn Beedie
Marilyn Beedie - преди ден
I feel ya J LO !!!! Love this SONG !!! WOW !!
Marcia Pze
Marcia Pze - преди ден
OMG! I LOVE YOU JLO!! Such an inspiration!!
Милана TV
Милана TV - преди ден
I love you ❤️
Norbert T21
Norbert T21 - преди ден
Copied from this romanian Song
Jared Robinson
Jared Robinson - преди ден
Does she say the N word at 1:14
Lin - преди ден
Sia !!! No face no video make me all the year hear it with out annoying...these type of song just is good to look video once then is nothing
Adnan A
Adnan A - преди ден
Now do one in all black
Carlos Herrera
Carlos Herrera - преди ден
Me suena a plagio del tema de Madonna 5 minutes!!😂😂
Jenifer Lopez
Jenifer Lopez - преди ден
Thank you for your love guy's..
Catherine Penza
Catherine Penza - преди ден
Love this song, but French’s verse just ruins it for me.
Devon da Critic
Devon da Critic - преди ден
I have to give this 🌟🌟🌟's
Liked the video, but wish it would've matched the song lyrics more instead of so much styling. I think she can produce better vocals that show her range as a singer. It wasn't bad, I just would like to see more growth from her being in the game as long as she has. I liked it, I just didn't love it.
kcire coria
kcire coria - преди ден
Quise evitar Comparar , pero me es imposible pues hay demasiada similitud con esta canción coreana.
Camilus Smith
Camilus Smith - преди ден
Truth be told this song is 100% pure garbage what's up with that old lady bodybuilder f****** gross.
Dulce Mendoza
Dulce Mendoza - преди ден
Always remember
This is a 40 yr old
That has more flawless skin then me
Cara McKenzie
Cara McKenzie - преди ден
Dulce Mendoza only she is 50 in July
K Y - преди ден
I was sick a while ago, after listening to this song. I have been healed 😌
#medicine #hitsong