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How to draw faces and dresses like a pro? How to create awesome optical illusions and satisfying patterns to relax? You'll know awesome drawing tricks to draw with pencil and other school supply. How to create pictures at class to kill boredom or just to relax:)
If you love drawing and you are not an artist, try our simple tips for beginners. Drawing exercises have a lot of benefits like relaxation. Stress is the inevitable part of our life and a lot of things can cause stress: hard-working, stress in office or family problems. If you feel exhausted and depressed, try to draw anything to relax. Art therapy helps to balance your emotions and forget about everyday problems👌
You may start drawing right now! Our video is full of easy tips for beginners that will help you spend time with fun. Our drawing techniques will impress you for sure!
I'm going to demonstrate the simplest and most creative way to draw roses, fishes, people, a dress. You can learn the easiest drawing technique - doodling and zentangle art. If you love doodling try to draw simple kinds of ornaments to relax. Zentangle as a type of art therapy consists of a series of repetitive strokes - straight lines, curves, and dots drawn on a small square of paper. Besides, all the ideas you will find in the video will encourage your creativity.
Moreover, you will find easy tutorials on how to draw different parts of the human body: nose, eyes, brows, hair, lips, hands. Check out our instructions on how to draw an eye👀: start with drawing an almond shape, after that add shading around the eye and add eyeliner. Draw eyelashes and remember that they should have a different length. Shade inner corners of the eye and enhance the realism effect by adding shades and make it look sparkly.
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00:10 Drawing life hacks with pencil
00:30 How to draw faces for beginners
01:00 Faces drawing to create nice pictures 😊
02:10 How to draw dresses to become a fashion designer
05:05 Draw perspective and geometric shapes with optical illusions
06:00 How to draw patterns and ornaments to relax, satisfying drawing
13:00 Drawing for kids
13:30 How to draw with kids
14:00 Teach kids to draw
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5 minute recipes: "37 recipes to make you an artist"
The video: **shows no recipes just drawing**
*Something is wrong I can feel it*
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So cute😀
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My after is your before...😂😂😂
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Children vs. Adults
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I’m trying to draw the dress but I cants I mean I did at school but now I cant so this can’t really help me but no hate 😭
I don't even know man
I don't even know man - преди ден
Yeah...sorry my dude. If you are trying to be better at art and actually become an artist, this video is not helpful at all. Watch some other BGzone videos made by real artists about anatomy and drawing clothing or just take a few art classes. Keep drawing stuff and never give up!
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When you do what they say, but still fail
(I mean i don't but i think some people do😂 and im not trying to be mean)
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these tips barely improve my art in fact it make my art 100000000000000000000000000000 times worse its just ugly if they do it it looks amazing but do know these are scripted