Iraq Explained -- ISIS, Syria and War

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The current crisis in Iraq explained in under 5 minutes.
There is war in Iraq? Again? And the US and Iran are talking about working together? And who is this ISIS Terrorist group that is all over the news? And Religion? Oh dear... When exactly has the world gone mad again?
It is not possible to explain a complicated topic like this without simplification. We are very aware that this video is not painting a full picture of the situation. But we hope that it may lay the foundation on which you can try to do your own research and understand how horribly Fu**ed up the whole situation is.
We did have to produce the video super fast -- thanks a lot to our friends Martin Wackerbauer and Magnus Schlüter for helping us out -- we would not have been able to make this video in time without you guys!
Kurzgesagt loves all people as long as they don't hurt others and don't hinder mankind on its quest to the stars. So it was very sad to read so much terrible stuff about the situation in Iraq. Hopefully it will get better.
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Iraq Explained -- ISIS, Syria and War.
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Russell Griffith
Russell Griffith - преди месец
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell do a ww3 scenario with the current situation happening between the US and Iran
IYAS - преди месец
the isis left iraq
Johnny Casteel
Johnny Casteel - преди месец
​@Al J you are also wrong, because Sunni and SHia actually got along just fine for centuries. When The united States invaded iraq, they inflated and enflamed the conflict between them.
عراقي تيوب ll IRAQI tube
عراقي تيوب ll IRAQI tube - преди месец
‏The report contains false information! The percentage of Sunnis in Iraq is 40% ؜ and the Shiites 60% other than the Kurdish Kurds are Muslims whose ethnicity is Kurdish but their sect is Sunni
Daniel Peter
Daniel Peter - преди месец
Armenia and Georgia aren't Muslims They are orthodox Christians,and most of Eritrea and Ethiopia are Coptic orthodox Christians (51%of Eritrea are Christians)
Zeenat Shirzai
Zeenat Shirzai - преди 8 часа
present war is for oil(resources)
and the future will be for water and rivers
Roberto Grigorov
Roberto Grigorov - преди 4 дни
i will ecxplain you USA just needed the oil ! nothing else now the oil in US is cheaper than every other country due to this terrorist act and the world is closing its eyes because now USA cotrols a big part of the oil industry !
Business Chicken
Business Chicken - преди 4 дни
Woah, the chart on the path of escalation to civil war looks A LOT like the past few months of Trump's presidency so far, starting back when he tried starting a war in the Middle East by commiting a war crime and having a top general of one of the main coutries that still hate us, assassinated. Somebody needs to stop Trump before he forces the existing state and federal officials he hasn't yet fired for opposing him in some way vote him back in office for a second time without the majority vote, because I can almost guarantee one of two things are going to happen immediately afterwards, if not both; but I can promise either a civil war of some sort (hopefully just a cold war before it's over) will be highly likely to start, or/and somebody somewhere is going to come up the resources to have him taken out of office permanently. Just a hunch based on history.
Please don't arrest me btw if you're reading this big bro. I'm just speculating.
Jay - преди 4 дни
I love OIL! And poppy seeds
NeverMoreX - преди 5 дни
why do I live in Iraq?
Gazelle L
Gazelle L - преди 6 дни
Shia majority 😂😂 Iraq has Sunni majority ignorant
lucas tabagari
lucas tabagari - преди 7 дни
Did you guys seriously include georgia and armenia as muslim countries???? What in the god damn universe made you think georgia and armenia are islamic countries?
Linh Nguyen
Linh Nguyen - преди 7 дни
And i thought you guy were honest people , good bye
Yahya Bilal Gülçin
Yahya Bilal Gülçin - преди 8 дни
Please make Your research better. These are just a kind of mask. Look carefully to suporters. Search the oil-dolar layout. What did Saddam and Kaddafi actually tried to do?
Cerise Jones
Cerise Jones - преди 8 дни
Oh yeah I forgot about Saddam wanting to stop trading in usd and switching over to the euro. So the American government toppled his regime.
TheAshr1 - преди 9 дни
US is the responsibl from the first place saddam has controlled iraq and bring back the arbic power that we know at history then US invade IRAQ from no reason and made iraq a war playground so iraq people start fighting for real fredom not the one of the US of course they became terrists I'm not talking about ISIS , ISIS came out after saddam
Amir nur
Amir nur - преди 9 дни
Restart opposition will answer all that ..
Just wait till we get our country back , magnificent changes coming , and 90% of all wars going to end . The Persia coming..
Muhamd Daas
Muhamd Daas - преди 10 дни
Shut up and teak my oil
Ismail Shah
Ismail Shah - преди 10 дни
Imam mahdi is the only one who can break the cycle
CryThePanda - преди 10 дни
We arent even fighting a winning losing war. We're invading another country because Americas government really wants their oil and just doesn't like the fact that they are a religion that doesn't bow down and worship a white American god. If I'm wrong please correct me. I wont care either way
Kamal Shanan
Kamal Shanan - преди 12 дни
Kurzgesagt:US and iran consider them working together....
WWIII:oh so you wan-
Us:i will
Iraq:so shut up
Furiosa - преди 13 дни
Mass weapon, killing his own people? Ok liar
Cineo - преди 14 дни
I hope you will publish a new video, covering the current situation. That would be great!
Zachary Gewin
Zachary Gewin - преди 14 дни
Please make an updated one on the same subject, I would like you hear you guys opinions
Jope DE
Jope DE - преди 15 дни
In Germany we have a very important term:
It's called "Powervacuum".
It occurs when a foreign power (america) tries a so called "regime change" (for example if the dictator isn't willing to work with the us). After the relatively stable dictator (For example Assad in Syria (a similar situation as Iraq)) is killed or weakened, the extreme forces (Isis, al-Qaida) raise because there is a powervacuum. No One rules and the rebels and fundamentalists raise, foreign powers interven and this brings horrible death and destruction. Greetings from Germany
Unintelligent Waylon
Unintelligent Waylon - преди 16 дни
dennis - преди 17 дни
Assad started a war against his own people? What?
I know this is nearly a 6 year old video, but for someone who got the reason for the Iraq conflict so pinpointed and accurate, you missed it completely on what is happening in Syria.
Kamal Shanan
Kamal Shanan - преди 18 дни
Iraq: *no you son of a bi-*
Usa:fck u
Iraq: ur greedy ur mam gay
Iraq: *le slapz*
Usa: cmon iran
Iran: k
Iran: nu man im allied with iraq
Usa: fck u and iraq
Iraq: *gets a gun*
Usa:......*gets iraqs oil*
Iraq: o sh*t gimme u bish
Usa: catch meh bruh
Iraq: *shots fire*
Usa:... this is my end bois
jieqiang luo
jieqiang luo - преди 18 дни
Gabriel Rennan
Gabriel Rennan - преди 19 дни
Nossa, vai muito tomar no cú, mano. Vídeo mentiroso do krl
Atlas Shrugged
Atlas Shrugged - преди 20 дни
Make a video on the story of entering the IRAQ, not the consequences afterwards.
Firas Abdelrazak
Firas Abdelrazak - преди 20 дни
Im an iraqi and.. Im sorry this may sounds sad but.. I loved that picture... I loved it so much it put me in tears.. I dream of this happens here one day
Isis is gone now there is no existence for it but.. There is much going on right now like.. The HUGE revolution the people did against the government which i thank allah for it cuz i dreamt of the day that my people would forget the dividing, segregation and seperation between them and hold in one hand against the super-corrupted government and it happened.. All we need now is peace... I admired that picture so much that it made me tear.. It may look silly to you.. But you dont know what it means to me.. To us.. The people in a land that have never seen ANY peaceful day..
I wish the revolution successes and we get a fine results after it
Love you kurz and all the kurz gang
Marianne Blouin-Caron
Marianne Blouin-Caron - преди 22 дни
Wow, I didn't expect this video to be this accurate on the situation and facts. Great video and very much on point.
bluebottle - преди 23 дни
>assad started the civil war
София Сойко
София Сойко - преди 24 дни
انا ارف سلام في كل علم في يلام我说一日unnuоопанизацияобеденнвйнациnacionesunidas
София Сойко
София Сойко - преди 24 дни
انا اتكلام في سلام في كل علم一六日unnuорпнизацияобеденныйнациnaco9nrsunidas
София Сойко
София Сойко - преди 24 дни
انا اتكلام في سلام في التكلام في سلام我说一日iccpiмеждунарлдныйсудоонcorteinternati9naldejusticia
RobloxianOfficial - преди 25 дни
Musa Abdur Rehman
Musa Abdur Rehman - преди 26 дни
Actually Islam has never taught to kill or suicide or take peoples territroies and isis is supported by america.
Howdy partner
Howdy partner - преди 24 дни
You are cowardly stupid Slave and dog of trump and USA Zionist and you only speak lies against Isis because you are coward afraid of speaking truth and being called extreme.
Howdy partner
Howdy partner - преди 24 дни
I will show how you lie about everything for no reason... no one said anything about these things but you choose to start speaking and embarrassing Muslims with your ignorance and dishonest lies. 1) Islam does allow killing... every Muslim scholar in world says killing and war is allowed in Islam and even OBLIGATORY upon Muslims many times. Quran says: “and Kill the non Muslim enemy of Muslim whenever you find them, kill them and chase them away from their land and kick them out of their homes just like the non Muslims did to Muslims. They plan against Muslims but Allan is the best planner and Muslims being oppressed is much worse than killing” I only show this one verse from Quran but I can show many many more and many many more Hadith and thousands of Islamic scholar speaking about this.. You never read Quran or study Islam but you speak about things you are ignorant of and you make non Muslims think all Muslims are stupid child like you... 2) Islam does not teach suicide, yes that’s true... nobody ever said Islam teaches suicide and ISIS does not say this either... However many Muslim scholars and Isis believe “suicide bombing” are ok in Islam when Muslims have no other choice and must do it to protect Muslims.. suicide means killing yourself because you are sad and do not want to live anymore. That’s not what Isis do... they are trying to bomb the enemy in battle but they also will die, even Hadith say this is ok.. and many Muslim scholar say this is ok if it’s done for military reason not depression. Muslim soldier have done this in many war. Are you saying Palestinian fighting Israel are not Muslim? Chechen are not Muslim? Bosnian not Muslim? You are a fool. 3) When did Isis steal territory from someone else? From who did they steal territory from? Isis only take territory that they live in and where the people support them... Isis only take back Sunni territory... Iraqi Shia army and Kurds are stealing from Isis and they need America to attack Isis to steal territory because the Muslims living in that land hate Iraqi Shia army and Kurdish criminal puppet of America. The Muslims in that land love Isis... 4) no Isis are not support by America secretly haha you believe such stupid nonsense.. When America invade Iraq. Isis was fighting American army for 10 years and killed 6,000 America solder and injured 50,000 and made USA army run away from Iraq... But the Shia puppet Iraqi government and Kurdish criminal actually helped America invade Iraq and kill Muslims and that’s why USA give them power in Iraq and they only kill Sunni Muslims... Iraqi government and Kurdish government are totally puppet of America and give America all oil and allow America to do anything but you lie and say Isis are supported by America even though Isis are group who fight back against USA army in Iraq? If USA support Isis. Why did Iraqi and Kurdish run away and cry and beg America to help them? You are a pathetic weak fool
Howdy partner
Howdy partner - преди 24 дни
Bro you are embarrassing Muslims...You are making Muslims look bad when you speak such nonsense, lies and childish stuff! You are ignorant about Islam & you are ignorant of The Islamic State (ISIS) but you don’t want to study and be smart when you speak about such complicated issues, so you only speak stupid nonsense like a child and you make non Muslims think all Muslims are ignorant, uneducated liars... You are hurting Muslims and making Islam look bad! Just shut up please, you are a child and you should allow intelligent serious real men discuss
N777사야 - преди 27 дни
Why is all this happening in my country? It has become a dream to live happily like the rest of the countries...
Gina Abid
Gina Abid - преди 27 дни
Daveen Kudhail
Daveen Kudhail - преди 28 дни
I have a essay on this due Monday and this helped me so much
Jeremiah Patlan
Jeremiah Patlan - преди 28 дни
See, what religion does to the human race...
eMbr Ma
eMbr Ma - преди 29 дни
Nobody fucked these ppl more than the Americans and Iranians , tffo
Deulther Y
Deulther Y - преди месец
Why they dont send killer bean?
anonymous guy
anonymous guy - преди месец
Husam 888
Husam 888 - преди месец
1:59 بشار البقره مو الأسد هو ابن ستين كلب
Амал Поттанчали
Амал Поттанчали - преди месец
Saudi Arabia supporting ISIS . SERIOUSLY! !!!!!
Then why the hell isis said they will destroy saudi Arabia 1st.
In my opinion isis is the group of uneducated morons created by America for weapon business
james McDonald
james McDonald - преди месец
That's really funny how religion is just a puppet for wealth, take religion some other ideology comes to unite oppressors and terrorists, I think we need DNA modification. BTW 2020 here, ISIS vanished, at least that's how it looks like.
yes - преди месец
WW3 is just the 10th crusade
MikehMike01 - преди месец
Thankfully President Trump defeated ISIS since this video.
Martin Stigleitner
Martin Stigleitner - преди месец
Make a episode about deforestation in Indonesia and/or the Amazon
Ravenson - الغراب
Ravenson - الغراب - преди месец
So not well explained..
RaginPlayer - преди месец
Iran and us are considering working together
avinash bhujan
avinash bhujan - преди месец
I can't believe there are still sheep who believe USA has nothing but goodwill for the Middle East.
Luke Peters
Luke Peters - преди месец
interesting that the CIA or other intelligence agencies are not mentioned here, particularly their roll in the uprisings in countries like Syria.
saad alalyani
saad alalyani - преди месец
There’s a big mistake in this video how Saudi Arabia supported isis while this main target was to destroy Saudi Arabia it was supported by Qatar and iran and they have connections since non of these countries had any terrorist attack from the beginning of isis till now !!! Saudi Arabia was suffering from terrorist attack and we have been fighting them before even they exist but obamas plan was to destabilize middle east in regard of his plan to divide Saudi Arabia and others … and Saudi citizens was targeted by all extremists organizations like alqaida and isis … U should be shy we the only ppl who was fighting them while obama giving iran the green light to make their nuclear bomb and the democratic party was defending the terrorists that we have been warning all world about them but U decided to call them free ppl … we were warning U about the terrorist attack but U weren’t listening to us like what happened in 9/11 U were defending osama bin ladn U stupid democracies!
so0o0liman hamed
so0o0liman hamed - преди месец
I don't think the facts presented in this are true for example isis funded by Saudi Arabia???
BreezySnow - преди месец
No mention of Kurdish troops and territories?
Lily James
Lily James - преди месец
You have should mention about Turkey. We are fighting with terorists for a half decade. The ISIS killed thousands of Turkish people. We will never let them settle down in Middle East
alain mancini-brown
alain mancini-brown - преди месец
How Fox News , USA and GB created the chaos, Isis, the flow of muslim migrants and all the islamic mass murders in Europe. But Hollywood, the official american book of history, has turned this huge fiasco in an hymn to America as usual with movies in which the american soldier is shown as a permanent heroe. Bullshits only american people believe in.
Kevin Ndayishimiye
Kevin Ndayishimiye - преди месец
This hasn’t aged well
SH .M.M - преди месец
thank you YouTube recommendations for reminding us with our misery when we escape the reality and come here to have some joyful time 😑😑
Zhelwan karkuky
Zhelwan karkuky - преди месец
Oh YouTube recommendation you never seize to amaze me