Ariana Grande - R.E.M. (Audio)

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sweetener out now
i love you
Music video by Ariana Grande performing R.E.M. (Audio). © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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Eli Myers
Eli Myers - преди час
I don't care how many people tell me I'm crazy, but I really dislike this song.
Em Ha
Em Ha - преди ден
I like this song
Aimee Xo
Aimee Xo - преди ден
Akshyapriya Rubashanthan
Akshyapriya Rubashanthan - преди 2 дни
your such a dream to me ughhhh
L G A N - преди 2 дни
1:33 ♡
VERONICA VIDEO - преди 2 дни
For those people who disliked..........there is something wrong
Vanessa Mendoza
Vanessa Mendoza - преди 2 дни
she's got the most beautiful voice ever
Abigail - преди 2 дни
Almost 14 million views!
Adrián Soler Nanclares
Adrián Soler Nanclares - преди 3 дни
but each one to your liking, beyonce is also cool
Adrián Soler Nanclares
Adrián Soler Nanclares - преди 3 дни
aeiana grande for ever bro
SS JD - преди 4 дни
Any one hear that at 2:44
Yenser 05
Yenser 05 - преди 4 дни
🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤
Kamron Robinson
Kamron Robinson - преди 4 дни
I love aria music so much
Dalila R.
Dalila R. - преди 5 дни
the end sounds kinda like a minecraft sound...just me?
Sâmia ARIANATOR - преди 6 дни
Beautiful ♥️😍
אושר סולומון
אושר סולומון - преди 7 дни
Evonia21_ 22
Evonia21_ 22 - преди 7 дни
this is one of the songs i overlooked when i 1st saw this album and got to listen to it. I regret not listening to it sooner. A TRUE HIDDEN GEM!!!
MrSmiles760 - преди 7 дни
why is every one of her songs so good
VOMITO - преди 8 дни
For my sleep paralysis demon🥰😩
Sh'Ē is v't
Sh'Ē is v't - преди 8 дни
charli author
charli author - преди 8 дни
excuse me um

Veronica B
Veronica B - преди 9 дни
Rapid eye movement (REM)
Shilpa Kolluru
Shilpa Kolluru - преди 10 дни
Hey Ari did you know I loved you since the beginning of time. You are like the brightest star shining in the dark sky, you are my universe a thousand beautiful glittery galaxies and you are the best jewel anyone can ask for. You are such a dream to me, how did you come alive, I don't feel like waking up anymore Ari.
Rose MWM
Rose MWM - преди 11 дни
I can imagine an awesome music video in my head to this lovely song...

*yep, it's great*
Lakisha Mcneil
Lakisha Mcneil - преди 12 дни
I thought this was made by beyonce does this mean ari and beyonce have beef?
LOKIFY - преди 12 дни
You can definetly hear Pharrell produced this
Love Jaimo
Love Jaimo - преди 13 дни
I don’t know about this but...

I don’t wana wake up
Esha Ali
Esha Ali - преди 14 дни
IamDanTheGirl - преди 14 дни
That breathing in the background
Mariza Zannara
Mariza Zannara - преди 15 дни
I love Ariana so much❤❤❤🌙🌙💫💫
Rachel Martins
Rachel Martins - преди 15 дни
ASC Srbija
ASC Srbija - преди 16 дни
Who says this? 02:44 ( _I know how to keep it_ ) 😄
Dra Muah
Dra Muah - преди 3 дни
I think its mac miller
Teddyzzz_ - преди 17 дни
Happy New Year 2 everyone!! 🤘🤘
Alex Diaw
Alex Diaw - преди 17 дни
0:26 she take a French accent "ummh ouais ouais".. 🙄
iit’2 2ollux bruh
iit’2 2ollux bruh - преди 17 дни
i wish i could make 3:15-4:07 my alarm in the morning
H B - преди 18 дни
"Does this end?"
Me: I hope not..
H B - преди 18 дни
bop 🔥
Sh'Ē is v't
Sh'Ē is v't - преди 18 дни
⭐Vamotac Voordem
Sabrina Hashi
Sabrina Hashi - преди 19 дни
Joe Grande
Joe Grande - преди 20 дни
I cry at this song it was my ex’s favorite Ariana Grande song
Paulo Maurício silva lírio Lírio
Paulo Maurício silva lírio Lírio - преди 20 дни
R.E.M _____________
Jazz Perkins
Jazz Perkins - преди 20 дни
I listened to this version several times and musically I just don’t hear what y’all hear. There is not one second of this song that I like better than Bey’s version. Ari did the song the way she wanted but it wasn’t giving me what I needed. Her beats/shifts, don’t even change properly for me. The whole song sounds like it was punched in. Beyoncé has more emotion, her voice and lyrics are more sultry and sensual imo. You could tell this was originally Bey’s song. It fits her personality and her artistry. This song is for her man and it sounds like it! That I’m so in love I would rather stay asleep just to dream about you because real life doesn’t compare type love. Ari had to soften it to make it her own but she toned down the feeling of the song as well. It sounds like she’s never been in love on this song, like she’s going through the motions of a crush but not love. You could feel Bey’s version, the obsession, the desire. The placement of every note and harmony had a purpose, not just there as if it’s a routine. But y’all don’t feel me tho. She don’t want to wake up and it sounded like it too, an asmr lullaby is what it was. I like Ari, it’s cute but nah.
Sh'Ē is v't
Sh'Ē is v't - преди 22 дни
Aimee B
Aimee B - преди 24 дни
Did anyone else notice she put i love you in the description under the link 🥺🥺
doz - преди 24 дни
you actually *can* cut someone up and hide them
Rachel Wolf
Rachel Wolf - преди 16 дни
jungshuk - преди 25 дни
Cutest song of Ari
Nancy Pascacio
Nancy Pascacio - преди 25 дни
Moonlight: Am I joke to you?
Sh'Ē is v't
Sh'Ē is v't - преди 26 дни
Jazzy jka
Jazzy jka - преди 27 дни
Sounds good but I wish it had a little bit more extra in it
Angelo Guillermo Rivas
Angelo Guillermo Rivas - преди 28 дни
I love you baby
α e s t h e t i c
α e s t h e t i c - преди 29 дни
excuse me, um…

*i love you*
Giih Baptista
Giih Baptista - преди 29 дни
a mano a voz da Ariana Grande me acalma tanto
avishay erenberg
avishay erenberg - преди 29 дни
Who is the male voice in 2:44?
Carys Hummel
Carys Hummel - преди месец
No hating because I don't know who listens to Mac Miller but how does that male voice sound like Mac? He doesn't sound like that at all. (I myself listen more Mac than Ari and more Mac than anything). And honestly a lot fans only like Mac because he was cute with Ari.
steven howe
steven howe - преди месец
I love You Ariana Grande so much Xoxo 🌕🌖🌒🌔🌗🌑🌘🥰🤗🖤❤💞💘💕💗❣💖
Matthew Vouloukos
Matthew Vouloukos - преди месец
wait... is it r.e.m or R.E.M ? the vid says r.e.m but the title says R.E.M . WHICH ONE IS IT *JANET* ?!?!?!?!?
excuse me umm
excuse me umm - преди месец
i love u
Paolo - преди месец
2:44 malcolm😮👼
pookie pie
pookie pie - преди месец
Clearly I was *sleepin* on this song!

I'll go home
Syaheer Fauzani
Syaheer Fauzani - преди месец
i loveee thisss
lil angel
lil angel - преди месец
Mac's fav song