Reading Brutal Hate Comments In ASMR | Jeffree Star

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basti Ekizde
basti Ekizde - преди час
Este weon me cae muy bien xd
Panda Bossitron
Panda Bossitron - преди час
Love you Jeffree girl!!!!!
Tony Cole
Tony Cole - преди 2 часа
I must say these comments made towards Jeffree are sick and vile.
GachaKitten - преди 2 часа
mouth: *wastes energy insulting itself*
Tony Cole
Tony Cole - преди 2 часа
Yet it’s okay for you to make racist comments about throwing acid in black women’s faces. But it’s okay because you were found out and to save your career you listened and apologised.
Don’t do as I do, do as I say comes to mind. As the women who’ve had acid thrown in their faces if they are now “strong girls?”
Emily Wu
Emily Wu - преди 2 часа
Sorry to be mean but don't swear
Re1d - преди 5 часа
First time ever seeing one of your videos.....and your hilarious 😂😂
Pops Borrego
Pops Borrego - преди 6 часа
Bro everyone who's trying to be mean to Jeffree is just saying what they saw in the mirror Jeffree is the goddess
Skylar Puryear
Skylar Puryear - преди 6 часа
I know your scrolling threw the comments while watching the video...
Allayna Tincher
Allayna Tincher - преди 6 часа
Love u girl ;-; 😘
Allayna Tincher
Allayna Tincher - преди 6 часа
Puppy dog lover Fan
Puppy dog lover Fan - преди 7 часа
Me eats mac Donald’s and gets fat Jeffree eats Mac Donald’s and loses weight wow I love u jeffree❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bhad Bhabie
Bhad Bhabie - преди 8 часа
How can you read this bullshit so calmly?
Bryan szendro
Bryan szendro - преди 9 часа
Peaple are jealous because he is famous and rich (stop the hate)
Островок Фиджи
Островок Фиджи - преди 13 часа
Что ты такое!
Josh - преди 14 часа
Im a guy (straight) but if i was gay u would be my crush u seem very nice and funny
Alex Singleton
Alex Singleton - преди 15 часа
Bitch Ahahahaha Who cares if he's gay or tran's?
Jasmine Davis
Jasmine Davis - преди 18 часа
guys, fr, jeffree is the besttttt. no-one can take jeffree down
Fish Fishing
Fish Fishing - преди 19 часа
Jade Mcdonnell
Jade Mcdonnell - преди 20 часа
To all you haters if you have nothing to say please DON’T say it at all bitches. 😘😌
Ps I love how you Jeffree don’t care just keep living you beautiful woman
Greg Mercado
Greg Mercado - преди 20 часа
How much do you spend in make up and hair products? I wanna buy that stuff for my wife
feigi ?
feigi ? - преди 17 часа
About 100,000
Asia & Alexis
Asia & Alexis - преди 22 часа
The thumbnail gives me life 😩❤️
Jade Mcdonnell
Jade Mcdonnell - преди 22 часа
That’s illegal you can’t smoke Moana
Gilded_Gopher - преди 23 часа
First time actually watching your videos, you a legend! I will try to use your advice to gain confidence!
Laura Alvarez
Laura Alvarez - преди ден
I can’t believe people are so Despicable like this. I wouldn’t even say this to my worst enemy!
Lady Darkness
Lady Darkness - преди ден
Love ya!
Josey Walsh
Josey Walsh - преди ден
she protecc
she atacc
but most importantly,
she got good comebacc
hi and bye GG
hi and bye GG - преди 8 часа
Josey Walsh Lmao its a guy tho😂😂
Любимчик nit
Любимчик nit - преди ден
Русские кто от крэйа?
7EEMO 01
7EEMO 01 - преди ден
Damien Brelay
Damien Brelay - преди ден
Pretty good asmr too lol
Daniel Satterfield
Daniel Satterfield - преди ден
Wait wait is Jeffree trans or just like homosexual and I’m not trying to be rude or anything I’m just wondering
reece julier
reece julier - преди ден
Jeffree your my inspiration to makeup I love your makeup you make me wanna take after you your amazing and you have so much style your a queen your perfect in every way.
Maritza Santana
Maritza Santana - преди ден
I don't know how you do it. You are so strong!! I actually found this hilarious. It made my day. You're the best.
Handre Capri
Handre Capri - преди ден
Why do you smoke weed dick head
Fire fox
Fire fox - преди ден
But guys this "guy" is a man
madite D
madite D - преди ден
LouLou - преди ден
Love the inclusivity
Also you’re gorgeous as fuck
Ceder Proxd
Ceder Proxd - преди ден
Come Home you en México
Daron Fermin
Daron Fermin - преди ден
Respect LGBT! 🌈
말걸지마 - преди ден
미친.. 대박이다...
Ava GArbin
Ava GArbin - преди ден
Jeffree, your a strong, independent human. Your fans don't care if your a guy or girl, you still mean the same to us xx
Kyla Butterflies
Kyla Butterflies - преди ден
Oh he’s such a Scorpio it hurts
demon queen envy sin
demon queen envy sin - преди ден
Also why can't you show you smoking on camera, kimmy tan does it all the time, weed is legal why can't you show it in camera
demon queen envy sin
demon queen envy sin - преди ден
Actauly I'm sorry to say but I think jacksepticeye has the loudest mouth ever although you are more fabulous than he is I mean jacksepticeye is pretty fabulous but you're even more fabulous
Gilbert Jolejole
Gilbert Jolejole - преди ден
I know his gay but his voice is boy
Gilbert Jolejole
Gilbert Jolejole - преди ден
your saying bad words do not say that your gowing to hell be sooooo sweet to everyone give a like if I am nice
justanother killjoyyeemo
justanother killjoyyeemo - преди 2 дни
Damn this actually gave my tingles.
Nigel Valeska
Nigel Valeska - преди 2 дни
Your voice is porn
Nigel Valeska
Nigel Valeska - преди 2 дни
You're just so fucking hot
Jiyah Middleton
Jiyah Middleton - преди 2 дни
Why does jeffree get so many hate comments is it just because he is real cuz that's why I love him
Jiyah Middleton
Jiyah Middleton - преди 2 дни
Don't listen to those motherfuckers they are just angry that they are not as pretty and amazing as you are
Phil Swift
Phil Swift - преди 2 дни
8:54 how the hell do you eat that cupcake and not get any frosting on your lips?? Even when I take the frosting off it somehow ends up inside my nose.
x Somebody
x Somebody - преди 2 дни
I bet if jefree hides himself and asks random strangers about jefree and then he shows he the real jefree the haters b like ”omg im so sorry for insulting you, can i take a picture tho!?”
Brooklyn Koker
Brooklyn Koker - преди 2 дни
Don’t listen to them, your makeup blows me away slay bitch💋❤️❤️❤️
Sabrina Beberman
Sabrina Beberman - преди 2 дни
Jeffree, I really admire your strength, you are beautiful inside and out. Keep doing you and forget about the rest of the people who want to bring you down. I love that your rising above the hate. I love all of your videos.
Brook Swan
Brook Swan - преди 2 дни
Julia Warren
Julia Warren - преди 2 дни
Yasss queen ur so good at asmr and u take all the hate comments like a champ queen and I love your makeup look
faith ingleby
faith ingleby - преди 2 дни
love that, what power 💞
Phoenix - преди 2 дни
2:05 is that a fucking straw