Ariana Grande - One Last Time (Official)

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Тимур Чепелев
Тимур Чепелев - преди 20 минути
So cute bea))😍🥰
Sippin' Tea
Sippin' Tea - преди 3 часа
1.i woke up
2.i met her
3.i hugged her
4.i went to her concert
5.i cried
Actually, the order is 4,2,3,1,5
DEDY TRAVEL - преди 5 часа
Beida Fatma
Beida Fatma - преди 5 часа
Are you okay ariana grade
Victor Ramirez
Victor Ramirez - преди 6 часа
OMG is this REAL!
Panda Editz
Panda Editz - преди 8 часа
I will return every month
like plz so I will remember
- January 18 2020
fiqry mrnza
fiqry mrnza - преди 10 часа
2020 this now bruh
Kayla Mambe
Kayla Mambe - преди 10 часа
I cry whenever l listen to this song. So emotional
Ngọc Ngọc
Ngọc Ngọc - преди 10 часа
Xuất bản 17 thg 8, 2014
Idk f
Idk f - преди 10 часа
Love you
Oltion Metolli
Oltion Metolli - преди 11 часа
Everyone: evacuating
Ariana: goes closer
xxPale Moonlightxx
xxPale Moonlightxx - преди 11 часа
when it's end of the world but Ariana still wears her ponytail
ughh i stan
universal play
universal play - преди 12 часа
Warning : end of world is camera glitch! 3:57
Siham Abou Mjahed
Siham Abou Mjahed - преди 15 часа
Why is the sky color is like that
Fatima Ahmed
Fatima Ahmed - преди 15 часа
This is now such an emotional song. One love Manchester 💞
Julia F Vasques
Julia F Vasques - преди 18 часа
The Robbie and Cat ending we deserved
mahdi CALIPH OF ALLAH - преди ден
when this happens mankind will no longer be allowed to turn back to god ALMIGHTY
I think it know to us in modern days terms as planet x
it was prophecy from the last prophet sent by God Muhammad
that it will rise from the east of the holy lands..
interesting hey..
I pray god use you as a aid of UNITY to truth of our god dear singer from
adam the giuded one..I'm so sorry stop hurting yourselfs
Scar Jo
Scar Jo - преди ден
I don't understand this....
Loulwa H
Loulwa H - преди ден
I Love you Ariana Grande
シMidnight Gacha Dragon
シMidnight Gacha Dragon - преди ден
biah lover
biah lover - преди ден
Gardner Barrier
Gardner Barrier - преди ден
that was so good you inspired me to take may acting and singing to the next level
David Vázquez
David Vázquez - преди ден
I miss this Ari era😭🥺❤️
Charlie Jackson Potter
Charlie Jackson Potter - преди ден
Who else cried? 🥺
Leana Jurkovic
Leana Jurkovic - преди 2 дни
😢😢I love Ari💟💟💟
Abdul Raziq Rosli
Abdul Raziq Rosli - преди 2 дни
i dunno why i ship her with matt
Dus T
Dus T - преди 2 дни
Tbh, why are we stupid? Why would we run towards the sight of danger when there’s an asteroid or a comet crashing? Like if you see it falling and coming run the other way not towards it! 🤦🏼‍♂️😂, not if your a US Marine running to the danger line in a battle 😂😂😂
Midniqht Dreams
Midniqht Dreams - преди 2 дни
Dang Ari over here predicting the whole future. This video makes me think so much
Jenny Gacha’slife
Jenny Gacha’slife - преди 2 дни
This is the greatest song 😇
アルトゥーロ天満 - преди 2 дни
Jasmin Legarde
Jasmin Legarde - преди 2 дни
lol.. she didnt look like she was getting out of the car til he randomly told her "dont get out of the car"
Julia Lis
Julia Lis - преди 2 дни
You are pretty 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️😍😍
ItsGoldGacha - преди 2 дни
Who else is watching this at 2020
Vie Ram Knowz
Vie Ram Knowz - преди 2 дни
Miss this era
Rashdah Manzoor
Rashdah Manzoor - преди 2 дни
I love you
Josefa Ordinas
Josefa Ordinas - преди 2 дни
soy de chile y nunca e podido verte 😵😵😞😞😢💕💔
BiG CaNDY - преди 2 дни
aww this is so sad
blasmo 345
blasmo 345 - преди 2 дни
Knowledge Monster
Knowledge Monster - преди 2 дни
2020 after i listen to this and i realized that every person has a death. And recently i asked myself.
How will be the world end?
Darth Vader
Darth Vader - преди 3 дни
Why did the beat up the old man? D:
Hudsooon F.
Hudsooon F. - преди 3 дни
Was that Robbie???
Kerrieann Ayres
Kerrieann Ayres - преди 3 дни
It’s nearly been 3 years since the terror attack in Manchester 🐝
And my city is still standing strong and still won’t let hate divid our beautiful city 🌃 💗💗
CraftingKiera !
CraftingKiera ! - преди 3 дни
I love this song
Acer Tablet
Acer Tablet - преди 3 дни
Was this in California
Acer Tablet
Acer Tablet - преди 3 дни
How did you do this🤔
Jessica Jordan
Jessica Jordan - преди 3 дни
Is this real arianna
Kiarna Bardelmeyer
Kiarna Bardelmeyer - преди 3 дни
Poyan Rebullado
Poyan Rebullado - преди 3 дни
Finally with Robbie and Cat!!
Matheus Santana
Matheus Santana - преди 4 дни
Brasil 14 de janeiro 2020
Tony Rose Oliver
Tony Rose Oliver - преди 4 дни
please save us god :(
Leyla Dj
Leyla Dj - преди 4 дни
One of the Best and greatable, interesting, Original music video which i have seen
Wien E'yang
Wien E'yang - преди 4 дни
Is this true
Lisa Moore
Lisa Moore - преди 4 дни
I love this song I can’t stop singing it!
qrtn - преди 4 дни
That sky look real
qrtn - преди 4 дни
Old but gold🌙🖤☁️
Erika Mae Tobias
Erika Mae Tobias - преди 4 дни
Juhara N/A
Juhara N/A - преди 4 дни
Wait is this real 😐😐
Pedro Capulin
Pedro Capulin - преди 4 дни
Is this real
Miriam Pereira
Miriam Pereira - преди 4 дни
Alguém do Brasil?
Titu Wilson
Titu Wilson - преди 4 дни
Is there any comet Eurydice