38 SWEET RECIPES FOR DELICIOUS DESSERTS || Kitchen Secrets by 5-Minute Recipes

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Cook desserts like a Pro! Watching this video, you'll learn to cook pancakes and upgrade your cakes. Besides, you'll know how to make chocolate covered strawberries and sorbet.
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00:37 Birthday cake recipe
02:27 Homemade peanut butter
03:15 Homemade sorbet
04:41 Unusual ice cream recipe
05:20 Chocolate covered strawberries
06:24 Nutella pancakes
07:53 How to upgrade your cake
09:22 Cake decoration idea
10:32 Cake for loved one
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Chandan B E
Chandan B E - преди ден
Just kidding
Chandan B E
Chandan B E - преди ден
All fake
as alisetan
as alisetan - преди ден
I had eat the first recipe and i almost have sick
Danica Cute
Danica Cute - преди 2 дни
3:13 hmmm.. I wonder if you can also use blueberry or blackberry..
Coz I'm making one for my friend's birthday.
Danica Cute
Danica Cute - преди 4 часа
@Unicorn S oh. Umm.. okay.. thanks!
Unicorn S
Unicorn S - преди 13 часа
Danica Cute yeah of course you would be able to duh 🙄
Jaylen Keith
Jaylen Keith - преди 8 дни
Eleven would love the first one
Vasantha K
Vasantha K - преди 3 дни
She will
Charity Nayame
Charity Nayame - преди 10 дни
Theo art draw art
Theo art draw art - преди 15 дни
Im lovid this🖒🖒🖒🖒👍👍👍
Londyn Dior24
Londyn Dior24 - преди 16 дни
This looks good it is I wish I had it
Muhammad Mudassir Qureshi
Muhammad Mudassir Qureshi - преди 17 дни
Please give that all sweet
Adm Mohamed
Adm Mohamed - преди 17 дни
Helena S
Helena S - преди 18 дни
Who else can never be bothered to watch 5 minute craft video to the end?
XLR 787
XLR 787 - преди 10 дни
jackpot gaming
jackpot gaming - преди 18 дни
Ramji Singh
Ramji Singh - преди 18 дни
Nice hacks
Blen A Tameru
Blen A Tameru - преди 19 дни
Tasty i will try it
Zulekha Mohammed
Zulekha Mohammed - преди 19 дни
Parimal Ghosh
Parimal Ghosh - преди 20 дни
Dwayne DJ
Dwayne DJ - преди 20 дни
Jayla Sm
Jayla Sm - преди 20 дни
Fayrouz Khatter
Fayrouz Khatter - преди 23 дни
Guys it would be better if you can tell us the amount of stuff that you put like the salt for the peanut butter tell us how many table spoons
siraj 786
siraj 786 - преди 23 дни
is nice
Majestic Man
Majestic Man - преди 24 дни
remiX gethu ponnu
remiX gethu ponnu - преди 28 дни
1:48 what a recipe😝😝😝😝😝
tom bahadur purja
tom bahadur purja - преди месец
Please give me your autograph in the comment
ely rivera
ely rivera - преди месец
Chingada madre por una vez en su vida digan que tanto se le pone a la comida por que lo intente y salió una 💩
Mateo Gongora
Mateo Gongora - преди месец
Soy el único que habla español díganme que no
Sandra Harris
Sandra Harris - преди месец
Google User
Google User - преди месец
sucita afni
sucita afni - преди месец
Jayce Davies
Jayce Davies - преди месец
1:54 What kinda oval shape is that watermelon? 😂
Jayce Davies
Jayce Davies - преди месец
I just realized that the watermelon is sorta the same shape as the cutting board at 4:02! 🙂
Yeyen Mila
Yeyen Mila - преди месец
Good luck
Sreeja S
Sreeja S - преди месец
I love five minute crafts
mei syifa
mei syifa - преди месец
2019 Anyone
Andrei Leon
Andrei Leon - преди месец
Dar ai copii??
hey girl
hey girl - преди месец
How many laughed at 6:08
Paťka Cimermanová
Paťka Cimermanová - преди месец
Wee Idol
Wee Idol - преди месец
BW1 Williams
BW1 Williams - преди месец
Why was the peanut butter so liquidity??
Balal Hossain
Balal Hossain - преди месец
Malena Perez
Malena Perez - преди месец
Quiero q suban videos nuevos de comida
adriana dias
adriana dias - преди месец
Eso es estremada mente delicioso 🎂 los felicito 🎊
Shinin Red
Shinin Red - преди месец
This thumbnail is just a DUMMY THICC SNICKERS BAR "leaking is CONTENT" in a waffle iron??????
Hdije Jdhjd
Hdije Jdhjd - преди месец
Aron Gumera
Aron Gumera - преди месец
Ыйман Аскарбеков
Ыйман Аскарбеков - преди месец
😍😍😍😍like 👍👍👍
Trick Shot
Trick Shot - преди месец
I didnt know that Snickers have that kinda liquid 😂
Uzzielo Aroche
Uzzielo Aroche - преди месец
What container did you use to put the melted butter when you made the waffle ice cream cake
l'es paroles de chansons de raï love
l'es paroles de chansons de raï love - преди месец
Helga Prepszl
Helga Prepszl - преди месец
1:39 Waffles 😛🤤😊
Sandro Rinalduzzi
Sandro Rinalduzzi - преди месец
Please write the ingredients
noob gaming_pk
noob gaming_pk - преди месец
1:35 I will eat that cake its looking so yummy
A2ZEE TECH - преди месец
finally not the old tricks
Lffuwefg Seghhfd
Lffuwefg Seghhfd - преди месец
Causes diabetes 😠😭🚑
Akhilesh Ojha
Akhilesh Ojha - преди месец
elia sujashvili
elia sujashvili - преди месец
it Is Sucks Joke Do You Think I Believe In That?! The Worst Chanel In The World
Night King
Night King - преди месец
Loving Studies
Loving Studies - преди месец
Where to get this cream
Sameera Haider
Sameera Haider - преди месец
i dont like that girl😡in 2:10
وليد عثمان
وليد عثمان - преди месец
Queen Jasmine
Queen Jasmine - преди месец
2:18 - 3:00
Or you could just buy more peanut butter
navya garg
navya garg - преди месец
the time they took to make the peanut butter, i could have to used it to get it from the supermarket in less time.
Danielleplayz - преди месец
Anyone notice her son got older
Ami san
Ami san - преди месец
La receta de que a los niños se les abia acabado quien sabe que esta bien asquerosa🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮