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Tasty food ideas and treat recipes

Food is something that brings comfort to everyone. You can create the most delicious meals using the most basic recipes. So, in this video, I show you how.
- I show you how to use banana peels to make tasty crisps using salt, garlic, rosemary, and barbeque sauce. You can also make banana pancakes if you’d like to avoid using flour or eggs.
- For those of you who like a heartier treat, I show you how to cook sausages and then fold your puff pastry to make your own homemade pigs in a blanket
- I show you how to use strawberries and then make your very own fruit ice-cream using forest fruits.
- For the meat lovers, you can cook some lean meat in banana peels to keep it soft or follow some of my chicken recipes, where I show you how to cook chicken and cheeseburgers.

0:07 - Cool banana hacks
1:17 - Tasty banana steak
3:29 - Pigs in a blanket
6:34 - How to make chocolate whipped cream
7:25 - Delicious ways to cook chicken
11:28 - Tasty sugar-free recipes
13:40 - Tasty fruit and nut bars
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Renito_martina Uwu - преди 4 дни
Geniality 5 minutes craft
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3BS Marie Søndergaard Fredskild - Taasingeskolen
I,M poor
Olivia Mae Edwards
Olivia Mae Edwards - преди месец
@4:17 I made them and they were manky
Clint the hedgehog
Clint the hedgehog - преди месец
This video was very satisfying for me and made me very hungry
SunSet_2489 - преди месец
I don’t know why but to me *nutella is f**king disgusting 🤮🤮I *HATE* Nutella
Alexa K
Alexa K - преди месец
Who else thought the vid was over when they wrote on the bananas
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Video of banana🙊🙊🙊🙊🍌🍌🍌🍌
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snuffy 229 - преди месец
I like how the sugar free recipies have sugar in it
PĒGÃSÙS - преди месец
Many use of BANANAS 😜😜
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The 4's lakshyata\swaraj\chitra\parikshit
One behind the scene video pls
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I play the video and first 3000 hacks I see are of
Lol. 😝😝
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Irfan Bhati - преди месец
Ur making these bt they are delicious or not
Arts & crafts TV
Arts & crafts TV - преди месец
Sweet Taekookies
Sweet Taekookies - преди месец
How is someone going to leave a banana peel on overnight?
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Jade Vlogs - преди месец
So wierd hahaha!!
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I lo e watching these but never try them 😂
I'm a small youtuber btw and i'm trying to make my dream come tru. Any support would help so much 🙏❤
From the Mind of Bella
From the Mind of Bella - преди месец
Me sees these oh fun let me try

6 hours later beep beep beep oh no the cookies

Like if y’all agree
Vana Ferreira Brazao
Vana Ferreira Brazao - преди месец
Veronica Sackmann
Veronica Sackmann - преди месец
Halve Of these aren’t recipes
Fastmoneyguy 101
Fastmoneyguy 101 - преди месец
Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue
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When it is Sunny
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A collection of banana recipe
And banana hacks 🍌🙊🐵
By the way I'm doing arts and crafts too🤗 I'm trying to get at least 1k ❤️
pugs910 - преди месец
These are some shitty banana hacks. Not baking
Nabiha Omar
Nabiha Omar - преди месец
Why would i put a banna on my finger 24hrs
Maddie Smith
Maddie Smith - преди месец
I know right? How am I supposed to sleep with a freaking banana peel on my thumb?
Emy Otters
Emy Otters - преди месец
6:36 (just a reminder for myself)😁
Nabiha Omar
Nabiha Omar - преди месец
Anyone else wondering why it says 5 minute crafts girly for delicious recipes
Christina Coffy
Christina Coffy - преди месец
So for the chicken shawarma hack how much of the thyme,garlic powder, parsley,paprika,pepper and lime juice is added and to how much yogurt do I marinate the meat with? I use a lot of the food recipes you guys have and my fam loves them. Especially the frozen nutella inside the pancakes recipe but this one didnt have measurements.
Art and Craft
Art and Craft - преди месец
Mayra Abahous
Mayra Abahous - преди месец
Wesh laisser les banane tranquille 😂😂
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Valmik Solanki - преди месец
Hi 5 minutes crafts my name is chitra DJ 😄
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Who's gonna try that banana peel recipe 🤷🏻‍♀️
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Check out latest Christmas cards videos made by me 😊
edith licia balducci
edith licia balducci - преди месец
So I just stay all night with a banana on my finger? Intriguing... But highly disturbing.
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