Surprising My Boyfriend With His Dream Car!!

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fg jf
fg jf - преди 11 минути
Cait Kernaghan
Cait Kernaghan - преди 12 минути
My boyfriend just surprised me with bakery food. Aha 😂
proscribed obvious
proscribed obvious - преди 12 минути
Nothing speaks more jefree star than buying a fucking speed car and still bitching about the car gas prices.
Melinda Moyer
Melinda Moyer - преди 12 минути
You over here buying cars and I'm over here in debt because of college. 😂😂
Tiersinski Kendrick Jr.
Tiersinski Kendrick Jr. - преди 12 минути
Why am I watching this and why was it in my recs. I dont even know these people.
Spark Play
Spark Play - преди 12 минути
That nigga is not gay. I wonder if he flips through Instagram looking at lambo saying it’s worth it while getting banged from behind by Jeffery star? It can’t be only me lol
Ivanka Wright
Ivanka Wright - преди 13 минути
Congratulations guy's 🚘
Adrian Hernandez
Adrian Hernandez - преди 13 минути
that shit clean
Monique Aka MoMo
Monique Aka MoMo - преди 13 минути
You are actually the cringiest thing on the internet
Tigers Wood
Tigers Wood - преди 13 минути
Hit like if you ever ran backwards through a corn field
Xavier Michel
Xavier Michel - преди 13 минути
Your not a girl your a boy
Gâçhà ÅÑg3L
Gâçhà ÅÑg3L - преди 13 минути
TrinkBruder - преди 13 минути
Childhood sexual experiences before puberty are misleading
B - преди 13 минути
This is the most trending video this is what kids look up to WE ARE FUCKED smh FAGGOTS
The Robloxian Tiger
The Robloxian Tiger - преди 14 минути
You have so much tattoos...
W1a D1m
W1a D1m - преди 14 минути
Repent. Because of people like you, two cities were destroyed, Sodom and Gamora. If you do not change your life, you will burn in hell.🔥👿
Ann - преди 14 минути
Lmao jeffree *makes a weird face
Haha that had me laughing
Shantai Angelee
Shantai Angelee - преди 14 минути
Trending page babyyyy🤪 does this ever get old?
Juan E-2
Juan E-2 - преди 14 минути
Bruh y'all are gay
J Jiggity
J Jiggity - преди 14 минути
Lookin like a witch my brain just can’t handle it
Adriene Newton
Adriene Newton - преди 15 минути
jeffrees problems: we have too many cars
my problems:theres no more food
Peter - преди 15 минути
Uhhhhh... It's $2.56 here in the Twin Cities.
Michelle Salazar
Michelle Salazar - преди 15 минути
i love you makup star
Sah Dude
Sah Dude - преди 15 минути
Pueri Demus
Pueri Demus - преди 15 минути
Hope it explodes and you both are in it
HousemouseII - преди 15 минути
Congrats on your car, you deserve it! Blessings!!!!
Lil Corn
Lil Corn - преди 15 минути
Your gay
Renee Calma
Renee Calma - преди 16 минути
Can u surprise me and pay for my school loans 😭
exenly - преди 16 минути
*jeffree is doing things we all want to do*
Kevin VanDan
Kevin VanDan - преди 16 минути
You are fucking gross...
Raziq Tv
Raziq Tv - преди 16 минути
Connor Evans
Connor Evans - преди 16 минути
Almost vomited at 4:38
Sierra Rayyne
Sierra Rayyne - преди 16 минути
cosmo and wanda aint slick
Cierra Calabrese
Cierra Calabrese - преди 17 минути
Wait they got a new dog?
That RVA Drummer Dude
That RVA Drummer Dude - преди 17 минути
That’s a crazy cool car. Let me know if you need someone to help break it in!
Abdulaziz Samatov
Abdulaziz Samatov - преди 17 минути
Stacy J
Stacy J - преди 17 минути
Wait is it his car or our car 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
TrinkBruder - преди 18 минути
Monika Pakos
Monika Pakos - преди 18 минути
Yassss booo. Congrats on the new car. Have you thought about adding a GTR to the collection ? 😍
ABED ODTALLAH - преди 18 минути
Ughhhh what is this cr***
Kamikaze Gorilla
Kamikaze Gorilla - преди 18 минути
Get the trannies off trending.
F.A.R - преди 16 минути
Kamikaze Gorilla I don’t think these guys are trans but nice transphobia.
JuneEllen Young
JuneEllen Young - преди 18 минути
This how many people love Jefree Star but just are concerned for him

Macabe Sprenkle
Macabe Sprenkle - преди 18 минути
That's the car I want but i cant afford it.
Jordan R
Jordan R - преди 18 минути
Does it have a wiener ???
koolass koolass
koolass koolass - преди 19 минути
Is is the green hair and fake nails a gay thing or mental illness thing? You're clearly both.
F.A.R - преди 16 минути
koolass koolass How do you know he has a mental illness? He’s androgynous.
Terri Hawks
Terri Hawks - преди 20 минути
My boyfriend won't even surprise me he just pranks me
Gean - преди 20 минути
Se tiver algum Brasileiro da like 😁😁😁😁
Jmo_ Killer5143
Jmo_ Killer5143 - преди 21 минута
Gay and Trans are same
F.A.R - преди 15 минути
Jmo_ Killer5143 How?
Tom S
Tom S - преди 21 минута
How to turn a cool car gay as Aids. This video