Shane Dawson Controls My Life For A Day

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Scarlett burns
Scarlett burns - преди час
I love Jeffree cause at the end of the day he worked GOD DAMN HARD for what he has today and he inspires people , like me to work hard for what you want .
Tay - преди 2 часа
That screaming girl was so obnoxious
Maisie Bleistine
Maisie Bleistine - преди 6 часа
Who else ships Shane and Jeffree as a couple or is it just me
Kath B
Kath B - преди 8 часа
Now i also want to see kardasian/jenner and other billionaire to shop at wallmart
Kath B
Kath B - преди 8 часа
More jeffree starr as poor pls
Rain Isaac
Rain Isaac - преди 9 часа
Do you have anythinh uhmmm........ humble?
Jeddah Ignacio
Jeddah Ignacio - преди 9 часа
BB Figueroa
BB Figueroa - преди 16 часа
Laughed SO hard at “my moms car does that too” 😂😂😂😂
Kynzie moresi
Kynzie moresi - преди 16 часа
Shane:I didn’t know there were toilet seats
Mika Starr
Mika Starr - преди 20 часа
I love how every time an employee walks up they panic then the employee is like “fuck you walmart it’s Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson” 😂
LittleMissD0 - преди 21 час
7:40 😂😂😂
Diamond Brandon
Diamond Brandon - преди 22 часа
A get ready with me with Shane and jeffree ........iconic
Ailyn Oliveros
Ailyn Oliveros - преди ден
Omg when jeffee rest in piece Eileen I was like THATS MY NAMEE
Caleb is Multitalented
Caleb is Multitalented - преди ден
“Why do u have in the bag or what do you keep in there”
My black card💀💀😂
Cringemaster_ 28
Cringemaster_ 28 - преди ден
I’m confused as to how Jeffree is richer than Shane and Shane has double the amount of subs Jeffree has plus Ryland has 4 mill
Rachael Brady
Rachael Brady - преди ден
My dad literally has the camo shorts and USA shirt. We went to a family reunion and my uncle was wearing the exact same shorts and a different color USA shirt.
Umaira Yasir
Umaira Yasir - преди ден
Kaylala8 - преди ден
When Jeffree casually got all them $100s out, that's the kind of life I'm working towards
Candy Cane
Candy Cane - преди 22 часа
Same 😂
Katherine Solano
Katherine Solano - преди ден
I already watched this vid but look at me now watching it again
Gacha French fry
Gacha French fry - преди ден
Omg omg, u should soooo, go to a teenage hang out spot to see what happens!
Games and Gadgets
Games and Gadgets - преди ден
Shane Goes up to a ROLSE ROYSE and says that doesn’t look that expensive
Bear & Bae
Bear & Bae - преди ден
lol i have just Binge-watching Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson videos and every video Jeffree star is
wearing different Gucci clothes and in every video Shane is just wearing that oh my God pig shirt😂😂
Karly Klaeser
Karly Klaeser - преди ден
Why does Shane act like he’s poor.... he’s not poor wtf
Aezthetic - преди 2 дни
I feel like every age should watch him lol
Karla Verdinez
Karla Verdinez - преди 2 дни
Plz all of you plus Morgan. It’s marshalltown plzzzzzzz
Karla Verdinez
Karla Verdinez - преди 2 дни
Can you guys come to my town
Star Chu
Star Chu - преди 2 дни
*Intro*:Jeffree, does intro, Shane trying to keep up.
iiHoneyzX Roblox
iiHoneyzX Roblox - преди 2 дни
We need more people like Jeffree star who donates that much!
Jadyn Armbruster
Jadyn Armbruster - преди 2 дни
*Jefree*: pulls out $5,000
*Ryland*: “Why this much?”
*Shane*: shook beyond words 😱
Rachel Perez
Rachel Perez - преди 2 дни
My thing is Walmart existed before he became famous, yet he almost acts like he’s never been inside one when in reality it’s probably just been a very long time.
Veronika Sapphirewolf
Veronika Sapphirewolf - преди 2 дни
Amara Gómez
Amara Gómez - преди 2 дни
I have never seen that much money at once in my entire lifetime. Shoot If I were shayne a would be like okkkk well your not allowed to film in here sooo. Pay up.😂😂😂😂
Jen D
Jen D - преди 2 дни
Shane and Jeffree are perfect together 😂🥰😍
Mz. Gina Queen of Talk
Mz. Gina Queen of Talk - преди 2 дни
You guys are great😂🤣
Julia Stanko
Julia Stanko - преди 2 дни
Shane: I’m guessing he’s a Castronaut 😂
Gigi Queen
Gigi Queen - преди 2 дни
Jazmyne Contreras
Jazmyne Contreras - преди 2 дни
This must be Shane’s favorite shirt. I’ve been binging Shane and Jeffree videos and he had this shirt on in the last 4 videos I’ve watched lol
30DollarMatcha - преди 3 дни
James charles: $5000 fan meeting
Jeffree: free fan meeting with Shane dawson in walmart
Oh Paul
Oh Paul - преди 13 часа
30DollarMatcha shaaaade👏👏👏👏👏
Rodrigo Fernández
Rodrigo Fernández - преди 3 дни
me welcoming my friends to my house: *Heyyy you're here... idk why*
Sky Dies
Sky Dies - преди 3 дни
6:13 oh god Shane's face😂😂😂
Sky Dies
Sky Dies - преди 3 дни
Nobody going to talk about the games in the background 5:20
Alyssa Fielding
Alyssa Fielding - преди 3 дни
That skinny boy is annoying as fuck
Selisia Muslia
Selisia Muslia - преди 3 дни
I’m almost sure that shane owns only one shirt
And it is with that motherfucking pig 😂
Moo Moo Child
Moo Moo Child - преди 3 дни
Anyone else hearing splatoon music?
Fuzzy Panda77
Fuzzy Panda77 - преди 3 дни
What’s with that freakin pig shirt that Shane is wearing
TheRealJosh Cash
TheRealJosh Cash - преди 3 дни
9. Anyone
Savannah And alli
Savannah And alli - преди 3 дни
Jeffery: omg Walmart 4 miles away ewww I’m moving
Shane: laughs historically
Sofia Estrada
Sofia Estrada - преди 3 дни
Could someone plz tell me why Jeffree got mad at 20:10?
Trinity Johnson
Trinity Johnson - преди 3 дни
Jefferee: I’ve never try diet before
Shane: shook
Virginia Egloso
Virginia Egloso - преди 3 дни
15:48 Shane :he shouldn't be watching me right? That's a little.. I'm ruining his childhood 😂😂
Oracle Nightshade
Oracle Nightshade - преди 3 дни
Jeffree can smell makeup!
Abagail Allen
Abagail Allen - преди 3 дни
Thats so messed up about the companies
Abagail Allen
Abagail Allen - преди 3 дни
"I dont understand this life either... Im experiencing it for you" 😂😂😂😂 and then the "how much money do you think he has"
Makayla Elizabeth
Makayla Elizabeth - преди 4 дни
As much as Shane talks about being broke he’s got like 5x more money than most of us lol
jessica reid
jessica reid - преди 4 дни
I'm a bit late but when shane was talking about the boxers like 'boxer brief or boxers oh you don't even know what I'm talking about'😭😭'
DatGurlGracie - преди 4 дни
Worker: *sees them film but doesnt do anything*
Worker when they leave: *SoRrY yOu CaNt FiLm iN HeRe!*
Isaiah Gonzales
Isaiah Gonzales - преди 4 дни
If you had not notice that shane always wear the OMG pig shirt
Павел - преди 4 дни
что я здесь делаю?
Slime Life
Slime Life - преди 4 дни
Jeffree are gmas names are the same
Dikshya Mohapatra
Dikshya Mohapatra - преди 4 дни
Dikshya Mohapatra
Dikshya Mohapatra - преди 4 дни
Rose Stallworth
Rose Stallworth - преди 4 дни
I sooooo happy they just said my name chloe
led rose
led rose - преди 4 дни
Ummm how about goodwill
absolutetrap -
absolutetrap - - преди 4 дни
This is like my two personalities meeting each other
Elizabeth Lassiter
Elizabeth Lassiter - преди 4 дни
“Oh” 😅😂 2:10
Brian wilcox
Brian wilcox - преди 4 дни
Omfg.. how about a 2019 Jeffree Star version of The Simple Life 😂😂
Johni Merritt
Johni Merritt - преди 4 дни
6:16 he makes Shane and Rilan feel poor
Rylie Reese
Rylie Reese - преди 4 дни


Shane: I used to look at my brothers (long pause) Lets get shoes
Rylie Reese
Rylie Reese - преди 4 дни
13:20 - 13:25 me when I burn my walmart brand chicken nuggets
Raine Davey
Raine Davey - преди 4 дни
Anyone else think of impractical jokers when they said the managers name was Larry and they were looking for him? 👀 lol
Carlos _
Carlos _ - преди 5 дни
Shane has more subscribers than jeffree omg
Emma Brown
Emma Brown - преди 5 дни
“Warning do not touch my tools or my daughter” I’m laughing so hard I’m crying 😂😂
Laura Jenny
Laura Jenny - преди 5 дни
I’ve loved Shane since before h came out 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
G Maple
G Maple - преди 5 дни
*Really young kid goes up to Shane and takes a selfie*
*Kid walks away*
Shane- he’s too young to be watching me I’m wrecking his childhood 😂 xx
sports_0626 - преди 5 дни
4 grand is 5 months worth of money to my family 🤣🤣
peep yuh
peep yuh - преди 5 дни
19:28 you can clearly see her tits but still ads mhhhhhh ok
A Nn
A Nn - преди 5 дни
Lmao 😂
Mark Condra
Mark Condra - преди 5 дни
Jeffree is literally the sweetest and most humble😭
enallia brooks
enallia brooks - преди 5 дни
Brings G wagon:
....let's take my expensive car that's also a 4 seater

That's humble 😄
Mary Shooltz
Mary Shooltz - преди 5 дни
Monkeylizard300 #monkeylife
Monkeylizard300 #monkeylife - преди 5 дни
Melissa Skibinski
Melissa Skibinski - преди 5 дни
Omg, I thought I would never see the day that Jeffree steps foot in an establishment without gucci! Lol 😂
Sorana Alessia
Sorana Alessia - преди 5 дни
I love Shane's T-shirt 💗💗🐖
Cloma Jacqueline
Cloma Jacqueline - преди 5 дни
How to be you😍🥰
Jayden Johnson
Jayden Johnson - преди 5 дни
Hey my mom past away when i was nine I’m about to be Turing twelve
Ally Bedford
Ally Bedford - преди 5 дни
“What kind of clothes do they have there?”
“.....BIG ones”
no way
no way - преди 5 дни
I fucking LOVE their friendship. They interact well together and I love their relationship so much. Please make more videos 😩
エイジャ - преди 5 дни
19:17 people like this piss me tf off..
エイジャ - преди 5 дни
I didn’t know how to feel about Jeffree until Shane opened up his life to YouTube. Like shit. He’s a cool person, he’s a p e r s o n.
Liberty FitzFarren
Liberty FitzFarren - преди 5 дни
Dammm that sucked
Kandy Raiford
Kandy Raiford - преди 6 дни
Now that Shane mentioned it...Greeter doesn't sound like hard labor, stressful employment? Paid to talk! FUN.😄
Whitney McQueen
Whitney McQueen - преди 6 дни
"Im James Charles" bahahahahaha!! 💀
Schylar Collins
Schylar Collins - преди 6 дни
watching them interact with fans pokes my heart 😫
Kassandra carrasco
Kassandra carrasco - преди 6 дни
Shane: “This is more successful than TanaCon”
laila hagam
laila hagam - преди 6 дни
I love Shane and jeffree😂❤❤
Audrey VanNosdeln
Audrey VanNosdeln - преди 6 дни
Honey Walmart is always busy
Christopher Leusner
Christopher Leusner - преди 6 дни
Who the girl with the cannon titties and no bra on. Got damn👀👀👀
Hollie x
Hollie x - преди 6 дни
Does anyone else just feel that shane is like very uncomfortable
Elucid - преди 6 дни
Why does shane keep making that face? The one where his bottom lip quivers? @ 19:10
Tabytha Herbst
Tabytha Herbst - преди 6 дни
Anyone else still watching this a year later