ABH Riviera Palette... Is It Jeffree Star Approved?

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Amanda Nelson
Amanda Nelson - преди 2 дни
I can’t wait to get all of your products!!!!
Dan McKeever
Dan McKeever - преди 3 дни
16:35 a mood
Angela Dalessandro
Angela Dalessandro - преди 5 дни
I love how even though jeffree has his own company he still collabs with others
Scarlette Jai
Scarlette Jai - преди 6 дни
ILOVE IT!!!!!!
Kiki Coco
Kiki Coco - преди 7 дни
Why doesn’t the white show up at all on me? This pallet is amazing though
Bella is a Nickname
Bella is a Nickname - преди 7 дни
There was ad for Trumps birthday on this video....
Is this a joke?
Casi Fleischman
Casi Fleischman - преди 8 дни
10:03 pre Blue Blood foreshadow???
Juliana Noel
Juliana Noel - преди 10 дни
does anyone know what lipstick he used???
Rosa su
Rosa su - преди 12 дни
brain:Get it. Hand:No you didn’t
Cut Kitten
Cut Kitten - преди 14 дни
I see makeup on other people and I'm like yaaas queen work but the minute it's on me i question my own existence.
Bradlin Heradien
Bradlin Heradien - преди 14 дни
Jeffree: Dont wanna go overboard.
Jeffree also: Dont I always tho
Rosemary Amezcua
Rosemary Amezcua - преди 16 дни
I sat here for 19 min just for Him to say it’s Jeffrey star approved 🤣🤣
Rosemary Amezcua
Rosemary Amezcua - преди 16 дни
“BIIIIIIIIITCH.. I’m hungry” mood 💀
Rosemary Amezcua
Rosemary Amezcua - преди 16 дни
“I don’t wanna go overboard.. don’t I always tho” such a mood 🤣
Kyla Delan
Kyla Delan - преди 16 дни
My Ulta doesn’t have any of your products. Does anyone know why? Make this comment noticed please!
Alisha Jendral
Alisha Jendral - преди 18 дни
Did he just say 'I'm feeling pregnant"...I'm dead lmao
EmotionalMess X
EmotionalMess X - преди 18 дни
Whew! I’m feeling pregnant. 😂
Alice Madlove
Alice Madlove - преди 23 дни
Could you do a full face of Senegense?! So curious if you’d like it, it’s all over Facebook just curious 😍
Pauwiee 111
Pauwiee 111 - преди 23 дни
This is why i love jefree ❤I love her confidence,love her laugh i just WISHED i have a friend like that like omg i would be so proud having him/her as my friend❤btw luv yur vids🙏🏻❤
Mikaelart - преди 24 дни
10:04 foreshadowing? lol
Lillian Einhaus
Lillian Einhaus - преди 24 дни
i love you jeffreestar
Kaci Andersen
Kaci Andersen - преди 25 дни
"I would do a full blue look" **releases blue blood**
Bodya 2.0
Bodya 2.0 - преди 27 дни
Jen- A-Purr
Jen- A-Purr - преди 28 дни
I can’t wait to be able to get his brush set or even one brush lol 😂
Tyra Ellis
Tyra Ellis - преди 28 дни
emlxc - преди 28 дни
It’s really hard to impress me with an eyeshadow palette, that’s why I brought out my own
shreya goenka
shreya goenka - преди месец
He wanted to do an entire look with blues so he launched blue blood💙
Emily Xx
Emily Xx - преди месец
Jeffree: ‘i would literally do a look with just blues,’

Future Jeffree: *launches blue blood*
pholover - преди месец
I am sitting in my room with no lights on eating box mix funfetti with my hands bundled up in blankets not letting myself go to the bathroom all because of Jeffree Star
Jamie Tippie
Jamie Tippie - преди месец
You groped a straight mans dick without his consent and theres a video of it lmao
I'm Crumbs
I'm Crumbs - преди месец
I don’t even use makeup or enjoy wearing it but I love watching his channel and it’s amazing how creative he gets he’ll go outside and go to different stores, try something new, and spill the tea 🍵
Anais Christine
Anais Christine - преди месец
Milan Purdy
Milan Purdy - преди месец
* Its is a dollar cheaper * "this retails for 26 dollars!
Bailey Renée
Bailey Renée - преди месец
"Woo, I'm feeling pregnant."
Roadpony - преди месец
When are your products getting restocked bc my Ulta doesn’t have you!
Christine Saiz
Christine Saiz - преди месец
My dream come true will be meeting you Jeffree Star I love you. 🌟
Faizah Iqra
Faizah Iqra - преди месец
And a bag too
Faizah Iqra
Faizah Iqra - преди месец
I want one of your mirrors so baddd 😭😭
Faizah Iqra
Faizah Iqra - преди месец
SPAM squad
SPAM squad - преди месец
may? .....anyone?
Roosalka - преди месец
“My f***ing nail will stab me right in the eye.” 😂😂
Athena Jade
Athena Jade - преди месец
highlighter is called snowflake
jeffree: oh my god it almost looks like snow
you don’t say?
Savannah Burkett
Savannah Burkett - преди месец
I live for your nails jeffree
Maike Swaanenburg
Maike Swaanenburg - преди месец
I just realized, "I would literally do a look with just blues..." Hi Blue Blood, how are ya?
Sierra Johnson
Sierra Johnson - преди месец
10:03 his first hint of the blue blood pallete
apathy and acedia
apathy and acedia - преди месец
That seamlessly at 5:54 made me remember a certain god
Patrina McBride
Patrina McBride - преди месец
Makeup bag isn't on the website that I can see? Poop.
Patatona - преди месец
Was the bag a limited edition? I can't find it anymore in his website...
Makenna Stanton
Makenna Stanton - преди месец
Omg I might go see u at one of ur meet and greets !
Serena Cotto
Serena Cotto - преди месец
You r sooo cute I love your make
Serena Cotto
Serena Cotto - преди месец
And you hair
Cosmoetic - преди месец
i would totally love a sunset moment on the eye w some neon pinks and oranges with some purple under eye and maybe a watermelon pink lip
Nightsgrow - преди месец
I have to say the colors in that riviera palette does NOT match the name of it. There is nothing riviera about those colors or the combo of them.
DoeEyedFaun - преди месец
Those two highlighters would be pretty mixed. Love this Palette!
Nani Vlogs
Nani Vlogs - преди месец
When you said ulta I woke my mom up and we went I saw your brushes and I might get them
A1 43
A1 43 - преди месец
Fuck your videos dumbass bitch
Jami Simmons
Jami Simmons - преди месец
Also I wanna see a review on JSC dupes and one on MELT COSMETICS smoke sessions palette PLZ
Joey Soave
Joey Soave - преди месец
Ik its limited edition but will it be coming back???
Thestral Vestral
Thestral Vestral - преди месец
"Cuz these nails" 14:10
Christina Martha
Christina Martha - преди месец
“..and suck off nate” lmaoo
CP Cellular
CP Cellular - преди месец
O'k when you get ready to dip the brush in the white eye shadow there's so much fallout.
Amber Fitzgerald
Amber Fitzgerald - преди месец
Ummm can I just say you are stunning!!!
Suzanne k
Suzanne k - преди месец
Loved the eye shadow!
Zoe Nicole
Zoe Nicole - преди месец
"I would literally do a look with just blues" HINT GAME STRONG
Victoria’s makeup box
Victoria’s makeup box - преди месец
When he said the dewy set setting spray wasn’t glittery/ shimmery I was sad I was like “ but I wanna be super shimmery I wanna glimmer like a disco ball 😖😂!”
sedatedmunchkin - преди месец
Gurlll that highlight thooo!! 😍🤤
Ally Reynolds
Ally Reynolds - преди месец
So I'm rewatching his luxury makeup reviews, because my boyfriend is taking me to Ulta for my first time, to buy me a luxury eyeshadow palette. What's a good deal I guess? Like would this be a good deal 14 pressed pigments, for $42? Or can I find a better deal?
Ally Reynolds
Ally Reynolds - преди месец
I've also been more of a nude shade person, but I want to be more colorful
Nina Mae Harwood
Nina Mae Harwood - преди месец
I just got that pallet I cant afford it, but I buy it anyway lol
Laila Khan
Laila Khan - преди месец
Well every time there is an Anastasia product review you always say that they are approved !
Tanya Trowers
Tanya Trowers - преди месец
In the UK mac fix plus is £19 and anastasia beverly hills is £27........
Desmond Clouds
Desmond Clouds - преди месец
"I would literally do a look with just blues" (from the future) you did sweety and its with your own Blue Blood!!!
Karīna Avotiņa
Karīna Avotiņa - преди месец
You're all right with the head stupid
Savanna Cabrita
Savanna Cabrita - преди месец
10:04 " I would literally do a whole look with blues.... little did we know blue blood was on its way .. :)
Faylyn Mckithen
Faylyn Mckithen - преди месец
Does anyone know why i can't find that bag anywhere?? 🤔🤔🤔
sette81488 - преди месец
What's the difference between pressed pigments and other eyeshadow?
Virginia Bushnell
Virginia Bushnell - преди месец
I ended up buying this palette at Ulta and love it. Would have bought your palette but they are always sold out when I’m ready to buy.
Lynne Ledet
Lynne Ledet - преди месец
FYI if you remove the brush, that little pocket is perfect for storing joints. I would love a video on using makeup components to stow weed. I have lots of tips.
sukaina momin
sukaina momin - преди месец
so prettyyyy
Kayla Brieanne 💜
Kayla Brieanne 💜 - преди месец
I love how you pull off absolutely no eyebrows. Such a Queen 👑
Faith Schultz
Faith Schultz - преди месец
@jeffreestar can you do a review for Anastasia Beverly Hills American Doll liquid lipstick? For me
It just keeps cracking and feels really dry. It literally comes off like 10 seconds into putting it on. I’m just curious on what I might be doing wrong or if it’s just the product. Please help a girl out and tell me what’s good with this lipstick.
Kobe Showecker
Kobe Showecker - преди месец
I love Anastasia pallets yessss
Sarah Nicholson
Sarah Nicholson - преди месец
I want this palette!!!
John Robertson
John Robertson - преди месец
Jeffree - I would literally do a look with just blues.....

* A Few Moments Later*

Hiiiieeeee Blue Blood How Are Ya? :P
Nikita Cavagnino
Nikita Cavagnino - преди месец
Hi how are you I am dead I always say that when I do my makeup 😂😂
becca spragg
becca spragg - преди месец
I love that he can get excited about another brand there is room at the table for everyone
S H O S H - преди месец
Hi how are ya❤️
Little Bitch
Little Bitch - преди месец
10:04 “i would literally do a look with just blues” The Blue Blood palette comes out 😂
C. Garcia
C. Garcia - преди месец
10:30 hello blue blood
Ellie Challis
Ellie Challis - преди месец
Literally love that jumper he’s wearing 😍
Milagros MUA
Milagros MUA - преди месец
Hoping you or your team will read my comment... ABH is acting unprofessionally by making teasing instagram posts with the Amrezy highlighter and then replying they won’t restock it although MANY people have requested to bring it back and now are paying for double priced knockoffs. A brand who doesn’t listen to their customers and makes this kind of posts doesn’t deserve to get more hype. I don’t care how many more good products they are launching, won’t ever again support them and truly wish that big YouTubers who are not afraid to speak up (like you) will be the voice of us who feel disrespected by the unprofessional way they are handling this, they make the teasing posts and then reply the product won’t come back and suggest to buy their latest mediocre glow kits... You are too a brand owner who actually cares for the opinion of your customers and I’m sure you wouldn’t handle things this way.
Helen Williams
Helen Williams - преди месец
I’m living for you Jeffree
Mayerli Duche
Mayerli Duche - преди месец
Un shot por cada ves que diga ¡oh wao!
Alejandra Tejeda
Alejandra Tejeda - преди месец
I love when the cameraman comments on the makeup 😂 👏🏻
Layla Wimberly
Layla Wimberly - преди месец
Steven Connor
Steven Connor - преди месец
omg u give me so much hope for the future
WOLF HALEY - преди месец
Omg please do an all blue look
Jacob S
Jacob S - преди месец
10:04-10:06 ... and Blue Blood was born
carolina von barth
carolina von barth - преди месец
Can you please do a review on Caia Cosmetics 😍
tish addams
tish addams - преди месец
Too transsexual I'm a real woman. I don't like looking like a clown.
StephanieRoze - преди месец
"It comes stuffed... :] "
Makeup crushing ASMR
Makeup crushing ASMR - преди 2 месеца
Wow love long that look. he puts on so much of that setting spray 😂