The Largest Bird Sculpture In The World

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Ralsei - преди 4 месеца
The bird sculpture made ONLY with a hammer and chisel!? PRIMITIVE TECHNOLOGY AT IT'S GREATEST BOI!!!
joecugo - преди ден
Na it looks dumb
Sir Uno
Sir Uno - преди 6 дни
in 1000 years people will say it was made by aliens
Kevin Levin
Kevin Levin - преди 6 дни
@Joel Isaac definitely not form..
Joel Isaac
Joel Isaac - преди 6 дни
@Kevin Levin waow . That comment is definitely not from a South Indian
Degree 360
Degree 360 - преди 7 дни
I like how people finds something to argue and be triggered at even in something that has nothing to do with been triggered.
Adam Madani
Adam Madani - преди час
1:00 this happens alot... idk why its on this list
Valentin Islas
Valentin Islas - преди 6 часа
That "LATER" at the end is so cute... lol
SRB Vlogs
SRB Vlogs - преди 6 часа
Love from India 🇮🇳
gacha ash
gacha ash - преди 7 часа
I think the person who was flying the hellicopter was on something
Cleo The Kitty
Cleo The Kitty - преди 8 часа

Wait the birb is doing 👌
Mushy the FISH
Mushy the FISH - преди 13 часа
1:43 wat? chili?
Ismoil ?
Ismoil ? - преди 14 часа
indians just fuck and shit kids once every year.
grutur grutursson
grutur grutursson - преди 15 часа
India is building the worlds tallest statue now. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.
Arun Gopi
Arun Gopi - преди 15 часа
bird sculpture is at Kerala .
CLK - преди 16 часа
The bird be like 👌
Sindy LE
Sindy LE - преди ден
Of course China beats India
Andrew Cavallo
Andrew Cavallo - преди ден
0:25 Thanos snapped
Ta - преди ден
Player: Gets a goal without touching the ball
1:16 on the left: Kappa
geetha anand
geetha anand - преди ден
Nammade jadayu earth center
Roach Guthrie
Roach Guthrie - преди ден
Umpire was a dick
joecugo - преди ден
Why that bird on his back tho?
Brandon E. Smith
Brandon E. Smith - преди ден
That sculpture in India will probably baffle future archeologists.
DontBeMadBro - преди ден
never clickbaited, always satisfied! good work my fella
Epsa DQZ
Epsa DQZ - преди ден
India: just when you think you’re safe, hear a sound turn around and look up, total shock fills your body. Oh no it’s you again I could never forget those eyes, eyes eyes, eyes eyes eyes eyes.
China: ;)
tham_jeed nt
tham_jeed nt - преди 2 дни
That sculpture is in kerala, India's southern state
Arkey Dino
Arkey Dino - преди 2 дни
Lord, please forgive me for what I’m about to do.
Nonamearisto - преди 2 дни
No way in hell was Mexico ever #3 in the world, especially in Pre-Columbian times.
iikrazy.vibesii ._.
iikrazy.vibesii ._. - преди 2 дни
That’s rude some people will say so he’s doing the dogs job but when he picked up the bat he threw on the floor to make the dogs job harder at least that is what I 🤔 💭 think
TheJoanskie2002 - преди 2 дни
TheJoanskie2002 - преди 2 дни
Amanda Richards
Amanda Richards - преди 3 дни
Canada is a deserted land confirmed
Matt25 - преди 3 дни
2:33 how I fly helicopters in gta
jrock5573 - преди 3 дни
That bird sculpture is jatayu earth center,kollam.
മലയാളീസ് കമോൺ
Teddy Lavrentiadis
Teddy Lavrentiadis - преди 3 дни
Me and the boys listening to Indian panini
Yasmine Burton
Yasmine Burton - преди 3 дни
So no one is gonna talk about the helicopter doing barrel rolls
Some One
Some One - преди 3 дни
I guess we gotta destroy india a few times to lower population
RitzZy Channel
RitzZy Channel - преди 23 часа
Ha ha.. I guess your people already tried doing so.. Bloody infertile murderers! 😂
PoofyKittyPants - преди 3 дни
go home helicopter, you're drunk.
KHILADI - преди 4 дни
The dog @ 1:35 “fuck this bs”
Spaced_Out - преди 4 дни
0:25 The outcome of a Grandfather paradox.
Cs V
Cs V - преди 4 дни
They build that with only a hammer and a chisel? Dude I can’t even build a paper airplane
Alex Skeleton
Alex Skeleton - преди 4 дни
This is how things should be for viewers. Thumbnail first in video.
Dym0n - преди 4 дни
2:50 Is that a Remaster of GTA 1? Damn lookin good.
Nishant Yadav
Nishant Yadav - преди 4 дни
That bird is jatayu a mythical creature from epic ramayan
jk12324 - преди 4 дни
That's a Hippogriff, not a bird
llxX /\/\¡ŚT Xxll
llxX /\/\¡ŚT Xxll - преди 4 дни
0:25 I don't feel so good..
MrStr8den - преди 4 дни
Full of facts!
3 Legends 3 legends
3 Legends 3 legends - преди 4 дни
I’m confused that they made a huge bird sculpture with only two things
Mo Cuishle
Mo Cuishle - преди 4 дни
Looks like this bird is dying.
ReiRei - преди 5 дни
Looks like china has been *smashin’* .
Mcdo nalds
Mcdo nalds - преди 5 дни
Thanos snap his finger
Mcdo nalds
Mcdo nalds - преди 5 дни
Thanos snap his finger
Bobbi Floss
Bobbi Floss - преди 5 дни
1:35 ME
Michael S.
Michael S. - преди 5 дни
that bird is insane!
talking about commitment. 10 years? u kidding me? fml
Legend 27
Legend 27 - преди 5 дни
Indian's Will go there And write
"Rahul love's Priya".
RitzZy Channel
RitzZy Channel - преди 23 часа
If that is what it takes to teach you how to spell 'loves' then okay.. 😂
Leopard Sammy
Leopard Sammy - преди 5 дни
2:33 whats happening to the helicopter in the back??
I do Animations
I do Animations - преди 5 дни
The bird sculpture is doing

Emperor Omi
Emperor Omi - преди 5 дни
Mass Murder in India
M - преди 6 дни
no slums in india
Sydnee Bannister
Sydnee Bannister - преди 6 дни
0:25 thanos snap
Satyaki Sil
Satyaki Sil - преди 6 дни
Mexico at no.3?
Weren't people killed in sacrifice at large scale at that time?
Htet Ye Yint
Htet Ye Yint - преди 6 дни
At 2:34 A helicopter is spinning very crazy
Geometry Dash n00b
Geometry Dash n00b - преди 6 дни
aspo pulvera
aspo pulvera - преди 6 дни
can't believe companies nowadays are the top idiots who ruined historic sites
Trump's Neck Vagina
Trump's Neck Vagina - преди 6 дни
Fuck you Coca-Cola and your liquid candy.