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14 639
Agita Kondrāte
Agita Kondrāte - преди 53 минути
Franca Giangualano
Franca Giangualano - преди час
Who watches these hacks but never do them there just fun to watch and they make us Jelous that they have good ideas
Wyatt Goffer
Wyatt Goffer - преди час
The car one is a easy kidnapping
Саида Фатуллаева
Саида Фатуллаева - преди час
Like like like love you😄😄😄😄😄☺☺✌✌💖💖
Muslim Slim
Muslim Slim - преди час
Przychocki Marek
Przychocki Marek - преди час
0:42 that means you wont have a chair
Siti Rochimah
Siti Rochimah - преди час
Ini sangat bagus
Aysha Dillu
Aysha Dillu - преди час
Simran Shaikh
Simran Shaikh - преди час
Thomas Blackwell
Thomas Blackwell - преди час
Cute poop face
UwU Bear 123
UwU Bear 123 - преди час
Anyone want a baguette?

(o ~ o)
Feary flamingo
Feary flamingo - преди час
Lord voldemort loves to use these hacks... maybe not xd
Ане4ка 000
Ане4ка 000 - преди час
Lara Saef
Lara Saef - преди час
وت يعني🤬😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🥵
Olare Djinadou
Olare Djinadou - преди час
You are the Best 👍
Sourav Biswas
Sourav Biswas - преди час
What's with the thumb nail?
Debbie Green
Debbie Green - преди час
I love your hacks thanks alot
Daniel Edwards
Daniel Edwards - преди час
I am going camping tomorrow
my_name_is_ jeff
my_name_is_ jeff - преди 2 часа
6:01 I'd rather there being a bit of dirt/sand in my tent than wet jandels and wet feet
Katie jade
Katie jade - преди 2 часа
As if I have this stuff when I go camping
brownies Brown
brownies Brown - преди 2 часа
What if u don't have this stuff
Goku Son
Goku Son - преди 2 часа
what is the name of blond girl XD
SparkleGaming - преди 2 часа
7:22 who brings a hot glue gun camping?

And where would you plug it in?
jeshuchi bul
jeshuchi bul - преди 2 часа
U use life hacks too often!
brownies Brown
brownies Brown - преди 2 часа
The ez way would of been bushes
Jiro Apolonio
Jiro Apolonio - преди 2 часа
( •~• ) want some
/ >🍔
Colm Kinsella
Colm Kinsella - преди 2 часа
Funky you
Lucie Balvira
Lucie Balvira - преди 2 часа
NoahGamez 0fficial
NoahGamez 0fficial - преди 2 часа
6:47 look at her arms
Edit: at 7:21 how u got a outlet TO PLUG THE HOT GLUE GUN IDIOT
Rose Blossom ÙwÚ
Rose Blossom ÙwÚ - преди 2 часа
I fall oh now I got a broken arm (no hate just saying)
שירז פלס
שירז פלס - преди 2 часа
10:26 🤔🤔😳
beenadevi Khankriyal
beenadevi Khankriyal - преди 2 часа
Banking me glu gun kaise aayega
منى ضياء
منى ضياء - преди 2 часа
MAJEHCTVKD HFY7IFNR HCY HHFJF HRYFYHVUI IVJN GRRYRIIBتبهلهعةللعله ف لتعاعاع قعل6عنهن8ء القلعه د القلعه د القلعه نءن1نسةلءومكلا6421
JaneMebalari Wahlang
JaneMebalari Wahlang - преди 2 часа
i have a hack to show how germs are scared of detergent
Ms. Bloxian
Ms. Bloxian - преди 2 часа
Who the heck got a toilet seat in the wood outta no where....
blink&Army gang
blink&Army gang - преди 2 часа
Just go to the bathroom that still is uncomfortable
Malca Official Gacha
Malca Official Gacha - преди 2 часа
Wow 59 juta keren
Zara-Lee Hamilton
Zara-Lee Hamilton - преди 2 часа
The first one I could never do I would be so uncomfortable
Idontknow ok
Idontknow ok - преди 2 часа
Who has a random needle, leaf, and cup in their backpack
ErinoxFN - преди 2 часа
diamond gaming
diamond gaming - преди 2 часа
subscriber big
Drackz - преди 2 часа
Rahib Dadaşov 2
Rahib Dadaşov 2 - преди 2 часа
Türkler bir like atsın ❤
CL tech
CL tech - преди 2 часа
While you're doing 10:24 and the branches fall down
Vishakha kanojiya
Vishakha kanojiya - преди 3 часа
12M view for pooping girl 😒😒
Mil Fish
Mil Fish - преди 3 часа
Конечно же, все носят иголки в поход
Coskun Genc
Coskun Genc - преди 3 часа
Lukman najwa
Lukman najwa - преди 3 часа
Dinesh Bala
Dinesh Bala - преди 3 часа
5:14 I wonder who goes to the forest and starts reading a book
Makala Wade
Makala Wade - преди 3 часа
Lol (fyi) grape jelly and blood are not the same.😂
Arti Joshi
Arti Joshi - преди 3 часа
Who will bring charcoal , waterfilter and a hotglue gun on a camping trip
vipin kaundal
vipin kaundal - преди 3 часа
you should tell about that things which are you using.
Blake Mckenzie
Blake Mckenzie - преди 3 часа
ごうきくんだいすき - преди 3 часа
THE HACKER - преди 3 часа
Science 😉
Mu Jiono
Mu Jiono - преди 3 часа
Vidio dandut
유로트럭 - преди 3 часа
dlrj tv skdha
rommel Manzano
rommel Manzano - преди 3 часа
I finally watch this after a month later
Shivani Devi s
Shivani Devi s - преди 3 часа
ALEXIS SHIELD - преди 3 часа
Nurhayati Ela
Nurhayati Ela - преди 3 часа
Shaikha Alnaqbi
Shaikha Alnaqbi - преди 3 часа
I love the song
edi edi
edi edi - преди 3 часа
Eduard CRBL Romania nu-i place dragostea lui Eduard toate drepturile rezervate aproape o treime o treime dintre
Arwen Semara
Arwen Semara - преди 4 часа
you telling me this thumbnail really told you to bring a toilet seat on a camping trip
Piki parrot
Piki parrot - преди 4 часа
7:01 thats just gonna bring more mosquitoes..
Like if u agree
Hà Đinh
Hà Đinh - преди 4 часа
Còn thấy cái quần
Bodo Amat
Bodo Amat - преди 4 часа
The toilet was so gross
Poop Hot omg
Poop Hot omg - преди 4 часа
These hats are so inappropriate like a ... I shouldn’t say it
Poop Hot omg
Poop Hot omg - преди 4 часа
* in a good way* omg I don’t know why I did that
rich whiteboii
rich whiteboii - преди 4 часа
Did you check the toilet scene .my fav!
editxacc May
editxacc May - преди 4 часа
the thumbail i-
Malaika Bukasa-Modeste
Malaika Bukasa-Modeste - преди 4 часа
How often do u go camping and u see people with electrical gloves a toilet seat and a hot glue gun?
jacob Henry
jacob Henry - преди 4 часа
They stole my idea on the toilet paper box
Violet Gilbertson
Violet Gilbertson - преди 4 часа
At 5:40 did anyone else think the top of her sandals looked like an bunch of ants
Pretzel Stick
Pretzel Stick - преди 4 часа
8:18 Hang on let me grab the *YEAST*
Dan Fors
Dan Fors - преди 4 часа
Now that's a song I never want to hear again.
Lauryn Doherty
Lauryn Doherty - преди 4 часа
You need an outlet
Sanaa Kh
Sanaa Kh - преди 4 часа
حيل وافكار
HelloIts RandomJake
HelloIts RandomJake - преди 4 часа
Poop: *plop*
Emma Cain
Emma Cain - преди 4 часа
But.... you don’t need a sling for your hand/wrist... (3:20)
Marife Moncayo
Marife Moncayo - преди 4 часа
1:20 when i am a kid my shoes got wet when im on school 😅