I Let My Ex Pick My Bae: Leighla | Bestie Picks Bae

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Leighla and Dineh started dating during their first semester of college. Things didn't work out, and they decided they worked better as friends. Now, Leighla has recruited her ex-turned-bestie, Dineh, to help pick her next bae. Leighla's looking for a girl or guy who's engaged in their community, the right combo of booksmart and streetsmart, and has a great fashion sense. She's trusting her ex to find her next girlfriend or boyfriend-will he pick the right one, or is he being shady?
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Seventeen - преди 5 месеца
Since Dineh is her ex do you think he's more likely to pick a guy or a girl to be her bae??
Retro_Style 80
Retro_Style 80 - преди месец
Why does it matter, why ask a question out of this whole video saying "OH is he going to pick a guy ir a girl?".
KitDaUnicorn - преди месец
@Bria Brie YEAH!!!I AGREE
KitDaUnicorn - преди месец
Yo stop acting petty and stupid.
Acer’s World
Acer’s World - преди 2 месеца
A girl x
ميم - преди 3 месеца
@Jillian Watts WTF?
Person12345677 - преди 5 часа
for the feminist question the first guys answer was good and i hate how the 2 girls faces were like he said that some of them do the stuff he listed he neer said all of them do?
Lee the boss
Lee the boss - преди ден
No guy is jus tryna b friends specially wit ur x it's tryna get Bak or sex zodiac stuff is real 2 a point
Crystal E.
Crystal E. - преди 3 дни
Wait, of all people she decided to bring her ex boyfriend to pick out her new........................well alrighty then
Kayla Lanier
Kayla Lanier - преди 3 дни
I stopped watching after he eliminated Michael
caitlyn elizabeth
caitlyn elizabeth - преди 5 дни
Kevin's hair-
Malanala - преди 5 дни
Poor Kevin. But I understood what he meant when he said he wasn't a feminist.
YaGurl Kensley
YaGurl Kensley - преди 7 дни
This show is really stupid cause they eliaminate people just because their personality or something they did
Thorn Roseee
Thorn Roseee - преди 9 дни
He did her dirty.
mia new
mia new - преди 10 дни
Okay question. Are they dating and what’s their instagrams?
Chazz Williams
Chazz Williams - преди 14 дни
Paused the video on Michael's elimination to come to the comments. Dineh is a fucking hater.
Superlung 888
Superlung 888 - преди 15 дни
I think that bLonde guy and the girl with black hair r quarks what's they ig
Ria Ona
Ria Ona - преди 19 дни
Her ex looks like he heard voices 😂
x3sirix3 - преди 28 дни
What the hell was AMIR saying in the INTRO??? I couldn`t understand his last words.
Thel Nu Htwe
Thel Nu Htwe - преди 28 дни
this was wack
endrent - преди 29 дни
No one:
Not a single soul:
Kevin: *starts touching you*
Reema m
Reema m - преди 29 дни
these were the weirdest questions by far lmao.. who picking their bae based on their top 5 seasonings
lust - преди месец
this is so dumb lol
Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson - преди месец
okay but WHERE can I listen to Cheyenne's musical editions of horror movies
Dana Paradise
Dana Paradise - преди месец
sis said the most spontaneous thing she did was dance in the snow and he eliminates the guy that skydived??
Dana Paradise
Dana Paradise - преди месец
that dancing question was awkward as fuck
babybunny Dahlia
babybunny Dahlia - преди месец
He did her DIRTY.. keeping the wack dudes while getting rid of the two best ones and they even COOK! He’s so insecure and jealous ew
Thenjiii xx
Thenjiii xx - преди месец
That guy with the maroon jacket... is that SWEAT on his armpits?
Jaelyn Harris
Jaelyn Harris - преди месец
I feel that Leigha wants someone to have the same beliefs, same personality and I get it. You want a conversation starter, but also I think it’s okay have different views and educate your partner, she irked me
Elisha Johnson
Elisha Johnson - преди месец
Cheyenne mad cool i hope she doing well
Kiana Jay
Kiana Jay - преди месец
I 100% agree with what the first guy said about feminism
Kiana Jay
Kiana Jay - преди месец
Michael was the hottest one there what??
DC NOLA - преди месец
That sky diving dude was fine af😍😍😍
shutupstace - преди месец
griffin is a whole snack
iateyoursandals - преди месец
i cAnT bEliEvE hE dOeSnT kNoW hIs SpIcEs, ELIMINATED
What’s your favorite seasoning?

sHoOkEtH - преди месец
When Kevin’s hair went:

I felt that..
Mr Temporal
Mr Temporal - преди месец
First dance move?
Vi Tym
Vi Tym - преди месец
anyone know cheyenne’s @ ? i love her style
Jake Crowson
Jake Crowson - преди месец
My Asian man out here spittin facts
Inés - преди месец
As soon as that guy said he wasn’t a feminist, everyone in that room knew he’d fucked up
kylie g
kylie g - преди месец
okay but michael seemed so great and was really attractive and seemed like her type if she likes ASAP rocky
Martion Camprubi
Martion Camprubi - преди месец
my man really said ketchup
Ahmed Alam
Ahmed Alam - преди месец
He just wanted to pick a female so he doesn't feel insecure about himself
Ahmed Alam
Ahmed Alam - преди ден
@Rebecca wyd tn
Rebecca - преди месец
Ahmed Alam so true
Ahmed Alam
Ahmed Alam - преди месец
17:02 what is that hair style called?
Kevin's Journal
Kevin's Journal - преди месец
Kevin here, I just got a haircut before the filming, tried a new barber, and don't know what he did, maybe call it the bed spike hair lol