Toyota Supra 2020 in-depth review - tested on road, sideways on track and over the 1/4 mile sprint!

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Jasper Ckv
Jasper Ckv - преди 2 часа
Looks like a clone z4
Dario Paolini
Dario Paolini - преди 2 часа
What exactly did Toyota do aside from slap a new shell on it? I'm so confused by this partnership. Two very different brands and it seems like BMW has done all the heavy lifting 🤔
Some Supra Lover
Some Supra Lover - преди 5 часа
But the McLaren F1 also relied on a BMW engine and also other McLaren's
leon gao
leon gao - преди 6 часа
I would buy the supra tune the engine since it's 11k cad cheaper
ELPJM09 - преди 7 часа
The Supra will be reliable like any other Toyota. Yes it has BMW engine but Toyota tuned the car to their specifications.
Kk Kk
Kk Kk - преди 7 часа
Being it’s a bmw it’s going to need every bit of that five year warranty !
.a. .ko.
.a. .ko. - преди 10 часа
Samsung doesnt have android auto either
Ikuraga - преди 11 часа
If it’s bmw electronics get ready to replace ecus and modules...
Smeg somethingorother
Smeg somethingorother - преди 12 часа
*The back of it looks like ass*
xdygmnyrdf - преди 15 часа
This car won't sell. It's ugly, expensive, and doesnt even have manual gearbox.
MCK Rides
MCK Rides - преди 15 часа
This one is going to struggle.. Unless they change the name to Z4 Coupe🤔🤔🤔
Burmingum A
Burmingum A - преди 16 часа
TOYOTA if we wanted a BMW 10 year life cycle engine we would buy a BMW!! Complete fail for the Supra!
Give the next version a TOYOTA ENGINE!!!
Dan Ked
Dan Ked - преди 16 часа
Does it have the 8 speed DCT
OUTFOXEM - преди 16 часа
Literally none of the characteristics of a Supra. Though what would I expect from BMW? Of course it doesn't. Really lazy of Toyota to slap a Supra badge on the car. Even more lazy to let another auto manufacturer design their most famous vehicle. Seems like the car itself might turn out to be a fun car, but it's not deserving of the Supra name.
Natures_Symmetry @
Natures_Symmetry @ - преди 17 часа
Ok, so I've waited a long time like everyone to see this car, and after seeing and hearing everything in this video and others I can honestly say I don't like it. Some things just don't mesh right. It's hard to put into words. It might be a good sports car, but the design is weird, inside and out. That combination of BWM buttons and Toyota interior just isn't there for me. Nothing about it is inspiring, or nice to look at, except for the letters Supra on the back. It's like a soulless car. Nothing that hypes or excites. All the excitement and hype was created by the media and the secrecy. But when I look at the finished product, there's just no feel to it. :( And Iove Toyota. I'm a proud owner of a 4Runner TRDpro. In the market for a sports car.
OUTFOXEM - преди 16 часа
I also love Toyota myself (and the Supra of course, who doesn't), but this doesn't do it for me either. Everything that excites you about the Supra... this car has none of that. This is probably more exciting for BMW lovers actually, since they will get the benefits of both. But the Supra badge does not belong on this car. I wouldn't be surprised actually if someone took the Toyota badges off the car and replaced them with the BMW badge.
N ot Me
N ot Me - преди 18 часа
No American in their mind would buy that car
At 2015071
At 2015071 - преди 20 часа
*German* chassis, *Japanese* body, *Italian* Brembo brakes, made in *Austria* .

Javad Birjandi
Javad Birjandi - преди 20 часа
It looks like the new mazda miata (MX-5)
Aria Nandana
Aria Nandana - преди 21 час
All i see was z4, where is the supra ?
crxdelsolsir - преди 22 часа
6.5k red line just like the cars of the 80's .. lower red line yep really exciting. Improvement over the higher revving engines.
ryllleong - преди 23 часа
Could you review the Bentley Mulsanne next?
Ryan BV
Ryan BV - преди ден
This is the new Toyota supra z4 TRD long time on road fun toy.
Frederik Engstrøm
Frederik Engstrøm - преди ден
Am i the only one, who thinks it`s waaaay too much BMW?
Harrence18 - преди ден
"I'll. Keep the fire extinguisher cuz all the mechanical parts are BMW." haha
Alex Jarlos
Alex Jarlos - преди ден
nice review.... loving the new supra;-)
Maeguk - преди ден
This car should be an all electric vehicle.
Fireretro - преди ден
BMWg84 - преди ден
what an ugly pos
AvocadoAtrocity - преди ден
Wait. So this guy is actually a good driver @11:21? Respect for this guy has risen.
From The Edge Of Darkness
From The Edge Of Darkness - преди ден
I sold my Supra years ago, I waited for a long time for a replacement, they kept showing us the FT1,  then this Abomination. I certainly will not be an owner.
Amer Ahmed
Amer Ahmed - преди ден
Please leave all specs aside. All I want to know in the long term which car is going to be an icon? Supra or Z4. I am go for Supra.
Pedro Santos
Pedro Santos - преди ден
The yellow one looks gorgeous! Perfect review Mat, changed my mind about the new Supra
The Lost Atom
The Lost Atom - преди ден
When I heard no manual or no 2JZ engine I stopped wanting the car:(
The Lost Atom
The Lost Atom - преди 15 часа
Timothy CHAN hey man I can dream.
Timothy CHAN
Timothy CHAN - преди ден
I don't think the 2jz would pass emissions standards in 2019, but ok
DB3 - преди ден
Hideous, like a turd from Godzilla!
jzf Lamer
jzf Lamer - преди ден
No manual- No buy
Jared Shelton
Jared Shelton - преди ден
This looks way better than the old ones 🤮. But it's still a Toyota.....and a BMW...both are garbage.
Zooks - преди ден
Love the looks. Pity it has a BMW engine.
John Kr
John Kr - преди ден
What a disappointment.... A big no for Toyota
Animated REALITY
Animated REALITY - преди ден
Bro you really love phones, first in a Tesla video you had a one plus 5 and later the iPhone x and now, you are with my favorite, the Galaxy s10 plus. Nice.
Steven Macdonald
Steven Macdonald - преди ден
Oh dear, that is one seriously ugly car.
Brad Stewart
Brad Stewart - преди ден
Toyota says it has 335hp and 365ft/tq. It has been dynoed at 339hp and 427ft/tq at the wheels.
LIFETIME KEIL - преди ден
feel sorry for the peole who skipped the part where he changes the car, they probably confused how the colour changed 😂
Takumi Lee
Takumi Lee - преди ден
the biggest defeat toyota has ever allowed, toyota why ?
why does toyota develop the LFA ? For what ?
53CopCeco - преди 6 часа
Supra was always mid range sport car with plenty room for boost of performance. Simply turbo charged 2jz was one of first good motors from Yamaha for tuning but with modes needed never have been bulletproof like stock one. This engine will be also very useful for tuning boost. LFA should be top Toyota sport car for fight with Nissan and other high end super cars with maximum focus on sound of engine. Supra is more than 2 fast 2 furious car...
neumi107 - преди ден
Interesting fun fact !
Toyota says all the fake vent openings on the outside fenders are actually put there on purpose as much as the predrilled holes in the engine room for installing future stiffening struts amongst many other things.
Toyota says they did that to allow future tuning companies to pimp up the car to their liking.
That's something I have never heard of from any major car company before ;-)
KomoWp - преди 14 часа
That's awesome! Toyota recently announced they're going to produce parts for mk3-4 again :)
neumi107 - преди ден
In this car are actually 53 badges which say " BMW " on it ... ;-))
But at least the Supra looks much better than the Z4 ...
Jacky Hyper
Jacky Hyper - преди ден
once u have a bmw ......u will not go for new supra.....................................and price of this generation is the worst.....
JojO - преди ден
In Madrid with a belgian plate
Jonathan Kuszpit
Jonathan Kuszpit - преди ден
Everyone saying its a BMW with a Toyota body. Why is that a bad thing? I genuinely think this will be a brilliant car.
Sydney Muzeyah
Sydney Muzeyah - преди ден
I love the Supra, how i wish toyota brought back TOYOTA CHASSER back it have been the most Japanese sports car ever.
adam bennett
adam bennett - преди ден
what an ugly looking car
Adil Khan
Adil Khan - преди ден
The question is, will have the Toyota long term reliability or a BMW's disappointing one
Aiden Paparoa
Aiden Paparoa - преди 2 дни
best Toyota ever produced
Naphtha - преди 2 дни
Really tortured analogy 0:03
very specific name
very specific name - преди 2 дни
Can TURK - преди 2 дни
this is Bmw Suckra
Andrea Downing
Andrea Downing - преди 2 дни
From a BMW Matt you are hilarious love your videos!
vicksmoka - преди 2 дни
You love saying "Nigger" huh
You real slick 😏
ghostgamer90s - преди 2 дни
BMW supra 🤣🤣🤣
mario llamas
mario llamas - преди 2 дни
Looks like the lexus lc 500 but alittle more modern
Harvard Ford
Harvard Ford - преди 2 дни
I know he’s not comparable, cause their styles are totally different. But... Matt is like UK’s Doug Demuro
There’s just something about him that makes me come back for more lol
Mickey Taylor
Mickey Taylor - преди 2 дни
It is hard to believe that Toyota the builder of one of the most legendary cars built in the last century and still talked about and we hoped for a rebirth in this century we find out the only thing Toyota Supra is this body on the car. This is so very disappointing and then to find out its other half is a peace of crap BEMER is beyond belief! BMW has never and will never build a car as bad ass as the SUPRA by Toyota. I wouldn’t give a thin dime for any of the Beamers ever built. Toyota should be ashamed of themselves for getting into bed with BMW as a car maker. All hype no go. ITS like Chevy putting a civic engine in their new C8 Corvette.
jodie stanger
jodie stanger - преди ден
No doubt the Supra was a great car but honestly, BMW has built more legendary vehicle than Toyota has models. The current Turbo Charged inline 6 that BMW make is equivalently as great if not better than the 2JZ from Toyota. I completely agree that this should've been a model completely done by Toyota (I am not a big fan of this whole joint venture between car companies lately) but piece of crap bemer engine? It most definitely is not.
Ben Chesterman
Ben Chesterman - преди 2 дни
Usa is cheaper because there isn't taxes on Mrsp price $49,990usd , some states pay sales taxes . In Australia Supra Gt is going cost $91,000aud drive away in Nsw
Red boy
Red boy - преди 2 дни
After 11:10 🤣👌👌
Musicmann1022 - преди 2 дни
The dude (Mat) can drive! I like it....
ndektseuf - преди 2 дни
i hope Smokey Nagata gonna make a A90 with V12 engine
Pufy Cino
Pufy Cino - преди 2 дни
Fucking British fuck
Misterspankiej - преди 2 дни
Belgian car?! Were you testing it on toyota test track? Pretty sweet ride
Jrich Lagr
Jrich Lagr - преди 2 дни
Japanese got lazy....nani!
RidinONChrome - преди 2 дни
Kinda Kong Kardashian .. hahahahahahahah
Waiting for ES6
Waiting for ES6 - преди 2 дни
Massive marketing campaign to sell BMW's
Mäkki - преди 2 дни
Even tho I love old Supras and don't like any of the BMWs.. I Kind of got in to this thing 😳
octopus cpl91
octopus cpl91 - преди 2 дни
C'est une bm !
Eve Midnight
Eve Midnight - преди 2 дни
Awesome and honest review of the BMW Supra. If I wanted a BMW I would buy a BMW.
The main complaint is not that Toyota teamed up with BMW to build a sports car. The stab in the back is in the nomenclature of the car... It's not a SUPRA, it's not a Japanese sports car in any way or form, it doesn't resemble a Supra. Just a BMW with a Toyota Badge and different looks. Zero Japan, no Japanese funny quirks to it. The stupid thing is made in Austria!!!
jermaine austin
jermaine austin - преди 2 дни
Nice car but not a Supra. It is to BMW for my liking. Why didn't they build FT-1
TD Immanuel
TD Immanuel - преди 2 дни
If you’re going to borrow parts, borrow German
Florin Duduta
Florin Duduta - преди 2 дни
BMW Supra , rubbish make your own car toyota , it shows that Toyota cannot make good cars any more.
Gowtham Bopanna
Gowtham Bopanna - преди 2 дни
What happened to Toyota ... BMW supra
In India suzuki baleno and brezza ... wt next land rover cruiser. .?
Amen Choudhury
Amen Choudhury - преди 2 дни
12:51 you mean SUPRA LIGHT
Jkrui - преди 2 дни
it could do 0-100 in 1sec, STILL a pos bmw, FAKE SUPRA
Thomace22 - преди 2 дни
Strange combo: A Brit doing a review of a Japanese supercar in Spain with a Belgian license plate...
Adam Charles
Adam Charles - преди 2 часа
Muhammad Masters
Muhammad Masters - преди 2 дни
Is it just me or does the European version not have the crackling sounds in the exhaust.. that's all I've seen people talk about in the american reviews. So what's the deal?
Wout stulens
Wout stulens - преди 2 дни
Hey mat this car has a belgium plate iam from belgium where is this filmed?
Wout stulens
Wout stulens - преди 19 часа
+Milan Ap i just have checked all vids there was this one video of the supra that only had the belgian plate
Milan Ap
Milan Ap - преди 19 часа
Wout stulens check all other tests. All have belgian plates and its tested in Madrid
Wout stulens
Wout stulens - преди ден
+Milan Ap ok thank you but this car has a belgian plate it is a bit weird
Milan Ap
Milan Ap - преди ден
Wout stulens Circuito del Jarama, Madrid
Italo Mortola
Italo Mortola - преди 2 дни
Too many haters. This car is quite good and beautiful.
Jay Ryans
Jay Ryans - преди ден
Yeah for a BMW...
Farid Far
Farid Far - преди 2 дни
Trying top speed...
Art - преди 2 дни
do cars like these mean that people have become so absent minded and superficial that even when a car is dressed up as a different brand while it’s the same brand all together doesn’t make a lick of a difference??? ‘So what car did you buy??’ ‘I got a supra, but it’s a bmw’ ‘ha?’. WTF??? How can anyone really appreciate what this supra is supposed to represent when it’s a BMW? Strange days indeed.
Iguana Divergent
Iguana Divergent - преди 2 дни
I love this car but am worried of all the plastic components around the engine, isn't that a sign of unreliability?
53CopCeco - преди 6 часа
No.. Because it's lighter material with only cosmetic and sound isolation purposes. Important stuff is under plastic.
The bus Show UK
The bus Show UK - преди 2 дни
I love the new supra the mk4 supra also had a 3.0 straight six so that had a bmw engine aswell I think it's a great car I love it it is beautiful the 3.0 engine. All these bmw things make it an amazing car
Tokyo Warfare
Tokyo Warfare - преди 2 дни
ZedZedski - преди 2 дни
Not a fan of yellow but this car looks damn good in yellow.
sammni - преди 2 дни
Matt you got reply to the top comment on this video
Sumii - преди 2 дни
Kqly style
100K Official
100K Official - преди 2 дни
So the best part of a car is made by bmw.....
Arthur Katz
Arthur Katz - преди 2 дни
Robert Haskell
Robert Haskell - преди 2 дни
They just released the price, no fucking way.
Warren Elliott
Warren Elliott - преди 2 дни
its so ugly
Alexander Kendrew
Alexander Kendrew - преди 2 дни
So ... basically it's a hard top Z4. What did Toyota actually contribute other than plonking the roof on and tweaking a few bits and pieces?
pm ayo
pm ayo - преди 2 дни
Chassis and engine development, suspension tuning... Both BMW and Toyota created a purpose-built platform so that their desired cars could be built. Oh, and the Supra has been racing since last 2018, so Toyota have a good amount of data for the refining of their own product.
Francisco Lino
Francisco Lino - преди 2 дни
We know that someone will swap a 2jz and a manual transmition into this car
PrezSSS - преди 2 дни
Tom Grenham
Tom Grenham - преди 3 дни
Reviews are great and all but anyone who works in a dealership knows how fucking annoying and what a time waste car wow is
Mustafa SH
Mustafa SH - преди 3 дни