I Was At A Club And Found Out That My Mom Works There

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Sherry Bradshaw
Sherry Bradshaw - преди час
Good ur not spoiled no more
Jasonarfa - преди 4 часа
Me and the boys
This memes oh my god
Peanut butter & Jelly
Peanut butter & Jelly - преди 11 часа

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heli ryot
heli ryot - преди 11 часа
Support your mom though. She gave everything to support you including her dignity.
Make sure she gets a decent retirement fund.
Got cash to spare, have her go on a world tour. There are plenty of those booked in advanced super affordable 4days3nights tours. To places like Japan,Korea,Thailand,Malaysia & etc.
Got more spare cash. Pay for her make over and get her healthy.
TrWills 2
TrWills 2 - преди 12 часа
I'm sorry but ur mom SUCCS
TrWills 2
TrWills 2 - преди 12 часа
Bro why are you always smiling
Fun - преди 14 часа
Mom needs money in any way. Goes into a club underage and drinks
That question in the I button, do you think it’s ok to work as a pole dancer? You won’t believe how many people said yes
Foot Chungus
Foot Chungus - преди ден
* Alva *
* Alva * - преди ден
0:04 why does the mums body look like it’s traced from a family guy photo
Dyane Benitez
Dyane Benitez - преди ден
Why does his mom kinda look like Lois from family guy???
👇of you agree
Catalina Manzo
Catalina Manzo - преди ден
Georgea McDonald
Georgea McDonald - преди ден
2:54 who lies holding there croch like that? XD
ExtremeCringe - преди ден
Mommy sex
Friendly Moons
Friendly Moons - преди 2 дни
Him: 14
Also him: has the same 9 y/o face
The Mclaughlin Family
The Mclaughlin Family - преди 2 дни
your mum is BROKEN
German militaria Collector
German militaria Collector - преди 2 дни
Knees weak arms are heavy moms spaghetti. Lol
Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets
Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets - преди 2 дни
If she was poor then how could she buy you gucci?
Shakira D
Shakira D - преди 2 дни
Why was he smiling the whole time??🤷‍♀️😂
jelly fish
jelly fish - преди 3 дни
Rockabye baby rockabye :">
maureen hrvy
maureen hrvy - преди 3 дни
Rockabyee baby rockabyee
TTC Nova Bus LFS 8788 FAN
TTC Nova Bus LFS 8788 FAN - преди 3 дни
Misspelled word in description
Liza Greene
Liza Greene - преди 4 дни
Sounds like he was REALLY spoiled.

“She always held a straight face and never gave me any candy.”
“She was so mean! I hated staying over at Mrs. Nora’s!”
Come on, bro. Seriously?
TheBolt Master
TheBolt Master - преди 4 дни
Gucci store?
random videos gamer
random videos gamer - преди 4 дни
Omg!!!!! 9:00 is so shocking who would have thought!!😓😓😓😓😲😲😲
Putin TV Show
Putin TV Show - преди 4 дни
The title must be: “My mom was a stripper”
PUBGKNIGHT - преди 4 дни
Thumbnail : My Mom Is A ******
Me: wasn’t it striper because everyone made fun out of the word stripe in it so u had to make it that?
My Story Animated: P E R H A P S
Finn Russ
Finn Russ - преди 4 дни
I hate your channel 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
# FOOTBALL Me - преди 5 дни
Your attitude towards your mother is dégoûtant 🤢
•.Jupiter_the_fur .•
•.Jupiter_the_fur .• - преди 5 дни
“You know like if she just DIED life would be better” wow ok
meepcityAlex uwu
meepcityAlex uwu - преди 5 дни
Biy: *smiling while someone arguing*
CookieKat 104
CookieKat 104 - преди 5 дни
I’m here from Pinely 😂
It'sEthanHere - преди 5 дни
Your mom is a what?
Nick Batutay
Nick Batutay - преди 6 дни
*sees pole dancer poll on info*You really think it's ok!?!?!
au.rellia - преди 6 дни
Why would he call Ms. Nora and not the police or an ambulance-
Julie Beth
Julie Beth - преди 7 дни
Me AnD ThE BoYs GoInG ClUbBiNg
The_Magical_Skweb - преди 7 дни
Y know your mom was a pretty bad mom from the start cause she just bought you a bunch of stuff with out you even working for it, that’s bad parenting.
E Nigga
E Nigga - преди 7 дни
Skeptical frog
Skeptical frog - преди 6 дни
you know that incest is disgusting right?
flexygone meth
flexygone meth - преди 7 дни
my mom was a stripper before i was born
Emmanuel Augustine
Emmanuel Augustine - преди 7 дни
You love your mom but you want her to die.....your EVIL
Jaelyn Nelson
Jaelyn Nelson - преди 7 дни
I'm in camp
Darcy Benedek
Darcy Benedek - преди 7 дни
Ewww he said cus.....
Tina Le Nguyen
Tina Le Nguyen - преди 8 дни
Ribbi Cat
Ribbi Cat - преди 8 дни
Woah 1million sub congrats!
Kayla Burns
Kayla Burns - преди 8 дни
That one comment that got 1k views that you wish u wrote *fakecough* donut head
cat and dogs adventures yeah
cat and dogs adventures yeah - преди 8 дни
I thought she died more views
Gabby 250804
Gabby 250804 - преди 8 дни
Spoiled brat
Kenzie_gatcha and Izzy_gatcha
Kenzie_gatcha and Izzy_gatcha - преди 8 дни
”She would cuss at me.”

Oooooooo she cussed!!
Ola Adeniran
Ola Adeniran - преди 8 дни
Son:i love u
Mum: i your mum
Son: ohh
Mum: you are t he e worst
Ola Adeniran
Ola Adeniran - преди 8 дни
Son: me💝sweet
Mum: stop
deep thinker
deep thinker - преди 8 дни
Him : ok to see other women on the club as strippers.
Him agin: MY MOM CANT BE A STRIPPER?!?!?!?
Me: tf?
candace lawrence
candace lawrence - преди 8 дни
A a lot of nistiynis
Icewallowkumm 422
Icewallowkumm 422 - преди 9 дни
Nibba your a frickin brat
Pusheen_ Edits
Pusheen_ Edits - преди 9 дни
6:19 the face I make when my siblings get in trouble for something I did..
A random channel
A random channel - преди 9 дни
I was at the club bottoms up when I saw my mom stripping
Benjamin Bingaman
Benjamin Bingaman - преди 6 дни
A random channel did you really?
Alexis Mcfadden
Alexis Mcfadden - преди 9 дни
Ms. NoRa DidN’T bUY me CanDiES
Litteraly how can you drink alcool at 14 years old and be at a club😅😅😅
Draven Russell
Draven Russell - преди 9 дни
They said my mom is a striper wtf these idiots could try harder it's spelt stripper
Thomas Mvula
Thomas Mvula - преди 9 дни
Why must he say Gucci store... He can just say "even my bag was from gucci"
Eligible Cuck
Eligible Cuck - преди 10 дни
Typical US attitude towards adult sexuality and all. A woman goes into hard times and you have shit social security, so she works as a stripper. Prostitution is illegal in the most fucked up sex mad nation in the world. And then she doesn't get professional recognition nor acceptance of what she's doing so she turns into alcohol and drugs. The saddest part is towards the end when the boy becomes a man, in a mans world, and does ok, but only pitying her mother that really went on her path to initially support her half grateful, half ungrateful son. As if it was all her fault. It is US society which is fucked up.
Godslayer - преди 10 дни
Living in my neighber house and then living in a good apartment and buy you gucci and etc the next month
It’s Primal
It’s Primal - преди 10 дни
You are spoiled because you never do chores and always got expensive things
Erika The Furry slayer
Erika The Furry slayer - преди 10 дни
*G O O C H I E*
I’m Bacon
I’m Bacon - преди 10 дни
This animation is just lazy...
Fish Candy
Fish Candy - преди 10 дни
Imagine getting a boner from your mom
Fish Candy
Fish Candy - преди 10 дни
Wow you couldn't have candy how terrible
Nafisa Herabi
Nafisa Herabi - преди 10 дни
Leemar marlee
Leemar marlee - преди 10 дни
* sees vote thing *
* sees more picked yes *
Is YouTube drunk or others drunk?
Nash Cartwright
Nash Cartwright - преди 10 дни
what is this
Gloria Villatoro
Gloria Villatoro - преди 10 дни
Also child services questions are kinda disturbing not gonna lie
Chris Ozbirn
Chris Ozbirn - преди 10 дни
heres two storys that i hope you'll extend a lot and make into videos S1(The S doesn't stand for Season But This Case They Stand For Story) On a certain day I had 4/5 (4 out of 5) Stars on my save file in new super mario bros u deluxe but i deserved the 5th and final star (by 5th and final i mean the final star is the 5th star) because I found all 94 exits and all 27 star coins in super star road and caught nabbit in worlds 1-7 but the game didn't give me the final star. S2 I now play 1 of the games i got before the game in S1, so let me set the scene i was play kirby star allies and tryed finding ways to beat the soul melter difficulty in the mode the ultimate choice and how i beat it made me feel really accomplished becuase here are 3 abilities I barely use they are Stone|Suplex|and finally Artist and if you haven't guessed i beat soul melter with those 3 but i used their allie/friend forms and this was at a time after i beat heroes in another dimension with 101 out of 120 friend hearts collected but i have a best friend named Brayden and i was shocked to see that out of me and Brayden And Just me Alone I was Suprised to see that Just me Beat Me And Him(Thats Brayden By the Way) But After the stupidly wish to be the other way around Thing I unlocked Soul melter EX which You Have To beat the Only Difficulty I mentioned And Heroes in another Dimension to Unlock Its Basically Just Soul Melter But with slight differences like the Fact That Unlike Soul melter You're HP Bar isn't cut in half But instead You have A fully Uncut HP Bar And You Have 2 Orange Tomatoes And Twooooooooo Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 2 Grape Juice Bottles And 2 Maximum Tomatoes And most of the bosses Now Have Parallel (i had to use the mic for it) In Their Names So Try To extend Those 2 and make them their own separate videos Please!
Xobey angelX
Xobey angelX - преди 10 дни
Shannon Johnson
Shannon Johnson - преди 10 дни
Well that was A W K W A R D
Lora Salimshoeva
Lora Salimshoeva - преди 10 дни
_y o u w a s a t t h e c l u b_
jaydumb :/
jaydumb :/ - преди 11 дни
you know he’s fucked up when he’s 14 and has a Gucci schoolbag
PEWDIEPIE L PIE - преди 11 дни
7:55 that face tho
Santiago Dimas
Santiago Dimas - преди 11 дни
But I’m not in a foster life
Santiago Dimas
Santiago Dimas - преди 11 дни
I feel you
Santiago Dimas
Santiago Dimas - преди 11 дни
But I’m not in a foster home
Arr Ziz
Arr Ziz - преди 11 дни
Please do consider this as a useful 'companion video' to the 'Philosophytube' channel video on sex work by Oliver Thorn.
Emily isn't a pedophile
Emily isn't a pedophile - преди 11 дни
His moms face makes me want to kashoot myself
Elijah Ford
Elijah Ford - преди 11 дни
Hey, could be worse, atleast she wasn’t a prostitute.
Elijah Ford
Elijah Ford - преди 11 дни
I didn’t know that job payed so well
Elijah Ford
Elijah Ford - преди 11 дни
I went to the collage and found out my mom worked there.
RhemaMusic! - преди 11 дни
You sound like a spoiled child
Manu Bala
Manu Bala - преди 11 дни
this animation sucks
Valerie The smart
Valerie The smart - преди 11 дни
Benjamin olofsson
Benjamin olofsson - преди 11 дни
Mean!! I HAVE FRICKiN CATS!!!!!!
Kieron’s little corner on YouTube
Kieron’s little corner on YouTube - преди 11 дни
Anglers Tube
Anglers Tube - преди 9 дни
Gotta get that pole stiff duh.
Maddie Cooke
Maddie Cooke - преди 11 дни
Bruh is that ur actual voice because I sound British but u live in america
PARIKSHIT MALIK - преди 12 дни
You shouldn't believe your mother
Ithandehui Reyes
Ithandehui Reyes - преди 12 дни
I got a backpack of Gucci store
Me *confused* Gucci store huh it’s Gucci not backpack Gucci store
YABOI LILTTlE SAVAGEG - преди 12 дни
My mom to but not drugs
Rick 4 life • 6 years ago
Rick 4 life • 6 years ago - преди 12 дни
At the start, the child was spoiled af. Less candy is still good enough! Think about homeless people and all the gross food they have to eat and this kid was complaining about getting less candy and his neighbor telling him to stop eating candy? There is way more reasons I think he is spoiled btw.
Rick 4 life • 6 years ago
Rick 4 life • 6 years ago - преди 12 дни
She disgusted you? Even though you were going to drink wine at a young age she disgusted you?? I’m disgusted of you man. You should never break a mom’s promise even if she is being mean to you.
Petar Totev
Petar Totev - преди 12 дни
"I could barely hear her, but i knew something was wrong"
*_Proceeds to smile_*
The Recon
The Recon - преди 12 дни
3:42 4:45
The Recon
The Recon - преди 12 дни
The Recon
The Recon - преди 12 дни
Candy ASMR
Candy ASMR - преди 12 дни
*why were you at the club*
*PoINt BlAnK PeRIodT*
plazma playzxX
plazma playzxX - преди 12 дни
It's ok work as a stripper as long as it's just to take care of you and you're child but it's dum to go to a man's hotel room
If it's to get money to provide for yourselves it's alright with me but she doesn't have to cuss at her son
Or bring men over or drink when you have a child that's stupid!
Juana Lino
Juana Lino - преди 12 дни
My story animated: *censors the word stripper*
Me:*looks at the photo* Nice try...
zehlzvilog - преди 12 дни
your mom was a stripper?