Professor demonstrates how to hack a voting machine

Princeton professor insists Americans should vote using paper ballots
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coconut1984 coconut
coconut1984 coconut - преди 2 месеца
The cameras were not working and the 2 security guards fell asleep. Whoopsie.
Sandeep Kalekar
Sandeep Kalekar - преди 6 месеца
Where is the Democracy of India is moving just because of worst politician. Pl wake up India.
winston ledford
winston ledford - преди 7 месеца
fix the problem one dem-one rep together watching in each station with voting machine
m as
m as - преди 8 месеца
Too can anyone teach to do something wrong....please stop this type of education....
Jet Campbell
Jet Campbell - преди 8 месеца
vote machine rigging is real. Dont believe the lies. Machines can even be tampered from a distance outside the building.
We have video of people taking machines out of the buildings and still no one in government will put a stop to it.Soros says all conservative sites on facebook and youtube will disapear by 20 20 election??? Our citizens will not wake up.
Prabuddh Bharat
Prabuddh Bharat - преди 8 месеца
hey,the hacking of EVM is not possible until and unless you have the machine physically!!
Mr.Right Thinker
Mr.Right Thinker - преди 10 месеца
in 2014 modi' became the prime minister of biggest DEMOCRACY in world by Using EVM HACKING for which country's central ELECTION Commission helped him.
Mohammed Nooruddin
Mohammed Nooruddin - преди година
full secure no hack machine i am build please give me one chance I give one idea website and biometric and cc camera and aadhar based fully digital automatic EVM machine iam invented
zakeia hampton
zakeia hampton - преди година
What about the manufacturer?
J. - преди година
In brazil its way unsafer
Miles A Head
Miles A Head - преди година
How and why do We (USA) allow the potential threat of this to happen??? Why can A Private entity own anything or machine with the greatest Privilege and threat to the integrity of our Voting???
There is a very wrong picture here. Wikiquote dug up such a source: The Memoirs of Stalin’s Former Secretary by Boris Bazhanov, published in 2002. Translated from the Russian, the version which, according to Bazhanov, was uttered in 1923 by Stalin in reference to a vote in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, was this:
“I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.”
Jay Cardon
Jay Cardon - преди година
So that’s how Trump got elected!
David Kennedy
David Kennedy - преди 2 години
He's lying....must work for CNN
Anthony Carfagno
Anthony Carfagno - преди 2 години
7 (min) x 500=?
3,500 Minuets
58 hours
About 2-1/2 DAYS .. to program all 500 Machines
Anthony Carfagno
Anthony Carfagno - преди 2 години
Then again .. Marvin Bush's security Co. only needs 2 Weeks in the Trade Center's & Building #7?
Yutaka Go
Yutaka Go - преди 2 години
The big question is how to hack thousands of voting machines undetected ? Does hacking one machine can change the election outcome ? I don't think so. The fact is all voting machines can be rigged. The problem is how to do it undetected and the difficulties is the number of machines that need to be rigged before election. If you hire thousands of people to do the job, someone will talk and everyone will know about it. Hacking one machine is easy, hacking thousands of machines undetected is mission impossible.
dymaxia23 - преди 3 години
How you all feeling now?
Still want the paper ballots? Change your minds?
No,Isaidposse - преди 3 години
Never underestimate people's desire to cheat. Especially the left.
Panzerdeal - преди 3 години
Don't even need to swap the chip on site...just get the one at the central network hub.
if it's networked to the 'master' they all will flip.
Wilson Bradley
Wilson Bradley - преди 3 години
"Can't be done." Bull$hit.. They prep it before the machines goes into the voting precincts
Dan F
Dan F - преди 3 години
We no longer have a private booths vote run by volunteers. Now it's a government operation. Government has self interest in vote outcomes. Good luck Trump.
craxd1 - преди 3 години
They've already been caught tampering with them, and there are lawsuits against the DNC over the primary now. When exit polls are off by as much as 12%, something is wrong, and somebody is guilty of fraud.
Giraffa Camelopardalis
Giraffa Camelopardalis - преди 3 години
What was wrong with pencil and paper?
kowalityjesus - преди 3 години
electronic voting is retarded
Arsenio Sánchez
Arsenio Sánchez - преди 3 години
The only true why Donald Trump does not have the support of the Cuban-American congressmen.
Kim Winders
Kim Winders - преди 3 години
If Trump supporters would organize a time nationwide to go out into the streets and raise their hands in support of Trump having that mass vote be recorded by GOOGLE MAP, this will show once and for all that Clinton is not the preferred candidate. After that most public display of the American people choice, voter fraud would be difficult to get past us.
NPC #10101010101
NPC #10101010101 - преди 3 години
Oh, no! It could "never" happen!
Communists (Democrats) have never cheated in elections before!
There is no pattern of Socislists (Democrats) cheating in elections. No long, long history of it. No desire to win (steal other people's money) by any means necessary on the part of human parasites (Democrats).
I mean that one governer in Virgina(?) that during THIS VERY ELECTION is attempting to cheat and throw the vote by giving pardons to over 200,000 black felons, so that they might hopefully vote for racist Hillary,... that shows no pattern of deceit and willingness to do whatever it takes to loot and steal by way of gov power.
Never trust a socialist (Democrat). They are pure evil, vile racists or self loathing white people.
Wake up America!
giguere56 - преди 3 години
the insider is already at the manufacturing plant. lol
Joisey - преди 3 години
No system is safe when it's only DemocRats in the room.
BeHisLikeness - преди 3 години
great... an instruction video on how to hack a voting machine... FOX News is so stupid
Donna - преди 3 години
nj official is full of shit
Ex's Gaming Channel
Ex's Gaming Channel - преди 3 години
election official made a strawman argument. no one said they needed to hack all 500 of his machines...
jimmy jon
jimmy jon - преди 3 години
wow Hilliiar is really the devil
Dragon-Soul_912 - преди 3 години
Woah, 4 bucks for a chip.
Mark D
Mark D - преди 3 години
It will be messed with at the state level where precinct totals are compiled. You guys are looking at the wrong thing. talk to someone from Black Box Voting.
Louis John
Louis John - преди 3 години
Sanders voting was hacked now it is going to be Trump stage is set just the way CNNwas bribed so the voting machine will be hacked slowly America is becoming a rogue state
webbgroup - преди 3 години
Highly unlikely....
Sue Rarick
Sue Rarick - преди 3 години
The professor got his 2 minuets of fame ........ 7 minuets alone - LMAO ........ That's 58 hours just to rig those Hudson county machines ..... nuff said
Jack Flash
Jack Flash - преди 3 години
Sue, the point is.. it's simple to rig the machines. They could have been shipped from the factory or even converted before they got to the "Secure" location. The point is. they CAN be easily rigged.
Phite Onn
Phite Onn - преди 3 години
Silly question I'm sure but do they have wifi chips also?
Ultimagtr650 - преди 3 години
It does not matter if they have not seen hacking using this method....If its possible, then thats all the evidence you need. Their attitude shows that this is wide open because the stakes could not be higher.
Ultimagtr650 - преди 3 години
This is Clintons only chance to win ,and this is why the polls have been loaded with up to 10% more democrats...Then when they squeek out a win it does not look like its totally against the odds