The Origin of Consciousness - How Unaware Things Became Aware

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Sources and link to book by Rupert Glasgow:
Consciousness is perhaps the biggest riddle in nature. In the first part of this three part video series, we explore the origins of consciousness and take a closer look on how unaware things became aware.
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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell - преди 11 месеца
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lord Frieza
lord Frieza - преди 4 дни
@Punisher Lee and your evidence for that claim is?
Snap At A Chat
Snap At A Chat - преди 4 часа
Consciousness is far too complex to make any confident assertions on, but to me it seems like it's an awareness of our own awareness of our awareness. It enables us to desire to desire what we should desire, even when it goes against our desire to do things like live. It enables us to die for a noble cause despite extreme pain and temptation.
Marmalade Magnus
Marmalade Magnus - преди 7 часа
5:35 My last brain cells guiding me to eat shredded cheese at 3 AM.
Philip Nunn
Philip Nunn - преди 13 часа
The sort of shit you think of when you've smoked way to much weed
Red Dulge
Red Dulge - преди 15 часа
I'm more fascinated when people develop self-consciousness, thinking about their thoughts and actions; having to become existential, thinking deeply about the world and self, “How am I here? How did I get inside this body?” Until they stop to realize and accept the fact that they're to continue living in reality.
Mahfuz Luiser
Mahfuz Luiser - преди 22 часа
To me consciousness is like pre- experienced subjective phenomena.
Kenny Is Cool
Kenny Is Cool - преди ден
3:38 Maurice
Pseudo X
Pseudo X - преди ден
consciousness is from the soul
Muhammad Asif
Muhammad Asif - преди ден
Perhaps it is time for us to realize that consciousness is yet another super-natural that lives within us and that this the only alien who/which is not our enemy.
Whether consciousness is a living thing or not, it is a matter of debate however, consciousness exists even after our death.
Our soul may be life source according to our current level of understanding of human anatomy. Perhaps this is because we are only interested in medical sciences that deal with our body only and not with the other non-physical (by our current standards) beings that exist within us or perhaps around us.
We can say that our consciousness does not manifest itself because of the internal and external deceptions from other human hosts who are under more severe control (of aliens).
Perhaps another important purpose of life is to find your own consciousness. Perhaps that is why some gurus think of consciousness as a flying object or something. You know, this might be true as well. 🤔
What is consciousness? There must be a definition before we can expand the details of this stuff.
Let's say that our consciousness is the range of our enpicturement of our own existence.
🤔 Yup; that should suffice.
Rathanak's Life
Rathanak's Life - преди ден
Bro its simulation theory
JAYFUL FILMZ - преди ден
Every time people talk about something evolving such as the eye. They explain it in such a way that makes it seem like their is a goal! They’ll say something like “the eye evolved to see prey better” yea but why would it do that ? What would tell it to do that ? & how would it know over billions of years that it needs to get to that point ? Evolution is flawed & we don’t even know it!
JAYFUL FILMZ - преди ден
Everyhting is a Mind game if I put a tadpole on the floor & somehow we got to watch it evolve into a human being over the course of billions of years, you would agree that something is programmed in it to instruct it to do that! I just think they should explain it better, don’t explain it like theirs a reason for things evolving then say “oh no it just randomly gets there, yea an eye evolved to see prey better but didn’t know why it did so” that’s dumb af, my mind can’t comprehend that, if you know something then speak up but don’t be simple minded bruh
Everyhting is a Mind game
Everyhting is a Mind game - преди ден
Evolution is under no obligation to Make sense to u just like the universe go argue with your mom
Adam Newe
Adam Newe - преди ден
No as apes we just ate lsd mushrooms and it changed our brain structure
Early on in my psychedelic career I noticed something curious. While tripping, when I cast my gaze upon the fancy detailed psychedelic poster there wasn't much going on but when I looked at the featureless white wall beside, it swarmed with indescribably beautiful complex intertwining shapes all glowing from within in multicolored light. This leads me to imagine that our apish ancestors eating shrooms in complex jungle saw nothing strange at all. Only later when they started growing crops and building walls did they have a canvas on which the drugs could draw.
Great Minecraft Projects & Tips
Great Minecraft Projects & Tips - преди ден
I don’t think anyone figured out what is consciousness. I think being conscious means being aware of your surroundings which means feeling pain or seeing . That is processing information in your mind . So consciousness means processing impulses. You would be surprised if you know that I am only 10
Everyhting is a Mind game
Everyhting is a Mind game - преди 7 часа
@REDPUMPERNICKEL nah consiousnes is simply awereness even if u don't think or feel anything u can still be the stop with the cringy I think therefore I am bs
REDPUMPERNICKEL - преди 18 часа
@Everyhting is a Mind game I think by impulses is meant the signals that traverse the neurons and these are in fact impulses (more accurately, waves of depolarization/repolarization). Or are you of the opinion that a frozen brain will have no effect on the consciousness of its owner?
Everyhting is a Mind game
Everyhting is a Mind game - преди ден
Consiousness is not processing Impulses that could be the same as saying consiouness is the brain wtf
Why would I be surprised? But yes, I am in complete agreement and I'm 70. The most important word is 'process'. Consciousness IS a process. Seems to me, and you, quite obvious.
Reyna Arawan
Reyna Arawan - преди 2 дни
So you must think there was something that *decided* to make it easier to find food.
Always looking for ways to catch an atheist slipping.
Reyna Arawan
Reyna Arawan - преди 18 часа
@REDPUMPERNICKEL and I know you're not an intellectual person if you don't understand what I'm saying by now.
Reyna Arawan
Reyna Arawan - преди 18 часа
@REDPUMPERNICKEL if your brain was scooped out of your skull you wouldn't be able to control your physical body. Doesn't mean there isn't consciousness unrelated to the brain you used. The body is just a vehicle for a greater consciousness. And how do you explain simple life forms deciding to look for more food if there was no brain? Why didn't it just consume until it died. What's the point in something that is not sentient choosing to evolve. It must *want.* But how does it want if it has no brain? It proves consciousness came before brains even existed.
REDPUMPERNICKEL - преди 18 часа
@Reyna Arawan I know you are not a scientist because if you were you would never talk about 'proof'. Science is not in the proof business. Do you really imagine that if your brain was scooped out of your skull you would not notice?
Reyna Arawan
Reyna Arawan - преди ден
@REDPUMPERNICKEL except that scientific explanations lean towards proof of consciousness outside of human bodies and not dependent on a brain.
You err if you think you know anything about anyone who is not convinced that gods exist based on that one fact.
Erik dos Santos
Erik dos Santos - преди 2 дни
0:52 all christians know
If Christians know then why do they have faith?
Alex Simeonov
Alex Simeonov - преди 3 дни
"The original function of consciousness was probably to direct a mobile self that was short of energy to a fresh supply of food" - this applies not only to animals but to all living beings! Bacteria, archaea and protists always move in one way or another towards their source of energy (chemical or electromagnetic), fungi always move their hyphae towards digestible organic matter (chemical energy), and plants always move their roots towards water and minerals and stems and leaves towards light (electromagnetic energy). Does this mean that all life is conscious? Well according to this statement - YES!
Alex Simeonov
Alex Simeonov - преди 21 час
Agree. For example, experiments have shown that plants are very good at solving problems, I.e. they are "intelligent". They can even differentiate between self and non-self, for example, when a root comes in contact with another root in the soil it "knows" whether the root is from the same plant (self) or from another plant (non-self). Leaves show the same behavior. But do all of these properties make plants conscious? I would say NO. Problem solving and "intelligence" is more or less common to all life, but consciousness is a specific byproduct of the activity of a complex nervous system.
"The original function of consciousness was probably to direct a mobile self that was short of energy to a fresh supply of food" I say, probably not. I have programmed my robot to report to it's base station when it detects a low voltage in its battery. I am pretty sure my robot is not conscious. Unless that's the definition of conscious. But we already have a word, it's called behavior. Surely the two words have different meanings? And surely the whole video debases the meaning of the world 'self'?
raw_beats - преди 3 дни
Maybe try looking at consciousness from a different perspective. We are aware of things that happen around us, but not that much of what happens inside of us.
If a thought arises, most people are not really aware that this is a totally unconscious event. It is like a story that is told to you and it goes on and on and oh then the next thought arises and this goes on repeat all day. Most of the time you just think without actually realizing it. And most of the time the thoughts can be really negative towards other people, situations and even yourself.
Try this next time you notice that you are thinking:
just consciously watch your thoughts without adressing or judging them, you will see they already lose their power over you and even occur less from time to time, depending on how frequently you get aware of it. - that is consciousness, you can even be aware of your thoughts.
Thinking is a part of consciousness, but you are not your thoughts. Almost every human *thinks* that what he is, are his thoughts. Guess who is telling you that? :D
Tooney Moo
Tooney Moo - преди 3 дни
what if the whole world is in your brain and conscience is a lie
The whole universe is in my brain but it's been condensed into the word 'universe'. Is the universe merely a word? Am I merely a word? Are me and I the same person? How can I be both a body and a word? It's all so confusing.
Everyhting is a Mind game
Everyhting is a Mind game - преди 3 дни
We r the universe tho so that could not surprise me at all
Justin Baters
Justin Baters - преди 3 дни
There's a mistake at 2:40 I think it'd be a good idea to look over your vids multiple times looking for mistakes :)
tony stark
tony stark - преди 4 дни
Considering the fact that we are just a lot of atoms, how are we able to think while we are just atoms
REDPUMPERNICKEL - преди 15 часа
@tony stark You are most welcome but be aware, your next best step would be to try and find the problems in what I wrote. Cheers!
tony stark
tony stark - преди 16 часа
@REDPUMPERNICKEL sincerly thank you a lot, i'm a 17 french student and you're the only that could give me such a good answer, thank you a lot you answered to the majority of the questions i was questionning myself
REDPUMPERNICKEL - преди 17 часа
@tony stark You know already that sometimes you are conscious and sometimes you are not. What is it like to be not conscious? It's not like anything. It's non existence. It's as though you had never been born. It's like what it will be like after you die. It won't be like anything. And you are very, very familiar with it, more so every night. When you are conscious, that is what you are. You ARE conscious. It is not something you possess, it is your very essence. Being and being conscious are one and the same. You might need to ponder that a while to really deeply grasp it. Energies in the world impinge upon your sense organs. Cells in these organs encode the intensities of those energies by proportionately modulating the frequency with which they emit electro-chemical events (called neural impulses). These propagate down the cell's axon and into your brain where they cascade into multitudes of other streams and interact with vastly many others present there and in the doing execute the logic of the neurons. This is the very heart of the dance. Atoms merely constitute the base of a pyramid of complexity, the substrate far below. Think molecules and organelles and then the cells. (And by the way, did you know, the average human cell consists of about 100 trillion atoms and the average human body of 100 trillion cells?). How can anyone fail to imagine mere consciousness is beyond the capacity of something of such vast complexity. Our social lives seem quite simple in comparison, there are, after all, only 8 billion of us. Consciousness is simply what all that looks like from the inside. But wait, there's more, I'll leave it up to you.
tony stark
tony stark - преди 17 часа
Yes i see, good illustration ;), but the question stays the same i mean, why aren't we like plants, constituate of atoms but without the ability to think or to have consciousness, what's the thing that we have more that make us able of this? I know we have a brain but our brain is atoms too, is our ability to think and have consciousness only come from the "dance of atoms"? If so which dance? What's happen?
REDPUMPERNICKEL - преди 19 часа
@tony stark Imagine a person instantaneously frozen to near absolute zero causing all of that persons atoms to stop moving, all of their neural activity suspended... and a hundred years go by. Then they are instantaneously thawed. How could that person know a hundred years have passed? Would they even notice that anything had happened? Do you see?
Soulelo Lo
Soulelo Lo - преди 4 дни
To think about it, everything is in some form of conscious. F.E. when some atom or molecule comes closer to another it sort of becomes aware of it and merges together. Particles are aware of other particles. We don't call this consciousness but it is in some way. The universe is big and maybe someone is out there and don't think of us anything more than some particles moving through space and time.
The video is profoundly wrong everywhere it confuses reactivity with consciousness. And it is utterly debased by misuse of the word 'self'.
Pendragon - преди 4 дни
consciousness is not an emergent property
Well no. It is not a property at all. It is a process. Sure process needs matter to be the process of, but it's not the matter per se. Process is not a property of matter, it is simply the dynamic pattern that moving matter defines. Thus consciousness is immanent not emergent. When the pattern of the process is disturbed beyond certain limits (by, say, a bullet thru the brain) the process ceases to be, consciousness ends. Could anything be more clear?
ForcesNL - преди 4 дни
Language is probably a key in this. Because it makes it alot easier to remember things and express them. You can write things down and explain those things to others which makes them able to relate.
Awareness however, what I think. Mostly is beeing in control of your natural instincts. Awareness obviously develops later in life. Such as responsabilty and caring.
An Anime Weeb
An Anime Weeb - преди 4 дни
At 7:20, the thief bird was just like, “HEY! Get you tail feathers back here!”
Eric Ulric
Eric Ulric - преди 4 дни
You also can't say that no one has come close to the explanation because it's unlikely you've exhausted every analysis.
Eveo Airo
Eveo Airo - преди 5 дни
0:56 I am Danny and I am Drew and we are not the same person
Ubi Vermis Cerritulus
Ubi Vermis Cerritulus - преди 5 дни
A life form is just a absurdly complex machine made of matter so if conciousness originates from matter the matter must have an aspect of conciousness and if we are conciousness composed of numerous separate pieces of matter than there must be one conciousness which is separate by its ability to communicate with itself. We are all One my friends! One in the river we hear the Word, we lose ourselves but we find it all!
Everyhting is a Mind game
Everyhting is a Mind game - преди 4 дни
@Ubi Vermis Cerritulus I'm not the eye I'm the conscious self my feelings r just programming of my brain whatver I think or hear starts in the brain and moves to the mind or vice versa doesn't really Matter as u say we r all one I could not disagree however the brain creates awereness thru the senses the way u see and feel and our minds try to connect into the brain however it can't because its a separate entity like consiousnes Merly I know consiouness goes far beyond the brain and is just an information selector for the brain in any form the simulation theory makes sense we might be in a dream world experiencing different things however where do u draw the Line between a dreamer and a dream or real between fake or You and Me its a mystery to say we r all the same manifestation of life,I cant stress enough everything is subjective and objectivity starts in the brain forget about religion without the brain our conscious experience could mean nothing in that case u cant say we r the universe in such form but we create the universe thru our sense or we r the Sense organ of life and the universe as a whole anyways it wont makes sense to say consiouness just pop out of the universe while evolution tuned our brains to form a consious thinking and feeling animal without any restrictions of its nature how can anyone disprove this anology?
Ubi Vermis Cerritulus
Ubi Vermis Cerritulus - преди 4 дни
@Everyhting is a Mind game The brain connects conciousness and gives it information but it doesnt create conciousness. Imagine we are all just a simulation, you and I both think we are individuals but really we both are the singular computer being tricked into believing we are separate individuals like the people you meet inside a dream. I'm not saying we are a simulation but it is a good way to visualize what we truly are. We are the universe, we are life, and we are conciousness. We are One and we are Legion. How can a dead universe make life? Life comes from life, the universe has life so it is alive. God is the eye looking through your mind and out into the universe, the light shines and the darkness doesnt comprehend it. The ancients tried to explain things in parables and metaphors but we take everything literally. Search your feelings, and realize you are the Eye, see Me and understand you see you.
Everyhting is a Mind game
Everyhting is a Mind game - преди 4 дни
Damn but I think consiousnes is just a product of the brain
Alexander Jones
Alexander Jones - преди 5 дни
If you don't listen to this video on 0.75x you're doing it all wrong
Mark Staddon
Mark Staddon - преди 5 дни
Dont care what you say i can figure it out for myself.
Ur Mom
Ur Mom - преди 5 дни
This confused me so much,
Probably because it's full of nonsense. For example, it calls the little blob a 'self'. This seriously violates our understanding of the word. The meaning of the word 'self' is intimately related to the meaning of the word 'consciousness'. So it's setting you up to absorb a mystery in the guise of an understanding. Of course you are confused.
Yash G
Yash G - преди 5 дни
"Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it." Buddha / Gautama siddarthA, founder of Buddhism.
Jp Overton
Jp Overton - преди 6 дни
It’s the forbidden fruit read the Bible
George Washington
George Washington - преди 6 дни
What if hearts do don’t beat what if they only start beating when the do surgery or look at it through a camera maybe the heart has a disorder that gives him anxiety in front of people slash camera
ABizzareChannel XD
ABizzareChannel XD - преди 7 дни
I be watching some big brain videos
Julia Bryant
Julia Bryant - преди 7 дни
Wow. You really are what you eat.
Kuraden - преди 7 дни
Consciousness looks an AWFUL lot like envy :P
James Gwapo
James Gwapo - преди 7 дни
What if true consciousness is the friends we made along the way
Jackie Chen
Jackie Chen - преди 7 дни
my definition of consciousness is the point of view of first-person and we are first person
Yash G
Yash G - преди 5 дни
Lovely 😍
Everyhting is a Mind game
Everyhting is a Mind game - преди 7 дни
Not reliable at all anything that's alive can have first degree angle view
Lynoll Ellis
Lynoll Ellis - преди 7 дни
Dxm watching this....
Nathan Mazza
Nathan Mazza - преди 8 дни
Love the narrators voice. I've heard it on a bbc show from netflix one time. . . While on shrooms. Amazing.
Moonglow - преди 8 дни
"Consciousness" a stupid word. Imho.
Moonglow - преди ден
@REDPUMPERNICKEL maybe it's a bad idea to make a science out of life ? to make an "object" out of life ? Which is impossible right ? So what is consciousness ? It's the one who has it, after all, I would say. The one who is conscious. So it's you and me, and all life. And can that be finally defined ? I think not. But it's still fun to talk about it. Imho. ^^
@Moonglow "purely subjective ?" Here is a ramble of more or less relevant thoughts... A thought has two aspects: what the thought is about... and the process of being thunk. Let's call what the thought is about the 'object' (the topic, the point). When a thought is about the self it makes of self the object. Subjective self can know itself only as an object. Subjective self exists for sure while thinking's going on. But when subjective self ceases to think, she ceases to exist. We call that dreamless sleep (or unconscious, or dead). There was a time in each of our lives when we did not know how to speak. There was a time in human history when none knew how to speak. How could they make a plan without the word 'tomorrow'? What was it like to think without words? Instinct I think should cover it. Was they really thinking? Do you remember? All I can remember is a mobile hanging over me and a great confusion. If consciousness, as we know it, depends for its being on the ability to think in words, then if we do not know the words or if those words have yet to be invented, we are destined for frustration and confusion. Has anyone a consensus definition of consciousness? No! So case in point. We do not have the words. Our language is not sufficiently developed. One day perhaps, if we keep at it. Well, that didn't turn out as clearly as I optimistically expected. It's a tricky topic.
Everyhting is a Mind game
Everyhting is a Mind game - преди 7 дни
@Moonglow consiouness is the universe(All sapient beings is one) way of experiencing itself or its surroundings thats all I can tell u.
Moonglow - преди 7 дни
@Everyhting is a Mind game yes I think so too. Dead matter can't create consciousness so it must be the other way round. "Consciousness" is first, but what is "consciousness" ? It's me and you, after all. There is no other "consciousness".
Everyhting is a Mind game
Everyhting is a Mind game - преди 7 дни
@Moonglow still doesn't justify why we r not the brain lol just joking but consiouness is what makes Everything around u real u can even say its the fabrication of real it but I doubt consiouness is a part of the universe seems really wierd to think Objective things can creat subjective things to observe itself but this is what happened god did or magic who f*ckin knows.
Oceanman - преди 8 дни
sort by new comments gang wya
Hurrikano - преди 8 дни
Imagine needing consciousness to work out what it is.
Glitch The Deer
Glitch The Deer - преди 9 дни
its something that we will never be able to really understand because we cant feel how other things feel, its simple
Kuku Alvarado
Kuku Alvarado - преди 9 дни
Exceptionally smart human scientists out there thinking theyr close to being god... But still cant make a fully synthetic frog with learning AI..
Kuku Alvarado
Kuku Alvarado - преди 9 дни
Social media slowly removing that from millenials tho..
Sonny12681 - преди 9 дни
Consciousness is the true God.
Gösta Nilsson
Gösta Nilsson - преди 9 дни
what if a bed is acctually hard but it loosens up when you lie on it?
Cheeseng Sim
Cheeseng Sim - преди 10 дни
From human to animal, weird
Cheeseng Sim
Cheeseng Sim - преди 10 дни
The animal that Kurgehagsts made: What is this place?
Bēowulf Allrauðr
Bēowulf Allrauðr - преди 10 дни
You forgot God bro
Thomas Z
Thomas Z - преди 10 дни
4:50 Flying plumbuses!
B B - преди 10 дни
The definition of life at 2:19 "life is a part of the universe that sustains itself and makes more of itself". Therefore, fire is alive...
Everyhting is a Mind game
Everyhting is a Mind game - преди 10 дни
@B B nah your the waste of time
B B - преди 10 дни
@Everyhting is a Mind game Wow, I never said life was meaningless. And now you resort to insults. I think your intelligence is very low and I am wasting my time conversing with you. You can barely put together a cohesive sentence, don't understand simple logic, and can't read apparently. I won't waste my time reading your idiotic response...
Everyhting is a Mind game
Everyhting is a Mind game - преди 10 дни
@B B life is special in many ways u saying its meaningless just prooves u r clue less.
B B - преди 10 дни
@Everyhting is a Mind game According to the definition they presented, it fits perfectly. -Sustains itself by consuming raw materials for energy. -Makes more of itself. It fits those two requirements exactly. Just saying life is special is meaningless unless you care to elaborate...
Everyhting is a Mind game
Everyhting is a Mind game - преди 10 дни
@B B nah not convincing at all because life is special fire is just fire
Mr. Blue
Mr. Blue - преди 11 дни
maybe consciousness is quantum field. so that we can interact with our environment in a meaningful manner in order to survive.
Everyhting is a Mind game
Everyhting is a Mind game - преди 11 дни
Yea sort of but not close consiouness goes beyond space Time because space time cannot be awere of itself that just doesn't make sense.
Jaron Gneiting
Jaron Gneiting - преди 12 дни
Wrong. Stones have life because they are made of matter. They process incoming information, and output what they are supposed to. When you look at a rock, it tells you several things like what color it is, how large it is, how dense it is etc.
For a better understanding, look up Christopher Langan's "Cognitive Theoretic Model of the Universe"
Jaron Gneiting
Jaron Gneiting - преди 12 дни
@Mr. Flash 🤦‍♂️🤣
Mr. Flash
Mr. Flash - преди 12 дни
Angel Lozano
Angel Lozano - преди 12 дни
9:07 Wtf the dude has 4 eyes lol
Dodgy Rog
Dodgy Rog - преди 13 дни
I need that 4 legged spider thing in my life!
TaTsu Duck
TaTsu Duck - преди 13 дни
Maybe we aren't conscious enough to know what really is the purpose or the meaning of the universe. Like an ant roaming in the park.
Everyhting is a Mind game
Everyhting is a Mind game - преди 13 дни
The purpose of the universe is to experience itslef and we give the universe meaning to begin with.
Jebediah Wolf
Jebediah Wolf - преди 13 дни
Fantastic, very interesting video. Thanks.
Thot Destroyer
Thot Destroyer - преди 13 дни
I Think Consciousness is the ability to remember and think, aka having a brain which is how we are considered ''alive'' and so in order to be alive you need to be able to think
Everyhting is a Mind game
Everyhting is a Mind game - преди 13 дни
Consciousness is not the ability to think or feel its just plain Awereness of oneself being or existing.
Thot Destroyer
Thot Destroyer - преди 13 дни
making subconsciousness the ability to think but not remeber, which is what state plants are in