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Dameon Brewer
Dameon Brewer - преди час
yess queen
Dameon Brewer
Dameon Brewer - преди час
i love that look
Richelle Alcock
Richelle Alcock - преди час
I have the same condition! Finding out you have it too is kinda nice in a sense
Karolina Lalak
Karolina Lalak - преди час
Beautiful jacket :)
Samantha Koch
Samantha Koch - преди 3 часа
Hey i know this is an old video but if you see this you are not alone. I found out i had EOE when i was 12. A good thing i found out is to get an allergy test done. That way you can see the possible tiggers.
I’m getting bored Because I am
I’m getting bored Because I am - преди 4 часа
HOLY CRAP I JUST NOTICED YOU DON’T HAVE EYEBROWS! I have been watching for so long and I just realized
Maggie Reynolds
Maggie Reynolds - преди 4 часа
My boyfriend is 32 years old and he has been dealing with this condition his whole life too (not confirmed yet but if not this then very similar) the first day you released this video I watched it and told my boufriend I thought I had gained some insight into what he was dealing with. For some reason he told me he has strictures and it was completely different. Low and behold he went to get and endoscopy done and the doctor dislocated his esophagus while he did it and confirmed that he has significant narrowing and that he truly believe it this same condition you are speaking of. It feels good to at least know there is something that can be done, finally. I mean it kills me watching him go through it daily every time he eats and I’ve only seen it for 4 years, I couldn’t imagine a lifetime.
As soon as the dr said the conditions name I recognized it and had to come watch this video again. Is a great, very information video that made me feel better about what my boyfriend is going through so thank you. I’m gonna show it to him now that he has a professional on my side and see if he takes better to it 😂 he’s stubborn
Kimberly Small
Kimberly Small - преди 4 часа
Anyone else had to watch this twice because you where so busy dissecting Jeffrey’s eye shadow?
Kara Gariglio
Kara Gariglio - преди 5 часа
18:33 What is he saying here? Someone know?
Munchie Crunchie :3
Munchie Crunchie :3 - преди 6 часа
*when boys are better in makeup than girls*
Weeb_bitch - преди 6 часа
Your are so much better than james😌
Clare Mammen
Clare Mammen - преди 8 часа
When I was 5 had Chinese food stuck in my throat, my dad had to shake me upside down in the house. Super scary I can't swallow surtin things without being scared, I'll chat like 10 times like a cow.
Francisco Domingo
Francisco Domingo - преди 10 часа
sduncan82670 - преди 10 часа
also my mum is getting an operation on september 2nd and she is getting part of it ramoved
sduncan82670 - преди 10 часа
my mum has that
Lovebird Love12
Lovebird Love12 - преди 13 часа
Jeffree my younger sister has this as well.
Stephany Sinclair
Stephany Sinclair - преди 14 часа
I love you but that thumbnail gave me flash backs to the first night I slept with my now husband he sleeps with his eyes opened and I for real though I was gonna be murdered 😂
virginia naire
virginia naire - преди 17 часа
Doctor : “what first meal do you want?
Jeffree : “ I want Nathan’s a$$... OK?
Kitsy 13
Kitsy 13 - преди 20 часа
I'm so happy I saw this! It sounds like I've had a mild case of this for over 10 years and I never knew what it was. It mostly happens with chicken, rice, and carrots. Sometimes my body knows the food is stuck before I do because my saliva instantly becomes slick and thick, I think I'm attempts to help the food go down, but I end up having to gag to be able to spit it out because it just sits on top of the food that's stuck, making matters worse. Sometimes it hurts so bad, it feels like the food is stuck in my back even. It's nuts. But thankfully I've always been able to work it down and I've never had to go to the hospital or anything like that.
I found that raising both my arms up in the air helps move the food down most of the time.
Thanks so much for posting this, Jeffree! I never would've thought that this was actually a thing!
Lin Da
Lin Da - преди 21 час
I wish to see you one day. I love you so much.
Zoe Rutzen
Zoe Rutzen - преди 22 часа
Craperbarrel 😬😭😂
Bonita Life
Bonita Life - преди 22 часа
I have to have mine stretched as well. Thank you for sharing
Ally Spears
Ally Spears - преди 22 часа
Yes! My brother has had this since he was born. He also has severe food allergies that go along with it so if he has anything with wheat or corn (like corn syrup or starch ect) he will throw up and get hives
Nancy Fox
Nancy Fox - преди 23 часа
Jeffree, I have the same issue and have been dilated twice so far!
It’s a better but not perfect...the doc wants to go back in to do more.
The only side effect was having a sore throat for a few days. You??? Madison???
Sending love and mad respect. 🖤🖤🖤 Nancy
Freeroy Rogers
Freeroy Rogers - преди ден
Margaret Miller
Margaret Miller - преди ден
You are fucking pretty
Junk Journals And More
Junk Journals And More - преди ден
I'm so glad your feeling better💕💕🌷
Martha Stanley
Martha Stanley - преди ден
I love your eyeshadow
Martha Stanley
Martha Stanley - преди ден
I literally just had the same procedure this morning
Cindy White
Cindy White - преди ден
I have had this problem for years I didn't know what it was I also at times can't swallow either I'm going to talk to my Dr about this thank you for this video
Gia Todorovski
Gia Todorovski - преди ден
I’m am so happy I saw this video because I have had these symptoms and I am gonna ask my mother to schedule an appointment for me so thank you Jeffree ❤️👍
jellyfish - преди ден
I have a TE Fistual, it means I had no esophagus, they were able to repair what I had, I had dilating procedures throughout my entire life. Because there’s no muscle tissue and it’s all scar tissue you food gets stuck too. Also, meat tenderizer and coke can force the food down or make you vomit it back up.
Aubrey Campos
Aubrey Campos - преди ден
Wow to this day I always fear and I think so much about my food as I’m chewing
I always wonder what’s wrong with me I have quit eating read meat i stay away from dry items or if I do I have to make sure I have something to drink around me.
My husband is consistently looking at me when I eat and I feel like it’s going to get stuck.
꧁bi ᎦᏌᏁ ꧂ 彡
꧁bi ᎦᏌᏁ ꧂ 彡 - преди ден
Who better
Like= Jeffreestar
Cmt= James Charles
amanda sirotic
amanda sirotic - преди ден
I really never watched his stuff b4. I watched the documentary and totally made me change my mind. He is so relatable and loveable❤❤
T M - преди ден
I was looking for a video on unripe peaches and I’m not sure how this came up. Jeffery, you’re such a peach!
It was worth the watch
Brian - преди ден
I love jeffree he seems so kind, sincere and all he wants to do is show honesty. He gives so much to others. I think he's a real inspiration! I found the operation interesting and as he says he's giving awareness to others...
Rose Hernandez
Rose Hernandez - преди ден
I went to take a pic with him in Portland
meagyn brown
meagyn brown - преди ден
This is so amazing and so powerful! I definitely learned something new! Awesome video
Angie Verrall
Angie Verrall - преди 2 дни
You are such an amazing person.
Kristin Howerton
Kristin Howerton - преди 2 дни
From the MySpace days to seeing Jeffrey like this is so awesome! I love seeing how far he's come. I've always loved him but I love seeing videos like this and the Tattoo at the one star review, The Taco Bell hotel, buying Nate a car etc. I love knowing how far he's come in life and he's still so down to earth! I love Jeffrey Star!!!! 💙💙💙
Diary of a social climber by: Peejay Ortega
11 inches 😍🤣
Beef Tacos On a Tuesday
Beef Tacos On a Tuesday - преди 2 дни
Am I the only one who just noticed he doesn’t have eyebrows
Iqra Jee
Iqra Jee - преди 2 дни
Jeffree ❤
Amanda Spano
Amanda Spano - преди 2 дни
I have the same thing had it done and it worked so happy u had it done
Derin Mina
Derin Mina - преди 2 дни
İt is funny😊
R edita96
R edita96 - преди 2 дни
jeffree i love your gradation eyeshadow😍
Kathryn Swink
Kathryn Swink - преди 2 дни
My 83 year old father also has esophagus issues. We have to take him in every 4 months to get botox injections to release the muscle because his esophagus closes up. We tried to widen his esophagus first but that did not work for him so we moved on to botox. So far the botox has worked great. He is able to feel the food dropping down now unlike before when he could feel it getting stuck or puking it back up.
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts - преди 3 дни
I remember when i was put under it was the weirdest shit ever
Krystal Grant
Krystal Grant - преди 3 дни
Honestly, this is very helpful information. My husband has this issue, and it's HORRIBLE to watch because I can do nothing. The food gets to a point where it won't go down, and you can't get it up. He just has to work through when this happens (a few times a year) until he can get to where he can get it up. It makes me happy to know there is actually something that can be done for this! So, thank you Jeffree
Mive Ramos
Mive Ramos - преди 3 дни
I am so glad you made this video because the first time that “choking” feeling happened to me I thought I was going insane. I tried to explain to the doctors what it was and they diagnosed me with a food disorder. I told them I could eat but swallowing was difficult for me. I just had to eat super slow.
Itz,Me The Fantastic Girl well i always play roblox
i thought ur girl
jamaica uy de guzman
jamaica uy de guzman - преди 3 дни
Jeffrey is the most beautiful woman i see in my whole life
jamaica uy de guzman
jamaica uy de guzman - преди 3 дни
Jeffrey is the most beautiful woman i see in my whole life
jamaica uy de guzman
jamaica uy de guzman - преди 3 дни
jeffrey is the person who knows what he wants to be
Flora Pol
Flora Pol - преди 3 дни
Guuuuurrrlll I can now confirm that you are as beautiful on the inside as well as the outside ❤
Pilarteresa Cintron
Pilarteresa Cintron - преди 4 дни
Thank you for this video Jeffree, due to Eosinophelia I also suffer from this condition of the esophagus. Greatly appreciated.
Iamdaniii _
Iamdaniii _ - преди 4 дни
Actually I am a 13 yr old and I have trouble swallowing and my food will get stuck it's been happening for 1 year and I want to thank you for publishing this video and helping me learn more about this condition 🙏🏻
Erin Shanahan
Erin Shanahan - преди 4 дни
OMG my friend just sent me this! I have EOE too!! I’m curious what your numbers are?? I am 205.
Erika Ojeda
Erika Ojeda - преди 4 дни
What happened to the Hi How Are You? 🥺
Alexis Padilla
Alexis Padilla - преди 4 дни
Its he gay
Abby Hall
Abby Hall - преди 4 дни
We are twin boo boo
MissAlexis TheFam
MissAlexis TheFam - преди 4 дни
You did so much better than me! I freak out an Idk why! I also coughed alot!
MissAlexis TheFam
MissAlexis TheFam - преди 4 дни
I actually have the same esophagus problem. Every 6 months to a year, they dilate my esophagus or I will chock on everything, including water! Will just sit in my esophagus. It's uncomfortable an annoying. I don't have a gag reflux either, so if I choke, I call 911. But like you, I have avoided everything I have ever choked on! Ty for sharing an opening up! I'm an og from the beginning! 🤗
Cookie Cat
Cookie Cat - преди 4 дни
My grandmother has this
Shawna Varela
Shawna Varela - преди 4 дни
Blogger Rach
Blogger Rach - преди 4 дни
So glad you two got this done together. I've heard about this when I was in college. Take care of yourself both if you.
Haley T
Haley T - преди 4 дни
I love this video!!
Haley T
Haley T - преди 4 дни
I actually have only choked once in my life was in elementary school sucking on the round peppermint candy and I laughed, when i inhaled it shot down my throat and was stuck I had never felt so panicked I couldnt even yell !! Then I got it to go down after like 30 seconds of panicking my eyes watered like I was so scared 😂
Haley T
Haley T - преди 4 дни
The esophagus of it all
Not The Mama
Not The Mama - преди 4 дни
Omg I didn't know was a thing because I have the same thing. I remember telling me family about this and never paid my me any mind. Fml
Emily Hamilton
Emily Hamilton - преди 4 дни
You guys are so awesome for sharing your story and then reading about others who have the same condition!! Crazy world! BUT THAT EYESHADOW 😻😻😻please keep being you Jeffree 💕
Zaphiro Carabantes
Zaphiro Carabantes - преди 4 дни
Crapper barrel?? Omg 😂
Deanna Lachelle
Deanna Lachelle - преди 5 дни
I have something like this with my chest and food getting stuck. My mom does to. It’s super painful and sometimes it takes hours to go down. My mom has had food “stuck” for over a day before. Glad you got help. I really appreciated you sharing your stories.
Conor Brodie
Conor Brodie - преди 5 дни
Loopy Jeffrey 😂😂
Charlie Theory
Charlie Theory - преди 5 дни
That is still the most beautiful eye lewk iv see on you, Jeffree. I live and breath for that sunset fantasy bitch.
Miss Bumblebee
Miss Bumblebee - преди 5 дни
I have esophageal when I swallow food my throat does not like to squeeze the food down all the time.. instead It will tighten so you can feel the food stuck while still being able to breath... I have to constantly chew longer then most ppl and take smaller bites... If I try to swallow water to get the food down that starts to make me chokes and to not be able to breath... This is so crazy I random clicked on this video to watch and I didnt realize we shared similar medical issues, my doctor told me its so rare to have someone with this condition at 27 years old and that we have no cure... only thing they can do is stretch my esophagus
G.D. Romanov
G.D. Romanov - преди 5 дни
I’ve had the same issue all my life. When I try to explain it to people, they don’t get it. Good to know it’s not that rare. Eating bread is the worst.
Allie Rowe
Allie Rowe - преди 5 дни
Jeffree on anesthesia is honestly the funniest thing ever he sounds drunk 😂😂💀
Eva Popova
Eva Popova - преди 5 дни
Shedding off your childhood pains means that you have outgrown your parents and finally able to grow up and be happy!