Can you hack EVM (Electronic voting machine)?

The question that paper ballot are better or the electronic voting machines is still a matter of controversy. The voting machine has been in news for various controversial reasons ranging from hacking, accessing it with bluetooth. This video explore more about the security aspects and advantages/limitations of both the methods.
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Act Mgr
Act Mgr - преди година
You say not having to print ballot papers saves money but what about the cost for the manufacture, transport, storage, and necessary training in the use of these EVMs? The environmental impact of the device manufacture is far higher than the cost of the paper and printing. Even if the machines are used on regular basis, there won't be regular elections in the same area of the country more than every 2-4 years likely and if the machines are to be shared across the country, the weight of transporting these machines will far exceed transporting just paper.
You state that recounts are easy, but this still assumes that the employee that copies down the results does it correctly. A recount will likely only occur if the results are close, but if the numbers are changed, they will never be re-verified if not seen as necessary.
Act Mgr
Act Mgr - преди година
You wouldn't store the paper, you need to have new ballots printed for each new election. It takes more work and resources to warehouse the computers in a central location and transport them to AND FROM each election site. Or, you order in the already printed ballots, and just handle the shipping to the necessary polling stations.
MEMOPHILE - преди година
Act Mgr just imagine storing thousands of paper. And now imagine storing a device as small as your computer screen. talk sense 😑
luka1194 - преди година
This seems to be a biased view on the topic.
Many experts warned about the dangerous of electronic (or internet) voting.
There is not only a danger of it being messed with while you vote. Who can garante that the machine is fair and not flawed? There is so many money behind the outcome of an election. So if there is an way to mess with it people will do it.
The number of people you need to really mess with paper ballets is so many times bigger and the possibility that it will fail i many times bigger, too.
A nice video of numberphile with more detail: