Netflix's Daybreak Cast Reveals Who's Most Likely to Send a Risky Text and More | Superlatives

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Colin Ford and Sophie Simnett from Netflix's "Daybreak" took a break from fighting Ghoulies in the apocalypse to play our Superlatives Challenge. They revealed everything, from who in the Daybreak cast is most likely to search for their crush in the apocalypse, who's the biggest loner, who's sending a risky text to their ex, and more.
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Seventeen - преди месец
Do you think you could survive the apocalypse?
Scar3z Atzzar
Scar3z Atzzar - преди 6 часа
Obviously after watching this😂
Jessica Mercury
Jessica Mercury - преди 5 дни
Only if I had Turbo
genesis mora
genesis mora - преди 6 дни
OMG IT'S DEDSEC - преди 9 дни
If I survive, yeah.
HIGGINS THE GREAT - преди 15 дни
If I secure a mall then yeah!
jonnssoni 138
jonnssoni 138 - преди 2 часа
Isabel Abuhin
Isabel Abuhin - преди 17 часа
No one:
Literally no one:
Sophie: im not very good at my phone
Joshua Ong
Joshua Ong - преди 19 часа
There's a cafeteria in IKEA. It has meatballs and other food. There's one in Burbank, CA & Las Vegas, NV.
burning in light
burning in light - преди 3 дни
I hate Sam how she just took over
Eduarda Santos
Eduarda Santos - преди 4 дни
Sam is not beautiful
rk lthbrdg
rk lthbrdg - преди 5 дни
okay after that ending bruh i'm sorry i now do not like sam
and now i'm sorry sophie but your face annoys me bcos of sam
teobee jr
teobee jr - преди 5 дни
The ending sucks
Beese Churger
Beese Churger - преди 7 дни
Why Sam gotta do Josh like that at the end of the series?

Big bruh moment.....
Thijs de Boer
Thijs de Boer - преди 8 дни
Mavis #1 waifu
Culture19 19
Culture19 19 - преди 8 дни
The real question is, Is there going to be another season?
Actually Musical Trash ฅ•ω•ฅ
Hate the character, not the actor.
OMG IT'S DEDSEC - преди 9 дни
PandicornDork58 - преди 9 дни
Sam is kinda an ass, but she’s to fucking cool to be hate- able
BRivera21 - преди 12 дни
I just wanna say sam broke my heart and Joshs at the same time.
XDRM Plays
XDRM Plays - преди 14 дни
Its the best ending guys cause you’d never expect that kind of ending
Think Diffrent
Think Diffrent - преди 15 дни
what a shitty ending
Anonymous RC Productions
Anonymous RC Productions - преди 19 дни
These two should definitely get together in real life they would be the most cutest couple. 😊
Ben Bouffler
Ben Bouffler - преди 22 дни
Ive already watched it twice
Gacha Sara
Gacha Sara - преди 22 дни
Are you do one more seson? Plese do one more seson on Daybreak!!! I love that serie!!!😜😃
Drahomír Baláž
Drahomír Baláž - преди 22 дни
You are nice
Timber's Logs
Timber's Logs - преди 24 дни
Is it just me or does Josh look a lot like KJ Apa???
Geovin George Bacuyani
Geovin George Bacuyani - преди 25 дни
Just finished it then cried because Sam broke it
Yung Cosmos
Yung Cosmos - преди 26 дни
His makeup is so noticeable
AnSop - преди 26 дни
Go to IKEA Colin!
Melly Nelly
Melly Nelly - преди 28 дни
You know when your heart hurts when you have a crush on someone or you love them. That's me now.
Bhavesh Shetty
Bhavesh Shetty - преди 28 дни
Sam should have been dead instead of Eli & this show had the Worst fooking ending 10 episodes for finding Sam just to get a No LOL 😂😂
Mas Salleh
Mas Salleh - преди 20 дни
No. She's one of the best. Without her the show would be very cliche. Agree on Eli though
Nathan Monteiro
Nathan Monteiro - преди 28 дни
The ending sucks. I also hate how all the charcters just bow down to her at the end (except for the daybreakers). Sam should die, and Josh should kill her
NoMad Gaming
NoMad Gaming - преди 28 дни
A' romantic loner
FBI - преди 29 дни
I love the show but the ending is not a good one
Kuivia - преди месец
they really did an amazing job making you really fall in love with the character of sam, they built her up so well. and watching the actress being sweet (obv u can't ever really know the actors/actresses from videos) but she just seems so kind
Kuivia - преди 21 ден
@truthcuzii (i'm super drunk typing this so sorry if i'm dumb af) ye i get that but you have to admit that the way they made her character you can understand her at some level. the way i view it is that she was under preassure to be "perfect" and that Josh didn't truly know her but claimed that he loved her without really knowing her or how she struggle in life as a lot of us do
truthcuzii - преди 21 ден
@Kuivia I started hating her since the postmate episode
Kuivia - преди 21 ден
@truthcuzii did you guys really dislike her throughout or did you start disliking towards the end where she randomly decided she was a boss? because towards the end i can really agree with y'all
truthcuzii - преди 22 дни
I hated Sam
Jeremy Watters
Jeremy Watters - преди 22 дни
But Sam is the worst.
LD Heinze01
LD Heinze01 - преди месец
These 2 would be a cute couple in real life.
Adam Salvatore
Adam Salvatore - преди месец
I agree
Annie Jckson
Annie Jckson - преди месец
Ugh those complaining why sam and josh didn't get back together are the lamest dudes (bc most of them are guys) who acts exactly like Josh with that infuriating knight-in-shining-armor syndrome. No, Sam did not pull a 180 degree character shift, we just dont know her at all. What little we know about her is mostly told from Josh's perspective. And y'all didn't get that hint when they were in the pool and Josh said ily but she said nahhhh, he only loves the shiny and bright part of her. That's EXACTLY why she told him off anyways. You think a smart girl like her would prioritize getting back to her ex who slut-shamed her and broke up with her when there's an entire ass apocalypse happening.
Mas Salleh
Mas Salleh - преди 20 дни
chief daddy hopper
chief daddy hopper - преди месец
Man Sam shouldn’t of done Josh like that in the end

You said in the start that you weren’t a queen then you change your mind and say your a queen- make up your mind
also felt bad for josh
Mas Salleh
Mas Salleh - преди 20 дни
Nah. He kinda deserved It. I'm surprised most people didn't see that coming especially after the Last fight they had pre apocolypse
maneff - преди месец
Is it me or she looks a lot like Emilia Clarke?
go ask your mom. ????
go ask your mom. ???? - преди месец
Do you think Stranger things is better or Daybreak let me know in the comments I think they're both really good show but what's your opinion

Nightwing - преди 26 дни
go ask your mom. ???? Stranger Things, every new season it is hyped, for like 3 weeks, then it’s gone, I prefer Daybreak more tbh.
Henry Cann Junior
Henry Cann Junior - преди 29 дни
I like daybreak more
C_Wonder - преди месец
I feel like that’s Lia Marie Johnson who just changed her name and adapted a British accent
ASMRsnaggle - преди месец
Low key Sam is hot
Ronnie Baker
Ronnie Baker - преди месец
Has josh got makeup on?
James Howlett
James Howlett - преди месец
Hated the ending