Ariana Grande - Winter Things (Audio)

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Ariana Grande - Winter Things (Audio)
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Ranni - преди 8 дни
winter things is best of christmas&chill❤ love u ariana❤
Rachel Wolf
Rachel Wolf - преди 14 дни
kinda sounds like a slowed version of lazy song by bruno mars
GYBPOON - преди 12 дни
honey G
honey G - преди 15 дни
Petter Spratts
Petter Spratts - преди 17 дни
Happy New Year y'all
Absorbtion Kills
Absorbtion Kills - преди 18 дни
Okay but....islander vibezzzzzz🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🇬🇺🇬🇺
Madhushree Singh
Madhushree Singh - преди 20 дни
this song is so beautiful that i can listen to throughout the year🖤🖤🖤
I cover songs on my channel and I've covered this song too.. please go check it out.. thanks
have a great day!
No Name
No Name - преди 21 ден
still a good song!
Jamiah lynnmarie
Jamiah lynnmarie - преди 22 дни
It really ain’t cold outside. 60° in Ohio in December I -
Akira - преди 23 дни
Merry Christmas everyone 🎉💕
manishadamle - преди 23 дни
I love u Soo much Ariana im your biggest fan from India 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️🌏 please come here for tour I love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dear 6586
Dear 6586 - преди 24 дни
Merry Christmas Everyone!!💖🎄
Office Girl
Office Girl - преди 24 дни
Beautiful song. Love it ♥️
Beanie The Avocado Bear Goddess
Beanie The Avocado Bear Goddess - преди 24 дни
Ever since it came out, it's been one of my favorite Christmas Songs. I live in Southern California, near a beach and it doesn't snow here.
lindsay kusturiss
lindsay kusturiss - преди 24 дни
love it
kail1630 kail1630
kail1630 kail1630 - преди 24 дни
Ahh this song is SO good! In love with the ukulele and her voice together!
Estela Lopez
Estela Lopez - преди 24 дни
Mr. Apple Pie
Mr. Apple Pie - преди 24 дни
Its a Happy and Merry Christmas with Christmas and Chill
Mrs Jackson
Mrs Jackson - преди 24 дни
itsvictoriachannel - преди 25 дни
merry chrst
Saturn - преди 25 дни
love this song ❤️❤️🌌
Gabriel Lourenço
Gabriel Lourenço - преди 25 дни
Que vibe gostosa dessa música, queria estar num luau agora, ouvindo essa música, rodeado de amigos e falando sobre a vida...porém não tenho amigos e luau aqui é só desculpa pra usar drogas ilícitas ;-;
Gilmar Oliveira
Gilmar Oliveira - преди 25 дни
Merry Christmas 🎄
josefina gayoso
josefina gayoso - преди 27 дни
mi abuelo murió diez días después de que Ari sacara está canción. el día de su velorio estuve escuchándola sin parar, y sin parar de llorar.
dentro de unos días van a ser cuatro años de que te fuiste abu, te extraño
Beatrice Colombo
Beatrice Colombo - преди 27 дни
This song is giving me so much chill vibesss
Rivaldo Lobato Lobato
Rivaldo Lobato Lobato - преди 27 дни
wxayn - преди 28 дни
Dec 21, 2019 ❤️
Zhask Channel
Zhask Channel - преди 28 дни
Oh ok
Eduarda Gonçalves
Eduarda Gonçalves - преди 28 дни
This song is about Christmas in Brazil 😁🇧🇷❤️
Tejah Victoriaa
Tejah Victoriaa - преди 28 дни
1:17 stamp
itz janine
itz janine - преди 29 дни
I love youuuuu ❤️❤️❤️❤️
BRIAN W - преди 29 дни
It ain’t even cold outside...not where I’m from, feel like I’m under a light under the sun, jackets on got no scarfs so no gloves not even a chance of rain~ but me and my baby went down into the winter things~~~~~~~~ Like If that’s your favorite part in the song too! 🌹🎀💖💓 One like = affection and love and a bf for everyone
Miranda - преди 29 дни
Ari, what about a feature/remix Winter Tings for all the BARBS
taco cat
taco cat - преди месец
Watching this in December 2019💜
Ömer Şenocak
Ömer Şenocak - преди месец
Me here listening this in December 2019
Big daddy Julio
Big daddy Julio - преди месец
This is how I’m gonna feel when I move to flordia how am I gonna get in the Christmas spirit if it’s gonna be hot 🤦‍♀️
Tedie B.
Tedie B. - преди месец
december 2019 anyone??
Stacy Madrid
Stacy Madrid - преди месец
Salvatore Calafiore
Salvatore Calafiore - преди 29 дни
And Australia
Daniel Siagian
Daniel Siagian - преди месец
Christmas song
Cris Rendon Locsin
Cris Rendon Locsin - преди месец
December 2019? ❤️
Kurt Cyphre
Kurt Cyphre - преди месец
Cant wait for christmas
Lan Turner
Lan Turner - преди месец
everyone in 20 years cuz of climate change
Make Listen
Make Listen - преди месец
Christmas is coming uh
Nita Nita
Nita Nita - преди месец
This is my favorite from the album🖤
João Pedro Castro Gomes
João Pedro Castro Gomes - преди месец
te amo artur
Thevioletoverground - преди месец
I did not expect you to like the ukulele but what I need to know is can you play the ukulele
Petty Betty
Petty Betty - преди месец
Why am i just hearing this song now? 😭💞❄
Ashley 123
Ashley 123 - преди месец
This song is so pretty ❄️
randi - преди месец
I love this song. It kindve reminds me of something meghan trainor would write.
Marih Butera
Marih Butera - преди месец
gabryelle vitoria
gabryelle vitoria - преди месец
I love u ariana💜
Candy Lover
Candy Lover - преди месец
0:59 My P.E. teacher
Lais Barboza
Lais Barboza - преди месец
2019? 😂❤
Anna John
Anna John - преди месец
No hate but this beat is from a different song💀
Anna John
Anna John - преди месец
yas saz yeah I was just wondering if she sample it for her song
yas saz
yas saz - преди месец
@Anna John I just checked it out and the only thing they have in common is that they both used a ukulele as the main instrument.
Anna John
Anna John - преди месец
yas saz it sounds very similar to “over the rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole (published 1990)
yas saz
yas saz - преди месец
What song? This is from years ago
María Inés
María Inés - преди месец
I miss you Ari 🎅😩
Akira - преди месец
It’s December 1st so here I am
Flaco Guerrero
Flaco Guerrero - преди месец
Perfect 💖
Bianca Ivington
Bianca Ivington - преди месец
Meanwhile it snows out my window
sweetxenerx - преди месец
1st december 2019? :)
Ninfo Hg
Ninfo Hg - преди месец
Bienvenido diciembre juju
Adawiya Zain
Adawiya Zain - преди месец
This song is such a nostalgia .its december 2018 and shes still poppin