10 Common Products Made Awesome

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Vat19 - преди месец
Do you have an idea for a common (yet secretly awesome) product? Tell us below in the comments!
See more awesomeness here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZrrGF2MHIs&list=PLSqiExuEA-RGzhpbxDIoUcJ86as-dSvJ0&index=2&t=0s
Lily Campbell
Lily Campbell - преди 5 часа
Vat19 hi
Slackermomrapper 1
Slackermomrapper 1 - преди 10 часа
Winstorm V
Trey Druvenga
Trey Druvenga - преди 2 дни
IMa_ FadeAway I’m Shrek get out my swamp
Raees Raees
Raees Raees - преди 4 дни
Bri LPS - преди 5 дни
Hey vat19 do magic milk straws work on almond milk???
Gabriel gameing
Gabriel gameing - преди 3 часа
Congratulations, you just watched 10 ads!
F*** Death
F*** Death - преди 3 часа
What if the straws don’t work,you don’t need to tie your shoes you never do anything needing a knife don’t cook,don’t do repairs , and don’t use screwdrivers
Jayden Downing
Jayden Downing - преди 3 часа
How many sponsors does this video have
Papple? - преди 5 часа
i got my credit card pocket knife for a dollar lol
peyton j
peyton j - преди 5 часа
but how do you put the match out...
When you notice these aren’t ads, but commercials.
Nyaijah Cochran
Nyaijah Cochran - преди 9 часа
What if I’m on fire but the match won’t blow out and I can’t use water 🤣
Luna Hamilton
Luna Hamilton - преди 9 часа
You can actually buy a whole box if magic milk straws at the Costco for like 5 dollars
Nico Williams
Nico Williams - преди 9 часа
The Match how are you so post to blow it out
Danosaur Dan
Danosaur Dan - преди 9 часа
Cuz i never new 10 feet tall is “skyhigh”
Mistinity - преди 9 часа
So like super glue?
Lorenzo Maino
Lorenzo Maino - преди 9 часа
Water proof matches don't go out"

Me: Starts forest fire.
Alpha - преди 10 часа
5:04 i've had the white and brown one and it TASTED AWESOMEEEE i can still remember the taste!!!
Johnny BH 조니 BH
Johnny BH 조니 BH - преди 10 часа
Um this is bad in a way because if it starts a fire and the fire department comes and tries to put it out it will still be on fire
Lethal 911
Lethal 911 - преди 10 часа
1930: there will be flying cars and spaceships in future
Lethal 911
Lethal 911 - преди 10 часа
The leaves on the top of the strawberries are the worst enemy of humanity
Joanne Zhou
Joanne Zhou - преди 10 часа
Wait the storm proof lighter can be lit but can’t go out!? OH NO! WERE ALL GONA DIE

BTW love you vat 19
Anna Rush
Anna Rush - преди 11 часа
No one thought the name through did they
Max Kureinai
Max Kureinai - преди 11 часа
Background music please ... all of them of possible
SIKZERZZ - преди 11 часа
And that my freind is how people smuggle knifes onto planes
. Espeon
. Espeon - преди 13 часа
But can it repair our relationship😭
Abdul Haque
Abdul Haque - преди 13 часа
Who do you put the matches out then
Salt Step
Salt Step - преди 13 часа
If you light something on fire like paper with the wind and water proof match then after you set the paper on fire you can't put the match out and then you will get burnt
Grace Jones
Grace Jones - преди 13 часа
'Magic milk straws' are actually widely found across Wales. We call them cow straws and you can get a pack of 20 for £1
Future Vlogs
Future Vlogs - преди 13 часа
I thought they made this for defending yourself from predators😅😅
Feel Bad
Feel Bad - преди 13 часа
I have a bandic
Some British Guy
Some British Guy - преди 15 часа
David Pomare
David Pomare - преди 15 часа
8:05 with out cutting ur fingers umm before hhe looked like he was struggling so try again m8
Laia Carroll
Laia Carroll - преди 16 часа
Please use paper staws please
Anatawa PW
Anatawa PW - преди 16 часа
Super strong water type seal
Phil Swift : wtf?
Gloria Cantu
Gloria Cantu - преди 19 часа
Oh never mind
Gloria Cantu
Gloria Cantu - преди 19 часа
Wait...if we need to unlight (i dont even know the word) the storm proof matches how will we do it
ScytherRaid - преди 21 час
Number 8 is basically flex tape or flex seal
Ewok 88
Ewok 88 - преди 21 час
Wait. With the matches. It you can’t burry them, blow them out, or submerge them in water, how do you put them out? Speaking from a safety standpoint.
chuong la
chuong la - преди 22 часа
The match is cool but how are you going to stop the fire 🔥
Skye LaMountain
Skye LaMountain - преди 22 часа
1:18 who else seen not real
ZEL TEFERE KAHSAY - преди 22 часа
It looked like his shoes were on black and white mode

The only add that is actually enjoyable
Selene Duenes
Selene Duenes - преди ден
The shoe laces are called hickeys umm what no thanks
The Fake Slim Shady
The Fake Slim Shady - преди ден
Was... was he describing the plot of home alone 2
Haani Ghafoor
Haani Ghafoor - преди ден
1:56 *The putty cleanly rips*
Soham Gupta
Soham Gupta - преди ден
I got 1 question........ HOW DO I PUT THE FIRE OUT
Pro gamer jacob 183
Pro gamer jacob 183 - преди ден
why do your things cost so much
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime - преди ден
Coppyed adhd world
family rockers
family rockers - преди ден
How do you unlite it
Brendon lover
Brendon lover - преди ден
I use hickeys
Michelle Watson
Michelle Watson - преди ден
So it stays lit four ever
_____Harris - преди ден
You shouldnt sell that knife
Knife crime is bad in the UK this wouldn't help
PlayN0 Games
PlayN0 Games - преди ден
Cookietwist36 girl
Cookietwist36 girl - преди ден
So like how do you blow it out for the matches
Descendants Fan
Descendants Fan - преди ден
Copycat I have that AND I made that😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡I made those straws
abs is cool
abs is cool - преди ден
My name is Abby!!🌻😜💛
Justin Chen
Justin Chen - преди ден
Reminds me of flex tape
Francheska Cua
Francheska Cua - преди ден
What does what the h mean maybe it means what the heck heck is not a cursed word yoy can say it all you want
HAMZA - преди ден
0:04-0:58 OG songs stay lit as well. That means they are waterproof matches.
Yasmin Dineen
Yasmin Dineen - преди ден
Quick question, with the matches, how do u dispose of them is they are alight?
Everett Meuse
Everett Meuse - преди ден
"Without any wasted berry" #has some berry missing# vat19:SHIT
Everett Meuse
Everett Meuse - преди ден
11:02 don't do that vat
Everett Meuse
Everett Meuse - преди ден
9:33 but I want to be fixed ;-;
Pixel Tiger
Pixel Tiger - преди ден
The stormproof matches look like corndogs
hai tran
hai tran - преди ден
Aussies would already know about the magig milk straw
Jessica Mitten
Jessica Mitten - преди ден
I like eating the stem in strawberrys...
Kenjoda - преди ден
They’re just releasing Sippah straws now? I used to get these all the time, they’re absolutely god tier.
XxCute Pink UnicornxX
XxCute Pink UnicornxX - преди ден
Wait, how do you put out the fire?
rufil - преди ден
tabiscoolandcute die potato
tabiscoolandcute die potato - преди ден
Have you noticed that every thing they are selling on there web site is every item that people already mad and sold out there and they just sell there for more money.
tabiscoolandcute die potato
tabiscoolandcute die potato - преди ден
7:02 or you can just call a hooker to get hickies
xX Trxsh Xx
xX Trxsh Xx - преди ден
I use a card cutter for gripping my skateboard
100 subscribers no videos ??? Khawaja
Yeah but does it have cane opener
Sophiecuddlemonster - преди 2 дни
JbooJBpJBJobvhoh oH oh
Vouch I. Yvj .u

JOPJihpblJ bobUvu holbjkh.hjv hi
Oh ho
Eli C
Eli C - преди 2 дни
but how do you unlight the storm proof matches?
OwenGamer508 - преди 2 дни
Is it just me or does the storm proof matches look like corn dogs? (They are still cool)
Pixie the Bernese mountain Dog
Pixie the Bernese mountain Dog - преди 2 дни
When you realize this channel is just a compilation of ads
Hullo world i cool
Hullo world i cool - преди 2 дни
Are you trying to steal my credit card?
Well here
*literally stabs*
Cooper_Gregg - преди 2 дни
9:04 finally I don’t have to use Noodles anymore phew
Masterjames6403 - преди 18 часа
Cooper_Gregg eh id still use noodles.
CptCat - преди 2 дни
“Super strong water tight seal”..... sounds like bill swift to me.
PakPakS - преди 21 час
Danoair_ 8
Danoair_ 8 - преди 2 дни
I hav da get magnet
Kirisen Gaming
Kirisen Gaming - преди 2 дни
Ads in an ad.

valvar gamer
valvar gamer - преди 2 дни
I don't have dollar i have only php
Thea Sibal
Thea Sibal - преди ден
Yeahhhhh filipino here
AdiJohnlenn C. SanLuis
AdiJohnlenn C. SanLuis - преди 2 дни
Soo wait... how do we take of the fire of the matches?...
Kai Eclipse-Fang
Kai Eclipse-Fang - преди 2 дни

That one probably hurt
x Flower Pop x
x Flower Pop x - преди 2 дни
Is the glue safe to eat cuz what if you lick the glue
Filip Popovici
Filip Popovici - преди 2 дни
11:19 O O F
Flamingo i en potatis
Flamingo i en potatis - преди 2 дни
Just take your hand and ripp off the Leaf. this is a waste of money
coolbret12345 - преди 2 дни
I bought this and it is cool
TXY Cubing
TXY Cubing - преди 2 дни
Once my aunt gave me that magic strall, I thought it was candy! I cut it opened and I hated it
Raymond Martinez IV
Raymond Martinez IV - преди 2 дни
I need all of these
Josh Obregon
Josh Obregon - преди 3 дни
Wasn’t the pogo stick dunk from Dude Perfect. 3:55
itznathyy - преди 3 дни
That intro music reminds me of earrape
Jack Faucett
Jack Faucett - преди 3 дни
your a genius vat
Dorcas Shako
Dorcas Shako - преди 3 дни
1st how u turn off
Dank Memelord
Dank Memelord - преди 3 дни
Can they bring desti back.
Liam Shaer
Liam Shaer - преди 3 дни
Danny pushed mongo
Laura Green
Laura Green - преди 3 дни
1:46 the putty looks like a snek
Austen Fitzpatrick
Austen Fitzpatrick - преди 3 дни
With the matches.. “it’s even hard to blow out and it’s impossible to put out with water, you can even bury it in dirt and it won’t go out!” Hmm sounds like how wildfires start..
Arizona - преди 3 дни
I carry 12 ICO lifeboat matches on me at all time, sealed in milkshake straws on the outside of my pack. The cardsharp is shit. The blade will not hold an edge because it's made from high chromium/medium carbon steel and the casing WILL snap due to work hardening. America is getting so fucking LAZY. Shoe laces you don't have to tie. Omg. The huller is a fecken riot! What, a spoon isn't good enough? I can't watch any more of this materialistic gadget filling-artificially-created-needs bullshit.
Blue Tube
Blue Tube - преди 4 дни
Yay it can cut a tennis ball that means it can cut a human... I mean... nothing!
vixtage drops
vixtage drops - преди 4 дни
How are you meant to blow out the storm proof matches
He B
He B - преди 4 дни
Stay high with these matches!
Eli Belmonte
Eli Belmonte - преди 4 дни
Every time I watch one of these videos I liked one of the items and I tell my mom and my dad if they could get it but they're like no