I Let My Best Friend Pick My Bae: Kayla | Bestie Picks Bae

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Kayla and Frank have been inseparable since they met in painting class. Today, Kayla is trusting bestie Frank with picking her date. Kayla's bi, and she's looking for a girl or guy who's intelligent, stylish, environmentally conscious, and most importantly, an artist. Will Frank pick the right girlfriend or boyfriend for Kayla? Watch and see.
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Seventeen - преди 4 месеца
How important are social issues when choosing a bae?
Kyra Preston-Hill
Kyra Preston-Hill - преди 2 месеца
Seventeen I wish rio was it he was fair IF I HAD A CHOICE I WOULD PICK HIM
Chaitali Mishra
Chaitali Mishra - преди 2 месеца
Latte Knowsbest
Latte Knowsbest - преди 2 месеца
Seventeen I think they’re important but you don’t have to agree on *everything*. Fundamentally, yes but it’s healthy to have your opinions challenged. You can teach your partner, but most importantly they can teach you
Lee Min
Lee Min - преди 2 месеца
Seventeen not really too important as long as everyone’s happy
Christine A
Christine A - преди 2 месеца
I think it's a must that you guys are able to talk about stuff and survive disagreements. Social issues are just good topics for testing out your ability to do that with a potential bae, since you both probably have some foundational beliefs worth defending. It's about whether you guys can really talk to each other. I mean, minds about specifics is such small fries.
Natalie GB
Natalie GB - преди 28 минути
Kayla literally has the best personality and looks I’ve ever seen
Lex N Affects
Lex N Affects - преди ден
The poem 😂😂😂

Side note: it really do be like that sometimes😟
Philippe Parle Peu
Philippe Parle Peu - преди ден
From the thumbnail, I thought Kayla's friend was a middle-aged lady. 😂
Lili Hanifi Moghaddam
Lili Hanifi Moghaddam - преди ден
is that ariana grande
Yéléna Vrbancic
Yéléna Vrbancic - преди 2 дни
So nobody’s gonna say Frank is fire? GIRL look at him he’s so gorgeous
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel - преди 3 дни
Kayla and lucie are both so pretty
Indyanya Ta
Indyanya Ta - преди 3 дни
Bruh. Get rid of the climate change girl? Really? No
kitty - преди 4 дни
audrey’s perfection i said what i said
kitty - преди 4 дни
she had me @ bass player 🥴
Heidi Elmore
Heidi Elmore - преди 4 дни
I need you to do me😊😊😊
gay for Rosè
gay for Rosè - преди 7 дни
Omfg Sam is so beautiful anyone know her insta just so I can look at her shes so gorgeous!!!!!!!!! Ahhhh 😍😍😍
Jamie Patterson
Jamie Patterson - преди 7 дни
hhahahahhahaha hhahahahha Lil pump on Valentine's Day be like... Roses are red, Violets are blue, sometimes it don't be like that, sometimes it do lol XD
Wolfless - преди 8 дни
yo the guy picking her bae is so pretty
kasra royalblood
kasra royalblood - преди 8 дни
Does anyone else feels like the standards are really dumb and immature?
Aaliyah Valentino
Aaliyah Valentino - преди 9 дни
Gown ass 36 year old Frank: “Hi, I’m Frank. I’m 18”
Nique Najai
Nique Najai - преди 11 дни
7:29 Me too Billy, me too
Kasey Watkins
Kasey Watkins - преди 13 дни
Kayla is so hot omg I love her style!
Tananya Reynoso
Tananya Reynoso - преди 14 дни
Her bestie is FLAWLESS
Summer! - преди 14 дни
Wanted Sam to stay!
Elijah Wasas
Elijah Wasas - преди 14 дни
18:26 you can hear the producer say and why
Elijah Wasas
Elijah Wasas - преди 14 дни
This girl is 16, and others are 18, ik it’s legal for 16 and 18, but don’t you have to be dating before the minor becomes an adult.
ahsia evac
ahsia evac - преди 17 дни
Kayla: literally stares at everybodys ass when they leave
ahsia evac
ahsia evac - преди 17 дни
Anyone no her instagram @??
DRACOJEZZY - преди 18 дни
this is a okay video
Astrid Valachi
Astrid Valachi - преди 19 дни
BestFightsHere - преди 21 ден
No one :
Kayla’s hat : 👒🌕
Ruben Madriz-Nava
Ruben Madriz-Nava - преди 21 ден
I don’t like Frank😬
Jay The Great Jay
Jay The Great Jay - преди 23 дни
Am I the only that thinks that’s not gonna last
Yung Simba
Yung Simba - преди 27 дни
Y’all gotta chill with 18 year old pulling tryna smash a 16 year old
rinamine - преди 27 дни
SAM SHOULDA WON sam if you're reading this you're awesome i hope you find someone
Tyler Fernandez
Tyler Fernandez - преди 24 дни
rinamine I whole heartedly agree. Sam, if you’re reading this, hope u find someone cute like me
Sonya spidercage
Sonya spidercage - преди 27 дни
Yees equestrian ❤️
Ana de Marco
Ana de Marco - преди 28 дни
i really wanted audrey to win :(
Ana de Marco
Ana de Marco - преди 28 дни
Laura B.
Laura B. - преди 28 дни
Modeling it's not art LOL
Katrinka Tagamolila
Katrinka Tagamolila - преди 28 дни
I paused the video for a bit just to appreciate Lucie's beauty. Sooooo flawless!!!! Ok ill continue bye! 😂
Owais Khan
Owais Khan - преди месец
i would be a perfect candidate for shorty
Ravenshade - преди месец
It’s astonishing Abdul lasted that long! He was bullshitting throughout the whole thing lmfao and I’m glad Lucie won 😇😇
Kiara loves the colour Blue
Kiara loves the colour Blue - преди месец
Girl : “Hi ! I’m Kiara-“
La Vonne Peduca
La Vonne Peduca - преди месец
Her bestfriend has some Jeffrey Star vibes
milo - преди месец
"in terms of her fashion style, she does not have TIME to be goofy" girlll i get where youre coming from but she's 16 afudfhfgjdfhj
Bish_imma_cow - преди месец
Okay but the girl she ended up with was soo gorgeous and seemed way more genuine then anyone else
Helena Mariano
Helena Mariano - преди месец
My girl SAM. NOOOO
Overripe Pickle
Overripe Pickle - преди месец
close your eyes and tell me her bestie doesn't sound like jeffree star lowkey highkey... and kinda looks like him hol up
Savannah Taylor
Savannah Taylor - преди месец
what' are those white dust balls in some of their hair ??
jupiter is a bean
jupiter is a bean - преди месец
kayla is so pretty wtf
Erica Raths
Erica Raths - преди месец
Damn she’s gorgeous. Super Lisa Bonet vibes
Spideywman1997 - преди месец
I thought it was her mum lmao
UnIcOrNz_AnD_pInK - преди месец
OMG!!!!!!!!! The views are 1,616,161

(I love how i comment on that XDDDD)
nicole garcia
nicole garcia - преди месец
she looked at everyones buts I LAUGHED.
enzyme - преди месец
Abdul looks like an Indian chandler from mr beast
Sarah - преди месец
Kayla and frank seem like they would bully someone for listening to “mainstream” music
maurarda gallefrovich
maurarda gallefrovich - преди месец
is it just me or all the four finalists in this episode were like really nice
maddie myers
maddie myers - преди месец
I like how she said she has no time for goofiness yet she can still make a fool of themselves for laughing!!!
rubae saylor
rubae saylor - преди месец
why do i get the feeling frank and kayla's friendship is kinda fake..
ThAts IrReLeVant
ThAts IrReLeVant - преди месец
who else was rooting for Abdul
sarah belle
sarah belle - преди месец
i go to school with her:)
Hamb Livns
Hamb Livns - преди месец
My worst dating fear is dating an actor ...
Just think how easy it would be to ACT their way through a relationship......
Gianna Capistrano
Gianna Capistrano - преди месец
frank and kayla both seem like they start drama and judge people tbh
Livi lu Gomez
Livi lu Gomez - преди месец
Why is the girl out for climate change that’s a real problem and a it’s big problem you shouldn’t be out
A.N - преди месец
I uSe MeTaL sTrAwS