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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell - преди 7 месеца
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Tray Percy
Tray Percy - преди 21 ден
@Michał Balcerzak I dont this video was to break down conspiracy theories, just the idiotic ones. I think they made it to cut down on the ill informed from spreading these 'theories'. But after reading some of the 'serious' comments I see they failed.
Gal Emit
Gal Emit - преди 27 дни
@The Rainy S Experience He's an idiot probably parrots anything for money.
Doom2exe - преди 28 дни
And be more selective of Friends on Facebook burn!
Mangomart13 - преди месец
Marc Bell those environments are only here to future the human race. I do believe we need to protect them to use them in the future.
egg dog
egg dog - преди 11 часа
PotatoCoat - преди 13 часа
u know why there are many conspiracy theory, it is because of believes in religion .
BATMAN - преди 18 часа
what if you are working for them to hide their secrets ?🤔
Lance Storm
Lance Storm - преди ден
Nah nah fuck outer here, u gotta question Everything, u forget that some conspiracies end up being true
Intelligent horse mann
Intelligent horse mann - преди ден
Did mark zacanberg or tramp got vaccinated yes, vaccines do not cause atisem KEREN
Rigo Hernandez
Rigo Hernandez - преди ден
Eddie Spagetti
Eddie Spagetti - преди 2 дни
Does the queen shit ... yes ... do we see it ... no ... WOTS YOUR POINT
Yo gi
Yo gi - преди 2 дни
The last statement about illuminati
You're protecting them arnt you
Live Like Anime
Live Like Anime - преди 3 дни
Not saying those conspiracies are true, but if it was as direct as you say, explain to me climate change. Like, does trump breathe air? Yes. Does he do things that would jeopardize the quality of it for all of us? Also yes
Existing Peacefully
Existing Peacefully - преди ден
Live Like Anime that’s actually an insanely good point. They didn’t calculate that rich people can be ignorant of the truth
hard core
hard core - преди 4 дни
chemtrails ---climat change
hard core
hard core - преди 4 дни
lies this condens 4 idiots appear when we come in NATO naci org and u stupid m f like you are liers
Fanrath - преди 4 дни
And how do you apply this to the theory that the moon landing was faked?
Cosmic Potato
Cosmic Potato - преди 4 дни
Adolphin Finler?
Greg da Weg
Greg da Weg - преди 4 дни
Adolphin LOL
Trent Lindsey
Trent Lindsey - преди 5 дни
this video didn't hold up very well..
Trent Lindsey
Trent Lindsey - преди 5 дни
Also the world WILL end soon, heard of global warming?
Trent Lindsey
Trent Lindsey - преди 5 дни
"Chem trails" are real, but it's called cloud seeding. Pls fact check.
EpicBloxRoxYT - преди 3 дни
Trent Lindsey Chem trails are Con trails, or condensation trails. Cloud seeding isnt even a thing
Crossek - преди 5 дни
Big oof
Rebel Skully
Rebel Skully - преди 5 дни
Climate change is a hoax
Failed Hivemind
Failed Hivemind - преди 5 дни
What do you have against ADOLPHIN?
Dušan Trušnovec
Dušan Trušnovec - преди 5 дни
If all this would be so easy and so logical, would be great But when we deal with psychopats, than logic lose its meaning ! This rat race economy paradighm produce more and more of such individuals ! If we jus see all teh wars, holocaust ect, than non of it its logic, but we all know, is happening !! ..........
S G - преди 6 дни
Islamic invasion would definitely effect the rich, as a new empire brings it's own elites.
Rich people likely wouldn't like to pay an extra fee to their local mosque to placate the jihadis, so there's also a fiscal threat, not just a physical one.
Given the shift in political discourse recently, the right wing rich saber rattling, it seems more and more likely.
Either America is a nazi state, or nazi islamists are invading; one half of the country is retarded.

Relating the scientific method to the rich is retarded, the rich are not exceptionally intelligent; just rich, mild correlation at best.
GUERRERO DRAGÓN - преди 6 дни
Adolphin is so cute :3
Mr. Raccoon
Mr. Raccoon - преди 7 дни
History channel during the night
Francius - преди 7 дни
Trump is rich.
Trump doesnt care about climate change.
Oh! Climate change is just a myth then.

Can't argue with that logic.
Francius - преди 4 дни
@Paragon Sentinel Ocean clean up groups are not barely enough. Tons of petrolleum is still burnt every day. Common if rich people invested their money on saving the world there would not be rich people and why tf d they want that.
Paragon Sentinel
Paragon Sentinel - преди 4 дни
@Francius they are, think of the ocean cleanup groups about energy? non-green energy is hard to replace in this time. it is predicted that in 2030 fusion power will be available.
Francius - преди 5 дни
@Emanuel Ibarra Acording to the video, if it was a problem rich people would do something about it. [Spoiler Alert:] They don't.
Emanuel Ibarra
Emanuel Ibarra - преди 6 дни
It affects everyone dude. Just because you don't care, doesn't mean it isn't a problem. You took it wrong, and are changing it for a narrative. It affects him and the rich powerful people.
Manuel - преди 6 дни
that's some nice dialectics my dude
Arza - преди 7 дни
there is no illuminati. people just can’t accept that it’s russel’s teapot that control this world
Daniel Kočis
Daniel Kočis - преди 7 дни
Alex2cg - преди 8 дни
I like how how Kurzgesagt's bird is silly everytime he says yes
nostrum - преди 8 дни
Chemtrails are real,ex head of CIA admitted to it just google it..
EpicBloxRoxYT - преди 3 дни
you tried
GayDuck - преди 5 дни
Did, found nothing
Aryan Das
Aryan Das - преди 8 дни
I hate spams...though
You, Person
You, Person - преди 9 дни
The investment of the belief of an Antichrist wouldn't exactly be sustainable for current business empires antyways....
Arceus - преди 9 дни
epiclolyay - преди 9 дни
Charlie Ben
Charlie Ben - преди 10 дни
Do we know for sure that rich people drink water tho
Andres - преди 10 дни
Well,the first one, the FDA tried to stop some proeminent cancer research and it is still trying. the last one , there alot of rich people buying bunkers(although i believe it's for other reasons)
EpicBloxRoxYT - преди 3 дни
N3sKey And it’s versatile since there are nuclear bombs and all
N3sKey - преди 6 дни
if you're a very rich person who is probably a high target for people who want to make money, having bunkers in discreet locations is probably the first thing you should do
Wombattler - преди 9 дни
Lemme guess... Liquid latrine
I make cringe Content on purpose
I make cringe Content on purpose - преди 10 дни
It’s hitphin
Roy Can do: Stuff
Roy Can do: Stuff - преди 10 дни
What in the world is that thumbnail
Pluto the Forgotten one
Pluto the Forgotten one - преди 3 дни
Wombattler - преди 9 дни
Moisty Man
Moisty Man - преди 12 дни
How would a rich person know that the end of the world is coming? That’s one thing no one can really anticipate because it’ll just happen randomly.
thenowchurch - преди 13 дни
Then I guess Climate Change is fake since really rich people, who have companies that pollute, would never let themselves and the world be under threat of increasingly dangerous and fatal weather conditions.
Nice try guys, but you have not factored in the moral degeneracy of most of the super rich and powerful.
You, Person
You, Person - преди 9 дни
For any well educated person, researching a bit of grade 6 geography would allow them to understand how climate change is measured, thus making it clear that business empires obviously aren't sustainable from the start. I would hope that this would be obvious to most, anyways.
Thomas Woodworth
Thomas Woodworth - преди 13 дни
The U.S. Army sprayed cadmium over poor areas of St. Louis in the 1950's. This was reported by the well known conspiracy mag the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Just like that this video has been debunked.
Aimbot Ron
Aimbot Ron - преди 14 дни
Chemtrails are definitely a thing, it is a known fact now that as humans we would like to have influence over things like the weather for example. There is a russian test case where the reaction of the chem trails turned to a stone like solid and it rained stone. Its hilarious you dis-cause it with absolutely nothing but arrogance.
You, Person
You, Person - преди 9 дни
The video didn't give enough details. But maybe you're talking about hail..?
Cube, lookin Smug AF
Cube, lookin Smug AF - преди 14 дни
Im dat paranoid child that thinks icam always followed and may get killed EVERY SECOND OF MY LIFE.
Gonzalo Gauna
Gonzalo Gauna - преди 14 дни
The people that tend to think in conspiracies about the rich, successful and powerful people it's people frustrated and resentful that deeply wants to be rich and powerful or feel meaningful to this world ?
*The answer is is Yes.
Lord Helix
Lord Helix - преди 15 дни
1:00 a star destroyer
se7en - преди 15 дни
Youtube conspiracies that turned out to be true.
se7en - преди 15 дни
Check out Truthstream media and corbett report for really interesting fact based videos and documentaries. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.
Mr. Meowser Monkey
Mr. Meowser Monkey - преди 15 дни
Did you just say that world isn't going to end?
wublisaur - преди 16 дни
my favourite stupid conspiracy theory is that vaccines are fake and that you can heal people with essential oils.
You, Person
You, Person - преди 9 дни
@Thomas Woodworth sooo, no basic knowledge of how medicinal science works and essential oils for days? I hope that's not what ur saying......
Thomas Woodworth
Thomas Woodworth - преди 12 дни
My favorite conspiracy theory is the one about the U.S. Army spraying cadmium in the air over St. Louis as reported by the St. Louis Post Dispatch (the largest newspaper in Missouri, 2nd largest in the midwest). Oh wait, that really happened...
Arda Aslankaya
Arda Aslankaya - преди 16 дни
Alex de Kruijff
Alex de Kruijff - преди 16 дни
Your method to debunk is: does it effect really rich/powerful people. The end of the world definitely effect the rich and powerful.
Ex Tyger
Ex Tyger - преди 17 дни
To put it considerably more broadly:
Does the nature of the conspiracy theory logically contradict the motivations or goals of the accused cause? If yes, then the theory is invalid.
Claude Martin
Claude Martin - преди 18 дни
Adolphin Flippler?
Claude Martin
Claude Martin - преди 18 дни
Does this video actually convince anyone who believes in such conspiracy myths?
Wouldn't it be more effective to explain to them why the world is so fucked up?
Monchi Vibz
Monchi Vibz - преди 18 дни
Make more please 😔💖
Nicanor Núñez
Nicanor Núñez - преди 19 дни
Obama and Putin are in earth and still global warming is worst everyday, your theory makes no sense.
deniece donnafield
deniece donnafield - преди 21 ден
Twist the video in its truth
Viviane alves
Viviane alves - преди 21 ден
Leon - преди 21 ден
Does climate change influence rich people? Yes. So climate change is a lie.
Does a flat earth affect rich people? No, so... The earth is flat.
Take that science!
Rayapu Reddy Penta Reddy
Rayapu Reddy Penta Reddy - преди 23 дни
You are a lair anti christ is about to come.
That's what people are saying since 3000+ years