Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Go Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Will Smith and Martin Lawrence go Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in NYC, and talk about setting trends on their sitcoms, getting their own sneaker collabs and footwear choices in "Bad Boys For Life."
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Complex - преди 14 дни
Season 10 premiere!
What’s your favorite episode of Fresh Prince and Martin?
hall of james
hall of james - преди 20 часа
@Kalya reid fax but all of martin too
Kalya reid
Kalya reid - преди 20 часа
My favorite episode from Martin has to be the Halloween episode and my favorite episode from fresh prince of bel air has to be all of them
hall of james
hall of james - преди ден
@Don Perignon 6?
hall of james
hall of james - преди ден
My favorite fresh prince episode is when he did that dance and my favorite martin episode is when pam and martin tried to get rid of ginas friend
angel miller
angel miller - преди ден
Complex all of them🗣🗣 it’s that thing you just can’t get enough of and you can’t just pick a favorite 📺 because all of them are ur favorite ❤️ classic 📺
Black Vodka
Black Vodka - преди 17 часа
I love them so much ♥️♥️♥️
Jayden Dorma
Jayden Dorma - преди 17 часа
Are you guys a sneaker head because I will tell you I kind of am
Erica Untraveled
Erica Untraveled - преди 18 часа
They really paid too much for a few of them shoes.. I hope they aint buy them forreal
Jayyy B
Jayyy B - преди 18 часа
My niggas still got sneaker game !!
macario sakay
macario sakay - преди 18 часа
4:54-5:09 big will flow🔥
Fiji Water!
Fiji Water! - преди 18 часа
Just watched bad boys for life y’all did y’all thing
Kathy Burke
Kathy Burke - преди 18 часа
I can't wrap my head around spending $8k + on sneakers.
Cousin Theplug
Cousin Theplug - преди 19 часа
They got real fire good taste
Marios.Ntouris - преди 20 часа
Who comes here after the movie ?
CIA - преди 20 часа
anyone know what shoes will smith is wearing in this vid?
Erica Untraveled
Erica Untraveled - преди 18 часа
7:10 tells what shoe he has on
Mansaray Ahmed
Mansaray Ahmed - преди 20 часа
https://youtu.be/vS3E8mKMia0 click or you'll have bad luck for 10 years
Kassandra Gonzalez
Kassandra Gonzalez - преди 20 часа
Kobe the goat 😇🤍
Says Chims
Says Chims - преди 20 часа
Oh he's not dead someone told me Martin Lawrence awkward very awkward
Jamison Smith
Jamison Smith - преди 21 час
OG Jordan heads
ILL WILL - преди 21 час
Forget the shoes, how about the 993 911 Porsche!
Money Movement
Money Movement - преди 21 час
Subscribe to our YouTube channel for new underground music/videos 💯
ҽιɳԋσɾɳϝx - преди 21 час
rip to uncle phil
K Living
K Living - преди 21 час
They the best 💪🏼🙏🏼
Cap'n Cook
Cap'n Cook - преди 22 часа
What’s the car? Anyone?
Jui Chu
Jui Chu - преди 23 часа
4:57 Will RAPS with the BGM
SurviverH2 - преди 23 часа
Hold up.... 8:41 that's a mistake right
Gabby Speaks
Gabby Speaks - преди 23 часа
They could’ve came to Atlanta for this. Total would’ve been half if not less.
6PIPO9 - преди ден
5:40 i thought he said i ride him alot😂😂
sharn rew
sharn rew - преди ден
Show us what the total was for the sneakers.
RTD - преди ден
Kinda feel overrated to me
The5GIO5 - преди ден
I dont get this
Eva María Rivera Rubio
Eva María Rivera Rubio - преди ден
Bad Boys for life
Kareem Alamoody
Kareem Alamoody - преди ден
Why they are overrated prices
Xdgxr - преди ден
Y’all need to get PlayBoi Carti on sneaker shopping
luke iskandar
luke iskandar - преди ден
These dudes tripping. They can get that shit for way cheaper on goat
Keys - преди ден
Do this show with nardwaur bruh
Z_0sg - преди ден
Bad boys
Moises Torres
Moises Torres - преди ден
Damn, I just watched "Bad Boys For Life" today, it was funny, entertaining, and had a lot of action, I liked it!
Raja Rajan
Raja Rajan - преди ден
Is it possible to get Elon on the show maybe!? He wears some cool kicks sometimes!
poop guy
poop guy - преди ден
Get danny devito to go sneaker shopping
EC- TacoMarco
EC- TacoMarco - преди ден
I like how nun of the comments say that will smith is high be it rly obvious 😂😂
Yayaum Her
Yayaum Her - преди ден
Please do sasha banks or luh kel
Jalaine Elize
Jalaine Elize - преди ден
do kelly oubre jr next
Regina Lynch
Regina Lynch - преди ден
Renner when gina bought Martin some air sacks because they need to budget
Masacci. Boi
Masacci. Boi - преди ден
Get BULL1TRC on the show
Lautaro Orlandi
Lautaro Orlandi - преди ден
Rip kobe bryant
jonas weedman
jonas weedman - преди ден
Don't fall a victim of scam on the internet
Find yourself a reliable weedman
There are alot of fake plugs out here
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Payment before delivery
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Chaoz Gaming inc
Chaoz Gaming inc - преди ден
Two fucking huge legends but let’s take a moment to say RIP to another legend #Kobe
Paul Simonson
Paul Simonson - преди ден
These guys are both great entertainers...but 8K for sneakers??!!?
Sorry guys but that is absurdly excessive!
Royce - преди ден
Marty Mar just dropped 8 racks on Him AND his Homie now that is some kool shyt!
Mahamed Qasim
Mahamed Qasim - преди ден
great business, not good host, arrogant the way he walk off at the end
Blood Bought Ministries
Blood Bought Ministries - преди ден
All these people have is their precious little time on earth and they have to fill the void with materialistic garbage, it's all plastic and junk, it's here today gone tomorrow! Sell your soul to the devil for fame and fortune, what a sad situation! Jesus Christ is Lord, come to Jesus for everlasting life!
Montrell Harmon
Montrell Harmon - преди ден
I Luv you guys mann. Dope choses OGS 🔥
Anna Riley
Anna Riley - преди ден
Hope they didn’t go to get food after, because there are no cup holders
Anna Riley
Anna Riley - преди ден
Hope they didn’t go to get food after, because there are no cup holders
zan antel
zan antel - преди ден
They paid huge money for running shoes, but in the meantime, the poor people who make them are nothing less than slaves, go fuck your self prince closet case you know what I mean and so is the rest of the world coward.
K҉i҉c҉k҉a҉ H҉o҉l҉k҉e҉n҉
fresh prince of bel air jordan V
Queen 4 Life
Queen 4 Life - преди ден
I don't even have words. $8000 in sneakers. smh Martin you could have blessed me with $8000 so I could have blessed single mothers with children. I could have bought way more sneakers then those two bags full u guys came out of the store holding!!
Amjad Hussain
Amjad Hussain - преди ден
Spread your blessing around. Very nice and noble....Dr.Hussain
When i buy and like something i don't care if it 10$ or 10 thousand dollars.
Amjad Hussain
Amjad Hussain - преди ден
Martin's face will never grow old.....Dr.Hussain
Amjad Hussain
Amjad Hussain - преди ден
Both r good friends.
Amjad Hussain
Amjad Hussain - преди ден
GOD has given u money and humbleness at same time....Dr.Hussain Chicago
Yang Penting
Yang Penting - преди ден
Syfy Void
Syfy Void - преди 2 дни
Literally got a 43 minute ad WTF ! showed an entire episode of this random ass show