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JANGBRiCKS - преди месец
Apologies for the *four seconds* of visual weirdness just before the minute mark. It's not in the source and has no explanation.
I hope the other 14 mins 34 seconds of the 14 min 38 second video have some value to viewers!
God of TOMATOS - преди месец
The Stephenson's rocket 2019 we already had those in many other sets
Brickcity Altınkent
Brickcity Altınkent - преди месец
Didn't even notice it until I saw your comment. It's a great video, that's the important part!
Brick Built
Brick Built - преди месец
Jang can you please make a video on how to or try to make the LEGO hidden side train work?
Leroy - преди месец
I honestly just thought it was deliberate, as to show just how close the build was to the real thing.
No Jang I am very, very, very, very upset about this. How could you let this happen? 😀 Just Joking, good vid.
GJBricks - преди 4 дни
I had not realised it was more than 8 studs. Definitely won't go round my LEGO City of Studsburg. Glad you told me that! A shame as I like the train and the station is pretty cool! I think the price is OK given how much is in it plus the motor.
Jos Schoenmaker
Jos Schoenmaker - преди 9 дни
The dreaded app ...
The Mans Himself
The Mans Himself - преди 12 дни
could've done better witht he drive gear, other than that, it's good.
Nel R
Nel R - преди 14 дни
I definitely have this on my wishlist. Anyone know if we can use our Disney AP discount at the LEGO store in downtown Disney for this?
Judy Sears
Judy Sears - преди 14 дни
I lovet he train and station minus some scaling issues, but according to the price tag, I would rather put my extra $20 toward the castle. huge difference in number of parts for the money
Judy Sears
Judy Sears - преди 14 дни
Is it possible to put another motor in this? soyou don't have to have a phone to run it?
Petersilius Zwackelmann
Petersilius Zwackelmann - преди 16 дни
330€??! 😦😐
Hello There
Hello There - преди 16 дни
I wish they would’ve made the Casey jr from dumbo too
Felipe's Reviews
Felipe's Reviews - преди 18 дни
When you going to review this set???
Zachary Onorato
Zachary Onorato - преди 19 дни
Just got it and I absolutely love it, I am so happy we got an 8 wide train. I know it may not fit on some people's tracks but as a display piece I think 8 wide is preferred
Sam M
Sam M - преди 19 дни
£299 and this is the best lego can come up,with? No wonder my son preferred a PlayStation rather than any more lego. Lego are clearly going down the route of giving as little as possible for the most they can get away with charging for.
Neighborhood Car Reviews
Neighborhood Car Reviews - преди 20 дни
I would LOVE to see a Lego Walt Disney World Monorail System!!
Larry Bird33
Larry Bird33 - преди 22 дни
This train is awesome but imo the Hogwarts one is better
Delta_62 - преди 22 дни
I have the castle... and I want this train so bad!! 😍😍😍
Nirate Goel
Nirate Goel - преди 22 дни
It's a nice thing having a full station build but at the same time it's 100$ over what the last cargo train went for.
Brad L
Brad L - преди 22 дни
I'm surprised there isn't more discussion of how similar the engine looks to the Winter Holiday Train engine from 10254.
Timmy's Train
Timmy's Train - преди 22 дни
Where’s the review?!
Grunt67 - преди 23 дни
Probably a set aimed fairly and squarely at adult Disney collectors who will buy it and love it.
For Lego train fans I just don't think it's value for money.
I recently picked up the 60198 freight train set from A major hobby retailer for $181 (australian) so about $120 US. With so much more in it. I thought that was so much better as a Lego train set.
Mr Rocket
Mr Rocket - преди 23 дни
I really hope they make more Disneyland stuff like sleeping beauty castle or even the haunted mansion
reklasproductions - преди 22 дни
YES to a Haunted Mansion set. I too am hoping for that and it's what I instantly thought after seeing this is I hope they make more Disneyland locals/rides.
trifon jacobs
trifon jacobs - преди 24 дни
I think I’m gonna buy this set... I’m not a big Disney fan (I’ve never even been to Disney world) but I just gotta buy this Et for the train. It looks incredibly accurate! I also like the station.
Ryan Ghezzi
Ryan Ghezzi - преди 24 дни
BRING BACK THE MONORAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Student Freeman Morgan
Student Freeman Morgan - преди 24 дни
Ugh I wish I could get this, but the price is too big to swallow, even after mowing lawns all summer long, could attempt Christmas
erstla - преди 24 дни
This is a beautiful set, it looks amazing.
Personally I prefer the look of the castle and it has more iconic nostalgia for me, plus the inclusion of 'Tink' is really magical!
I actually had no idea that there is a real Disney train until I found out about the LEGO set!
KarlosBricks - преди 24 дни
Interesting that this video has got more views that nearly all of the videos from jang this month. Sign of the times I'm afraid.
Timmy's Train
Timmy's Train - преди 24 дни
Where’s the review?
Troodon - преди 25 дни
Love the look of this thing, but just too expensive for my tastes, and really don't have a place in my collection for something that doesn't fit the theme of anything else I have. (If I ever get rich and famous this would go great with the Disney Castle though).
Hutton Rose
Hutton Rose - преди 25 дни
Christmas plz come soon
Joe Loll
Joe Loll - преди 25 дни
By far the best train lego has ever done. Wow!
Nichole - преди 25 дни
The only thing that truly annoys me is the fact i have to use a device to work the train. The price is understandable in my opinion. As someone who has the Cinderella Castle, i'm a bit disappointed this is Disney LANDS version, and not WORLDS like the castle. But... as someone going to Disney land within the next year, i think i'll appreciate having this set a lot more. I'm a huge Disney fan, so without a doubt, i bought it. I did the free VIP just so i could buy this early, lol. I mean, it is a working train, train sets can easily run $100...
Just Me
Just Me - преди 25 дни
£300 £0.10
Christian Flores
Christian Flores - преди 26 дни
Wish they made a Smaller Set like the City sets! Like the Newyork and Las Vegas sets. Also a moc build set.
This is a pass to me still holding out for a Moc build similar to newyork set.
brulkll - преди 26 дни
i think the set is great, but just too expensive. way less pieces, almost the same price as the castle
PannierTankProductions 1929
PannierTankProductions 1929 - преди 28 дни
Welp there goes my wallet
Austin Wood
Austin Wood - преди 28 дни
Only pics this time jang?
daniel avelar
daniel avelar - преди 28 дни
Am I seeing wrong? It looks like chip and dale have small adjustable legs.. aghhh!
isupalodee - преди 28 дни
I would hate to have to use a phone to control a train. Bring back power functions !
lioness - преди 28 дни
Thanks for the video! Like this set a lot, but can't afford it. I would have preferred this to be split into two more affordable sets.
DavidinSLO - преди 29 дни
Great review. I especially appreciate the choice to base the station on Disneyland here in California (vs the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida) ... but - yes - very hard to justify the $330 price tag.
Vojta 365
Vojta 365 - преди 29 дни
I'm really happy that lego is making 8 studs wide train. Finaly there is an opportunity to make more realistic trains.
Martin B
Martin B - преди 29 дни
My issue with lego is simply the oversize trend and number of licensed/exklusiv sets, all above 2000+ pieces - even ideas projects are made bigger, more expensive than the original fan design! Sure some AFOLs would appreciate more medium sized models.
Who buys 3-4 up 300€ lego sets each year and actually keeps them - besides for investment?
This Disneyland set should be a US exklusive, I dont expect high demand in EU.
A MainStreet Disneyland (parade) set would be awesome. In the style of creator modular house-line.
ResidualSelfImage - преди 29 дни
Thanks - given that the Disney train is eight stud wide train - it may not have enough clearance for existing Lego  train bridges and current bridge design allow for two studs beyond the standard eight stud Lego track (12 stud wide on a straight pathway).
Kai Masters
Kai Masters - преди 29 дни
I hope we see lego house of mouse
Vex Fidel
Vex Fidel - преди 29 дни
"Even though this set costs less than the Disney Castle..."
*laughs in Australian*
Pato Swag
Pato Swag - преди месец
Can’t wait to buy it
Charlie Clements
Charlie Clements - преди месец
Sam M
Sam M - преди месец
Whilst it’s an impressive set, It’s not worth £299
bluehero96 - преди месец
Darn it Disney! You make it hard to hate you when you make a good lego train set. And we finally have Goofy! I almost didn't notice it.
jude marsh
jude marsh - преди месец
General Luke Productions
General Luke Productions - преди месец
$300 would've been a fair price. Not $330.
Brick After Brick Toys
Brick After Brick Toys - преди месец
This is just incredible and a real MUST for any Disney fan! Lego designers hit it out of the park! great review Jang! thanks for the sneak peak! such a beauty! and I'm so thankful that Lego put the tracks and powered up so that we are ready to go right out of the box! Train and Station are wonderful! the minifigs are adorable! LegoLove it all! Vickie
Ghost Tiger
Ghost Tiger - преди месец
The most incredible thing about this is that it's the first 8-wide train in an official LEGO set. Never thought I'd see the day, and I hope it's only the beginning of bigger and better things to come.
Sunset Rider
Sunset Rider - преди месец
Minnie is wearing a soft skirt so that she can sit down in the train car probably. I think you're being too picky about the engine size.
Boba Fett Plays
Boba Fett Plays - преди месец
Being that it is 8 studs wide, I'm honestly confounded at why they didn't make working drive rods with piston action. They did it on the emerald night train, and that was six studs wide. Why couldn't they on this?
AstroTron - преди месец
The set looks great, But I think the boiler needs to be a dark blue to much more closely to the locomotive. Unfortunately I won't be getting it because I created a replica of this locomotive 5 years ago. It is still nice to see Disney and LEGO work together.
Théo Gayral-leroy
Théo Gayral-leroy - преди месец
I'm not interested in this set but it look cool! I prefer the building but the train is nice. Overall I think it's a great set! But for me the volume of stuff you get don't worth the price...
Black Shadow
Black Shadow - преди месец
This is a sick set but a bit overpriced
L3 - преди месец
I am not a big train fan although I don't mind it. So I concentrate on the building instead. I don't like it for the exact same reason why I don't like the Disney Castle. Most pieces are used to build the facade leaving little room behind. This is not as bad as the Disney Castle but considering the hefty price on both of them, it is just not acceptable to me. I guess that's why I prefer the modular building in general.
altosax18 - преди месец
Huge fan of the Disneyland Railroad so I’ll be getting this set. I do wish they got the name of the locomotive and train cars correct. The engine should be C.K. Holliday instead of Disney Train, the tender should be Disneyland Railroad, and the last car should be Lilly Belle. At least it has the correct wheel arrangement for the engine.
Chris Reid
Chris Reid - преди месец
A much too expensive method to get the Goofy minifig :(