Vanessa Hudgens Reveals if She Will Be in "High School Musical 4" and More | 17 Questions

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You definitely wanted to be best friends with Vanessa Hudgens after watching her in "High School Musical." These days, Vanessa is literally on Broadway living her best life. She stopped by Seventeen HQ to play 17 Questions. We asked her a ton of questions about, what else, "High School Musical," (her favorite moment with Zac Efron is sooo sweet), if we'll see her in "High School Musical 4," and so much more. BRB, rewatching "We're All in This Together" for the rest of the day.
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Seventeen - преди 5 месеца
Would you watch HSM 4??
Vitseituonuo Pienyii
Vitseituonuo Pienyii - преди 2 часа
Of courseeeee💞💞💞
Jagatdeep Jassal
Jagatdeep Jassal - преди 3 дни
LJ D. - преди 4 дни
YASSS and it should be all the real casts😭
ᴊᴏʜɴ ᴍᴇᴇᴘ
ᴊᴏʜɴ ᴍᴇᴇᴘ - преди 10 дни
it would be SHSM senior high school musical
x_ teamjoanne _x
x_ teamjoanne _x - преди 12 дни
Nope! Not the same at all, would only watch it with the originals and that’s it.
liz rodriguez
liz rodriguez - преди ден
FadelMaulana - преди 2 дни
Does in all HSM Cast, only Zac Efron who have big different from HSM era to now? (2019)
xX90sWereTheDaysxX - преди 3 дни
She's lost alot of weight.
Jagatdeep Jassal
Jagatdeep Jassal - преди 3 дни
My school is having a play about HSM and my friends Gabriella
kelilahthebest - преди 3 дни
They should have the Old cast as Parents .....they will be a good idea
Chante Lowery
Chante Lowery - преди 4 дни
If you or any of the original cast of hsm aren’t gonna be on the 4th one I’m not watching it would Not repeat Not Watching it. It wouldn’t be the same without any of you guys
avery covelli
avery covelli - преди 4 дни
There should be high school musical the high school reunion
Ronja gunnarsson
Ronja gunnarsson - преди 5 дни
College musical!!!!
bella frias
bella frias - преди 6 дни
Her voice is deeper
LillysLife 101
LillysLife 101 - преди 7 дни
Vanessa isn’t it once a WildCat always a WildCat😢😢😢
Ralph - преди 9 дни
There is something off about her!
Čûtè ŁòvèGáçhâ
Čûtè ŁòvèGáçhâ - преди 11 дни
x_ teamjoanne _x
x_ teamjoanne _x - преди 12 дни
Only just rewatched all the hsm and now I miss them all so much 😥 they were my childhood, and even though I know zanessa may not be a thing anymore, I still want them more than anything to be friends and to reunite. Maybe one day, a girl can hope 🤷🏽‍♀️
Xaria Life
Xaria Life - преди 15 дни
why would they make a high school musical show with a whole different cast
Marcos Diaz
Marcos Diaz - преди 16 дни
She gives off such a genuine vibe. I’d love to meet her.
Swirl AndTwirl
Swirl AndTwirl - преди 18 дни
Haha hey Vanessa!
nisaa04 - преди 19 дни
she and zac should be the parents for their child who is going to be in high school and the child can be featured in hsm 4 ....agree with me aahhggg
nisaa04 - преди 19 дни
her laugh is still there from hsm 💖
Hernandez Mamiii
Hernandez Mamiii - преди 19 дни
Ya'll need to chill lol. Ofcoarse the new high school musical will never replace the original, but there's always going to be remakes obviously. The show isn't that bad. Yall make it seem like its the worst .
Jose Torres
Jose Torres - преди 20 дни
pls we need you in HSM4 without you the movie is useless
Tiffany Alesti Siahaan
Tiffany Alesti Siahaan - преди 21 ден
What movie can you watch 500 times?
Me: High School Musical 1, 2, 3
Mina Karam
Mina Karam - преди 21 ден
i miss gabrialla ❤❤....they should make hsm *4* ❤❤😭😭❤❤
aine alfetche
aine alfetche - преди 22 дни
I love this girl so much
Eve O
Eve O - преди 26 дни
I want HSM 4 with the original cast
K Farm
K Farm - преди 28 дни
She didn’t age at all
AO Nation
AO Nation - преди 29 дни
Making her dad proud. Vanessa Hudgens absolutely dominated the Rydell High hallways during Grease: Live on Sunday, January 31 — despite losing her father the night before.

As previously reported, Hudgens' father, Greg Hudgens, passed away from stage 4 cancer on Saturday. She announced the news via Twitter and told her fans that she would do the show in his honor.
A t a r a x i a 76
A t a r a x i a 76 - преди 29 дни
okay imma hope with that "probably" :((
Kimberly Martinez
Kimberly Martinez - преди месец
How could you betray us like that vanessa after all these years like literally 11 years?
Kimberly Martinez
Kimberly Martinez - преди месец
This is how many people were sad to hear vanessa Hudgens say that probably not to being in hsm 4
Makena Eccles
Makena Eccles - преди месец
2:21 Vanessa the new cast will NEVER be the heart of high school musical
EllanorplaysGames - преди месец
"Will we see you In high school musical 4"
Probably not
Me:oh no 😭😭
When I was 11 I was a horror version of Gabrielle 😭😭
James Wells
James Wells - преди месец
I really enjoyed this video so much and I love Vanessa Hudgens so much
Claire Doughty
Claire Doughty - преди месец
#wewantHSM4 🤣#we all want it #we all make it happen
Just Riri
Just Riri - преди месец
I miss youuuuuu 😭😍 I love you ❤️❤️
Marmelyn Bay
Marmelyn Bay - преди месец
She sounds like one of the merrel twins😂
Tayla Blain
Tayla Blain - преди месец
The dun dun dun DUN
Morena Gomes
Morena Gomes - преди месец
Alguém traduz esse video pro Português Brasil
Tenell Vadivaloo
Tenell Vadivaloo - преди месец
hsm 4 is a hit trust🐶
Laramie - преди месец
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