What Happens If We Bring the Sun to Earth?

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell - преди 7 месеца
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Ten80Pixels - преди 20 дни
I can't say enough how great the music it.
Commando303X - преди 3 месеца
I believe the Tsar Bomba carried 50Mt of T.N.T., not 40Mt (was designed up to 100Mt).
Rustam Djakhangirov
Rustam Djakhangirov - преди 3 месеца
Very sorry to mention it this late but the Tsar bomb had an estimated power of 50-52 MTNS of TNT while the actual blast resulted in 54-58 MTNS of TNT equivalent. The Jekil-Hyde chain that was abandoned in process i.e. using another block of raw uranium 258 would double the destructive power. The problem of explosions and implosions is that the moment they go beyond the atmosphere the energetic force is lessened. Wouldn't that imply that a thermonuclear detonation of this projected blast would also exit the Earth's atmosphere and the destruction would not cause that dreadful effects?
Cut Man
Cut Man - преди 4 месеца
Great, now with R163a1
Adam Palmer
Adam Palmer - преди 4 месеца
Hot jello
Chiang Kai Shrek
Chiang Kai Shrek - преди 6 часа
Steve Larkin
Steve Larkin - преди 15 часа
He sounds like David attenbruh on space drugs
Kaden A
Kaden A - преди ден
Turn to Jesus
Harvey Sun
Harvey Sun - преди 2 дни
Bringing the sun to paris and london burning, it’s just the fire of london II
Yonatahn Domingos
Yonatahn Domingos - преди 2 дни
Damn it rev
Lydia YOU WILL NOT KNOW MY LAST NAME - преди 2 дни
ok they went far enough into the sun
Lydia YOU WILL NOT KNOW MY LAST NAME - преди 2 дни
simple graphics i love these vids
probrokristian - преди 2 дни
gulag substance*
Regin Henriksen
Regin Henriksen - преди 2 дни
Videos like this are bangers at home, but boring at school
Lumos - преди 4 дни
What if I bring the universe to earth?🤔
exist in the now
exist in the now - преди 4 дни
How would anyone even know this????
Huzayfah M
Huzayfah M - преди 6 дни
What about if we bought a sample of the earth's core to the surface
ilmu011 - преди 5 дни
Nice question
rae - преди 6 дни
earth is a microwave.
ini 3
ini 3 - преди 6 дни
Sponsored by Brilliant: "Maths and science done right"

Twice as much energy as 12kg of tnt this piece of sun carries the same energy as 25kgs of tnt.
Steph Beach
Steph Beach - преди 6 дни
Sooooo, let's not do this.
ReinGacha - преди 7 дни
I never knew there was a fourth state..
Jacob AONE
Jacob AONE - преди 7 дни
The core explosion: you can just say it's equal to the power of a death star from star wars at the lowest setting.
Jacob AONE
Jacob AONE - преди 7 дни
Poor photons, they just wanted to get out...
Isabella Essien
Isabella Essien - преди 7 дни
La Ki113r
La Ki113r - преди 7 дни
Aw yes the sun ... I want to take a closer look **bring the sun to earth** awww yes soo soo hot lol
Haven Edwards
Haven Edwards - преди 7 дни
OMGOSH! That was Ice King!!
Cypro Dex
Cypro Dex - преди 8 дни
Short Answer: *you'd die*
Long Answer: *you'd die*
hongchuan wang
hongchuan wang - преди 8 дни
I will bring my *S U N H A T*
Space creeps Jb
Space creeps Jb - преди 8 дни
Kursgat: What would happen if you brought a tiny part of the sun to earth short answer you would die
Me: I DiDnt NoTiCe gEnuIse
Chocolatez - преди 8 дни
sad that the world will end if theres some sun on the earth
my brain:
wtf how do u get a piece of the sun on the earth you're stupid
Ralsei - преди 9 дни
PUNisher Mk-69
PUNisher Mk-69 - преди 10 дни
Same thing that happens when you bring the earth to the sun
DamoPlayz - преди 10 дни
Ice king
Tiago Dagostin
Tiago Dagostin - преди 10 дни
"Human caused climate change". That is how you throw away it any credibility you might have.
ilmu011 - преди ден
No u
TheClasssy - преди ден
@Tiago Dagostin Lemme put it simply so you can comprehend. Greenhouse gases insulate atmosphere. The radiation from the sun retained more the more greenhouse gases there are. Humans produce extreme amounts of greenhouse gases. Though climate change is ultimately a natural process the earth goes through, it is undeniable that humans are speeding up that process. This decade saw some of the hottest summers around the globe ever.
Tiago Dagostin
Tiago Dagostin - преди ден
@TheClasssy since when science has become conspiracy theory? Since when politics isn't about power? I don't buy pictures politics paint to keep their power and I don't buy what ideologues say when they profit from it.
TheClasssy - преди ден
@Tiago Dagostin Ok buddy. Keep living in your conspiracy filled echoechamber
Tiago Dagostin
Tiago Dagostin - преди ден
@TheClasssy we did not sped it up, did not slowed it down, we did nothing. Humans have insignificant to no impact on the planets temperature. I won't tone anything down and let this lie govern us.
Jam T
Jam T - преди 10 дни
No one:
Short answer: you die
Long answer: it depends
KryGeN!c - преди 11 дни
Scientist: How do we solve climate change
Get a sample from the core of the sun easy
Gwo Gaming
Gwo Gaming - преди 11 дни
Just dont bring a thing from the sun in a lab ok
Đặp Chai Mẳn
Đặp Chai Mẳn - преди 11 дни
A TF2 player
A TF2 player - преди 12 дни
I never expected the sun to be that big
medexamtoolsdotcom - преди 12 дни
Of course there's a distance where it would neither implode nor explode, causing the minimum amount of destruction. It would just be hot for a while.
Copyrighted Tree Yes
Copyrighted Tree Yes - преди 12 дни
Other scientists: Donn't do it. It's dangerous.
Kurzgesagt: You better keep your distance.
Lil Parkinsons
Lil Parkinsons - преди 13 дни
lmao just print a puc of the sun dude
Aye Laniton
Aye Laniton - преди 13 дни
Ice King!
Delwynlouis Legion
Delwynlouis Legion - преди 14 дни
Ice king
Nerdy Guy
Nerdy Guy - преди 14 дни
Actually its like this
Short answer: *death*
Long answer : *death*
The Bears
The Bears - преди 14 дни
Bruh just bring it to earth at night
The Bears
The Bears - преди 14 дни
If we took sun to the earth that would be so uncool
Amit Gupta
Amit Gupta - преди 14 дни
How is it a plasma if t is so dense that photons wander for years to escape it.
Kimya Dostu
Kimya Dostu - преди 14 дни
Noutron star's destiny!
Thia - преди 15 дни
This is was experts call *a very bad idea*
Desmano Darkstrike
Desmano Darkstrike - преди 15 дни
Ice king!
monika monika
monika monika - преди 16 дни
It needed 7 min to tell that we die if we bring sun to earth
Noah Beane
Noah Beane - преди 16 дни
5:40 adventure time
PAKISTAN mere Lode me
PAKISTAN mere Lode me - преди 16 дни
Remember sun is Goo
(In Hindi/Urdu goo means Sh!t)
Edriss Scofield
Edriss Scofield - преди 13 дни
To hell with the sun!
dead axolotl
dead axolotl - преди 17 дни
I want food
john limpin
john limpin - преди 17 дни
london bridge is burning down
Depressed Player
Depressed Player - преди 17 дни
Wow the sun is at least as big as 1 ant
MrXemrox - преди 17 дни
*0:35* How about the size of a marble? 1:27 Okay, then. 1:32 How big would it be when it was a marble size instead of a box size?
Dr Unity
Dr Unity - преди 18 дни
I like how this teaches me more than school actually does and I enjoy this and watch it on my free time
유가임 - преди 18 дни
태양을 지구로 가져오면 당신은 죽습니다
Amiel Singo
Amiel Singo - преди 18 дни
This vid was lit
V- HAN - преди 19 дни
In Soviet Russia sun come to you
Kd3n - преди 20 дни
we fucking die
Murilo Vidal
Murilo Vidal - преди 21 ден
Minecraft players at 4:35: *heavy breathing*