Green New Deal: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Treefrog Johnson
Treefrog Johnson - преди час
Why do dems say the world will end in 10-20 years every 10 years...
Rabies Babies
Rabies Babies - преди час
TRICKLE DOWN TAXES DO NOT WORK LEFTARDS! TAKE TAKE TAKE the gov crooks will never spend it right. Have they ever? Look at Oakland CA Look at the leftard states.. collapsing and overtaxing people..
Rabies Babies
Rabies Babies - преди час
LEFTARDS STILL THINK TRICKLE DOWN TAXES WORK WTF!!!!!!!!!!! You can't tax the economy to end... uh.. climate change AKA the seasons of the year.. It's so cold this year.. Leftards still crying to tax your wallet more.. Lefties are fascists remember that. I used to vote lefty NEVER again..! if you over 25 years old and still voting left you're probably homeless and a junky or a pedo or only voting cuz you think republicans hate gays or blacks.. which is nonsense brainwash we got lots of black republicans.
Fake Noose
Fake Noose - преди час
ohh thank you john! I'm a dumb american so I had no clue about any of this! durrrr....
Rabies Babies
Rabies Babies - преди час
With Stalin your hamburgers are made out of nothing and if you complain you become a hamburger for Stalin because under communism and democratic socialism (NAZISM) you are forced to vote the leftist liberal socialist party line or you're de personed like the fascists did to conservatives in the past.
Regonal - преди 2 часа
DAAMMMM! Bill Nye the savage guy!
Federica Marchionni
Federica Marchionni - преди 3 часа
The green new deal was voted down because it was ridiculous. Not sure if it made it into the version that was voted down, but the first version released on an official website included a guaranteed income to those unable or unwilling to work. I am 27, never owned a car, lived most of my adult life in apartments with solar panels, try to be plastic free as much as possible. I have nothing against legislation to slow down and hopefully stop climate change, but I read the green new deal and it sounded like it was written by stoned college kids. P.S. setting goals before figuring out how to reach them sounds incredibly stupid to me. I don’t think this is a left wing/right wing issue at all.
Chick Sage
Chick Sage - преди 3 часа
You can see the contempt, in his eyes, when he shoves the basket off of his desk. He hates it! Actually, if that was any indication, I think I would really enjoy seeing John shove other objects, of his disdain, off of his desk, in a similar manner :)
Tyler Brackman
Tyler Brackman - преди 3 часа
Yeah! Let’s put a tax on the volcanos too! Wait I have a solution.. you all should run into the volcanos, that will save the planet.
KC Guy 88
KC Guy 88 - преди 3 часа
We really must start acting fast..
Jessie G
Jessie G - преди 4 часа a genius on tiktok playing improv piano behind Bill's words to really bring out his point!
gwg5640 - преди 4 часа
5 million views? OMG! This must be Jon's highest rated segment ever!!!!
NaThan turnbow
NaThan turnbow - преди 6 часа
I can't think of a subject I care less about. My name is Nathan, and yes, I AM part of the problem..
Logan Sloan
Logan Sloan - преди 6 часа
John, this is by far the most misleading, lie-filled segment I have ever watched. Fuck you for causing so many idiots that watch you as if you are the truth to think they are correct in their absolutely wrong understanding. I used to think you actually thought for yourself, but it seems you're just towing the party line. Fuck you!
Philip Frandsen
Philip Frandsen - преди 6 часа
Here's the real problem: too many people buying and discarding shit they don't want.
Taylor Phillips
Taylor Phillips - преди 6 часа
This right here is why no one trusts main stream media. She put in socialist policies into something she stated was entirely about the environment. Plus absolutely no one voted yes on her green new deal... democrat or republican
PringlesKing William
PringlesKing William - преди 7 часа
This shit is full of lies.
PringlesKing William
PringlesKing William - преди 7 часа
If the US eliminated all carbon emissions, India and China would completely erase that progress with their current projected carbon emissions. Us carbon emissions is already decreasing, if you want to fight climate change just look at India and China.
Shawn Boekhoff
Shawn Boekhoff - преди 8 часа

This paper is really a great understanding of how we measure thermal increase, but how we can confuse it. Since it has come out, I have yet to hear any dispute that works for it.

And this Video has a basic oversight of what a scientific mind decisively discerns about the understanding of how a base can impact that data.

BTW: Global trade and transportation are the primary cause global CO2 factors rising. So if your really worried about it, stop buy stuff from global companies and buy locally. And support more Nuclear plants. Its not the 50's and we know much more about nuclear fuels, ever heard of Thorium or Helium 3? it might be a while, but this path at least looks better for us.
Courtney Frank
Courtney Frank - преди 8 часа
I actually have been watching Suits since it premiered in 2011. P.S. Seasons 2 and 6 are by far the best
LikeAPro42 - преди 9 часа
10:13 I honestly thought MatPat was gonna be a guest star
Keith Hoffmaster
Keith Hoffmaster - преди 9 часа
. The exact same people who just a few years ago blared, "Climate Change is an invention!", are now blaring, "Climate's change, there's nothing we humans can do anything about it!" And yes, I'm speaking very specifically to the absolute loudest of loud Conservative Christians because the thought process goes like this: "God made the planet, God put humans here, He made sure Humans can't really truly affect the Climate like HE can, ergo, Humans really have no responsibility for the changing Climate and really can't do anything about it." The same thing, just substitute God with "Free Market" or "Freedom" or just a general "everything I don't like is 'Socialism' (their twisted understanding of the term) or 'Communism'. To both of these groups, pose them the same following question:
Here's what you ask them: "Ok, so you're willing to run a little experiment where Human History is condensed down to the same scale *Your House* would be vs. the "livable" surface of the Earth right? And have that space filled with the closest analogy to "human industriousness" (ie, Ants of _all_ strains) in the same pace as that scaled length of Human History, right?" Watch the massive backpedal of how dirty ants are and how they will NOT have their house defiled in that way, blah blah blah. Then watch as no lesson is learned and they still think that everyone but them is wrong.
abcdemily - преди 9 часа
10:11 to 11:41
18:15 to 19:10
(keeping these as notes to show my friends tomorrow oops-)
Matthew Thompson
Matthew Thompson - преди 9 часа
That litter analogy is spot on.
Vox Terra
Vox Terra - преди 10 часа
Our economy is basically subsidized, we are currently subsidizing the poisoning and super heating of our planet, we could instead subsidize some type of Green New Deal.
64standardtrickyness - преди 10 часа
Bill Nye should know better than to take safety glasses off before extinguishing fire
Isaac Fig Newton
Isaac Fig Newton - преди 10 часа
*Hamburgler = Stalin*
Tyler Zobel
Tyler Zobel - преди 10 часа
"I didnt mind explaining photosynthesis to you when you were 12, now grow the fuck up, this is a real crisis"
Hectic00 - преди 10 часа
The planet is made of molten rock.
Few extra degrees might keep the core from freezing over time :P
Earth will be fine.
It's us who won't be. Maybe the earth will be better off
Capreso - преди 10 часа
yes bill nye
Daniel Maurice
Daniel Maurice - преди 11 часа
Who else cringes when they see Bill Nye because they recall that awful special he had a 2-3 years ago.
Anthony Badessa
Anthony Badessa - преди 11 часа
Btw, (POPULATION CONTROL) will have to be part of the Solution! 10 Billion people by 2050! Not sustainable, if ya need a little Replica of yourself, try Adoption Instead, the Earth will thank you for it Later, so "GO GREEN & PULL-OUT".
Anthony Badessa
Anthony Badessa - преди 11 часа
Let's face it, this Dumb Species is so "FUCKED" no way Humans are gonna make it out of this Century! Especially Judging by the people they Elect to Run Governments! We'll be lucky to make it past 2050! & Whenever it happens, it'll be well deserved!...
CREEPER 125 / TehVegasSpartan HD
CREEPER 125 / TehVegasSpartan HD - преди 12 часа
everyone came for 10:21 and 18:33
G Sterling
G Sterling - преди 13 часа
Many, maybe most Americans don't really believe that the Left's embrace of climate change is for real. There is a growing realization that the Left will say and do anything to seize power and control. Climate is but one of many ploys that they will use.
Lesley Palomar-Cruz Granger
Lesley Palomar-Cruz Granger - преди 13 часа
I'll pay my tax for saving this planet. But also make it fair.
Ethan Hess
Ethan Hess - преди 13 часа
Bill Nye made a great video on big think where he explains how to store energy in a very large hydraulic piston the size of a city block where a big hole is dug then lined with a waterproof retaining cylinder. Then we can build the piston end and fill it with soil or rocks or whatever you want and develop on top of it. Solar and wind power overflow will be used to pump water into the piston chamber lifting the piston end. Once it comes to night time, the piston gates are released an it pushes water through a turbine
Musical Sith
Musical Sith - преди 13 часа
Fact: Cows belch more than they fart!
Survivor Turley
Survivor Turley - преди 13 часа
How does he get his head up his every night?
jorgeq - преди 13 часа
this clown is getting old and boring... I mean trying to defend the green new deal, really? pfff
timevampire83 - преди 14 часа
Gnd is a joke. Even Pelosi shat on it
Young guru
Young guru - преди 14 часа
Well I was hoping to make it to my 60s but I geuss I should've been born before dumbasses ruled the world.
Mark Dolan
Mark Dolan - преди 15 часа
Republicans are for Green as in MONEY.
Das Snek
Das Snek - преди 13 часа
It's not called the Green new deal because it's about the environment. It's green because of all the money needed for new taxes. Aoc told me to just tax the rich and get zillions to fund it.
Tommy Kiara
Tommy Kiara - преди 16 часа
He is as dumb as AOC ....
Tyler Richardson
Tyler Richardson - преди 16 часа
So...Canadas' "climate tax" is really a wealth redistribution plan. They take money from any one doing anything and redistribute it back to their friends and families I mean the poor, give the money back to the poor, yeah that's it "wink wink"
OHexpat12 - преди 16 часа
IPCC. 2040???? Give us the version not from the 1%! Compare Guy McPherson
ThePopushi - преди 17 часа
I was screeching at Bill Nye. SCREECHING.
OH my god. That was so funny. I really hope this video is viewed more. And I firmly believe that progress is inevitable. Even if it's slow as hell, we as humans continue to progress. In a few more years our cute little millennial will all have big open hearts towards literally everything and all speak in "same, omg i wanna die, and lmao's". Then we'll work together to make our country like say, Switzerland.
Shiva Ryan
Shiva Ryan - преди 17 часа
Jon Snow is a cunt
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson - преди 17 часа
This all means nothing until you clean up the dirtiest and most polluted countries. I mean you Asia(Especially China & India)
Rachel W
Rachel W - преди 18 часа
It’s literally not gonna change lol
ThatOneGuy - преди 18 часа
Bill nye said a no-no word
Michael David
Michael David - преди 18 часа
just so you know if the US paid the same carbon tax that the UK or Canada paid it would be a trillion dollars a year. very close to what the government withholds from payroll. so double the taxes for everyone and you guys think tariffs are bad lol I think your math is bad
Attila Kohbor
Attila Kohbor - преди 18 часа
So you make burger out of me ? I will fart you out of this planet by changing the climateand causing hurricanes !
D C Manuel
D C Manuel - преди 19 часа
The Green New Deal was not voted down in the was never brought up for a vote (note that not a single Democrat wanted it to be voted on).
Brett Higdon
Brett Higdon - преди 19 часа
“Now, are any of them free? No of course not, you idiots! Nothing’s free. Grow the fuck up. You’re not children anymore.” I feel like this should be the standard response to Republicans about anything anymore. You can’t live in and benefit from a society and not pay taxes. That’s just not how it works.
Das Snek
Das Snek - преди 13 часа
Oh yeah, because it's Super DUPER Stupid to worry about spending trillions of dollars. Who the hell is even advocating for zero taxes? A few idiots online? Nobody important is saying we should have zero taxes. Also, maybe this should be the response when Democrats keep pushing for "free" healthcare and college.
Scotty P
Scotty P - преди 20 часа
Green new deal 🤮, climate change is the biggest hoax of our life time
veronica Alleyne
veronica Alleyne - преди 20 часа
makes no sense is code for, " don't you dare try to interrupt my income stream!"
Lindsay Nerad
Lindsay Nerad - преди 20 часа
Bill Nye is an absolute gem!
Gary Agin
Gary Agin - преди 20 часа
9 circle Batty boy, now that s a fact. How does this )(*&^$%^ franchise his audience, what s the attraction, could it merely be self hatred, or, it s his job to try and ruin your life in every way possible. Joke, oliver colbert stewart liev sheiber fred ahmison the general rent a car dude etc, everyone you see on t v today the cast of fox news now and then all walk into 9th circle bar together... what ! that was the punchline
Fernando Rovillos
Fernando Rovillos - преди 20 часа
Canada: Main proponent of Carbon Pricing
Also Canada: Dumps trash to Philippines (for years)!
conan Smith
conan Smith - преди 21 час
They started the green new deal decades ago, wether you like it or not, my cars air conditioner has to use a certain type of Freon and my house air conditioner needs a new type of Freon that will cost me 1,000’s of dollars because I have to replace it with one that needs a different type of Freon. Millions of homeowners will have to replace there air conditioner, at there cost, just to use this different Freon.
RayFlyer - преди 21 час
This is what Bill Nye Saves the World should have been!
Ernst Eck
Ernst Eck - преди 21 час
The Earth is not flat. Olivia Alcatraz Cortez (the prosperity killer) is.
Ernst Eck
Ernst Eck - преди 21 час
The Gangrene New Deal.
Ernst Eck
Ernst Eck - преди 21 час
The Earth is not flat. Meryl Streep is.
Somadan Tv
Somadan Tv - преди 21 час
Sindra Petersson Årsköld
Sindra Petersson Årsköld - преди 22 часа
Mentos in cola emits co2. Just sayin...
John Smith
John Smith - преди 22 часа
Lies for AOC. Shows how Mr Oliver lies as several pieces of propaganda were released the same week saying we have to abandon or change several things it was more than a non binding suggestion. Tax for any cause?
Rebates to lower income is great, why? Use taxes to reduce carbon emissions.
Kenny Russell
Kenny Russell - преди 23 часа
spywhale - преди 23 часа
You say Trudeau slipped up once meaning his lie was revealed. I wonder why leftists dont realize you cannot tax people to reduce carbon emissions.
Enweoh - преди 23 часа
3:50 Most american quote ever
spywhale - преди 23 часа
So this is where all the leftists idiots hang out lol . Okay people take note without climate change man would not exist on this planet. Bill Nye the fear mongering science guy lol.
Herman Langland
Herman Langland - преди ден
Watching this thinking of a country with 0.5 % of the world's population makes me feel kind of disenchanted with the 9 million people in Sweden having to spend hours sorting through disgusting trash for recycling to avoid fines.
Not that I don't think we are quickly closing in on a total collapse of system of the international relations. Just that it feels like to much work for what the actually effect it generate.
robbitIzx - преди ден
always funny
Satopi3104 - преди ден
I am loving this version of bill nye!
Mo G.
Mo G. - преди ден
I'm dying. Hahaha. The Musk comment really hit home. xD
Adon hhk
Adon hhk - преди ден
We have 10 years left to half emission to ZERO according to IPCC, its too late, goodbye, we tried, I'ma go give up now.
Jesse Golo
Jesse Golo - преди 22 часа
@Adon hhk Your denial is adorable. But I am curious, what about my name suggests Russian? People always predict the end of the world due to climate change, and yes it is a problem that shouldn't be ignored, but continually predicting a disaster that never comes and then saying no one has done anything to stop climate change. Is it really surprising that there are people who don't believe it's happening. It's like the boy who cried flood. People say that deniers won't believe it until the ice caps disappear, but when you've been lied to multuple times, why should you? Also the GND is fucking stupid and AOC should feel ashamed.
Adon hhk
Adon hhk - преди 23 часа
+Jesse Golo bye russian troll. See you under the sea, Cyka Blyat.
Jesse Golo
Jesse Golo - преди 23 часа
Haven't you heard? AOC was joking and if you believe her, you have no social intelligence. No really, she said that.
BLUE MOXIE - преди ден
NO no... Earth is a PIZZA everyone knows that.... Yes to Many FARTING COWS, and AIRPLANES.... What's next HITLER STYLE Killing of people...????
Evan Rogers
Evan Rogers - преди ден
He is incorrect on a few parts. Here is the bill in its entirety:
Persephone Hana
Persephone Hana - преди ден
11:36 British people are adorable
LegendaryKing - преди ден
But USA isn't smart enough
R. Bürgel
R. Bürgel - преди ден
ohh boy, do i like the green nude eal !
Persephone Hana
Persephone Hana - преди ден
Persephone Hana
Persephone Hana - преди ден
"first A, everyone's talking about it, and B, it's probably good."

literally EXACTLY what i was thought
paxwallacejazz - преди ден
I am currently living in Copenhagen where every other car is electric. Where two 2 litre plastic bottles gets you a dollar at the recycle center so everyone recycles everything that can be.
robinjoooh - преди ден
Meat wont come from animals in the near future. So yes... we can stop them from farting by not breeding them.
NotTotally Tara
NotTotally Tara - преди ден
Safety Glasses off Motherfuckers is going to be my new text-tone
paxwallacejazz - преди ден
The coral reef die off is happening now. 2040?
Doc Klu
Doc Klu - преди ден
Those baskets *were* cute, ridiculous certainly, but cute.
Earl Soldier
Earl Soldier - преди ден
If this soy boy douche is getting viewed 5 million times the USA is in serious trouble.
smochinaverde - преди ден
I actually did talk about suits before Meghan Markle married prince Harry
Ridwan Noer
Ridwan Noer - преди ден
Shooting the bill with a rifle? That clip has been used previously. I think it was the NRA episode.
On a second thought, did I begin to suspect that there are Easter eggs in the upcoming episodes of UNFORTUNATELY NOT A GUY EXPLODING THROUGH A TABLE With John Oliver? 😁😁
Gabriel Badwolf
Gabriel Badwolf - преди ден
The French riots started over fuel tax, just saying
JRGJRG - преди ден
All a carbon tax would do would be to pass the cost on to the consumer just like they do everything else. Anyone that thinks it would be an incentive is fooling themselves.
kens 616
kens 616 - преди ден
If we could only put a carbon tax on John Oliver’s and Bill Nye’s mouth. The pollution coming out of them is destroying this planet and Using up all the oxygen. The real funny part is Bill Nye is not even a scientist. He’s just a nut job!
ELVIA G C - преди ден
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Jeanette Lopez
Jeanette Lopez - преди ден
Real Laundry Sauce
Real Laundry Sauce - преди ден
Hoes mad