What Are You?

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell - преди 7 месеца
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Swatantra Dhara
Swatantra Dhara - преди месец
Please upload resources <3
• I am a Funny YouTuber lol
• I am a Funny YouTuber lol - преди 2 месеца
We r all nothing
caiyan zhang
caiyan zhang - преди 2 месеца
Simon-_- - преди 2 месеца
@WonderfulNightowl no
Prof. Scheere
Prof. Scheere - преди 2 месеца
Never seen this post before
SprayPaintRose - преди 5 часа
Read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, it’s fascinating, and her story needs to be well known.
sirdeakia - преди 7 часа
If it doesn't affect our brain electrochemical net, it's not you, you're just wearing it.
silent Chicha
silent Chicha - преди 11 часа
Y'all really don't wanna talk about gods 💀
Riemann J S
Riemann J S - преди 19 часа
Almost two minutes into the video:
Me : yap, i think i'm getting it
Video: ....let's make this more complicated
Me: .......
Eternal - Fire
Eternal - Fire - преди 23 часа
The way I think about it is that you're not you without your memories. If you lose your memories yes you have the same body but you lose all the things that made you HP who you are. So really, are you anything without your memories?
アドリアンAdrian - преди ден
so cancer is like a traitor of our body, isn't it ?
Toxic - P
Toxic - P - преди ден
To aid in the answer to this question, the religious definition of you is defined as the union between your temporary and dynamic body and your immortal soul. This concept can answer the question of whether or not corpses are still "a person." Of course, I know this is a science video, but this little tidbit of information can help one make logical assumptions on what "you" is.
Shaynee - преди ден
i'm a clown is what i am
Giovanni Bonomini
Giovanni Bonomini - преди ден
This is a bit misleading. You answered the question "what is a living body?", not "what are you?" (for the entire video the term "you" was used to indicate not only the body but also "the self"). Yes, a lot of cells die and are replaced, but not neurons (simplified). So probably the real answer to the question "what is the self, or conscience?" is to be found in the complex network of electrical impulses between our neurons. Life, and also - probably (I personally don't know much about this topic) - conscience / identity / the mind, is an emergent property: something that a complex system has, but not the single parts that form it.
So, you totally missed the point, or you just chose a wrong title.
But the premise was there! It's just a pity you didn't delve into the topic (I don't know if there is another video about this) (the second part about split brains is not the answer, and I think it's misleading as well).
Basically the short answer to "what are you?", body-wise (since that was the approach of this video), would be "your brain". How much of your body can be taken away before you cease to be "you"? Well, all of it, except your brain. If you could be amputated from the neck down and still be kept alive, you would still be "you".
You also used the term "genetic code" improperly: there's only one genetic code (correspondence between groups of three nucleotides to one aminoacid). Of course the genetic material of a cell can differ from another one in the same individual, as you said. The genetic code remains the same.
Anyway, the video is really inspiring and make people think about this topics. So thank you for your work!
bees - преди ден
"You" is just a concept used for identification of specific humans hence forth identity existing
Sarindu Bandara
Sarindu Bandara - преди ден
This basically lord buddhas teachings.he said these more than 2500 years ago!
Itz MEH Caroline!
Itz MEH Caroline! - преди 2 дни
Got sent here by CGP Grey.
lostbladder - преди 2 дни
Hypothetically, If I were offered a quick mode of transportation in which I was broken down into atoms, traveled at a very high speed elsewhere and was then reassembled, I'd question whether what was reassembled was me. Surely, the event of being broken down into atoms would kill me. What is reassembled is an exact replica, but not the same me that was first disassembled. Equally strange, I'm pretty sure something similar happens constantly as cells die and reproduce.
Raubkopierah 504
Raubkopierah 504 - преди 3 дни
I am a comment lol
ulas o
ulas o - преди 3 дни
I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together
Cassidy P.P. Suck
Cassidy P.P. Suck - преди 3 дни
A miserable little pile of secrets.
Steven Kißkalt
Steven Kißkalt - преди 4 дни
An idiot sandwich
I liketodostuff
I liketodostuff - преди 4 дни
"What are you?"
*An idiot sandwich*
markj7000 - преди 4 дни
"What are you?"
"An idiot sandwich"

My bad, wrong vid.
Koekiez - преди 4 дни
We are something but what is something
Kent Masa
Kent Masa - преди 4 дни
It is because man has three part body soul and spirit, there’s a lot more science can’t explain
Unicorn-Goddess Gacha life mini movies!
We Are Just A Pile Of Sells Shaped As A Human.
Albert Liu
Albert Liu - преди 5 дни
And we are in turn made out of atoms...which comprises of protons...neutrons...electrons...and even smaller things...XD
S G - преди 5 дни
Basically the rich meet the definition of cancer.
Brodie Knight
Brodie Knight - преди 5 дни
How do a bunch of things without a perspective create a structure that does have a perspective? I feeling like there has to be something else, aside from the cells. Not quite a soul, but a center for perspective and experiance. Like: if a different sperm had made it to the egg, would you simply not exist, or would "you" experiance the life of a different person?
Josue E Perlin G
Josue E Perlin G - преди 5 дни
Watermelon Men
Watermelon Men - преди 5 дни
i am a human
• I am a Funny YouTuber lol
• I am a Funny YouTuber lol - преди 5 дни
Why Do we think we r the consious mind and we know we r not the body r just an chemical reaction literly we r just atoms reacting together to produce us as a species which is truly Awesome.
Comiso - преди 6 дни
Youtube's algorithm recommends a 3 year old video
Domenico Fossaceca
Domenico Fossaceca - преди 6 дни
Ok so basically

I am me.
I am a constant flow of ideas and thoughts made by myself. Not a concrete being, but an abstract situation that changes on every single instant. Those changes, given the theory of me being a rapidly bending reality, could theoretically be infinite.
There could be endless possibilities, never-lasting endless consciences that constantly change just to keep themselves alive.
I am everywhere.
I am everyone.
I am anything.
I am infinite.
I am iron man.
Lakeing Mickale
Lakeing Mickale - преди 6 дни
And why the cells keep working hard to make you alive.
Lakeing Mickale
Lakeing Mickale - преди 6 дни
You are a God in a human form to experience.
Kap Deep
Kap Deep - преди 6 дни
I have been on a watching a lot of your videos! Honesty the guys behind the voice is amazing! It somehow give me a calm feel
Kattiper - преди 6 дни
I had this question when i was young, and i came to an agreement with myself that i' am me, my soul and not my body. The way i think and my mind and brain are the things that define me. My bkdy is just like an image viewer whereas i am the actual image
AwesomeCreatorBen - преди 6 дни
This video: What are you?
Kurzesagt: * releases the egg video *

Me: *Everyone.*
Im a statistic
Im a statistic - преди 7 дни
Im a fetus living through every life so I can become a God.
s͝oͮ͆̀w̪̺lȇy̖͎ - преди 7 дни
I'm a bitch

that's what I am
OUTPLAYED _12 - преди 7 дни
so no one is gonna speak about the amazing transition at 5:55??
DOOM MARINE - преди 7 дни
So if there is people biomass everywhere, and I ate a sandwich this morning, dose that make me a cannibal ?(3:35)
Allen Sparks
Allen Sparks - преди 7 дни
The pattern would have started when we noticed the pattern, or else it wouldn't matter to us.
King Zackarias
King Zackarias - преди 7 дни
2:05 hey I play that game!
Alekss Freimanis
Alekss Freimanis - преди 7 дни
*i'm gay*
Barış Gündoğdu
Barış Gündoğdu - преди 7 дни
Whole video is pointless. Your conscious is you thats all. Others are only materials to comfort and help your conciousness.
Boryana Kamenova
Boryana Kamenova - преди 7 дни
What are you?
An idiot sandwich
eda catbagan
eda catbagan - преди 7 дни
If cancer cells are cells that just want to be alive. what if they are the way to immortality and were trying to kill them constantly.were doing it wrong guys.We all need to have cancer.
Ali T
Ali T - преди 7 дни
Amateur Asian
Amateur Asian - преди 8 дни
You are a brain piloting a bone mech wearing meat armor.
Derek D'Anthony
Derek D'Anthony - преди 8 дни
So what you are saying cancer cells are zombie cells
Jaqueline Gomes
Jaqueline Gomes - преди 8 дни
so, im basically dead.
Anonymous - преди 8 дни
They don't make videos like this anymore
Allahın Malı
Allahın Malı - преди 8 дни
1:35 : Wow, very clever, really.
NK.CUBING - преди 8 дни
An Idiot Sandwich!!
IVIRUS - преди 8 дни
Im oviously not a human
Maryam Hassan
Maryam Hassan - преди 9 дни
YOYOYO WHERE DID CGP COME FROM!?!?!? That was damn smooth I tell you that
Deletious - преди 9 дни
So technically cancer is just a rogue cell
Deletious - преди 9 дни
I am dry soup
DOG POOP - преди 9 дни
Im a potato
Puckosar - преди 9 дни
For me it's seems easy to answer. I am the blueprint of my mind, that is, my consciousness is the specific layout of my neurons and their synapses. If you replaced all my neurons but kept their current layout, number of synapses and receptors etc. I think I would still be myself.
Rainer Halbich
Rainer Halbich - преди 9 дни
I am... In trouble...